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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. UmmmmmnnnnnI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY Its what I was going for before, but now I'll change because everyone else is!

    Change Vote: @Salami

  2. You guys are beyond help at this point then! I messed up with the @Music Is Life situation but I was under the influence that night and after all that happened, I couldn’t remember why I was suspicious.

    and I think some of you mentioned already, I was on to @Vixen very early on.
  3. Under the influence... of the other slashers?


  4. @eliminathan I can guarantee you I’m not a slasher. Every person I conversed with in DMs, including you, were all idols, I was and have never collected info from y’all to give to Slashers. I wouldn’t have DMd anyone otherwise, because I’m not sly enough to really pose as an innocent idol.
  5. Oh que c'est mignon! Mais... je ne te vois toujours pas changer ton vote pour quelqu'un d'autre de bien plus suspect.

    En retour, je te laisse ce poème écrit avec la chaleur et la tendresse de la douce France xoxo

    Ça fait longtemps
    Qu'en bas de ta fenêtre, j'appelle vainement
    Mais personne ne répond, fais juste un signe
    Pour montrer que t'es là, oh yeah
    Ho ho ho, déjà deux heures
    Qu'en bas de chez toi
    Je crie ton nom mais personne m'entend
    Juste un signe suffira, baisse la tête, oh!
    Regarde qui est là, oh, oh

    Ho ho ho, est-ce que tu m'entends, hey ho
    Est-ce que tu me sens, hey ho
    Touche-moi je suis là, hey ho ho ho ho
    S'il te plait réponds-moi, hey ho
    Un geste suffira, hey ho
    Est-ce que tu m'aperçois, hey ho ho ho ho ho

  6. oui oui
    changement de vote: @Salami
    parce que elle est diabolique comme @le poisson de la jungle
  7. He


  8. Don’t she look great here.

    what can I do to convince you guys?
  9. 30 minutes before the deadline? Not much, probably.
  10. See you all on the other side then!

    I hope this rotten group never debuts.
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

  12. With the lack of activites in the training room I don't think we'll se the shade of a debut.
  13. Je plussoie.
  14. aux




    As you know, if you did not get a Slasher, the Slashers will win...

    What I didn't say is...

    If you did get a Slasher, the Idols will automatically win.

    Yes ladies, that is right.

    Tonight is the finale of...

    Let's see who won.


  15. Ok, I'm pretty sure this means the slashers won nn
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