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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Um....that sounds like a scam.
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Generally if you weren’t asked to pay customs before shipment, the shipping company will send you a message by mail. They would never call you and ask for a cheque.

    With Kpoptown I had one shipment where they made me pay customs fees before shipping, and one shipment they didn’t. I’m anticipating a customs bill from DHL for that one.

    Fellow Canadians, I’m not going to recommend this store just yet, because they still haven’t shipped any of my orders. But they let you pay in Canadian currency and there are no customs fees because the store is in Canada. I’ll post when they finally give me my stuff. Depending on how long they take, I’ll probably keep using Kpoptown despite customs.
  3. hfsjh so to be fair I did contact actual UPS and confirmed that I do have an amount owing, and they did provide other payment options that didn't really fit the narrative thrust of my post...

    ...namely paying over the phone (doable) or WIRE TRANSFER, ma'am


    Anyways I've asked them to mail me the invoice (which they can't send via email ff) so I know what I'm paying and we'll go from there!
  4. New to the fold, pulled out Baekhyun and Kai for the photocards and poster. I’ve never been lucky in pulling Kyungsoo.
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  5. So happy to have the Jeongyeon postcard. Always my bias. I would say Taste of Love is their best album packaging yet? Everything comes in a box unlike the previous book type packaging.


    And also, supporting Brave Girls, finally getting decent packaging after their newfound success.

  6. Ughhhh they're hereeee!!!

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  7. Seventeen - Your Choice
  8. I am now the proud owner of an Onew (with bonus Key) ♡


    The holographic effects on the album are sooo pretty:

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  9. 2PM - all of them are so handsome! Must is totally Junho’s era.

  10. I screamed a bit at the doubled photocard but ahhh I'm so happy!

  11. Stoked that I got Jin for the WeVerse PC!

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  12. D.O. Kyungsoo just arrived. Probably my favorite K-Pop release this year. His voice is one in a million.

  13. How do y'all get stuff to arrive so quickly.. I ordered tri.be's conmigo like 2 months ago and I don't think its even left the warehouse in korea
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  14. Umm issa scam, unnie! I buy everything through kpopmarket01 on Ebay. Never takes over a month to arrive, and I live in Brazil!
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  15. The queens are here!!!! This Hayoung photocard is so cuuuute

  16. A busy week for the mailman here! And I can't believe I pulled this Irene.

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  17. Only the greatest k-pop album of all time.
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  18. This is hella gay I'm in love

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  19. The photobook's pages are dettaching themselves one by one.

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  20. Sunmi - 1/6

    Kim Woojin - The Moment
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