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K-Pop Rates

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Someone do a TWICE rate sometime and when they do, tag me. That is all.
  2. Seconded!
  3. They bring out a new song every 5 minutes, will be a while yet I imagine.

    Plus it’s a given What Is Love would win so.
  4. In what universe?!
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  5. Likey would be my favoured winner.
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  6. They literally gave us Fancy a few months ago and you’ve already forgotten about their best single...........
  7. I might give one of the Fancy You tracks my 11 but not the Fancy single.
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  8. This is a bold, but HOT choice.
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  9. How can ya'll waste your 11s in not-Fancy or unLikeytoWin when Magnum Opus Signal and DTNA exists!

    i'm sorry lol
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  10. I want to run a Hyoyeon/DJ Hyo rate, but I’m waiting to see how many more songs SM lets her release. She seems to get to consistently release two a year.

    I’d also need to make a version of Wannabe without the SAN-E rap.
  11. I was thinking of doing the second season of SM Girls but this time singles only which is around 30-40 songs so far but my life does not let me to run a rate anytime soon.
  12. You know my girl has no chance in that rate ddddd.
  13. Against Tiffany's American career, Ms. Fashion Designer, Luna The Ballad Artisté and whatever Amber uploaded on Soundcloud?? She sure does have some chances ddd.
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  14. The rap is the best part. I presume we’ve “cancelled” him for some reason I’ve missed though.
  15. Have any K-pop rates been completed since the June 26 cutoff for the last Winners' Rate? The list of songs for the fourth Winners' Rate is here and I want to make sure none of the K-pop rates are excluded.

    When you finish hosting a rate, please post the winner in the Rate Queue thread in the Charts, rates, etc. sub-forum and I will add it to the spreadsheet.
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  16. Yes. Catallena won @Deja-Boo's Orange Caramel rate.
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  17. Thank you! I've added it now.

    Wait, the rate ran for TWO YEARS?!
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  18. Not every rate can be the MIXX discography.
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