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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Here are the other posters!

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  2. Cool. I have fifteen sitting in tubes. Remind me to post them when I eventually move and can put them up.

    I like posters.
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  3. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I only own one album ddddddd the dollar is too expensive here for me to buy any even if I wanted to. But I got Taemin’s Move-ing as a birthday gift back in 2018 and it’s a beautiful album.

    Not an album per-se but my best friend also gave me SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour DVD.
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  4. And that sweet 60% import tax that they seem to apply randomly to whatever products they feel like <3
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  5. Paying the initial price + the shipping taxes and then, much later on, being hit with a "Hi, your order is being held by customs. Please pay this amount to continue the delivery" message...

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  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    dddddd to be fair, my friend owns all of Red Velvet's albums (including a special edition of Ice Cream Cake), almost all of f(x)'s, she owned a lot of SNSD and SHINee albums she eventually sold and she was never taxed so really it's random as fuck.
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  7. I'm struggling to restrain my excitement over the creation of this thread - I love physical objects, collecting them and being a consumer.

    I have a couple of albums I was planning on getting rid of which I'd quite like to give away through KPJ so I can be sure they're going to a good home. Sadly I cleared out my poster collection at the end of last year - it was heartbreaking but I just don't use them.
  8. Ah, I see you are both familiar with YesAsia.
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  9. do we all know tina davidsson sunbaenim?
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  10. Well here she is, my first K-Pop alberm:

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  11. He


    I haven’t bought anything in forever and my consumerism has changed quite a bit over the last few years, but I own:

    - Wonder Girls - Reboot
    - f(x) - 4 walls
    - T-ARA -Again
    - Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop

    I’d love to get some LOONA, and would always stare longingly at them in Fame Amsterdam... but eek at the prices.

    @Reboot, which store is Sound?
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  12. Part of the reason I like LOONA so much is the consistent packaging- it all looks nice and neat together, just a row of books all the same size and similar design.
    That said, Nature's Nature World: Code M genuinely surprised me when I saw their packaging unfolded into a tiny room!
    It's probably my favorite packaging I've seen this year.

    Full physical K-pop collection below the cut, including some gray area items (non-idol Korean, JPN releases by Korean groups, etc.).
    There's a few items on order but these are what I have now.
    2NE1: 2NE1 (2009), To Anyone, 2NE1 (2011), Crush (KOR and JPN versions)
    After School: Virgin
    AOA: Bingle Bangle
    Apink: Seven Springs of Apink, Snow Pink, Une Annee, Secret Garden, Pink Blossom, Pink Luv, Pink Memory, Pink Revolution, Pink Up, One & Six, %, Look
    April: Dreaming, Spring, Prelude, Eternity, the Blue, the Ruby, Da Capo
    Ariaz: Op.1 Grand Opera
    Blackpink: Blackpink (CD+DVD Version, so I could get the KOR songs), Square Up, Kill This Love, The Album
    BoA: ID;Peace B, Don’t Start Now/Jumping Into the World, Listen to My Heart, No.1, Valenti, Atlantis Princess, Love & Honesty, My Name, Girls on Top/Moto, Outgrow, Made in Twenty (20), the Face, BoA, Best II, Identity, Copy & Paste, Only One, Who’s Back, Kiss My Lips, Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana, One Shot Two Shot, Woman, Starry Night
    BTS: 2 Cool 4 Skool, O R U L8 2?, Skool Luv Affaur, Dark & Wild, the Most Beautiful Moment in Life (Part 1, Part 2, and Young Forever), You’ll Never Walk Alone, Love Yourself (Her, Tear and Answer), Map of the Soul (Persona and 7), BTS World
    Busters: Dream On
    Cherry Bullet: Q&A, Love Adventure
    Chung Ha: Hands on Me, Offset, Blooming Blue, Flourishing
    Cignature: Listen and Speak
    CLC: Refresh, Black Dress, No.1
    Crayon Pop: Evolution Pop Vol. 1
    Diva: Luxury Diva
    Doori: Beauty Advisory
    Dreamcatcher: Escape the Era, Alone in the City, the End of Nightmare, Raid of Dream, the Tree of Language, Lose Myself
    Dreamnote: Dreamus
    Everglow: Arrival of Everglow, Hush Hush, Reminiscence, -77.82X-78.29
    EXID: Trouble, B.L.E.S.S.E.D.
    Fromis_9: To. Heart, To. Day, from.9, Fun Factory, My Little Society
    F(x): Nu ABO, Hot Summer, Electric Shock, Pink Tape, Red Light, Four Walls
    Gain: Talk About S, Hawwah, End Again
    Gfriend: Season of Glass, Flower Bud, Snowflake, LOL, the Awakening, Rainbow, Time for the Moon Night, Sunny Summer, Time for Us, Fever, Labyrinth, Song of the Sirens, Walpurgis Night
    (G)I-DLE: I Am, I Made, I Trust, DUMDi DUMDi
    Girls’ Generation: Baby Baby, Gee, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), Run Devil Run, Hoot, Girls’ Generation (JPN), the Boys, GG2 Girls & Peace, I Got a Boy, Love & Peace, Mr.Mr., Lionheart, Holiday Night
    Girls’ Generation-TTS: Twinkle
    Gugudan: the Little Mermaid, Narcissus, Chococo Factory, Cait Sith, New Action
    Gugudan Semina: Semina
    GWSN: Park in the Night (1, 2, and 3), the Keys
    Hong Jinyoung: Lots of Love
    Hyolyn (Sistar): Say My Name
    HyunA (4Minute, et al): Melting, Following
    Itzy: It’s Icy, It’z Me, Not Shy
    IU: Growing Up, iu…im, Real, Last Fantasy, Modern Times, Flower Bookmark (1 and 2), Chat-Shire, Palette, Love Poem
    IZ*ONE: Color*Iz, Heart*Iz, Bloom*Iz, Oneiric Diary, Twelve
    Lee Sun Hee: Volume 3
    Lim Kim: Simple Mind
    LOONA: HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Love & Live, ViVi, Love & Evil, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Mix & Match, Max & Match, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye, Beauty & the Beat, ++, xx (Limited A & B), #, 12:00
    Lovelyz: Girls’ Invasion, Lovelyz8, Lovelinus, a New Trilogy, Now We, Fall in Lovelyz, Heal, Sanctuary, Once Upon a Time, Unforgettable
    Luna (f(x)): Free Somebody
    Minseo: the Diary of Youth
    Momoland: Welcome to Momoland, Freeze, Great, Fun to the World, Show Me, Starry Night
    Nature: Girls and Flowers, Some & Love, I’m So Pretty, Nature World (Code A & Code M)
    Oh My Girl: JPN Debut, JPN 2nd Album, Fall in Love, Eternally, Nonstop
    Oh My Girl Banhana: Banana Allergy Monkey
    Orange Caramel (After School): Lipstick
    Park Bom (2NE1): Spring, re: Blue Rose
    Pristin: Hi Pristin, Schxxl Out
    Pristin V: Like a V
    Rainbow: Gossip Girl, Rainbow Syndrome Part 1, Innocent, Prism
    Red Velvet: Ice Cream Cake, the Red, the Velvet, Russian Roulette, Rookie, the Red Summer, the Perfect Red Velvet, #CookieJar, Summer Magic, RBB, Sappy, the Reve Festival Finale
    Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi: Monster
    Rocket Punch: Pink Punch, Red Punch, Blue Punch
    Ryu Su Jeong (Lovelyz): Tiger Eyes
    Secret Number: Who Dis?, Got That Boom
    Sejeong (Gugudan): Plant
    Sistar: Alone, Give It to Me
    Stayc: Star to a Young Culture
    Sunmi (Wonder Girls): Warning
    Sunny Hill: Midnight Circus, the Grasshoppers
    Suzy (Miss A): Yes No?, Faces of Love
    T-Ara: Queen of Pops Single Complete & Anthem Songs 2CD Best
    Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation): I, Why, My Voice, Purpose (Repackage)
    Twice: The Story Begins, Page Two, Twicecoaster Lane 2, Signal, Merry & Happy, Summer Nights, BDZ Repackage, the Year of Yes, Fancy You, Feel Special, &Twice Repackage, More & More, Eyes Wide Open
    Uhm Jung Hwa: The Cloud Dream of the Nine (Expanded Version)
    Weeekly: We Are, We Can
    Weki Meki: WeMe, Lucky, Kiss Kicks, Week End Lol, Hide and Seek, New Rules
    WJSN: Would You Like?, the Secret, From. WJSN, Happy Moment, Dream Your Dream, WJ Please?, WJ Stay?, For the Summer, As You Wish, Neverland
    WJSN Chocome: Hmph!
    Wonder Girls: Wonder Best 2007-2012
    Woo!Ah!: Exclamation
    Yerin Baek: Every Letter I Sent You
    YooA (Oh My Girl): Bon Voyage
    Yukika: Soul Lady
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  13. Impressive collection! But uh
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  14. Oops. I forgot how to format spoiler tags and I just copy/pasted instead of looking it up.
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  15. Drat, I was hoping to prompt a "we're secretly twins!" reveal.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay, here we go.......here's my collection:

    2NE1 - 1st mini album, To Anyone, 2nd mini album, CRUSH (Japanese album)
    4minute - Hit Your Heart, Volume Up
    After School - New Schoolgirl, Because of You, Virgin, AS RED, AS BLUE, Flashback, First Love, Heaven cd single (all versions), Shh cd single (all versions), Dress To Kill (purple version), Best
    BAEKHYUN - City Lights (both versions), Delight (all 4 versions)
    BIGBANG - ALIVE (the rust version)
    BLACKPINK - The Album (all 4 versions)
    BoA - ID;Peace B, Jumping into the World, Amazing Kiss single, LISTEN TO MY HEART, NO.1, Peace B Remixes, Miracle, VALENTI, Shine We Are/Earthsong single, Atlantis Princess, Next World, DOUBLE (Japanese single), Shine We Are (Korean album), LOVE & HONESTY, My Name, BEST OF SOUL (both versions) MOTO, Everlasting (Japanese single), Outgrow (CD only version), brand new beat/your color single, Winter Love single, Made in TWENTY (20), Sweet Impact single, LOVE LETTER single, Lose Your Mind single, be with you single, THE FACE (3 disc version), Vivid single, Only One (gigantic book version), Only One (Japanese single), WHO’S BACK, Fly single (the gigantic book version), Kiss My Lips, 私このままでいいのかな, ONE SHOT TWO SHOT, Woman, My Love/AMOR single, Starry Night, I believe single (BoA version), BETTER (both limited versions)
    Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense, Black Box, Special Moments
    CHANGMIN/MAX (TVXQ) - Chocolate (both versions)
    Davichi - Special Best
    EXO - XOXO (both versions), Growl repackage (both versions), EXODUS (8 of the Chinese versions), Sing For You (Korean Chanyeol version, Chinese Chen version), Lotto (Korean version), Don’t Mess Up My Tempo (all 4 versions), Love Shot (both versions), OBSESSION (all 3 versions)
    EXO-SC - What A Life (all 3 versions), 1 Billion Views (all 3 versions)
    f(x) - Pink Tape, 4 Walls (white version)
    Gain - Step 2/4
    GD&TOP - self-titled album
    Girls’ Generation - Run Devil Run repackage album, MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run single, GIRLS’ GENERATION (Japanese album), The Boys, MR. TAXI repackage album, GIRLS’ GENERATION ~The Boys~ repackage album, PAPARAZZI single, GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~Girls & Peace~, I Got A Boy (Sooyoung version), GALAXY SUPERNOVA single, LOVE&PEACE
    HA:TFELT - Me?
    Heize - ///, Wind, She’s Fine, We don’t talk together single, Late Autumn, Lyricist
    Humming Urban Stereo - Very Very Nice and Short Cake, Purple Drop, Sparkle, Reform, Sidekick, Delicacy
    Hyolyn - LOVE&HATE
    Hyomin - Make Up, Allure
    Hyuna - Bubble Pop
    Jessica - With Love, J
    Jiyeon - Never Ever
    Kahi - 1st mini album, Who Are You?
    KAI - 1st mini album
    KARA - Full Bloom
    KARD - Hola Hola
    LOONA - Heejin, Hyunjin, Heejin & Hyunjin, Haseul, LOONA & Haseul, Yeojin, LOONA & Yeojin, Haseul & Yeojin, Love & Live (limited and regular versions), Vivi, Haseul & Vivi, Love & Evil (regular version), Kim Lip (both versions), Jinsoul, Kim Lip & Jinsoul, Choerry, Jinsoul & Choerry, Mix & Match (regular version), Max & Match (regular version), Yves (both versions), Chuu, Yves & Chuu, Go Won, Chuu & Go Won, Olivia Hye, Go Won & Olivia Hye, beauty&thebeat (limited and regular versions), ++ (all 4 versions), xx (all 4 versions), # (all 4 versions), 12:00 (all 4 versions)
    miss A - A Class, Hush
    NCT - Resonance Part 1 (both versions), Resonance Part 2 (both versions)
    NCT 127 - We Are Superhuman, Neo Zone (both versions), Neo Zone The Final Round repackage (both versions),
    Nicole - First Romance (signed)
    Ong Seong Wu - LAYERS (both versions)
    Red Velvet - Summer Magic, RBB, ReVe Festival Day 1 (3 editions), ReVe Festival Day 2, ReVe Festival Finale
    Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI - Monster (all 3 versions)
    Seo In Young - Forever Young
    SISTAR - So Cool, ALONE, Summer Special Loving U, SWEET & SOUR
    SNUPER - YOU=HEAVEN Japanese single, Oh yeah!! single, Meteor repackage, Stand by me single, Natsu no Magic single, You In My Eyes, Weekend Secret single, Come Over single, SWING (Japanese best album)
    SUHO - Self-Portrait (both versions)
    Sunmi - Full Moon
    SuperM - first mini album, Super One (all 7 versions)
    T-ARA - Absolute First Album, Breaking Heart repackage, Temptastic, John Travolta Wannabe, Roly Poly in Copacabana, Black Eyes, Funky Town, T-ARA’s Free Time in Paris & Swiss, AGAIN, AGAIN 1977, AND&END, EDM Club Sugar Free Edition (the metal bible)
    TAEYEON - Something New, VOICE (Japanese mini album), Purpose, Purpose repackage, #GirlsSpkOut, What Do I Call You (both versions)
    TVXQ - Spellbound repackage, New Chapter #2 The Truth of Love
    TWICE - FANCY YOU (all 3 versions), Feel Special (all 3 versions), More & More (all 3 versions), Eyes wide open (all 3 versions)
    WayV - Awaken the World (both versions)
    Wonder Girls - Reboot
    Yerin Baek - tellusboutyourself
    YUKIKA - Soul Lady

    I'm sad to admit that I own absolutely NOTHING by some of my favorite groups like SHINee, Crayon Pop, Apink, AOA, and Nine Muses. And only one KARA album.....

    In my defense, buying K-pop albums was very expensive for me back in the day, and I had a job that paid terribly. With my job now I can afford a little bit from each paycheck to buy these insanely cool packages. It just pains me to see so many of my favorite artists totally absent from my collection, but I'm getting there! They'll be here eventually.
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  17. I used to own every SNSD, SNSD solo members, F(x), Blackpink, 2NE1 and Red Velvet album. Recently I got rid of a lot of stuff while moving houses.

    I currently own Reboot and Why So Lonely from the Wonder Girls, all of the LOONA and SNSD albums and a few SNSD solo members albums. I just can’t let go of them. I vividly remember buying all the albums from yesasia with my moms creditcard when I was a teenager (not knowing anything about taxes, import fees etc.). Orders from over 100 euros but I never had to pay taxes, they were always marked as a ‘gift’. Good old times.
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  18. aux


    Just had this beauty delivered! Ahh, I'm so happy. WARNING is probably my favourite mini-album ever so I'm ecstatic to finally own it. The photobook is absolutely gorgeous, it's such a stunning package all-round.

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  19. This showed up in my mailbox!


    The booklet is gorgeous, they look fabulous, and I'm so happy to have one of my favorite K-Pop releases ever in my hands! This is the first time I receive a poster that's already folded, instead of being in a tube, so it looks a bit worn out.


    Here's some bracelets that I found in my old stuff as well. On the back, the name of each member is written, except for the SNSD one for obvious reasons nn.

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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    My new babies are here!!!

    For Walpurgis Night, I got Yuju (!!!), Umji, Yerin, Eunha and Sow*n photocards. As for Eyes Wide Open, I got Mina, Momo, Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Dahyun. I'm sad that I didn't get Sana though.

    My next K-Pop albums are unsealed copies of f(x)'s Pink Tape, f(x)'s Nu ABO and B1A4's Ignition. I'm not sure if my order of Red Light and 4 Walls will come through so #prayforslicé. Then for this month, I'm looking at buying the new Chungha, Rosé, Park Bom (lmao) and Sunmi (if she has an album).
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