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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. How.did.you.read.my.mind?
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  2. Umm, Replay not winning a boy group debut rate? In which of Marvel's 3,508 alternate dimensions?
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  3. Nu'est and SHINee are Top 2 for me straight up. Well then, you all can anticipate this rate sometime later in the year :D
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  4. I'm the pariah outcast that'll be voting for Teen Top because... c'mon.... so underappreciated around here....
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  5. If Supa Luv was their actual debut song I would throw away any form of dignity I have left and give it the highest score.
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  6. I feel the same way about I'm Sorry, To You, Miss Right, and ah-ah, but not the weird-ass perfume song (even though it kinda rocks)...
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  7. Sassy gurls, just a friendly reminder that the deadline for the Broduce rate is creeping up on you...

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  8. I swear I've been 'nearly done' for the last week or so. But everytime I think I've done a lot, there's another 20 trainees waiting to be rated. <It'll be done by the due date though>

    ****Everyone better be giving Eunki their 11
  9. I'm still digging "Lonely" on a daily basis. Maybe we could break out the KleenexTM and do a farewell song rate.

    I also still think a video fashion related rate would be fun. Sort of a runway project theme...

    A KRNB rate would be cool. Dean/Jay Park/Heize/Primary/Jinbo/Hoody, etc.
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  10. I don't think I run a rate in near future but here are some ideas if anyone wants to take them:

    T-ara singles rate
    Red Velvet discography rate
    Big girl groups albums : something like a Reboot vs 4 Walls vs The Red vs Girls Generation (Japanese album vs etc
    All big girl groups singles : I remember someone suggested this a few months ago. This will be epic but also it's so huge that takes two or three hosts to run it.
    Girl groups' members solo singles rate
    Also a vs rate for girl groups that are not flop but also are not considered as ''big groups''. For example: AOA vs EXID vs Girl's Day vs etc
    Album track of the year 2017

    Queen of ideas etc
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  11. I would honestly consider doing a T-ARA, but I have no clue what it would entail and it would be half-assed at best, just like most of Soyeon's performances.
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  12. ''All of my rates'' teas.

    Obviously rates take a lot of time so if you don't have that much free time don't do it. But other than that, it's not that difficult. Based on your comments on Debut Rate, I think you're pretty good in write-ups and specially since you're a T-ara stan, I think you won't have a problem when it comes to write-ups. Also if you want to run an only-singles rate, you won't have problems with covers since each single has an official cover that you can use them. In addition, you can always read other rate threads to see how do other hosts run a rate or ask one of the hosts to help you if you had a question/problem.
  13. I've never done a rate here, but it can't be that hard I've managed some similar stuff. I'd be up to do Red Velvet discography if people would like to participate.
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  14. Red Velvet is one of the few K-Pop girl groups that really deserve a discography rate and they're so popular here, so do it @Serg..
  15. @Alouder98 Your rates are anything but half-assed.
  16. [​IMG]

    It's so good to know people don't know that SNSD rate exists.
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  17. Someone needs to do an f(x) rate so I don't have to spend hours listening to songs I've never heard before.
  18. For them to disband the next day?

    No, sir, let's give them another year.

    Don't kill my Wonder Girls rate before it even began.
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  19. But who said @Deja-Boo is going to run it?
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  20. Ok great I'll do it. Does it have any time I need to open it at? If not I'll open one on Monday when I get everything ready.
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