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K-Popjustice Charts - April 2018 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. How it's possible that Hyolin got 147 points and SAAY got none....when their songs/videos are almost the same?
    And Whee In deserves better placement!!!
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  2. [​IMG]


    @send photo

    1. KARD - Oh NaNa
    ur all whores
    2. EXID - Lady
    3. GFRIEND - whatever the song is
    I feel bad for how Source Music is treating qiqi after all he's done for them so take my pity vote sis
    4. HA:TFELT - Pluhmm
    5. HYO - Sober
    6. HYOLYN - Dally
    7. JBJ - Call Your Name
    8. YDPP - Love It Live It
    9. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    10. BoA - ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT
    I know that was you @eliminathan and ur a whore too

    1. GFRIEND - whatever the album is
    2. eau de vixx
    5. BoA - Kiss My Lips



    01. Pentagon - “Shine”
    02. Hyolyn - “Dally”
    03. WINNER - “Everyday”
    04. Hyoyeon - “Sober”
    05. EXO-CBX - “Blooming Day”
    06. EXID - “Lady”
    07. IMFACT - "The Light"
    08. The Boyz - “Giddy Up”
    09. The Rose - “Baby”
    10. JBJ - "Call Your Name"

    01. EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    02. WINNER - Everyday
    03. The Boyz - The Start
    04. The Rose - Void
    05. Pentagon - Positive




    1. Hyolyn - Dally
    2. EXID - Lady
    3. Hyoyeon - Sober
    4. Berrygood Heart Heart - Crazy Gone Crazy
    5. Olivia Hye - egoist
    6. Lee Hi - Rose
    7. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    8. Hyoyeon - Wannabe
    9. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
    10. Wonder Girls - Loved


    1. Wonder Girls - Reboot
    2. Lee Hi - Seoulite
    3. Luna - Free Somebody
    4. Lee Hyori - Monochrome
    5. Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance



    1 Jonghyun Shinin'
    2 SHINee From Now On
    3 EXID Lady
    4 Hyorin Dally
    5 TWICE What is Love
    6 HA:TFELT Pluhmm
    7 EXO-CBX Blooming Day
    8 VIXX Scentist
    9 CLC Distance
    10 Jonghyun Before Our Spring

    1 Jonghyun Poet | Artist
    2 SHINee The Best From Now On
    3 2NE1 CRUSH
    4 Crayon Pop Evolution Pop Vol 1
    5 BoA One Shot Two Shot



    Lady - EXID

    Best and most talented active girl group. They are amazing, funny, talented, and gorgeous. This throwback is so well made. Fucking props to LE for being such a strong creative. It’s nice they shook up the line distribution a bit.

    Also, how amazing and beautiful is Potato in this?

    Hyolyn - Dally

    Talent upon talent upon talent. Giving you an above 19 rating. Not suitable for commoners. A sick beat, a sick choreo, sick vocals… and those looks! Not sure which one I prefer, the red adidas or the balenciaga cap get-up.

    Egoist - Olivia Hye

    Still incredible. I can’t wait for YYXY

    Super Junior ft KARD - Lo Siento
    Ugh I love this with my Joker girls. They really bring new life to the song with their delivery, and the stages were amazing

    Chuu ft Kim Nose - See Saw

    Chuu and Nose refuse to leave my playlists with this.

    Gfriend - Navillera

    I just noticed this is available on Spotify after 84 years. I have been hammering it.

    Dreamcatcher - Sleep walking

    Bop. Massive.

    BoA - Recollection


    Olivia Hye - Rosy

    Hyunjin - Around You

    I can’t at me even stanning this. When will roux?


    BoA - one shot two shot

    One of the best minis of all time

    Wonder Girls - Reboot

    one of the best albums of all time

    OEC - Max & Match

    one of the best minis of all time

    Weki meki - Lucky

    Heize - WIsh & Wind
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  4. [​IMG]




    1. Olivia Hye - Egoist
    2. Olivia Hye, Gowon Ft Heejin - Rosy
    3. Exid - Lady
    4. Twice - What Is Love
    5. BoA - One Shot Two Shot
    6. CLC - Black Dress
    7. BoA - Nega Dola
    8. Hyo - Sober
    9. Momoland - Boom Boom
    10. Twice - Sweet Talker


    1. Twice - What Is Love
    2. BoA - One Shot Two Shot
    3. CLC - Black Dress



    1. Egoist - LOOΠΔ/Olivia Hey
    2. The Scentist - VIXX
    3. Metronome - Weki Meki
    4. What Is Love? - Twice
    5. Blooming Day - EXO-CBX
    6. Candle - Wonder Girls
    7. Snapshot - IN2IT
    8. Bad Boy - Red Velvet
    9. Tulips - Snuper
    10. Lady - EXID

    1. REBOOT - Wonder Girls
    2. Eau De Vixx - VIXX
    3. What Is Love? - Twice
    4. The Perfect Red Velvet - Red Velvet
    5. Mix & Match - LOOΠΔ/ODD EYE CIRCLE



    1. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day : King of Pop, Baekhyunnie (yes suck it Slicé), and his problematic friends did that.
    2. HYO - Sober
    3. NCT U - Boss
    4. EXO-CBX - Hey Mama!
    5. Hyolyn - Dally
    6. SNSD - Galaxy Supernova
    7. Taeyeon - 11:11
    8. Twice - What is Love?
    9. Momoland - Bboom Bboom
    10. EXID - Lady



    1. Shine - Pentagon
    My babies need the most since they're disadvantaged by being males. I love this song and I love them but they'll flop because of this forum's shit taste.


    2. Lady - EXID
    EXID can honestly do no wrong. Can't wait for Solji to rejoin them too.

    3. What Is Love? - TWICE
    Not their best song, but I still find myself singing it all the time. Also Sana & Tzuyu recreating Kill Bill legalised same sex marriage in South Korea and that's why Kim Jong Un came down. ;)

    4. Time for the moon night - GFRIEND
    They're fantastic, as usual. This is a return to form, but I loved Summer Rain too so they've been consistently amazing for me.

    5. Pluhmm - HAT:FELT
    I like this more than the other 2 songs she released!

    6. Wake Me Up - TWICE
    Ok I sorta stan this song now, so don't @ me.

    7. Distance - CLC
    This is the sequel to Where Are You which is still their best song.

    8. Banana Allergy Monkey - Oh My Girl
    This is a stupid, idiotic shitty MESS. I really like it dd

    9. Dally - Hyorin
    Haven't fully dissected this track yet, but I enjoy it.

    10. Giddy Up - The Boyz

    1. What is Love? - Twice
    I sorta left this on shuffle once without realising and I didn't mind!

    2. Time for the moon night - GFRIEND
    4 great songs. The rest can get fucked, teebs.

    3. Poet/Artist - Jonghyun
    I finally voted for this, leave me alone, @send photo!

    4. Positive - PENTAGON
    This would probably be good if I listened to it xox

    5. Reboot - Wonder Girls
    Needs no explanation.



    #1 TWICE - What Is Love?
    Their best title, fight me unnies
    #2 EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    This next to Hey Mama, gorgeous is you know.. gonna devour cute.
    #3 The Boyz - Giddy Up
    Surprise bop of the month, after horrible two 'Boy' title tracks.
    #4 EXID - Lady
    #5 HYO - Sober
    I didn't like this after first couple of listens, BUT. She has grew on me, it's her best record by far
    #6 Pentagon - Shine
    #7 Hyolyn - Dally
    Sexy Tinashe bop
    #8 TWICE - Wake Me Up
    Myself found rotting after claiming Candy Pop is better, it's in fact NOT.
    #9 GFriend - Time For The Moon Night
    Whew this is huge after just a couple of listens, maybe my favourite Umji song
    #10 Eric Nam - Honestly

    #1 TWICE - What Is Love?
    Stuck is literally my favourite TWICE song ever
    #2 EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    This is the only album besides TWICE's I had time for this month so I'll have to take others off last.fm so you don't rob them maximum points, beast!
    #3 f(x) - Red Light
    #4 Eric Nam - Honestly
    #5 GFriend - The New Album 2018
    I liked some of the tracks I've had the chance to hear
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    @Empty Shoebox

    Weki Meki - One More Time
    Somebody called Slicey told me they were good.

    EXID - Lady
    I never liked TLC or this sort of music back in the day, and I didn't like it when we did the 90's rate five minutes ago. The fact that I like this proves that 'EXID' is Korean for 'Talent'.

    Hyoyeon - Sober
    Or should we say 'The Artist Formerly Known As Hyoyeon' or even ⍦?

    CLC - Distance

    Olivia Hye - Egoist (Feat. JinSoul)

    BerryGood Heart Heart - Crazy, gone crazy

    GFRIEND - Time for the moon night

    BADKIZ - Just One day

    Ginibini - Rainbow
    At least I think that's what the artist's called.
    It's this song:

    Twice - What Is Love?
    love love love love is volcano

    Honourable mentions go to:
    Lovelyz - That day

    CARLA - I don't need you

    HYOLYN - Dally
    [ducks to avoid whatever @Island just threw]

    CHEETAH - Bend Over

    Sobae - Homegirl

    Whee In - EASY

    Primary, Anda - Dressroom

    Lovelyz - Heal

    Primary, Anda - Do Worry, Be Happy
    I've got the first part nailed. The second bit though? Nah.

    Twice - whatever it was called
    The title track's the weakest thing on here.




    Weird month song wise, haha.

    01 Brave Girls - Rollin'
    02 Yves - new
    03 TEN - New Heroes
    04 TEN - Dream In a Dream
    05 Yuseol - Ocean View
    06 BoA - YOUR SONG
    08 Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo
    10 BoA - Mannish Chocolat



    Annyeonghaseyo, Slice-unnie! ♡


    01 JONGHYUN - Poet | Artist
    I know I said I would keep voting for this until it got to #1 but there has been no release that has come close to the quality of Poet | Artist.
    02 Heize - Wind
    03 EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    04 TWICE - What Is Love?
    05 Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet

    01 EXID - Lady
    The target audience of K-pop remains the same whilst I grow ever older, so with each passing year I love EXID more and more for providing the classy-sexy age-appropriate bop that I need to get my life.
    02 TWICE - What Is Love?
    03 EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    04 HA:TFELT - Pluhmm
    05 LOOΠΔ (Olivia Hye) - Egoist (feat. JinSoul)
    06 LUNA - Night Reminiscin'
    07 Mamamoo - Starry Night
    08 DJ HYO - Sober (feat. Ummet Ozcan)
    09 Hyolyn - Dally (feat. Gray)
    10 NCT 127 - TOUCH




    01 EXID - Lady
    02 GFRIEND - Time for the moon night
    03 SHINee - From Now On
    04 TWICE - What is Love?
    05 Olivia Hye - Egoist (feat. Jinsoul)
    06 Hyolyn - Dally (feat. GRAY)
    07 Berrygood HEART HEART - Crazy, gone crazy
    08 VIXX - Scentist
    09 HYO - Sober (feat. Ummet Ozcan)
    10 JBJ - Call Your Name

    01 GFRIEND - Time for the moon night
    02 TWICE - What is Love?



    No albums I’m afraid:

    1. TWICE - What Is Love?
    2. Hyoyeon - Sober
    3. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    4. Red Velvet - Peek a boo
    5. Momoland - Bboom Bboom
    6. OH MY GIRL - Secret Garden
    7. Hyolyn - Dally
    8. TWICE - Dejavu
    9. Chungha - Roller Coaster
    10. TWICE - Ho!
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    Hello precious, you wanted a twist?

    1. BoA - One Shot, Two Shot
    2. VIXX - Eau De Vixx
    4. Pentagon - Positive
    5. SNIPER - Blossom


    1. Hyo - Sober
    2. EXID - Lady
    3. VIXX - Scentist
    4. Pentagon - Shine
    5. Hyolin - Dally
    6. BoA - Nega Dola
    7. Chung Ha - Roller Coaster
    8. VIXX - Silence
    9. LOONA (Olivia Hye) -Egoist
    10. Twice - What Is Love?




    1. UNB - Feeling
    That chorus is EVERYTHING. I'm so proud of Chan and Jun being main vocals in this.

    2. Pentagon - Shine
    It's so stupid and kitsch that it's actually endearing.

    3. Vixx - Scentist
    This electronic-infused RnB sound is one of my favorite things EVER. I think there are honestly stronger songs on the album, damn this is a bop.

    4. EXO CBX - Blooming Day

    It's so sleekly produced and while it's a jam, it's not as overt something like Feeling. I love this.

    5. Eric Nam - Potion
    He looks so...happy? This latin sound is so nice and it's so good to see him be able to experiment more.

    6. Hyorin - Dally
    Do I really need to say anything about this?

    7. Hoody - Why
    Chill rnb tune by one of the nicest voices I've heard. Yes, please.

    8 Nano - Punishment
    Y'all know I'm not gonna pass up a good rnb track.

    9 BerryGood Heart Heart - Crazy, Gone Crazy
    Adult Ceremony 2.0. I'll take it.

    10 Whee-in - Easy
    I honestly thought this was a GroovyRoom production and was surprised when I found out otherwise.

    1. VIXX - Eau de Vixx
    Oh my god, let's start with Silence and that fucking 90s house intro. I was already on board at that, and then the tempo drops for the bridge and I was sitting here waiting for some epic chorus to hit, AND THEN IT DROPPED FUrTHER. It's so fucking well done that it doesn't ruin the flow at all. And that vocal hook during the second half of the chorus!

    From there this album is full steam ahead. Circle, Odd Sense, and My Valentine follow that electronic rnb style of Scentist; while Escape manages to work in some guitar and that "I was eager to escape" hook that hasn't left my brain.

    And THEN TRIGGER. OH MY LORD.That funk-ish influence, that base!, those synths!

    And can we just talk about Ravi and those raps? I know, his voice irritates me sometimes too, but oh my god. His flow is ridiculous. He's finding random bits in the production to mirror, melody-wise and ridiculous.

    2 EXO CBX - Blooming Days
    Give me that sleek electro pop.

    3. Eric Nam - Honestly

    4 Junny - Genuine

    I know y'all don't care about my indie music, but holy fuck. This is such good RnB and I wasn't expecting this to drop. It's been a month or two already but I'm still rotating tracks. I honestly can't pick a favorite song on it and I still finding myself putting it on at least once a day.

    5 Roydo- Roydo



    1. GFriend - Time For The Moon Night
    2. BoA - One Shot, Two Shot
    3. Wonder Girls - REBOOT
    4. Twice - What is Love?
    5. Jonghyun - Poet | Artist

    1. Olivia Hye - Egoist
    2. GFriend - Time For The Moon Night
    3. EXID- Lady
    4. Hyolyn ft. Gray - Dally
    5. Hyo ft. Ummet Ozcan - Sober
    6. GFriend - Flower Garden
    7. Twice - What is Love?
    8. Ha:tfelt - Pluhmm
    9. Ha:tfelt - Cigar
    10. CLC - Distance



    1. GFRIEND - Time For The Moon Night
    2. GFRIEND - Tik Tik
    3. GFRIEND - Flower Garden
    4. GFRIEND - Love Bug
    5. Berry Good Heart Heart - Crazy, Gone Crazy
    6. TWICE - What Is Love?
    7. The Boyz - Giddy Up
    8. EXID - Lady
    9. Pentagon - Shine
    10. Lovely - That Day

    1. GFRIEND - Time For The Moon Night
    2. The Boyz - The StartPentagon - Positive
    3. Pentagon - Positive
    4. TWICE - What Is Love?
    5. Lovelyz - Heal


    @Slice of Life

    1. Pentagon - Shine
    2. Hyolyn - Dally (feat. Gray)
    3. JBJ - Call Your Name
    4. YDPP - Love It Live It
    5. GFriend - Time for the Moon Night
    6. EXID - Lady
    7. Oh My Girl Banhana - Banana Allergy Monkey
    8. Twice - What Is Love?
    9. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    10. Lovelyz - That Day

    1. VIXX - Eau De VIXX
    2. GFriend - Time for the Moon Night
    3. Lovelyz - Heal
    4. Twice - What Is Love?
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    @Cotton Park

    1. "Lady" - EXID
    While I don't know if this song will replace "Natpodaneun bame WAH!" in my personal compendium of timeless and iconic KPop moments, I really, really love it. EXID has grown on me so much over the past year that I wonder what took so long and I kind of have to thank KPJ for opening my eyes to their unique and distinctive mastery of the genre. "Lady" comes out of the blocks on fire with a powerful retro vibe that reminds me of TLC in their prime, each member's distinctive vocal style and flair, as usual with EXID, contributing to the mix perfectly. Going all the way back to their first few releases, EXID just gets better and better which each new track, upping their game, and now doing it without their top-notch lead vocalist Solji. I can't wait for her to return. My only complaint about "Lady" is that it's just a single.

    2. "Pluhmm" - HA:TFELT (Yenny)
    She always leaves me speechless. No words. Just... can't even....

    3. "She's Gone" - Jung Ilhoon
    This is just a perfect song. Killer hook, great vocal, instrumentation, whole nine. BTOB was totally off my radar until I stumbled onto this. My goodness.

    4. "Baby" - The Rose
    My favorite under-the-radar K-Band debut ("Sorry") is followed by an even more cool comeback song with shoegazey guitar riffs, great vocals and a really powerful bassline by Jaehyeong. Much love for Jaehyeong. And Dojoon (yes, I'm learning their names now) is gorgeous, sonically and visually. They're for real.

    5. "Dressroom" - Primary X Anda
    My all-time favorite KRNB artist (not named DEAN) slipped one of the coolest EP's of the year under the radar and did it with a singer I really wasn't much of a fan of until... now. I could pick almost any of the songs for this list, but as a closet shoegazer, we'll go with the track that parts of which could fit right in to the blissfactory "Heaven or Las Vegas" album by the Cocteau Twins. Well, kinda.... alright... maybe that's a stretch... but still...

    6. "Easy" - Whee In and Sik-K
    My former #1 bias (it's now Yenny) crushes this one with another of my favorite KRNB artists.

    7. "Potion" - Eric Nam and Woodgie Gochild
    Go Eric. Pride of the ATL. I want an FX network TV drama for him. Like now. I'm really starting to love him.

    8. "True Love" - Kim Sung Kyu
    I met a Chinese college student in an airport once who I noticed was watching a K-Variety show on her iPad. And while she told me that she of course loved f(x) purely because, well, "Victoria!", I think was her exhortation, she insisted very confidently that Infinite was the best KPop group in the world. Becky, (yes that was what she said her name was) where ever you are, probably in class right now at the University of Buffalo, this vote's for you. Wish I could do better.

    9. "One Shot Two Shot" - BoA
    I simply have to.

    10. "Sober" - HYO X Ummet Ozcan
    My least favorite soshi just leapfrogged everyone but the priceless vocal runs of the YoonA on my list with this amazing track.

    1. Do Worry Be Happy - Primary and Anda
    Ohmyfuckinggod. Sixteen minute orgasm. What a combination. Primary does it again and Anda is wonderful.

    2. Eau De Vixx - Vixx
    I don't know why this album title made me giggle so much but it's a musky, manly yet delicate scent that wafts through my playlists with a casual feeling of confidence these days. "Scentist" was my #11. Hated to leave it off.

    3. Time for the Moon Night - GFriend
    "Love Bug" was my #12 and didn't fit in my singles list. I would have liked it as the single, but I understand why it wasn't. I like the entire album and it's quickly growing on me. Eunha is KPop personified. I mean, really.

    4. The Perfect Red Velvet - Red Velvet

    5. Mix And Match - Odd Eye Circle
    Still. Still. And maybe always. Kimberly Lipperton, you haven't been forgotten...

    And there's so many others, especially some great K-Indie that I couldn't fit in - maybe next month.



    Hey, here's my vote for your K-Popjustice charts!
    As a newbie and lazy person, I didn't make comments this time to see how it is going first, but I'll try to do it next time I promise ;)

    1. VIXX - Scentist
    2. TWICE - What is love
    3. UNB - Feeling
    4. Samuel - One
    5. EXID - Lady
    7. DJ Hyo - Sober
    7. EXO CBX - Blooming Day
    8. TEN - New Heroes
    9. VIXX - My valentine
    10. NCT 127 - Touch

    1. VIXX - Eau de VIXX
    2. UNB - Boyhood
    3. NCT - Empathy
    4. TWICE - What is love

    It was harder than I thought to do this btw kkk




    This month, I'm gonna have to suppress my inherent "man hating gay" bias and admit that the boys dominated.


    ...and who doesn't love a little bit of (consensual) dominating?

    I'm sorry.

    Top 10 Songs:
    1. EXID - LADY (내일해)

    April was truly the month that kept on giving, but this is the easiest #1 spot I've ever have to give. My sultry queens effortlessly transitioned into this retro-realness jam and were serving lewks for days. Traumatised by this only being a standalone single.

    2. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day (花요일)

    That funky bassline could resurrect the most apathetic of bootays into shaking out a little booty bop - pure eargasm material right there. My go to "sashay your late ass into werk" tune.

    3. VIXX - Trigger

    Aptly titled, trigger warning for absolute banger. Side effects may include loss of inhibitions, spontaneous bursts of slut dropping and incessant grinding. I live.


    4. TVXQ! - Love Line (평행선)

    IKEA have really upped their marketing budget eh? Never has clinically sterile and plain furniture looked so appealing. This tune oozes pure unadulterated joy, with the production somehow sounding simultaneously sparse yet intricate, this song could brighten the cloudiest of my hangovers.


    5. Wonder Girls - One Black Night

    Yes I know, I'm about 3 years too late to the party. Yes I know, this won't even rank. But I want to pay my respects to this absolute wig snatcher of a tune. It's a blessing to have my life mantra immortalised in such a bop.


    6. LOOΠΔ/Olivia Hye - Egoist

    I am absolutely parched waiting for YYXY to release their scientific masterpiece and revolutionise the world of genetics, but until then I will continue to use this banger of tune. This still knocks and I don't think I will ever tire of this.

    7. TVXQ! - Puzzle

    I'm a LDN Noise whore and proud of it. I've yet to encounter a song by them that I haven't lived for. Puzzle is no exception.

    8. EXO-CBX - Monday Blues

    An incredibly smooth and pulsating intro into what is essentially a flawless entry into their catalogue. The production bubbles and fizzes with finesse.

    9. TVXQ! - Bounce
    Oh gurl with that bass and (faux) brass you bet your ass I will get down and bounce.

    10. Twice - What Is Love?

    Did Twice have a major change in direction and start exploring the most confounding of life's questions?...no but they did release yet another unbearably catchy tune. I absolutely live for gay Twice and What is Love? is cute and all, but it’s quite saddening to see just how predictable and safe they’ve become. I feel like everything after Signal has become formulaic. The girls’ star power is undeniable but I just wish their output was better. TT and Signal remain unbothered...but I still use.

    Top 5 Albums
    1. Blooming Days - EXO-CBX

    This was reserved for you EXID


    A rightful winner, the boys earned their place. A flawless entry into the EXO catalogue. The production on this is sublime and the bass throughout is phenomenal. Effortlessly cool and funky, a delightful slice of sunshine. The struggle was real when deciding on which B-side deserved a top 10 spot.

    2. New Chapter #1: The Chance Of Love - TVXQ!
    Despite the absolute fuckery of a title. This album knocks. SM ain't playing and the boys delivered. Give every damn song a video I say!

    3. Eau De Vixx - VIXX
    Eaux at the title, but I repent for ever sleeping on these boys. A remarkably consistent album given a rather unremarkable title track. Seriously, you go for Scentist over Trigger and Silence...scientists you are not (it took an embarrassingly long time to realise the track was actually called SCENTIST.).


    4. REBOOT - Wonder Girls
    A life affirming, religious experience. I live, I die, I love. The delayedhype is real, but this opus serves retro realness and I can't wait to infiltrate all of my friends summer playlists with these bops.

    5. What Is Love? - Twice
    Twice release another mini-album full of psychotically cute and catchy tunes. In other news, water is wet. These gurls know how to play the game and they consistently deliver, but I fear that consistency is also diluting the quality of their work. DEJAVU is the most exciting thing here, give me that tired-ass dubstep gloomwobble I crave.




    1. EXID - Lady
    2. SAAY - ENCORE - The perfect meeting point between indie and pop. Absolutely stunning.
    3. Hyolyn - Dally - Queen of choreo. Queen of not sharing the spotlight in the video with the male feature not even for a second. Queen of Tinashe inspired bops (luv u @Island xx). Queen of making me feel kinda bad for some of my Sistar scores in the #1s rate.
    4. Olivia Hye - Egoist
    5. Primary, Anda - Dressroom
    6. HA:TFELT - Pluhmm
    7. VIXX - Scentist
    8. Pentagon - Shine
    9. LUNA - Night Reminiscin' - I'm going to keep the stan drivel short. This is incredibly sweet and her voice always takes me places, whether it's on top of pulsating beats or something more subdued like this.
    10. DJ HYO - Sober

    1. VIXX - Eau De Vixx
    2. Primary, Anda - Do Worry Be Happy
    3. Weki Meki - Lucky
    4. f(x) - Pink Tape



    I made it!!! :D
    Sadly I don't have album chart since I literally didn't listen any kpop album last month :/
    top 10 songs

    1. Whee In - EASY (Feat. Sik-K)
    2. MAMAMOO - Starry Night
    3. Lovelyz - That day
    4. Exid - Lady
    5. HYO - Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan)
    6. CLC - Distance
    7. Yoonmirae - KAWI BAWI BO
    8. TWICE - Wake Me Up
    9. HYOLYN - Dally
    10. TWICE - What is Love?
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  8. [​IMG]




    10 Points: Pentagon - Shine
    I heard someone compare this to Love Equation and that could well have turned me off as to never even bother having listened to this but i'm so glad I did because it's phenomenal. There's something almost broadway about how earnest and uncalculated this feels: the simple piano line, the cacophony of very different vocal styles - it's like a rousing opening performance in the Korean Idol version of Rent. Some of the styling and deranged expressions in the video are definite choices but the song is just bursting with life, joy and exuberance that's hard to not sing along to all the la-la-las by its climax. Also give whoever conducted that middle 8 a raise because the path from that chill rap all the way into the high note is a K-Pop highlight of the year so far.

    9 Points: LOONA (Wolfie & JinSl*y) - Egoist
    Usually I don't vote for a song two months in a row but honestly April wasn't all that ultimately and Egoist pretty much remained my most played song for the entire month so much so that i've utilised nearly every "moment" BBC have jam-packed into this darksided, industrial gem for my Sunday insta-chart rundowns at this point. I don't believe Olivia is going to feature as heavily once OT12 appear properly so let's just relish this insanely powerful self-love moment with our Wolf Mother just a little longer. FULL SPEED YYXY & their Budapestal Castle Roaming Sapphic Love Square.

    8 Points: IN2IT - Snapshot
    Oh look i'm supporting another boygroup no one's ever heard of, shocker. I can't help my taste aligns with my faves' general floppiness. That being said, phew @ this being such an unrelenting jam. The variations on the "heart beat" refrain the quasi-rapper uses throughout - go fast, go slow, STOP - are infectious, the "chicka chicka snapshot BOOM" chorus is flash-bang impactful and the actual heart monitor beeping is a fun touch. The video is also giving the gheys everything they want with fashion runway stomping, glitter backdrops, campy choreo and suit jackets with no shirts underneath. Anyone who enjoyed boybands back in 2010-12 but could've done without the intense autotune should enjoy this one for sure.

    7 Points: VIXX - Scentist
    Whilst this is by no means on the same musical or visual level as Shangri-La, this 2.0 version for 2018 definitely has some plus points and has grew on me a lot already since release. The incessant bouncing of the synths in the chorus elevate it from being too laid-back and mysterious and that N vs Ken pre-chorus with the angry air-humping arms dance is a highlight for sure. Scientist (with an i-Patch) has a cool concept in the Perfume: Story of a Murderer referencing visual but I do wish they had pushed it a little further considering the actual novel takes place in 18th century France and not Jellyfish's Idol Cloning facility. Could you imagine if they had gone for a smoky opulent steampunk aesthetic? THAT I would've been here for and maybe could have helped it step out from Shangri-La's towering shadow just a bit more.

    6 Points: Halo - O.M.G
    @Seger really comes through with the underrated, barely known boygroups I must say. Rooftop choreo in K-Pop, J-Pop or any pop is one of my many visual guilty pleasures and then you go and add some suits that fit so darn fine on every single member and geez, you got me hook line and sinker. I could see SHINee or Seventeen (when they're not ctrl+C, ctrl+P-ing Chainsmokers instrumentals) releasing something like this, obviously with more budget, so that's high praise in my book.

    5 Points: Hyolyn ft. Gray - Dally
    A kiss-off anthem with blisteringly fierce choreography, stunning costumes and just a general sense of "i'm an independent woman who's doing exactly what she wants now, who the hell are you?"? S O L D. This is just so powerful and the fact it's a (tasteful) 19+ concept that's entirely the decision & vision of the female artist in question is a massive step forward for Korea. You go Hyolyn sis (and I want that red racing stripe leotard & boots for a dance cover just fyi).

    4 Points: Apink Lovelyz - That Day
    I don't know what's happened to me - i'm actually choosing to listen to a Lovelyz song? I've already been shamed and spurned by @Ceirfor such an admission but I still maintain this is such a breezy bop (especially the intro & chorus) that it'll more than suffice until Laboum or regular Oh My Girl comeback.

    3 Points: OMG Banhana - Banana Allergy Monkey
    KOREAN PARENTS BE DAMNED - just because you guys are allergic to talent as well as bananas, doesn't mean you have to all tear apart Orange Caramel's Furries Party Successors. Seriously, I still think this is beyond charming in a Perfume or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu kinda way and I hope they can somehow claw back some relevancy and convert people to their whimsical Nintendo 64 on acid ways. If this somehow manages to get top 10 I will personally film a dance cover in monkey hotpants holding a banana.

    2 Points: Snuper - Tulips
    That Tulips / Your Lips wordplay that's also more than a little suggestive in a Georgia O'Keefe kinda way does things to me I swear. Is this better than Platonic Love? No. Is it better than Back : Hug? No. Meteor? Nah. Is it a welcomed change of sound and pace? For sure. I wish the video was as suave as the song though because those dour-filtered dodgy construction site sets (with flares in shopping trolleys like that hasn't been done a thousand times) are dire.

    1 Point: UNB - Feeling
    I admit I cut out on the UNI+ as I did on Broduce and Mixnine before it as it soon became clear than none of my faves were going to do anything of note but i'm glad that Chan from A.C.E. made it into a reality TV group that might actually release something (unlike Jason and Braces Oppa that have less of a chance of popping up in the Mixnine group than Blackpink does at seeing daylight this year). The song is quite nice too so there's that.


    5 Points: VIXX - Eau De Vixx
    VIXX are one of my top boy groups (and even the 2016 trio of releases have grown on me now after I continually trashed them for what felt like an eternity) so it brings me such a sense of joy to see them still being able to crack out a full album where many of their peers have to go through a thousand minis to even get to their first full length. Everything here is super slick, polished, refined and achingly cool. Silence has been swiped straight out of the LDN Noise playbook of hyper-house boppery (even though it's not by them), My Valentine / Circle fill the sexy slow-jam quota and even the songs that don't really fit with the rest and probably should be on a seperate EP (Navy & Shining Gold and Good Day) are funky, SHINee-esque upbeat numbers that put a new spin on what VIXX can do. Truly kings of versatility and style.

    4 Points: EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    Surprisingly, the single Blooming Day, whilst great, is probably my least favourite song here on what is another solid, high calibre entry into the EXO pantheon. Sweet Dreams satisfies my craving for 80's boulevard drivetime boppin' of which I haven't had nearly enough of this year and Thursday is a laid-back down-tempo suited for more of a Sunday than anything. If only Chen unnie's hair was better this comeback - the stylist did him dirty this time around.

    3 Points: Primary & Anda - Don't Worry Be Happy
    2 Points: Pentagon - Positive
    1 Point: Snuper - Blossom



    Annyeong Unnie,

    I will submit before the due date this time!

    1. NCT 2018 - Empathy
    Still one of the best albums ever made.

    2. SHINee - SHINee the Best From Now On
    I wanted to plug SHINee's new song 'FROM NOW ON'. It was released on their Japanese album which is a compilation of their greatest hits in Japan. I really hope you all give it a listen and continue to support them. It's still really hard to listen and accept everything, but I'm so proud of the boys and what they've achieved.

    3. GFriend - Time for the Moon Night
    Interestingly, the title track was one of the weakest songs on the album for me. Especially since the three-punch of Love Bug - Flower Garden - Tik Tik absolutely decimated me. This is the first whole album by Gfriend that I've really enjoyed. The whole dreamy soundscape of the album really did THAT.

    1. Shine - Pentagon
    Honestly, this month was so disappointing that I would put just this song on my ballot if I could. But let me just rant a little: WHEN WILL COMPOSER HUI'S GREAT BODY OF WORKS BE RECOGNISED AND WHEN WILL PENTAGON FINALLY SEE THE MONEY. That playful piano riff is everything, and the whole song is just so fun, happy and Positive (hence the name of the album). Most importantly, this was Kino's time to shine and boy did he shine. As a Jinho bias myself I found myself on the swerve. AND THAT WOOD CHOPPING DANCE. YEEEE BOIIII This is such a happy trip and it deserves to be #1 this month but I'll just watch as this song is robbed on KPJ.

    2. Blooming Day - EXO-CBX
    Okay CBX continue to be one of the best subunits, and 'Blooming Day' really got my head bobbing. Their vocals are absolutely through the roof and this song has such a quirky vibe. Baekhyun's Oh Babys send me to another planet. This is a good little disco number.

    3. Baby Don't Stop - NCT U
    NCT isn't leaving my charts any time soon and this song sure ain't stopping either. I would put Ten's 'New Heroes' in here but it'll flop, so give my boy some streams.

    4. Lady - EXID
    Hani is hot. This is a throwback bop. I love this.

    5. That Day - Lovelyz
    Lovelyz are so incredibly lovely. It's a whole cut above all of their material last year which is why I'm here for that bubbly burst of a chorus along with the sugar sweet vocals and synths. There's always something so fresh and cleansing about their vocals and backing track.

    6. Lo Siento - Super Junior
    You best believe I'm disgusted that I'm putting this on my charts but Super Junior is really delivering the Latin bops we deserve.

    7. Giddy Up - The Boyz
    Baby EXO-sized group bringing out the yeehaw cowboy bops. I stan.

    8. What Is Love? - Twice
    I absolutely hated this the first time I heard it but classic Twice pulling a fast one on me again. A bop.

    9. Scentist - VIXX
    This has a very lowkey vibe for Vixx which they really pull off to a T.

    10. Snuper - Tulips
    This is an absolute disappointment and I hate the fact that Snuper's quality showed a rapid drop like this. But it's still okay I guess.



    I'm here! WE MADE IT BITCHES!!

    1. SNUPER - Tulips - I LOVE this comeback. Really thought they were gonna fuck Sebin over with the purple hair, but he's so cute with it in the video. This is really a new vibe for them and I'm loving it.
    2. TWICE - What Is Love?
    3. JBJ - Just Be Stars - this is such a good ballad, and it probably won't chart, but we're here to rank our favorite songs of this month and that's one of them.
    4. BoA - Nega Dola - holy fuck this one really came out of nowhere and I've been so addicted and I've been playing it nonstop this month.
    5. Hyolyn - Dally
    6. Eric Nam - Honestly
    7. Ha:tfelt - Pluhmm
    8. Hyo - Sober
    9. Honey Popcorn - Bibidi Babidi Boo
    10. EXID - Lady

    3. JBJ - NEW MOON
    4. Eric Nam - Honestly



    I honestly don't know why I leave things to the very last second but I imagine it's taxing on you having to round up all of the final voters so mianhae unnie but also I can't promise it won't happen again next month.

    1 - Shine - Pentagon
    It's no "Like This" but I'll agree that this is Pentagon's second best song. The styling is bizarre though, Kino looks adorable but Yeo One got dragged. Yuto keeps looking worse since his debut and I'm bitter about it because when I showed the group to @BEST FICTION I called dibs on him and now sis got Kino.

    2 - Distance - CLC
    Y'all some damn (G)I-DLE stans already forgetting the greats.

    3 - Time for the Moon Night - GFRIEND
    This might be one of their best songs to date and I'm LIVING. I still had to give them third because if I don't give my 10 and 9 points to the songs that I chose I'm a fake stan.

    4 - Scentist - VIXX
    I can't start stanning VIXX or I'll regret not seeing them when they visited Australia but as a non-stan this goes off SIS.

    5 - Pluhhm - HA:TFELT
    This is certainly an upgrade to her last two songs, I'd love for her to starting belting songs again but this cute bop will do for now.

    6 - Dally - Hyolyn


    7 - What is Love - TWICE
    Too many good songs came out this month for me to lie to myself and say this is better than them. I CAN however, put my queens above all the SM songs that came out just to drag them.

    8 - Lo Siento - Garbage
    Sis what did you expect I voted for Mamamoo when starry night came out.

    9 - Sober - DJ Hyo
    As unpleasant as her voice sounds, this song is actually really great. One of the better solo songs from an SNSD member. (Hyoyeon will never be glamTiffany)

    10 - Horololo - EXO-CBX
    SM always give their best songs to the Japanese audience because they know the Koreans will eat up any garbage they give out.

    1 - Black Dress - CLC
    Still the best release of the year and Distance pushed it back up to 1 (as well as me not listening to any full albums this month)

    2 - Eau de VIXX - VIXX
    I've been told to listen to the full album so I'll assume it's good and pretend I did listen to it.

    3 - PIECE - MONSTA X
    I just wanted to give them some points for all of their good songs but Killin' me isn't super amazing or anything.

    4 - Positive - Pentagon
    I've heard a few of these songs when I forget to put Shine on single repeat and they're decent. All the names are korean so I'm not willing to find the english names and name drop the good ones.

    5 - Rogue Rouge - Amber
    It's sad to see that this is the kind of stuff she has ended up doing because she's unable to perform with her group for whatever reason. Listening to all of their old songs right now and jamming out wishing they would make another comeback. Chocolat released bops only and f(x) wish they could tbfh queen Tia show em how to do it girls.



    Singles :

    1. Hyo - Sober
    2. Wheein - Easy
    3. EXID – Lady
    4. Eric Nam – Potion
    5. Amber – Closed Doors
    6. Pentagon – Shine
    7. THE BOYZ - Giddy Up
    8. Twice – What is Love
    9. IN2IT – Snapchot
    10. EXO-CBC – Blooming Day

    Albums :

    COMING SOON I swear

    Maybe commentary too
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  9. [​IMG]



    Waaahhh my ballot is a flop because I simply haven't enjoyed very many new releases lately. :(

    1) GFriend- Time for the Moon Night- This is fucking lovely, and I won't hear slander against it. It's not their most exciting release, but the chorus is lovely, I love the strings, and they continue to have some of my favorite choreography of anyone. The way they incorporate the phases of the moon into their hand motions is a stun.
    2) EXID- Lady- I think I... forgot to vote for this last month? OR was it only available this month? Either way, this deserves some of my points! It's a feel-good anthem the likes of which we NEED in 2018. After a relatively sparse beginning to the year (Bboom Bboom notwithstanding) this was a shot to the heart.
    3) Momoland- Bboom Bboom- I am still listening to this. This is the song of the year. Expect it to get my 11 in the year-end rate unless something changes right quick.
    4) Hyolyn- Dally- We love a sexy queen. HyunA better watch out if Hyolyn continues this route. The fact that "Paradise" did better than this in Korea is a tragedy.
    5) Oh My Girl- Banana Allergy Monkey- This is fucking TRASH but I keep watching the video when I'm high because it's fucking FUNNY. Thanks for bringing the entertainment girls!
    6) GFriend- Love Bug- "OH MY SWEET ROMEO" is so precious.
    7) BoA- One Shot, Two Shot- Still bopping to this often.
    8) DJ Hyo- Sober- This is a dumb lil bop, but I couldn't help but feel kinda proud of her for putting out such a competent and fun song.
    9) EXO CBX- Blooming Day- This is a bop. It's a shame that Chen, one of the three EXO men that I let into my heart is such trash.
    10) Twice- What it Love?- This song trash, but I needed to fill a last spot so I'll give it a point for Sana and Mina.

    1) GFriend- Time For The Moon Night- The single is good, but the album tracks are great. Love Tik Tik and Love Bug.
    2) BoA- One Shot, Two Shot
    3) Weki Meki- Lucky (just for you bb)
    4) Seventeen- Directors Cut
    5) Wonder Girls- Reboot





    1. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    2. Pentagon - Shine
    3. Ha:tfelt - Pluhmm
    4. Hyolyn - Dally
    5. Super Junior - Lo Siento (nñn)
    6. EXID - Lady
    7. EXO-CBX - Horolo (lolololololo)
    8. Wheein - Easy
    9. Twice - What Is Love?
    10. OMH - Banana Allergy Monkey

    And.... none for albums because I only listened to CBX's nñn sorry



    Hello, here's my ballot.

    Thanks! Hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Hyolyn - Dally
    2. HYO - Sober
    3. Pentagon - Shine
    4. Winner - Everyday
    5. BoA - One Shot, Two Shot
    6. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    7. Eric Nam - Honestly
    8. Whee-In - Easy
    9. Monsta X - Jealousy
    10. GOT7 - Look
    Seventeen - Thanks

    1. Pentagon - Positive
    2. Winner - Everyd4y
    3. EXO-CBX - Blooming Days
    4. BoA - One Shot, Two Shot
    5. Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet




    1) EXID - Lady
    2) Twice - What Is Love?
    3) GFriend - Time For The Moon Night
    4) Hyolyn - Dally
    5) Oh My Girl Banhana - Banana Allergy Monkey
    6) Oh My Girl - Secret Garden
    7) Olivia Hye - Egoist
    8) GFriend - Love Bug
    9) Twice - DejaVu
    10) Twice - Ho!

    1) Twice - What Is Love?
    2) GFriend -
    3) CLC - Black Dress
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  10. YATH

    I'll post Slice of Flops tomorrow evening, KST. I'd love to do it right this moment but this binch needs to sleep kekeke. Then after that, I can just focus all my extra time on finishing the SHINee Rate!

    Also, I don't think I've introduced y'all to our new unnies/oppas, @Oleander and @Twinkle! Welcome to the KPJC family!

    Goodnight, babes! xoxo
  11. Hope the Mix Produce Uni+ 1st mini album can lull you to sleep ^^
  12. [​IMG]

    Next edition xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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  13. As much as I love EXID, Lady isn’t something I’ve come back to nearly as much as I expected after the first couple of weeks.
  14. Everything I voted for (except for Cigar and Flower Garden) made it onto the charts. Now that's a successful debut.
  15. Ddddddd okay enough forrem shenanigans. Gotta finish this now.

    Welcome to...



    @Sanctuary and @ThisIsRogue

    Ddddddd I have forced myself to tolerate this because I am a WINNER stan. Remove the useless Autotune and this would be 200% better already. I can still appreciate Mino and Hoon's rap. Also, I need my thicc Mino back. No more weight loss, oppa!



    @PopZeitgeist, @Squashua and @Vixen

    That's a really good chorus. And the boys are serving looks. I'll be keeping an eye on their future singles.


    Primary x Anda

    @Cotton Park and @Kuhleezi

    GORGEOUS. I already told y'all I love this in the Do Worry, Be Happy post. But it needs to be said again: this is amazing.



    @BEST FICTION, @Serg. and @Gintoki

    One More Time stays unbothered as the best Japanese single of Twice. I really like the verses here though. I just wish the chorus popped off more.



    @Slice of Life and @send photo xoxo

    SNUPER FOUND ROTTING. This is such a bop, y'all. And my sons all look dashing. The Produce 101 non-winners continue releasing better material than Wanna One. xoxo
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  16. That is it for the April 2018 Edition of the K-Popjustice Charts!

    The first page has been updated with the link to the results.

    See y'all again soon.


    You can now suggest a name for the Mix Produce Uni+ winning group!!! All suggestions are welcome. I will choose the five best suggestions and then I will let y'all vote for the best name.
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  17. XLR8

    (on iTunes now)
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  18. ddddddddddd a Filipino group already used that name, I'm afraid. Kii.

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  19. "You're So Hot." "I Love You Girl." Are they flirting with me?

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  20. Pink Twelvet.
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