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  • A song managed to be in the bottom consistently <3


I hope it is that one dd!
Thank you so much to all of you who has been participating in my rate <3 :

@Ana Raquel

@Crisp X
@Slice of Life

Without further ado, let's begin our first elimination


Composed by : Jung Heo-Hyun (e.one)
Arranged by : Jung Heo-Hyun (e.one)
#66 - #66 - #66

BOP : @soratami (10)
FLOP : @FunkyButChic @nikkysan @Wills @ysev (5)
PICKED BY : @soratami (#1)​

I mean, are we surprised ? Ddd, truly unfortunate for ms @soratami but it's a standard midtempo acoustic ballad. It is pleasant to listen but ultimately forgettable, something you won't listen regularly unless you're a die-hard fans.

@soratami doesn't left any defense for their pick, so we will let these vultures scavenging this dead body. @codecat said : "A nice but questionable addition to send here in the middle of so many LEGENDS. Thinking about SAY SOMETHING while listening to it" . Yup Twice will fare better with that or another e.one song in that album, You In My Heart. @Wills drags even more : "I swear this has popped up in more rates over the years than any other song I can think of, this turtle's more like a fucking hydra" Wtf is a hydra, all I can think of is that LE SSERAFIM's slayful intro.

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okay I finally submitted.

I'm worried for Momoland's Orgel, and I fear I may have trolled a little too much putting it on my wishlist ballot.



Composed by : Gloryface (Full8loom), Jinri (Full8loom), Duble Sidekick, Jake K
Arranged by : Gloryface (Full8loom), Jake K
#65 - #65 - #65

BOP : @thommyh (10)
FLOP : @FunkyButChic (4)
PICKED BY : @thommyh (#4)​

I should've said 2 songs are consistently at the bottom in the last tea spill nn. Yeah the writing's on the wall with Orgel, a sparkly cutesy b-side from their 2nd Mini Album, Freeze.

I find this to be inoffensively tolerable and will slot perfectly well as b-side in WJSN's first album or IZ*ONE's albums. Cutesy, bouncy with music box sprinkle on top of it. To me, Orgel suffers from not committing to anything. It's cute but not enough cutesy to make it stands out. It tries to be dreamy but the girls sounds bored.

@thommyh also doesn't said anything, so onto the negative nancies ! @codecat said : "Annoying vocals, kinda bad at times but it has a great great chorus" which I agree, the chorus is the strongest point, especially the second part. @FunkyButChic is less enthusiastic : "It's not actively terrible but I wouldn't exactly call this good music either." Oof.

That's all for today, tomorrow we will eliminate 2 boygroup songs. Yes we kill the men this early <3​
Two of my lowest scores gone already? I'm really getting the hang of Kpop, n'est-ce pas?

No, but seriously... Turtle has bored me ever since I first had to score it and it never got better with the next times I had to rate it dddddd and Orgel, though it has a great chorus and I love the vocal production during it, just never made a dent in my consciousness.

This is going great!
Sorry I'm late besties, I'm working overtime. Let's see the floppiest boy-group of them all


Composed by : Ray Parker Jr. • Chung Ho-hyun (e.one) • AKB • Dono • Man Seong
Arranged by : Chung Ho-hyun (e.one) • AKB
#59 - #63 - #64

BOP : @nikkysan (9.75)
FLOP : @soratami (5)
PICKED BY : @nikkysan (#7)​

Congratulations DKZ / Dongkiz for becoming the bottom of the boy-groups in this rate !

In theory, DKZ seems like a perfect match to my K-pop taste. Visually cute and quirky that reminiscence of B1A4 with unabashedly funk-pop as their signature sound. Yet I never click with it. There is air of cheapness and amateurish to it, too juvenile that it becomes self-parody. Blockbuster is no different. Heavily indebted to the Ghostbusters sample, Blockbuster fails to elevate the 80s pastiche into something more refined.

@Wills agrees : "To their credit, they got this out ahead of the scramble to interpolate just for the sake of interpolating... but I still think Bebe would've done it better" while @Slice of Life wishes : "DKZ need to come back to this sound PLEEK!!!!" Pray for a better songwriting instead xoxo. At the end, @codecat takes us to a journey : "This dong is kinda campy…..kinda annoying at some parts……not bad overall"

ngl this thumbnail and choreo is so cute UwU

Even though I didn't give Blockbuster a very low score, that fucking sample sounds absolutely grating after a while. It's like a pastiche that... doesn't sound too great.

Well that's [REDACTED] #1 down, I wouldn't be surprised if the other one goes next

Time for VIXX to go methinks.

Be careful what you wish for

Cause you just might get it


Composed by : Gloryface (Full8loom) • Jin-li (Full8loom)
Arranged by : Gloryface (Full8loom) • Jake K
#55 - #64 - #63

BOP : @Wills @junglefish (10)
FLOP : @enjoy (5.5) @Crisp X @soratami @Ana Raquel (6)
PICKED BY : @Wills (#1)​

Or not. VIXX lives another day while other 2nd Gen legend must vacate this soon.

Begin Again is not a bad song and I'm enjoying it. It's a shame that this rate is pretty competitive and Begin Again with its "album closer" atmosphere can't standout enough among many career highlights. As per usual, what I like about INFINITE is how they elevate a simple material just by the sheer strength of their vocals. In the hands of cookie-cutter boy-groups, Begin Again will lack any impact.

@codecat's comment make me giggle : "Nice piano" Great gowns, beautiful gowns. Our resident Inspirit @Wills understand well the risk of it all : " Ugh, I know better than to set my faves up like this, but… well, what was I supposed to do?? The closing song off what may (GOD FORBID) be their final album ever, I probably would've loved this off sentiment alone, but luckily it's so much more than that" . This world doesn't deserve your positivity bestie.