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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. The only rate that the top 4 (Heart Attack, Like A Cat, Miniskirt and Excuse Me) all will have 10+ averages.
  2. We should do a LOONA "pre-debut" rate.
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  3. Better wait for EDEN's subunit album before that.
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  4. ddddd yes please.
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  5. Wouldn't Kim Lip just win by default.

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  6. JK I know you flops would probably rate it 5th overall or something.
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  7. He


    Yes, let's do a rate after Eden repackage. So maybe around August?

    Kim Lip or Yves, maybe even Olivia could win.

    But it'd be interesting to see where the others rank.

    (this is not an invitation to post your personal rankings, kii).
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  8. Sis you know damn well the top 5 would be:
    #1 Eclipse
    #2 Singin In The Rain
    #3 Love Cherry Motion
    #4 Sweet Crazy Love
    #5 Girl Front
  9. He


    It’s not totally incorrect. Kii.

    But I do think Yves will be number 2.

    I actually would love a co-number 1 of Eclipse and new.

    But my ranking after that varies too much between OEC and Eden, so that’s why I’m curious about a vote.
  10. It's cute how ya'll think Whitney Chuuston won't snap on a EDEN track and ad-lib herself all the way to the #1 spot of the rate.
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  11. Why don't we just rate the theories.
  12. Looking for any additional support for a BRAVE SOUND DROP IT rate, in which we ponder the relentless string of bangers from sexy concept hitmaker producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong-chul).

    AOA, Dal*Shabet, Afterschool, Brave Girls, Teen Top, Stellar, many others.

    Never done a rate before, but I have amazing KPJ examples to follow...
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  13. We will only rate singles, right?
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  14. I think that might be the best idea. Otherwise we'd flood the rate with Brave Girls and also, I'd want it to be fairly simple to get into...
  15. If anyone wanted to put together a JYP equivalent of the VS rate, this now seems like a rough collection of songs to use:

    14 | Yenny: Me? (7 Tracks), Get It, Thru The Sky, Cross Country, Meine (2 Tracks), Deine (2 Tracks)
    08 | Sunni: Full Moon (6 Tracks), Gashina, Heroine
    02 | Yubin: City Woman (2 Tracks)
    01 | Lim: With You (ddddd)

    MISS A:
    15 | Suzy: Dream, Ring My Bell, Yes? No? (6 Tracks), Faces Of Love (7 Tracks),
    06 | Jia: Meng Jia (3 Tracks), #Mood, Weapon, Free
    03 | Fei: Fantasy (3 Tracks)
    01 | Min: Go Ahead (dddddd)
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  16. Yes No Maybe, Fantasy, Gashina, Heroine, Bond top 5 please!
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  17. And to make sure I've done enough promo, the SNSD rate is here ladies.
  18. i know this is still about a month or w/e away from being ready to start, but i would like to offer to host this rate. i've already started making the graphics dddd
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  19. YATH ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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  20. He


    Yas, let us give you those likes back!
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