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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Trying to check the five suspects' recent activity and seeing

    "The Popjustice Forum - Error
    This member limits who may view their full profile."

    on @nikkysan's profile...

  2. @nikkysan has been quiet and stealthy this entire game, going right under everyones noses.

    Im going to go out on a limb and drop any suspicions I had on @thommyh because sis probably is facing the same things I was, just to rule out some choices.
  3. Wow Die Antwoord have changed
  4. Sounds like something a slasher would say.
  5. As the cop I would like to say that I support #SLASHERRIGHTS because they played every one of y'all and they deserve to win because you are all USELE-

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  6. Sounds like something someone who's been in the slashers' pocket since day one would say.
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  7. When there's 10 idols who act exactly like slashers for no reason, the game becomes easier for slashers. Especially since it's easier for slashers to blend in.

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  8. Says the hoe who didn't even use her power to save @He... or anyone for that matter. Who was really working for the slashers?

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  9. I could only use my power once. No offense to @He, but I wasn't going to waste it on someone who basically wasn't playing. The other people that got eliminated before the slashers killed me were all slashers (whew, remember when slashers being eliminated was a thing?), so if I were working for the slashers, I would have used my power and saved one of them

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  10. Is my incompetent ass getting killed today or what

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member


    Do us dead idols have a group chat now?
  12. So... what you're trying to say is.... you didn't use your power.

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  13. And you only used yours once... and to save a slasher pawn, so I'd say I did better

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  14. Meanwhile you also placed a considerable amount of suspicion on @Island by concocting a plan that made little to no sense, so again you're as responsible for the death of as many innocents as I am.

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  15. I went out for a beer after work yesterday which turned into pretty much all-nighter and missed my own death...
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  16. He


    Ddd the dead girls are fighting!
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  17. If any living slashers would like to chime in and say which dead power role helped you more, speak now!

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So we're just gonna fight in here instead? Got it.
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  19. I was going to go over that after the game was over, but actually I think now would probably be a good time to explain what I was going for with the @Island stunt, especially given everyone involved is already dead and it doesn't really make a difference anymore.

    On the third day of the game, everyone was trying to get @Island eliminated, and it was brought to my attention that even @Island himself was PMing people asking them to vote for him despite him being an idol. To avoid an unnecessary idol death, and since I knew I could trust @Island, I asked him to post about being the security guard and that voting for him would be pointless, in hopes of getting people to change their votes.

    Now the benefits of this would have been:
    1) avoiding an idol elimination and shifting the vote into a slasher elimination instead
    2) hopefully getting the slashers to "waste" a kill, or at the very least a prophet check, on @Island that night, and so keeping the remaining power roles safe for another day
    3) drawing attention from who the real security guard was
    4) creating an entertaining mess

    Now while points 1) and 4) were definitely a success, 2) and 3) didn't quite work out, I imagine because I drew too much attention to myself after @Island's post, being the first to react to it and also, a few hours later, the first to vote for someone else. This was a rookie mistake which ended up costing my life - I'm pretty sure the slashers checked my role that night, which would explain @Vixen's and @SloMover's reactions in the thread, and why I was that night's first target despite there being two kills.

    Even still, people really had no reason to waste a day eliminating @Island, and were given a multitude of reasons why he definitely was an idol. It's not my fault they decided not to believe those reasons or trust me, and still voted for him because he was ~~~suspicious~~~, when there were clearly several people who were a lot likelier to be slashers.

    So yeah, it wasn't a perfect plan or came out exactly the way I wanted it, and me getting killed right after prevented me from getting to explain to anyone what it is I was actually going for, but it did have its uses.
  20. Vote : @eatyourself

    I don't know what to do anymore, let me just adore Hangyul's arms instead

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