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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. I have a little collection as well. I started collecting in 2010 but buying has been on/off.

    BAEKHYUN: City Lights, Delight
    BIG BANG: Big Bang (JPN)
    BLACKPINK: Square Up, In Your Area (JPN CD/DVD), Kill This Love, How You Like That, The Album (Ver 03, 04)
    BoA: BoA US Debut, Only One, Woman
    BTS: Map of the Soul: Persona
    CHUNG HA: Flourishing
    EXO: The War, The Power of Music, Love Shot Repackage, Obsession
    Girls Generation: Mr. Taxi Repackage, 1st Japan Album
    JENNIE: Solo
    JESSICA: Wonderland, My Decade
    KANG DANIEL: Color On Me
    KEY: I Wanna Be Repackage, Face
    LOONA: 12:00
    LUNA: Free Somebody
    ONEW: Voice
    RED VELVET: Summer Magic, ReVe Festival Day 01, Day 02, Finale
    ROSÉ: -R-
    SEOHYUN: Don’t Say No
    SHINEE: The Story of Light Epilogue, Don’t Call Me (Fake Reality, KEY Jewel Case)
    STRAY KIDS: I Am You
    SUNMI: Warning
    SUPER JUNIOR M: Super Girl
    TAEYEON: Why, My Voice (I Got You, Repackage), Something New, Voice (JPN), PURPOSE, What Do I Call You (My Only, My Daisy)
    TIFFANY: I Just Wanna Dance, Lips on Lips
    TOMORROW x TOGETHER: The Dream Chapter (Star, Magic, Eternity), Minisode 1 Blue Hour
    TWICE: Yes or Yes, Fancy You, Feel Special (Version A and C), &Twice (JPN), More and More, Eyes Wide Open
    X1: Quantum Leap
    YOONA: A Walk to Remember
    YURI: The First Scene
    2NE1: 1st Mini Album, To Anyone, 2nd Mini Album
    Park Bom: Spring
    TVXQ: Mirotic, The Secret Code
    SuperM: 1st Mini Album
  2. My copy of KEEMBO's Scandal arrived yesterday. Funny how despite having only a 19 page photobook, affixed to a regular size CD case, the photobook is actually a lot better than most because I can open it properly and see the whole pictures.

    (Yes I've complained about that before. Yes I'll complain about it again)

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So um.....in preparation for my rate I tracked down ALL of these just in the last few weeks:


    I already own Full Bloom don't come for me.
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  4. New to the collection

  5. My collection's ballooned a bit so I took some new, less-ugly pics!

    • ONF full discography
      • New Challenge
      • Top Seed
    • SHINee
      • The Story of Light
    • KEEMBO
      • Scandal
    • Golden Child
      • Pump it Up
      • YES.
    • TXT
      • The Dream Chapter: Star
    • ATEEZ
      • Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer
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  6. aux


    I saw @RUNAWAY mention that all of Taeyeon's albums are being reprinted in the general thread, but I thought I might mention it here as well. It looks like SM is reprinting a lot of their albums that were out of print, like Red Velvet's 'The ReVe Festival' Finale.

    While I'm here, I updated the first post with a small guide on where to buy K-Pop CDs. If anyone has any other stores or tips they would like to add to the guide, post them and I'll add them!
  7. @aux Weverse Shop is a great option to buy official products directly from the artists, specially since more and more are adopting it. They currently have all HYBE artists, as well as Weeekly, P1Harmony, Cherry Bullet, CL, Sunmi and Treasure.
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  8. Other retailers are available:
    + points:
    Signed albums!
    Fan meets and shit!
    Exclusive items
    - points
    Expensive AF
    Shipping time usually measured in decades

    + points
    Preorder bunus (sometimes)
    - points
    I cannot find a single person with anything positive to say about them

    + points
    Relatively cheap albums
    Good selection of stock
    Relatively quick shipping
    - points
    Usually have less availability of versions (You'll see 'random version' a lot more than others)
    Shipping more expensive than other places (In a comparison with Ktown, the total cost of albums was €5 less, but shipping was €10 more)

    + points
    - points
    I've never heard of anyone ordering from them

    These are all badly translated, so buyer beware.

    Also in Europe:
    Bengans (SE)
    + points
    Less of a lottery (especially with bloody customs)
    - points
    Price (€50 for 3YE's album?)
    Shipping time - when you buy from them they order from Korea. They have relatively little stock in Europe
    Superdragontoys (BE)
    Allinkpop (DK)
    IPurple (BE)
    As you can tell, I have little information on the last three, but I have seen them mentioned.

    I'll ask the Purple Kiss fans later about where they bought theirs so maybe I can comment on shipping to the Americas.
  9. The only new retailer I got from them was this one, in Germany.
    It was described as 'better than waiting on ktown'. Most of the Americans were buying local or group order. The rest were ktown.
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  10. I haven’t bought a K-pop album in a while but for what it’s worth - I used to use CatchopCD regularly and they were always pretty quick

    they also let you add a note so you could ask them to lie about the value on the customs form so you could avoid extra fees and idk if they do that anymore but if they do shhh
  11. I have just started my potential K-pop album collection with Gfriend - Walpurgis Night which might arrive in the next few days. I say 'potential' because I live in Brazil and while the albums themselves aren't too expensive, shipping is usually US$40 and a dollar costs 7 Brazilian Real so I feel like Ms. Walpurgis is gonna spend some time sitting alone on my shelf! I'd like to ask to mi perras y muñecas who live in Latin America if they have a preferred method for buying k-pop albums, the store I bought at has a very small pool of options and I want to buy Fever Season whatever the cost (okay maybe not whatever the cost but I really want it)
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  12. Wanda has arrived. Seriously stunning packaging.

  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Bestie, you’re Filipino, right? Where do you buy your albums and why do they always arrive so early? I’m so jealous, momshie!
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  14. Aah, it really looks amazing!
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  15. Yes beshie! I order it from Shoppee! From sixtrade or fatirkshop.
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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Wigggggg!!! Salamat mars! I’ll look into them. I normally buy my albums through group orders so while it does save me money, there are certain albums I want to receive immediately fffffff.

    EDIT: Also if you know a shop that sells Yerin Baek albums, please let me know!!!
  17. I got my first K-Pop CDs for my birthday this last month, and I’m excited to dive into this new (expensive) collection.

    Got Chung Ha - Querencia, SHINee - Don’t Call Me, Wonho Part 1, Taemin - Never Dance Again, and SuperM - Super One. They are all so pretty.
  18. New Bacon. Also excited to get the new Shinee Atlantis album!
  19. I gave birth to a child.

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  20. Does anyone know an international store that will lie about the price on packaging if asked so that I can avoid this godforsaken 60% import tax?
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