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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Sorry unnie I should've remembered you after you had him as your avi for what seemed like forever fff I'm a flop.

  2. I finally got into K-Pop and made my first CD order which arrived yesterday! Snatched the 3 versions of aespa's Savage, the purple repackage ver. of Taeyeon's Purpose & the vinyl of Chung Ha's Querencia.

    Managed to get at least one of all the aespa girls in my photo card selection, but I'm debating trading to get all of Ningning's instead.
  3. SOMI - XOXO. I’m hooked!

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  4. Happy to finally own albums of my new favourite group.


    Umm... I don't think those pages are supposed to rip out nn

    This album in particular I'm so happy to have in physical form, it's a Top 5 k-pop album of all time for me.

    God, U is just... breathtaking in all of the photos from this era.
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  6. A timely delivery... Proud to own a Youngheun photocard, one of the hardest working idols in K-Pop!

  7. Slightly bored with the design and packaging for this album after the extravagance of The Taste of Love.

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  8. The packaging is so awkward. I get what they were going for but flipping through the photobook was so annoying.

    At least the photocards and other inclusions are cute!! I'll post all my pulls here once my group order arrives to me. Since I've started collecting I suppose I should start posting in this thread!
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  9. Double posting but because I have nothing better to do, these are the Kpop albums that I own so far.

    aespa Savage (Photobook ver.)
    BTS Love Yourself: Her
    BTS Map of the Soul: Persona
    Bugaboo's debut (x2. Don't ask.)
    Cherry Bullet Cherry Rush
    GFriend LOL (Lots of Love ver.)
    GFriend Labyrinth (Crossroads ver.)
    GFriend Walpurgis Night (My Room ver.)
    IU Lilac (Bylac ver.)
    LOONA Heejin Solo
    LOONA 1/3 Love & Evil
    LOONA Chuu Solo
    LOONA Gowon Solo
    LOONA yyxy Beauty & the Beat
    LOONA 12:00 (A ver.)
    LOONA [&] (All four versions)
    LOONA Not Friends (Heejin ver.)
    Purple Kiss Into Violet
    Purple Kiss Hide & Seek (Hide + Seek versions)
    Red Velvet The Perfect Red Velvet
    STAYC Star to a Young Culture
    STAYC Staydom
    STAYC Stereotype (A ver but B version is in the mail from a group order)
    The Boyz Thrill-ing (Kick + Splash versions but my friend also got me Bang as a gift. It just isn't here yet)
    TWICE Twicecoaster Lane 1 (Pink ver.)
    TWICE Signal (B ver.)
    TWICE Twicetagram (I don't remember which version, oops?)
    TWICE What is Love? (A ver.)
    TWICE Yes or Yes (A ver.)
    TWICE Fancy You (A ver.)
    TWICE More & More (C ver.)
    TWICE Eyes Wide Open (Story + Retro verisons)
    TWICE Taste of Love (Taste + In Love versions)
    TWICE Formula of Love (Study of Love ver but I have the rest coming to me in a group order!)

    The BTS albums were a gift from my best friend, which is why I have them. I used to own LOONA ++ (Limited B) but I wound up selling it because I needed the money. I buy a lot of my albums because collecting photocards has become a hobby that keeps me sane but I also just love collecting albums. I honestly may be forgetting some but it's late so. If anyone knows where I can buy TWICE's Feel Special please please let me know because that album does not want me to own it apparently.
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  10. @savilizabeths which shop do you purchase from down here in NZ? (or you would recommend) fff. I've placed an order with musickorea this time since the last site I used was kind of floppy.
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  11. Let me know how MusicKorea is! They do seem to ship quickly because I got one of my Bugaboo albums in a G.O from there and it arrived to the GOM so quickly!

    I have bought from Kpoptown, YesAsia & kpopalbums! As well as Real Groovy in Auckland but their prices are pretty steep.

    Kpoptown was really good, at least for me. It took a bit to ship out but arrived relatively quickly once it was shipped. The prices were pretty decent. It was the first site I ordered from and my experience was good overall.

    YesAsia has the free shipping if you spend a certain amount, which is a pro. Though for NZ the base price for the free shipping is a little high, it's still a nice perk if you're buying a lot. The prices are also a little higher, I guess because of the free shipping thing. They do have a pretty good stock of predebut LOONA albums though. I got my Gowon album from there! The shipping probably took the longest of the three sites but it was probably about three weeks, so still not that bad.

    The one site that is my absolute favourite is kpopalbums. There are several reasons.
    Firstly, they are one of the few sites that have version options. Even for older albums, like TWICE ones. I find the Random Version thing can drive me insane, especially when I already own versions of the album.
    Second, the prices are really good. Even shipping, at least as far as ordering from Korea goes, is not ridiculous at all.
    Thirdly, the shipping is FAST. I mean, it ranges. I have ordered from them twice so far and the shipment time was different both times. The second time though? Four days! From Korea to my house. I am not kidding. And the shipping price was no higher?? Still shocked about this honestly.
    Finally, the customer service was so sweet! I emailed one time to ask about restocking of albums and the guy I talked to literally asked me what albums I was looking for and looked through their entire stock for me. He was so sweet during our conversation.
    A tiny bonus thing I love is that they include cute little freebies based on what albums you order! It's great because I use these in my trades when I send them out!

    Long story short, I haven't really had any bad experiences. I also recommend joining (if you're not in it already) the Buy & Sell Kpop group on Facebook. I've bought albums through there a lot for really good prices with full inclusions. Even cheaper if inclusions don't matter to you! You can often even choose your inclusions. I completed my Taste of Love Sana collection that way.

    lkdjlkdd I hope this helped!
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  12. aaaaa thank you so much for all of this!! I am definitely going to order from kpopalbums next time, they sound like a dream! As for musickorea I have to wait until cignature releases Dear Diary Moment on November 30th (#promo) for them to send the rest of my order, so I'll have to see how they go!
  13. I hope it all works out! Depending on the group kpopalbums stock varies, but it's overall my favourite website I have ever ordered from by a pretty big margin. I'm glad this could help you and I hope you have a good experience as well!
  14. The post did a great job at carelessly throwing the album around and it came with these wrinkles, but after my ReVe Day 1 started to disintegrate I've been more accepting of wonky albums. Winter and Ningning photocards!!

  15. IVE - ELEVEN

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  16. I happily received the top 3 albums of the year November today!


    They came with the larger posters too but I haven't hung them up/straightened them out and it's hard enough to take photos with this lighting in the office fdsjndf.

    If any little billlieonaires are thinking about getting their album, I'd highly recommend it!!! The photobook is absolutely gorgeous.
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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I have entered a new era: I finally bought my first photocard binder and acid-free sleeves for my precious photocards.

    Hold me @ohnostalgia @Empty Shoebox

    I still don’t plan on trading photocards though. It looks like a lot of work ffffffff. I just wanna store my photocards better.
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  18. I love this for you!!

    As someone ego does trade photocards, it can be a bit of work at times but let’s be honest, I partially do it because getting letters in my mailbox constantly gives me that good old seratonin!

    My kpop Instagram account is here @jeonjeejinies, if anyone wants to follow me!
  19. K-Pop kind of broke my bank this year.

    24C5A437-43CA-453F-86A5-62B886FDC76A.jpeg 647E0ECA-1D0B-4068-B0E0-8F8E370F5D08.jpeg
  20. Settled on £80 for Rollin’

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