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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Let me go and read @Monkey0's posts. I might find some teas in them.

  2. OH MY GOD! Not my past mess catching up with me!
  3. Someone do the ones for 2013-2015 so I can submit 4minute’s only iconic single for the 2014 one.
  4. "4minute slut" is probably more iconic than all of our faves' careers combined so let's not!
  5. I mean Volume Up already happened. What are y'all on about?
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  6. Not related to the current discussion at all but: I wish we could do discography rates for acts that are active, like we do in the main forum. For example Red Velvet have enough amount of songs and a discography worthy of having their own rate, I don't get why we should wait like 5 years for them to disband so we can run a rate for them.
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  7. Because in the span of the rate being created, votes being sent in, and the rate being completed the group could've announced a comeback, had it, and already gone back to solo promotions.

    Kpop just moves too fast. And the discographies aren't as extensive as say..Koda Kumi, who needs multiple parts.

    Also a Red Velvet rate would kill me. Choosing an 11 isn't possible.
  8. Well then we can have a rate 3-4 years later too, like what people do in the main forum. It's better than not having a rate for them at all.
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  9. Didn't the SNSD Singles rate happen over a year before SNSD... ended up in possible limbo?

    It was obviously only singles, but it was obviously done because they had a huge amount of singles.

    I don't see why that same logic couldn't be applied to acts with large discographies, like say having over 50+ tracks released (see: EXO, Red Velvet), or who have been around for a substantial amount of time (SHINee, f(x)).

    I mean:
    Red Velvet - 52+ Songs
    SHINee - 158+ Songs (including Japan releases)
    f(x) - 58+ Songs
    EXO - 83+ Songs (including EXO-CBX)

    Most of those are substantial enough songs to rate for each act.
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  10. Let me help you out.

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  11. We may as well just do f(x).
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  12. We still have so many girl groups that disbanded that don't have a rate KARA, Rainbow, Miss A, 4Minute, Spica, T-ara
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Luckily we'll never have SNSD Discography rate because SM doesn't disband their groups but imagine having to rate their 200 songs
  15. Oh also another random thought: I think it would be good if someone runs a rate for JYP solo girls after Yubin and Suzy release their albums. We will have enough songs by then:

    Sunmi : Full Moon + non-album singles
    Yenny : Me? + non-album singles
    Suzy : Yes No Maybe? + new album
    Fei : Fantasy
    Yubin : upcoming album
    Jia : the single she released last month.

    Poor Min.
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  16. Sis I've been saying for half an year that I want to run their discography rate this Summer. How did you miss my never-ending promos?

    For real though, don't worry. It will be a selected discography rate and I'll make sure the list won't be longer than 50-60 songs.
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  17. Oh..

    Prepare for 'Why is _______ not here' comments ddd, i'll make sure to participate
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  18. This is the worst part of running rates nn. I'm thinking of including all of their Japanese songs (23 songs if I counted correctly) and then doing a pre-rate for their Korean songs.

    Or maybe I include the albums that are popular among the fans (my own faves actually, hehe) like The Boys, Holiday Night and Lion Heart and then only pick well-known/popular songs from the other albums.
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  19. [​IMG]
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