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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Settled on £80 for Rollin’

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  2. First Impact for 2022 // Kep1er

  3. I bought a “bookshelf” solely for my KPOP collection which is very rapidly getting out of hand yet simultaneously so beautiful. I mostly blame LOONA.

  4. @Glitterizer whats your addy I need someone to send all these BTS stickers and Polaroids that randomly just came with my CIX album ddddd.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    My advice would be to sue.
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  6. They included a post card that was like “Our apologies that this order didn’t include the poster advertised, it was only available on the pre order. We hope that you’ll enjoy these stickers and photo cards instead and thank you for your business!” Like ma’am.
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  7. INVU is stunning!

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  8. I'll have to take a pic of them all, but my little collection is starting to grow. I just found a K-Pop store at a Subway station I go to often, which is dangerous because the prices aren't bad and they have been very good about getting new releases like very shortly after they come out, plus I splurged on a bunch of presents for myself this last Christmas to get the collection started. What I've got so far:

    Max Changmin - Chocolate
    Max Changmin - Devil
    CIX - OK Prologue : BE OK
    Kai - Peaches
    Key - Bad Love
    NCT - Resonance
    NCT - Universe
    NCT 127 - Favorite (Album Repackage)
    NCT Dream - Hello Future
    OnlyOneOf - Instinct Pt 1
    OnlyOneOf - Instinct Pt 2
    SHINee - Don't Call Me
    Taemin - Never Gonna Dance Again
    Taeyeon - INVU
    U-Know - NOIR
    VIVIZ - Beam of Prism
    Wonho - Love Synonym #1
    Wonho - Love Synonym #2
    Wonho - Blue Letter
    Wonpil - Pilmography
  9. Taeyeon and VIVIZ

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  10. The way the only album I forgot by memory to include was SuperM's dddd. Not helping the situation.
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  11. My INVU physicals came! I got the ENVY & BLUE versions. I was trying to be sensible with the amount of duplicates I buy but the album is continuing to hit so maybe the ORANGE version & cassette are in my future purchases...
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  12. I should really try and take some pictures to post in here. My VIVIZ and STAYC albums arrived in the last two weeks. I am not a fan of the STAYC packaging because I just really don't like bag packaging for albums, just it still looks nice and the photobooks are expectedly gorgeous, as are the other inclusions! Isa blessed me with both of her posters!

    I also bought the latest fromis album & Yena's album as those were probably my favourite January releases and I really love them. I am running out of album storage.
  13. My collection as of now:


    • EXO - Love Me Right
    • GOT7 - Present: You
    • JUS2 - Focus
    • ONF - Spin Off
    • ONF - City of ONF
    • ONF - Popping
    • ONF - Goosebumps
    • NU’EST - Romanticize
    • Red Velvet - RBB
    • Red Velvet - The Reve Festival: Day 1
    • TWICE - Taste of Love
  14. I happened to find a copy of fromis_9's From.9 which has been discontinued for years for a really decent price. Truly an exciting collection moment for me!
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  15. I forgot to share but I've now got each Billlie release !

    The photobooks aren't as well executed as the debut album, imo, but Haram absolutely eats in all her photos here. The two posters (not pictured ff) are really good too.
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  16. Thank You Brave Girls! I hope we got another version for this!


  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member


    My best friend got me the Billage of perception as a late birthday gift! I wish I'd gotten two Haram photocards, but I'm still happy with the inclusions. The photos are really good, the album is just a bit too fragile to my liking.
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  18. Feel My Rhythm - one of their best booklets yet.

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  19. I... just bought a Lee Jung Hyun album?


    watch my order be cancelled in the upcoming days
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  20. [​IMG]

    Suho - Grey Suit
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