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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Don't even try it, binch. I will defend Replay till the end of time.
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  2. Wait, WHAT?!
  3. If anyone ever does that, please crowdsource your graphics so everyone can think of a different way to remove Hwayoung.
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  4. Okay so, checking my schedule, it's likely I'm gonna open the part 2 of the SHINee rate for votes around the last week of October-first of November. That way results will start once my classes are over and I can hopefully get everything done before the new year!
  5. Yes awesome. Will it have the Japanese stuff too?
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  6. Yes it will have (most) of their Japanese singles!!!

    That said I have gathered the songs to be rated and we have a few more for this half of the rate - 75 (62 Korean + 13 Japanese) - , which is why I'm gonna open the second part in a week or so because then the rating period can be a bit longer.
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  7. So I guess I'm hosting the Song of the Year 2018 Rate???

    Yes, I'm hosting the Song of the Year 2018 Rate.
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  8. Okay more details...

    I don't wanna do the whole "nominate 20 songs" thing because I think it's a huge waste of time dddddd. But I wanna keep the SUPER TRASH portion where each voter will send one (and just one) song straight to the finale.

    So to replace the "nominate 20 songs" thing, I plan to use the top 5 songs of the K-Popjustice Charts. I also included songs that didn't hit top 5 but charted two months in a row because I think they deserve to be rated. Here's the song list as of September 2018:

    DECEMBER 2017
    Heart Attack - LOOΠΔ / Chuu

    JANUARY 2018
    Bboom Bboom - Momoland
    Heroine - Sunmi
    Bad Boy - Red Velvet
    Roller Coaster - Chungha
    Secret Garden - Oh My Girl

    FEBRUARY 2018
    One Shot, Two Shot - BoA
    Black Dress - CLC
    The Boots - gugudan
    Heroine - Sunmi
    Bboom Bboom - Momoland

    Everybody Knows - BoA
    Dreams Come True - WJSN

    MARCH 2018
    Egoist (feat. JinSoul) - LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye
    Black Dress - CLC
    Jealousy - Monsta X
    Look - GOT7
    Rosy (feat. HeeJin) - LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye x Go Won
    jenga - Heize

    APRIL 2018
    Lady - EXID
    Dally - Hyolyn
    What Is Love? - Twice
    Sober - Hyo
    Shine - Pentagon

    MAY 2018
    Good Evening - SHINee
    love4eva (feat. Grimes) - LOOΠΔ / yyxy
    Get It - Pristin V
    You and I - Dreamcatcher

    JUNE 2018
    Something New - Taeyeon
    BAAM - Momoland
    Lady - Yubin
    Forever Young - BLACKPINK

    JULY 2018
    I'm So Sick - Apink
    See Sea - Hyolyn
    Blue Moon - Gyeong Ree / Kyungri
    Love U - Chungha
    Sunny Summer - GFriend

    AUGUST 2018
    Hi High - LOOΠΔ
    HANN (Alone) - (G)I-DLE
    favOriTe - LOOΠΔ
    Yeolgi - LOOΠΔ
    Power Up - Red Velvet

    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Siren - Sunmi
    Save Me, Save You - WJSN
    Memoria - GFriend
    Lil' Touch - Girls' Generation-Oh!GG
    Remember Me - Oh My Girl

    OCTOBER 2018

    NOVEMBER 2018

    DECEMBER 2018

    (songs that didn't hit top 5 but charted two months in a row)
    Baby Don't Stop - NCT U
    Time for the Moon Night - GFriend
    Now or Never - SF9
    We Go Up - NCT Dream

    27 - Group - Female
    7 - Group - Male
    16 - Solo - Female
    0 - Solo - Male
    0 - Coed

    4 - Album Tracks
    46 - Singles

    50 - Total (as of September 2018)

    If we add the fifteen songs from October to December 2018, we will have a total of 65 songs. And if we include 30 super-trash songs (rough estimate), that's 95 songs in total.

    Again, your suggestions and recommendations will be appreciated.

    I plan to open the thread first week of December.
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  9. Top 5 of each month + super trashes is a perfect idea.

    I can't believe Time for the Moon Night didn't chart in the top 5 though.
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  10. If anyone desperately wants that format to return, I could run it, seeing as I did exactly that in my rate earlier this year. And then it would only be my time that would be wasted, and my time is worthless anyway.

    My worry is that 95 songs would be a lot.
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  11. This isn’t technically a rate, but anyone interested in a November Madness bracket?

    We’d bet on sales, music show wins and bopitude.
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  12. Can we find a new name for this though nn
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  13. We rated 100 songs last year. I think 95 or so will be okay?

    Ddddddd spoiler alert but I was gonna call it SUPERSARANG ksjfhsjdjdjdux
  14. Omg I was literally thinking about how this would be a good idea to implement for SOTY Rate.

    Been making a contest for my Supersarang since January nn but I have an obvious choice I'll submit.
    Y'all better vote for What so it charts in the second month and gains immediate access so I don't have to create a fake account to submit another song.
  15. I think 50 is fine. If we'd done that last year (or actually this year) we'd have finished on time. Whatever 'on time' means. It's so much work....
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  16. How did Egotistic not go top 5.
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  17. Taste prevailed kekeke.
  18. Okay so if people want, like, just 50 songs, how do we narrow down the songs? I really don't want a pre-rate to happen because it is exhausting dddddd.
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  19. I really don't think 100 songs is a problem especially since 99% of us already heard 90% of the songs (Assuming y'all pick weird Supersarang songs) like it's not much work for us voters, it's just about the host.
  20. Yes. It's about the host. 100 is a huge undertaking.
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