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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Like This is an unironic 10/10.
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  2. I am so here for a Wonder Girls rate. I am going to give everything from Wonder World a 10/10, and Like Money and The DJ Is Mine are going to be contenders for my 11...... is that kosher?
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  3. @ajmkv and @Alouder98's return to the forum to complete their respective rates makes me hopeful that someday, @3Xs will also finish the KARA rate... or at least send the raw data to the good unnie @Deja-Boo. xoxo
  4. Also if no one wants to host the Wonder Girls discography rate then I might as well run it. I'd probably run it after the second GRAMAMA Awards so probably January 2018. If anyone wants to run it earlier, please feel free to do so. The Wonder Girls are one act that deserve a discography rate. Let's not fail them, unnies~
  5. I'd actually love to do that teebs.

    I'm also already setting my eyes on running a SHINee discography rate next year for their 10th anniversary kii
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  7. YES.
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  8. a quick plug for the Broduce 101 fans/antis in this forum: the Broduce 101 rate is still open and will be open until July 29! :)
  9. 3Xs


    I'm gonna do it in August xoxo
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  10. When is it a good time for the Wonder Girls rate? I plan on doing the SHINee one only in March-May next year probably, so I'm good to host the Wonder Girls one this year.
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  11. We currently have three rates in the sub-forum that are accepting scores and I guess the deadline for all of them is late July. So I think to give people a little break from rates, mid or late August is good to start the thread.
  12. That's ideal for me. I will open it late August then, thank you!
  13. This is like a YG release date announcement. I don't buy it.
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  14. of 2020
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  15. You are awesome.
  16. I think the boys rate...is happening soon.
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  17. When can I anticipate (or I guess I could run it myself) a Boys Debut Singles rate?
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  18. We don't have a queue here so you can start a rate whenever you want but like I said in my previous post, currently there are a few rates on the sub-forum that are accepting scores until the end of July. So I think mid/late August is a good time to start a new rate.
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  19. @Alouder98
    Definitely agree with you there :) I was just curious to know. I might try it a bit later in the year!
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  20. Do it so I can give me 11 to NU'EST.
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