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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. aux


    Welcome to K-PopCDjustice. Maybe this will take off, maybe it won't, but with the resurgence in K-Pop CD / vinyl collecting thought we could use a place to:

    Discuss new releases/pre-orders/limited editions
    Complain about prices
    Show off collections
    Discuss favourite packaging
    Share photocard collections if you're into that
    Miscellaneous merchandise


    Where To Buy K-Pop CDs?

    International / Korea-based:




    Group Buys:

    These are normally organised by fans and vary on seller to seller, but they're a great way to ensure you get the photocard for your bias and get a really cheap shipping price. I've normally found items to be significantly cheaper to be purchase on group buys rather than from the usual websites I've linked. The biggest downside to group buys is that they generally only happen for big groups - or groups with large dedicated fans.

    For repressed albums or older albums, you're better off looking on the websites linked above. For new albums, I highly recommend looking for a group buy for your country first and comparing price with the other websites.

    As a general rule of thumb when buying anything online - but specially in group buys - always use PayPal. If you're sending the money directly, rather than using a check out on a regular store, always ensure to send the money using the "Goods and Services" option. PayPal's buyer protection will almost always side with the buyer, so if your item arrives damaged or it never arrives, you can always raise a dispute.

    If you need any help with finding group buys, I know a couple of sellers who run LOONA, DREAMCATCHER and other assorted groups. I've never had any issues with them, so I'm happy to recommend them.

    Happy buying!

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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I am reminded again of the delay in the shipment of my Eyes Wide Open and Walpurgis Night albums omfg @Empty Shoebox

    I think I'll receive them next week but lemme not jinx it.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I literally just sorted my collection and put it away..... ugh.

    Time to dig it back out~
  4. My collection includes:

    Every single TWICE album, including repackages, except the 2020 ones (Because I'm scared they'll get lost in the mail with the whole corona fiasco kii).. (I have everyones photocards multiple times)
    Every single Blackpink album(all 3 of them nn, cause my friend just got The Album in person)
    Jennie - Solo photobook
    AOA - Angels Knock

    Most of EXO albums, I think I have Overdose, EXODUS(Sehun vers.), Sing For You(Sehun vers.), Countdown(Sehun vers. & Kai vers. but I gave that to my bff), Mama, Universe, For Life, Ex'act, Don't Mess Up My Tempo, Power, The War.. I just realised I don't have Obsession, I swear I thought I did nn.

    I hate that as I get older the albums get progressively more expensive in my mind nn, but I just hate the fact shipping is almost half of the album price and then the month wait...
  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I just have a few albums in my collection actually.

    - DAY6 - Moonrise
    - DAY6 - Entropy
    - DAY6 - Gluon
    - BLACKPINK - The Album
    - 2NE1 - 2nd Mini (given by a PJ friend ♡)
    - Park Bom - Spring

    I do plan on completing the albums of my faves (DAY6, Red Velvet, 2NE1, f(x)) but I'm not about to do that in the middle of a pandemic fffffff
  6. aux


    This is currently how my K-Pop shelf at home is looking.


    I have GFRIEND's last three releases among others at my boyfriend's house since I'm already running out of space here fff. I should have LOONA's Love & Evil, Max & Match, Yves - Single and JinSoul - Single coming next week at the earliest, so my LOONA collection continues to expand beyond what I can currently fit on it.

    There's tons of discographies I want to own in full, like TWICE, Red Velvet, LOONA and GFRIEND's but my current most wanted items are Wonder Girls' Reboot (which is out of print) and Taeyeon's first mini album on vinyl (out of print and sells for £1k).
  7. You, right now:
    Apologies for r*ddit, but this post gives some info, even if it is america-centric.
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    If anyone knows where one can buy reasonably priced older albums, please let a hoe know. If I complete f(x)'s discography and Wonder Girls' Wonder World and Reboot albums, my life would peak.
  9. I only own Loona's ++. I would love to collect more, however
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  10. I must also know this.
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  11. YAY! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's collection!

    I'm going to put my photos under spoilers, in case they show up in real size, and because I have tons of stuff to share. My apologies for the poor quality and for the lack of proper photography skills fff.


    Here's a part of my CD collection.
    I think the Stellar and Jiyeon albums belong to my brother but I don't know if he still remembers getting them oop. Sticky Sticky by Hellovenus is also missing. Shout It Out by BoA was my very first purchase. leeSA's album is special because this was the first K-Pop album I bought since this subforum got me back into it.

    Recently, I made some purchases.

    As for the GFRIEND oversized shirts, I initially wanted to pick one or the other, but ended up accidentaly ordering both nn. I'd love to wear them at future rock / metal concerts... one day. Anyway, much like the albums, they came with photocards. Here's those I got from GFRIEND and BoA.

    Back in 2013 - 2017, my entire college dorms were filled with K-Pop posters. Unfortunately, due to a chaotic move, I lost them all. I do remember having those:

    As for other fun tidbits, the first time I went to Japan Expo -a French convention that in parts looks like a giant mall from the inside- after becoming a K-Pop aficionado, I suddenly took notice of some particular stands and... made a few random purchases.
    The hat is a bit shattered, and I'm not sure I even listened to Apink back then fpeosjfposje. I don't have the message card package at my disposal right now, but I remember the cards being all different photos, which is cool. Kinda feels like owning tons of mini photocards.

    Lastly, I also got some posters, through their inclusion on album packagings or on their own.
    It got dark so I can't take a decent looking picture of the others right now.
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  12. Aah, I bought the plebeian version of Better because the special one was twice the price.

    I didn't get a poster, but I do have a One Shot, Two Shot one for when I eventually move out of here.
  13. I'm envious! I tried to get a One Shot, Two Shot poster on eBay, maybe the same one as yours, but it looks like I didn't read the description correctly as I ended up with a big card instead dd.
  14. KpopMart has an excellent selection of old posters which you can add to your order and just pay for shipping. They end up costing about €3 each.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Thank you!!
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  16. My small collection:


    I don't intend to complete any artist's discography or anything like that, I just stick to buying albums I really like, and usually I just get one or two every now and then (they're not exactly cheap and I still buy a fair share of non-K-Pop CDs too). Merry & Happy and TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 were the first two K-Pop CDs I ever bought, and Walpurgis Night and Eyes Wide Open are definitely the next two on my list.
  17. Oh yeah, forgot to mention my collection.

    2011 Girls' Generation Tour – Girls’ Generation
    Better – BoA
    Da Capo – April
    Dystopia: Lose Myself – Dreamcatcher
    Dystopia: The Tree of Language – Dreamcatcher
    Eyes Wide Open – Twice
    Feel Special – Twice
    IT’Z ME – ITZY
    My Little Society – fromis_9
    Not Shy – ITZY
    Qurious – woo!ah!
    The Park in the Night - Part Three – GWSN
    Triangle – 3YE
    We Are – Weeekly
    We Can – Weeekly
    x78004 y7908378923 – Everglow
    回 Walpurgis Night – Gfriend

    And sitting at my mum's house, on the other side of the continent:
    Breaking Heart - T-ARA
    Wonder World - Wonder Girls
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Oh my god gals, I'm an OG so...my list is gonna be under a spoiler. I'm embarrassed with how much I even have......
  19. I have nearly 200 k-pop CDs whoops. I've been collecting for over 10 years, however. It helps that there's this Dutch store called Sounds that sells almost everything, and that a shop in Amsterdam called Fame used to sell a lot of old crap from 2nd gen groups. But I don't know if the letter still exists as I haven't been to Amsterdam for ages.

    My obvious faves are Reboot, Breaking Heart, the early Weki Meki minis and the more recent Yukika CD. So gorgeous.
  20. I've bought some albums in Fame in Amsterdam in 2019 so it should still work, they got a really good collection of albums there.
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