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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. I'm upset with you.
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  2. I suppose I can answer some of the mentions thrown my way earlier today now dddd

    The prophet never checked @soratami's role. In fact, I don't think we ever killed somebody based on us checking their role previously except for @BEST FICTION on the very first day dddd. We checked @Serg. on like Night #2 and we just let ha live until the other day because she was hot, brought the heat and played the game well. Also because he thought our slashers sistren were his allies, as you see now kii

    @soratami @ysev and @Rainbow Trousers ya'll were simply killed because you were messy and came for me or @junglefish at one point or another in the game x (kii you were all on the power roles suspect list, but still, it was revenge!!)

    Slashers protect each other <3 ya'll idols wouldn't shit about dat, would you? x
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  3. @thommyh playing me like a fiddle for 3 rounds until the very end, I knew my hunch was always right.

  4. aux


    The fact that I changed the entire schedule of the game and blamed it on my boyfriend to the Slashers, but in reality, it was because @Rainbow Trousers was staying up too late waiting for the transcript and wanted it sooner.

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  5. I knew it was one of the allies that kept me alive thats why I also immediately suspected @junglefish but also... @thommyh!
    I told digitalkaiser to kill ya and Salami but it was too late :(

    Congrats Slashers you played well and deserve to win!
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  6. Now sis... don't do all that. At least once we died, we stayed dead :-)
  7. aux


    The fact that the Slasher's group chat was actually called "JYP's Arsehole" and has about twenty more pages than this thread.

  8. Click here for my apology to the Idols betrayed along the way
  9. Sure jan, let's pretend like @Vixen and @SloMover weren't in the thread acting like they'd just found out some massive tea after they'd already died

  10. Oh well, I think my antics have lived up to my legacy, so I feel satisfied.
    Can't wait to win the 'Did the MOST' award!

  11. One more thing before I start going through the Slashers chat for kii kiis.

    That one time we tried to use the Transcript to cause confusion, we didn't try to immitate @Serg. but @eliminathan .... the absolute fail dddd
  12. Hmmm... But did they tell active players they'd help even after they died and did they try to influence the votes... oop.
  13. That was just us laughing because you were acting all brave ("at least this woman is alive!" this, and that) although you were literally dying that night, we were just waiting for @aux to post it dddd
  14. Why did you guys even kill @eliminathan anyway? That's one move I really didn't get.
  15. ddd I'm relieved this is finally over... Lying every day constantly and being in y'all inbox feigning that I'm an Idol still even if y'all were all dead JUST IN CASE you got brought back alive (this is mostly for you @Serg. ) so you'd still think I was trying/on your side and you'd lower your suspicion on me just a little bit for like 10 days was such a nightmare. Or at the very least vote me as the second priority.

    The way @Joli Chat was right the entire time dfghjf. And then capitalizing on @digitalkaiser when I found out he was going to vote off @Music Is Life I'm so sorry nn... please no hard feelings unnies...

    But yeah I'm so proud of us @Crisp X !! And to the other slashers (but I've said this in the DM earlier)
    And also to our honorary slashers @Island and @Joli Chat! We couldn't have won without you!
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  16. The fact that y'all decided to kill @Salami when he didn't even know that the slashers know each other, I.....

    The French girls really deserve this win so congrats la chiennes xx
  17. So you knew that despite already being dead, that was my point nn
  18. Oh so Slashergate, aka JYP's Arsehole leaking, is going to be a thing? Then, let... me...

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