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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. aux


    Let me start throwing some praise around, let's start with the Slashers...

    @Vixen, unnie, your theories were out of this world and I am gutted you couldn't last longer because you were truly a real threat to these girls. Sure, you were a bit dumb with your "test" or whatever that was; but the actual theories of what each player was... Incredible.

    @junglefish, I made you The Actor - arguably the most powerful role in the game, only for it to not be useful in the end, but you still ate that. Once again, your galaxy brain theories alongside @Vixen's... iconic.

    @Crisp X and @thommyh, you were both wildcards in my casting and it really paid off for you both. @thommyh you're funny as fuck, so I knew you would be active in the thread, actively defending yourself and others. @Crisp X, queen, you were also incredibly cunning throughout the game and really surprised me.

    @GeiPanda and @SloMover, you both were people who I had never spoken to before the game and it was really great having you both as Slashers (albeit not for too long!)

    You all did a great job and I'm incredibly proud! Whoever the next set of Slashers are, they have a very tough job to follow.
  2. Let's not forget our Kiwi sister @thommyh, Kylie's older sister @SloMover and *checks notes* @GeiPanda!
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  3. My booking fees after this season

  4. Because it's been in the works since the begining ddd

    GIRL you were messy since the start! I'm pulling up the receipts soon, you were actually the second person we were going to prophet check before we changed our mind for somebody else (still not at that point in the group chat yet, let me read x)

    I don't think you guys realize how much we actually strategized... All up to @Crisp X, the one member almost no one suspected ever, and our Prophet @thommyh and our Actor @junglefish being the last slashers alive. It was always the goal. I'll be pulling up the receipts, don't worry. x
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  6. Congratulations to @nikkysan and me for 1- stanning Red Velvet and 2- allowing the slashers to finish us all off with no resistance

  7. [​IMG]

    I might have been killed early but at least I helped keep things entertaining nn
  8. Ever since this post I was suspicious of the French unnies but I didn’t want to be problematic so I dropped that lead SKDKDKSJDK

    @eatyourself exposing the slashers early
  9. aux


    Let's continue this praise train with the power roles...

    @soratami... King, for it being your first time playing, you sure got under the Slashers' skin. The meltdowns you caused... Ah, that's history. You played a very smart game and that deserves to be highlighted.

    @BEST FICTION, thank you for being my right hand man during all of this. You helped me, in part, come up with the concept for this season. You also helped me checking the write-ups for me at the start, making sure I was doing right by the K-Pop theme. I wouldn't have done this without you.

    @ysev, @Serg. and @Rainbow Trousers, ladies, you are three of the funniest people on this sub-forum. I was shitting myself of laughter with @Rainbow Trousers' avatar being used as a reaction pic in our PMs. Similarly, @Serg. and I would spam each other with GIFs stolen from ATRL. @ysev just said random funny shit when asking for the role of a player and it was always iconic.

    You all did an amazing job! Thank you for playing.
  10. Imagine how hard that was to play, make moves, or just do... anything while being surrounded by no less than 4 Idols early on in a particular group chat. Especially when @soratami started becoming a problem post-death dd. That was a dark day for the Slashers.
  11. Thank you @aux for this great experience. I apologize for not participating more, especially after my elimination, and I have no excuses other than work and family - things everyone is dealing with in some shape or form.

    Now that's out of the way. I want screenshots of PMs. Everything. I will be submitting my own shortly. I want all the behind the scenes mess. From the start. I want to see into the mouth of Hell. Don't disappoint me girls.
  12. I don't remember who I adressed the "Begone thot" comment to, like whoever had access to the transcript will recognize themselves, but that was a kii!

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  13. I was referring to me, @soratami and @eccentricsimply (all lusophones) having an alliance in the beginning... which I told everyone about that came to talk to me via PM, including @Crisp X ! But that was after they were both dead. I guess the lesson here is... I'm too dumb for this shit. It was however a lovely time, thank you @aux for not losing your patience completely with me from the start!


    Which reminds me... @aux who was it that pissed you off that one night we didn't have a death?
  14. aux


    I was angry at myself for feeling like I wasn't giving this game my all, but all the girls were quick to BOOST my ego, FEED me serotonin and ENCOURAGE me to feel happier.

  15. i feel so... vindicated right now

    Maybe next time your lovely power-cut plagued Venezuelan sistren tells you that she has no electricity you will believe ha
    I really do feel like a winner tonight, now back to my seat
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  16. The way JYP’s asshole would be totally disgusting...

    ...if it weren’t for the fact that I just associated it with the other JYP...

  17. Oh ALSO, I forgot to fucking mention this in this post but, the way the game literally would've ended so much quicker for me a few days ago due to my ROOKIE(.mp3) mistake.

    @Music Is Life do you remember that random message I sent you that was like "hey all good! yeah nn. I'm nervous for later tonight.." or whatever? Well, if you were online then you would've received a much different message that said "hi can I check nikkysan's role plz" SDFGHJ. So I sent the message while laying down in bed because at that point I've been severely sleep deprived mistaking a chat that had "slasher" in it (well, they all did to be fair) your chat was next to @aux's, and both your avatars are like.. grayscale and otherwise just looked similar so I THOUGHT I was in the right chat.

    The way I hit send, and then I see the above message from the one I sent and it wasn't something I had said to aux previously, so I BOLTED UP in bed, knocked my fucking power cable out of my laptop so my laptop turned off...... The absolute dread and panic that I experienced during this period y'all I was LITERALLY shaking for like over an hour after DDDDD. Anyway so I knew that I had only FIVE minutes to edit my message before the message gets locked in and I literally load back in time and had one minute before it would've timed out and my game would've been over and ever since then I've checked I'm in the correct group chat like six times before I sent anything. Absolute mess. And then I was panicking in the slasher chat over whether or not you'd receive an email notification with what I said un-edited, so I had to beg my bf IRL to give me his lurker account information so I could send myself a message and test it before realizing that setting to receive email alerts for DMs hasn't been around since like Jan 1st.
    The way my stress level just went back up typing all of this.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. The way I was not mentioned in any post after finale

    The way I try to warn @Serg. if @thommyh is really can be trusted or in the last vote asking @soratami and @Music Is Life that @Crisp X 's vote has been questionable, but get ignored

    The way @Crisp X slide into my PM at first day acting all that innocent and don't know how to play

    I'm upset

    congrats @aux for the hosting

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  20. aux


    I'm still not over @BeingNormal sending me the most unintentionally shady message on day one of the game.
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