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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. @ufint messaging me that “we’re good” and I have nothing to worry about because they asked around and I’m a regular idol.
    Me immediately taking that PM as a threat against my life and running over to my good slasher Judy @junglefish saying “I have reason to believe @ufint is trying to kill me”
  2. me during the last week trying to get any recognition and support for my sometimes correct deductions from my fellow idols

  3. The absolute state I’d find @eliminathan in in my PMs... All that for him to realize he had been talking to a *gasp* slasher the whole time.
    Sis, I hope you get a CLC comeback soon to make up for all that.
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  4. Let me throw praise at @BeingNormal, @Music Is Life, @soratami and @ufint because you were working very hard at finding the Slashers in the group chat. Not only did you make some smart guesses throughout, but you were also so close at times, and I can't lie, I was constantly on edge. You can all be proud of yourselves!

    Cue me telling variations of "Why don't the remaining players of that chat speak to me anymore, are they suspecting me, what do I do?" to the other Slashers because I was fearing for my life!!
  5. aux


    Let's conclude the long-form train of acclaim from me by handing out some praise to the Idols...

    @eliminathan, legend! You won the first season, so you were bound to end up dead, but you really ate this up and I'm really happy you participated. I nearly made you a Slasher which would have been a kii with @BEST FICTION being The Cop.

    @ufint, sorry for killing you first! King, you brought your A-game after your rancid skint as a Slasher in the last season we both played! Proud of you, loved seeing the @ufint I remembered.

    @BeingNormal, damn... You really played this game, huh? I am incredibly impressed because you were a player I didn't expect to be this good. You figured a lot of stuff out from what I heard from others, so great job!

    @Joli Chat y @He, los quiero mucho - mi pequeña familia Venezolana en este website del demonio.

    @Salami, girl - everyone was playing chess while you were playing Uno. I don't know what game you were playing, but it clearly worked as you made it pretty damn far.

    @Island, @eccentricsimply and @RUNAWAY... Thank you for making this incredibly confusing for the Idols, kii. @eccentricsimply, I nearly made you a Slasher, but I swapped you out for @Crisp X who seemed like a weirder wild card - plus, I thought having three French users as Slashers would create some fuckery.
  6. I just wanna say how iconic is that @ysev @soratami @Rainbow Trousers @BEST FICTION and me aka the special roles all found ourselves in like between day 1 & 2. Our groupchat was so fun and we did amazing first couple of days in the game until y'all started dropping like flies.

    Of course thanks to @aux for amazing hosting of the game it was so much fun and I'm gonna miss being glued to this thread 24/7.

    I hope we don't have to wait 2 years for the next slasher and it becomes a yearly or 6 monthly thing in the subforrem.

    I guess Top Answer Game season 3 is next? Or maybe something else.. We'll see..
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  7. *presses play on Mariah's mini pink CD player*

  8. Wait how many group chats where there????

    No wonder I was missing key information.

  9. aux


    I was just about to say... Whoever wants to host this next, I am very happy to give all the pointers I learnt from hosting this season! It's very intensive and you will feel very left-out at times as you really do not know what is brewing outside of the thread, so it's always a surprise. I still had an absolute blast hosting this season and really recommend anyone who wants to, to do it.

    And yes, please, someone host it sometime soon because I want to play. I hope that this was a successful reboot of the K-Pop Slasher franchise and it remains a staple of the sub-forum. I feel like I got to know all of you a lot better and I feel like I'm officially a K-Popper of the sub-forum, despite only discovering K-Pop in September.

  10. Chapter 1

    I was the reporter, obvs. @aux sent me the first transcript. The prophet used their powers on @BEST FICTION, they discover @BEST FICTION is the cop, I hastily screenshot (waw waw) the transcript from @aux to @BEST FICTION and then decide to read the rules of the game. The rules being that you can't screenshot conversations.

    I panic. @BEST FICTION is still asleep in Australia or whatever. I SCRAMBLE to find some way of deleting the PM, knowing I have tarnished the integrity of this game on the first night. It's impossible to delete a PM, turns out. But I can edit the title of the PM to make it sound dangerous and illegal!


    But what if @BEST FICTION opens it anyway, I think. So I panic even more, and decide to enlist the help of mods. Surely a mod has the power to delete PMs. Surely.

    So I ask @Island.



    So now I've given away valuable information to someone who is possibly the killer. Great. I PM @2014 in a desperate last bid to get that PM wiped from the forums.


    Spoiler: @Island was right and @2014 can't do jack shit about the situation either. So I tell her to just send @BEST FICTION an authoritative message about the subject or delete their account if that doesn't work (sorry).

    End of Chapter 1.

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  11. aux


    Oh yes, how could I forget? Special shoutout to @Rommers who gave me a handy list of tips about hosting your own Slasher season. Thank you intersex bird, everything you told me really helped me build - what I hope was - a very successful season of Slasher.

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  12. When @junglefish marks a prophetic statement to @Vixen

  13. [​IMG]
  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

  15. Me & @eliminathan had a run

  16. aux


    I actually had something written for you, but deleted it for some reason nn. You did a great job, particularly towards the end - even if you were gunning for the wrong person at times and in hindsight, helped the Slashers more than you realised, kii.

    This isn't me trying to be shady, but unnie, do you really think you would have done a great job as a Slasher?

  17. Nn this drag but also why did I go before @Serg. who arguably impacted the game the most
    Cut to me predictably sprinting with that information to @junglefish because somehow I still thought she was an idol nñn. Then when @junglefish was revealed to be a slasher me begging for my life fff a MESS.

  18. The way I’m too much of an introvert to start group chats with y’all...
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  19. I'm rereading JYP's Arsehole for more behind the Slashers tidbits and, so far, the thing that stands out is how it went from intellectual theorizing by compiling tea gotten through snitching ways, to complete chaos, meltdowns, French interludes, and memes, all while getting progressively shadier towards the Idols.

  20. aux



    @SloMover trying to get me to revive them by proving to me that they owned some Robyn CDs.
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