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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Kii at the sub-forum's entries into the next general forum's Winners Rate being (so far):

    2NE1 - Fire
    Luna - Free Somebody
    KARA Rate Winner
    SISTAR Rate Winner
    Orange Caramel Rate Winner
    Wonder Girls Rate Winner
    Underrated Girl Group 2.0 Rate Winner
    Boy Group Debut Rate Winner

    I'm still pressed 2NE1 won in the end dddd.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I see you whore.
  4. Not every hunty can start and complete a rate in less than 70 days, it seems.
  5. Are you still doing the Korean number 1s of 2017 or something rate, babe? I'm perched for it.
  6. Yeah, I just checked what has gone #1 since I last organized it and it's this:
    1. "Your Night” - Infinite Challenge Cast
    2. “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” - Ailee, Goblin OST
    3. “The Song” - Zion.T
    4. “Yesterday” - Block B
    5. “Spring Day” - BTS
    6. “Knock Knock” - TWICE
    7. “Fine” - Taeyeon
    8. “Anymore” - Jung Key
    9. “Plz Don’t Be Sad” - Highlight
    10. “Through The Night” - IU
    11. “Really Really” - WINNER
    12. “I Can’t Love You Anymore” - IU
    13. “Palette” - IU
    14. “Be Well” - Sechskies
    15. “I Luv It” - Psy
    16. “Signal” - TWICE
    17. “Lonely” - Sistar
    18. “Untitled, 2014” - G-Dragon
    19. “We Loved” - Bolbbalgan4
    20. “Don’t Know You” - Heize
    21. “You, Clouds, Rain” - Heize
    22. “Red Flavor” - Red Velvet
    23. “Ko Ko Bop” - EXO
    24. “Energetic” - Wanna One
    25. “Like It” - Jong Shin Yoon
    26. “Gashina” - Sunmi
    27. “We Are” - Woo Won Jae ft. Loco & Gray
    28. “Autumn Morning” - IU
    29. “Something Special” - SECHSKIES
    30. ‘Some” - Bolbbalgan4
    31. “Where You At” - NU’EST W
    32. “Love Story” - Epik High ft. IU
    33. “Likey” - TWICE
    34. ‘When We Were Two” - Urban Zakapa

    It's lowkey an IU rate dddd. There's 7 weeks left to Gaon's year-end, so it should be 40/41 at most.
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  7. I was hoping you'd wait until The East Light finally nails one.
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  8. Wait at this list being actually really good. There's an obvious winner on the list and I know I will have a mental breakdown when my 11 undeservedly ends up in bottom 10 but still I'm perched for this rate.

    Also, I was also thinking about K-Pop entries in Winners Rate the other day and thought maybe we shouldn't send them for Winners Rate anymore dddd. We can have our own winners rate when we have enough winners (some time in 2025 ddd)
  9. Yeah I kinda like the idea of not sending our K-Pop rate winners in that rate. Frankly, I just don't wanna deal with that person anymore.
  10. But how will I then enjoy the anger when k-pop songs out-last their faves?

  11. Noooo... We should totally send them, it's what makes the rate fun afterall..

    Btw when is everyone planning on doing their rates, I wanted to go through with SM vs YG(Lol) vs JYP Girl Group releases this year, but honestly it would be Led Belbet vs Asians Lipsync Divas and we already have SOTY and #1's so it would all clash together cause I don't know when are those happening and if anyone would wanna rate in mine.. But anyways I can still do it if people are keen, just don't wanna post it same period as SOTY, don't want to be the only one voting, kii.
  12. I think we should send the K-Pop entries to the Winners Rate, just so it gives us a good reason to ruin the main forum’s monthly charts again xx
  13. Only if that person hosts the monthly charts again. xoxo
  14. Yeah, I can see easing up on the group voting in monthly charts (but like... sometimes all I listen to that month is kpop dddddd) so it doesn't spoil it for some people, but the idea of like an overarching Winners rate is about the winners in every rate on the forum and some of those just so happen to be k-pop~.
  15. From what I know, @Squashua has plan to start SOTY rate in a few weeks. GRAMAMA awards is also next month and apparently we also have Gaon #1s to rate too so yeah they would all clash together.

    About your rate, I (and other rate hunties, I believe) will participate if you still want to run it but like you said the rate is basically 20 RV album tracks vs 20 or so Twice b-sides vs a couple of goodbye singles vs SNSD and S.E.S albums. So not to discourage you or anything but I personally don't find a vs rate between older acts and rookie acts with so much difference in amount of songs each act are representing that much interesting.

    But like I said, don't worry about the number of voters, you will get enough if you want to run it.
  16. Alouder is correct! I'm hoping to kick things off at the very start of December, although due to the scale of this kind of rate it might last into February in terms of reveals (re: last year's finished in March I think? Should be quicker this time around). Voting should hopefully be taken care of by early Jan.
  17. Can't wait to take part this year @Squashua! Last year's was sensational and I'm sure this year will be as well.

    @Slice of Life plz b saef :/ don't get banned x
  18. Dddddddd thanks, babe. I won't go down without a fight. Kii.

    Honestly, I'm just being petty. Kekeke.
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  19. Yeah, the #1 rate won't be that serious.

    I imagine for SOTY, people will be very meticulous with their scores down to the decimal and want to ensure their fave wins, but with #1, like with the General Forum's #1s of 201x rates, it's okay to just hand out first reaction scores and not put too much strenuous thoughts into every single score.

    It'll mainly be an excuse to shit-post songs like "why did the Korean GP like this!?", support K-Popjustices, and find a few songs that slipped under our radar as a sub-forum. It won't take much away from the SOTY rate.
  20. Slice-ssi, love you to def and you know I get it.... but....

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