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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Thank you so much wise sage Squashua unnie :) That helps immensely with my horrendous decision making. I'll let everyone suggest things once I make a proper thread for it.
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  2. Well thanks to all the wonderful advice y'all gave, I've managed to narrow it down to a list of 47. So there's 3 spots left to fill with any (relatively non-unknown) boy groups - please let me know if I've missed anything :')

    Also I'll open the rate soon and leave it open till the end of November so there's no overlaps and there's plenty of time for everyone to get their ballots in.

    H.O.T - Candy
    TVXQ - Hug
    Super Junior - Twins (Knockout)
    Big Bang - La La La
    JYJ - Ayy Girl
    FTIsland - Love Sick
    SHINee - Replay
    2AM - This Song
    2PM - 10 Out Of 10
    BEAST - Bad Girl
    MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
    INFINITE - Come Back Again
    CNBLUE - I'm A Loner
    Teen Top - Clap
    B1A4 - O.K
    Block B - Freeze
    U-KISS - Not Young
    ZE:A - Mazeltov
    100% - Bad Boy
    Cross Gene - La-di-da-di
    History - Dreamer
    Boyfriend - Boyfriend
    Speed - It's Over
    B.A.P - Warrior
    BtoB - Insane
    EXO - Mama
    Nu'est - Face
    VIXX - Super Hero
    BTS - No More Dream
    GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls
    Winner - Empty
    Hotshot - Take A Shot
    Day6 - Congratulations
    IKON - Rhythm Ta
    Monsta X - Tresspass
    N.Flying - Amazing
    Seventeen - Adore U
    Snuper - Shall We Dance?
    Astro - Hide & Seek
    KNK - Knock
    NCT-127 - Fire Truck
    Pentagon - Gorilla
    SF9 - Fanfare
    Wanna One - Energetic
    NCT-Dream - Chewing Gum
    Victon - I'm Fine
    UP10TION - So, Dangerous
  3. Some of my faves that are not on your initial list:

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  4. Won't you include NCT U for real @karmarisma? I need another option for my 11 nñn
  5. As much as i'd love to see A.C.E or Top Secret in there, @Slice of Life is probably right in including some of the less recent groups for the last three spots (i've only heard of Boys Rep / C-Clown / UNIQ from that list though oops).
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  6. ONF! Monster Nugus.
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  7. Man, they were doomed from the start. (Trying to suppress a sophomoric giggle. I love them anyway.)
  8. Here, lemme give you an introduction. Kii.



    The drama asdfghjkl bye



    Enjoy, unnie!
  9. Are you guys willing to rate 60 songs?

    BUT @eccentricsimply I was going to include NCT-U and rig the votes so they could win...because 7th Sense is the shit. But SM has left them to rot in the dungeon...but now that I have a supporter maybe I'll just go for it.

    @Slice of Life Goodness unnie, are you questioning my nugu boy group knowledge? (I actually love all those groups but I decided to give you guys the hard job of picking which one to rate.) I'm actually leaning towards MYNAME/Boys Republic/C-Clown (because they've been disrespected and ignored forever) but you're bringing up some painful memories with Mr.Mr

    @Cotton Park @Squashua Oh, I really wanted to include my golden 2017 rookies - Golden Child, ONF, Top Secret and A.C.E but some of them have been banished to Mixnine/The Uni+ and some are just having their 2nd comeback...but now I'm thinking that I might just chuck em in.
  10. DMTN's melodrama phone call intro & excessive tatted bare abs, MYNAME's twink crime caper realness, whoever decided to style LC9, the ultra dramatic gun-posturing with MR.MR.... Slicey, the level of EXTRA here knows no bounds but what a kii.
  11. I guess I shouldn't put in a good word for the absolutely magnificent The Rose, right? (I don't really care how many there are, really, I mean... it couldn't be as big as an SNSD or WG rate either way, right?)

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  12. But did you bop?
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  13. I don't know why, but this really spoke to my soul. That, and the fact that @Slice of Life still remembers that DMTN existed/exists.

    @Cotton Park I actually loved 'The Rose' a lot. I also feel like people don't give Teen Top nearly enough credit for making it as far as they did.

    Well then, Imma grow this list then.
  14. To 2 out of 4 of them. I'll let you figure out which x
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  15. This is literally m K-Pop life!
    You want extra? I'll have plenty of that.
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  16. Cyst, I was a stan! Of course, I will remember!

    RIP my babies!!!

    I'm guessing DMTN and maybe... LC9???? Ddddddddd. I don't know. Just answer the question!
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  17. I never really 'got' them until I saw them raise the fucking roof at KCon a couple of years ago. They stole the show and I barely even knew who they were. Great performers. Amazing cohesion and hypnotic footwork. And their stuff with Brave Brothers is excellent, too. Kinda under appreciated.
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  18. Don't tarnish my name like that, okay.

    Let's just say I enjoy a variety of concepts kekeke.
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  19. Alright unnies, the official Boy Group Debut Singles Rate is UP

  20. oh wow. this is perfect!
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