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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. NOT when you just accused me of like mongering yesterday. Shameless.
  2. There were quite a few rates being hosted at the same time last year, so perhaps there's a bit of K-Rate fatigue as well? Might be good to only have 2 running at the same time?
  3. I will participate, assuming I’m no longer in a depressive state and can motivate myself to.
  4. What happened to SO+Y 2017?

    I'm not being shady. I can't say shit after my below average co-hosting of Ayu part 1.
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  5. Not saying it's a terrible idea, I'll participate if you're up for hosting (and @ohnostalgia doesn't take you to court). I think fatigue could easily apply to rate hosts as well, and I'd just hate to see you (or anyone for that matter) spread yourself too thin with a K-Pop Song Chart and Ayu part 2 likely overlapping.
  6. You've always been a messy skinny legend though.
  7. @send photo agreed to push back a portion of his likes, so a licensing agreement has been struck if it proceeds.

    Why are we so awful.
  8. I know i've legitimately been shitty with the SO+Y since we got to the final 100 reveal but I may well have sorted out a few life situations at this point, which ultimately had to be the priority. It's not a KARA rate incident I promise.
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  9. Honestly, take your time! The amount you're doing for a single result is sure to take it's toll. We all understand if you need a breather.
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  10. Oh no Dashina don’t worry I didn’t take it that way. Just felt like I had to put out some kind of statement after such a silence and it cropping up in the conversation here seemed like a good place.

    I really like the idea and fully support you if/when you decide to kick things off :)
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  11. Like I said, I'd split it in two because the discography is too extensive but they deserve to have it all rated. The first half starting in late March and ending mid-May then the second part once I'm done with the reveals for the first part. Which could be in late-May/early-June or in August for all I know.
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  12. Didn't someone say they wanted to do a JYPE Girls Vs. Rate?

    - Yes No Maybe? [6 Songs]
    - Faces Of Love [7 Songs]

    - Jia [3 Songs]
    - “#Mood”

    - Fantasy [3 Songs]

    - Me? [7 Songs]
    - “Thru The Sky”
    - ‘Cross Country”
    - MEiNE [2 Songs]

    - Full Moon [6 Songs]
    - “Gashina”
    - “Heroine’

    There's also Yubin's solo that's supposedly coming soon.
    Though I'm a little ddd at the thought of Gashina winning another rate.
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  13. Has anyone thought about doing a boy group equivalent to the "Underrated Girl Group" rates?

    As well, I'm sure there's enough songs for some kind of iKon + WINNER or YG boys versus rate of some type.

    Monsta X is probably quickly reaching the number of songs in their discography to have some kind of rate since they don't really have a bad project to their name (ddd kings of constantly releasing music).
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  14. I wish we could do GAON #1's inspired by the 2017 rate, only for previous years, or if that would be too much of boring Sheeranisms we could only do Girl Groups for the years we've been missing since GAON only launched in 2010 so we'd be looking at aroun ~50-60 songs I think.
  15. Wait this would kinda be iconic and the latter would open up options to spawn two/three rates, like a Girl Group #1s first, then a Boy Group #1s after, and then a Solo #1s (dddd) after if people wanted that.

    This is what the girl group #1s from 2010-2016, look like.

    Oh! - SNSD
    Try To Follow Me - 2NE1
    Lupin - Kara
    I Go Crazy Because Of You - T-ara
    Run Devil Run - SNSD
    2 Different Tears - Wonder Girls
    Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A
    Madonna - Secret
    Go Away - 2NE1
    Hoot - SNSD

    Danger - f(x)
    Lonely - 2NE1
    Goodbye Baby - miss A
    So Cool - Sistar
    Sixth Sens - BEG
    The Boys - SNSD
    Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
    Cry Cry - T-ara

    Lovey-Dovey - T-ara
    Alone - Sistar
    Twinkle - GG-TTS
    Electric Shock - f(x)
    Loving U - Sistar
    I Love You - 2NE1
    Dancing Queen - SNSD

    I Got A Boy - SNSD
    Gone Not Around Any Longer - Sistar19
    What’s Your Name? - 4minute
    Give It To Me - Sistar
    Falling In Love - 2NE1
    Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)
    Missing You - 2NE1

    Mr. Mr. - SNSD
    Come Back Home - 2NE1
    Whatcha Doin’ Today - 4minute
    Darling - Girl’s Day
    Touch My Body - Sistar
    I Swear - Sistar

    Up & Down - EXID
    Only You - miss A
    Shake It - Sistar
    Party - SNSD

    Rough - GFRIEND
    You’re The Best - Mamamoo
    Cheer Up - Twce
    I Like That - Sistar
    Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls
    Navillera - GFRIEND
    Whistle - Blackpink
    Very Very Very - IOI
    TT - Twice

    That's 51~ I believe. I don't think I missed any, but for reference:
  16. This was me but I don't want to run it myself, it was just a suggestion.

    I think a versus singles rate for big boy groups would be good since the sub is not that much boy group-friendly to run discography rates for each of them.

    I wanted to suggest this when the 2017 rate was finished but then I looked at the #1s of 2016 and literally half of the list were OSTs of a certain series. A girl group exclusive sounds fun though.
  17. Oh and I need some help for my next rate ghurls. I won't start it until like May/June but I need to know which one I'm gonna run.

    So there are two ideas. The first is the SNSD rate that I've talked about a few times. I decided to cut everything they've released pre-2011 and their singles (since we rated them before) so there are about 60 songs to rate. But the question is are there enough people who care about those 60 songs like I do?

    B plan: The SM Rate was brilliant so I'm willing to do a second season if people are interested. The line-up would be :

    Taeyeon - My Voice (except the songs we rated from it in the first rate)
    Jessica - My Decade
    Victoria's upcoming album
    Tiffany or Yuri possible albums
    And like 10 singles by other girls

    (I wanted to add the BoA mini since it's brilliant but @send photo sent me death threats to not include it)

    Tell me your (honest) thoughts x
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  18. A Eurovision-style voting could work for those type of rates if it's a lot of songs (and to avoid people trolling on acts they don't like). I feel like a rate hog so I don't want to rush to offer to do them, but I'd be willing to do one of them (either boy group #1s or girl group #1s) if no one else is eager to do them (though I do think girl group #1s is smarter to do first since K-PJ is more pro-girl groups).

    Does that include their Japanese releases in that timeframe? I'd participate if it does.
  19. Yeah. These are the albums we will rate :

    3 Japanese Albums
    The Boys
    I Got A Boy
    Mr Mr
    Lion Heart
    Holiday Night
  20. @Alouder98 do me a solid and start the SNSD one after the first half of the SHINee one is over so people will actually participate in mine okay thank you xx
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