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K-Popjustice Charts | April 2019 Edition | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Welcome to the...


    April 2019 hasn't been as busy as I would've liked it. Seriously, I feel like after the BTS' comeback, nobody released new music????? But fear not because Twice's comeback is almost here and a bunch of boy group comebacks as well (NU'EST, N.Flying, VERIVERY, and The Boyz, among others). But first...

    Here are our chart rules:

    1. Send me a PM that includes a ballot of 10 songs and 3 to 10 albums. Kindly rank these songs and albums too.
    2. The albums can be full length, mini album, or single album as long as it includes a minimum of three songs that are not instrumentals, remixes, intros, outros, and interludes.
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, or whatever as long as it is released by a K-Pop artist in whatever language. This means J-Pop and C-Pop releases of K-Pop artists count.
    4. The songs and albums should have been released on or before the last day of the month.
    5. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    6. Your #1 ranked song gets 10 points and your #1 ranked album gets 10 points as well.
    7. The total points earned builds the chart.
    8. Ties are broken by # of voters, then by quality of votes received, and are left as a tie if we still can't break parity.
    9. Commentary is mandatory. Commentary is highly appreciated but not mandatory.
    10. Accept Shaman Unnie as the one true Kween of Pop.

    Deadline of ballots is on
    May 5, 2019, Sunday, 23:59 GMT.

    PMs will be sent five days before the deadline to remind/threaten everyone to vote. Tagging sessions will happen three days and one day before the deadline.

    *45 degree bow*
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    If you want to change your ballot, make sure to highlight the changes properly. Use this guide:



    Key observations:
    a. Clearly state the amendments you want for your ballot.
    b. Send an updated ballot.
    c. Properly mark the amendments on your updated ballot. In the sample, the amendments are in bold.



    The rule on the First Amendment will be observed. Also, the number of songs/albums (depending on change) you can vote for will be reduced. From 10 songs (or 10 albums), you will only be allowed to vote for 9 songs (or 9 albums) on your second amendment; 8 songs (or 8 albums) on your third amendment; 7 songs (or 7 albums) on your fourth amendment; so on and so forth.


    For clarifications, suggestions, violent reaction and whatnot, please feel free to comment. Love you all. x
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    01. Twice - Fancy
    308 points

    02. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    177 points

    03. IZ*ONE - Violeta
    168 points

    04. Twice - Hot
    143 points

    05. BLACKPINK - Don't Know What To Do
    102 points

    06. BTS - Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)
    83 points

    07. Eyedi - & New
    72 points

    08. BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus
    70 points

    09. Twice - Girls Like Us
    49 points

    10. Twice - Stuck In My Head
    44 points

    11. NU'EST - Bet Bet
    42 points

    12. DIA - Woowa
    36 points

    13. Oohyo - Tennis
    36 points

    14. The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    33 points

    15. Taeyeon - Blue
    33 points

    16. Sunmi - Noir
    32 points

    17. LOOΠΔ - Butterfly
    31 points

    18. BLACKPINK - Kick It
    31 points

    19. Yerin Baek - Maybe It's Not Our Fault
    31 points

    20. Minhyun - Universe
    31 points


    21. IZ*ONE - Highlight
    29 points

    22. ITZY - Dalla Dalla
    27 points

    23. BLACKPINK - Hope Not
    26 points

    24. VERIVERY - From Now
    26 points

    25. Holland - Nar_C
    26 points





    01. Twice - Fancy You
    323 points

    02. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    215 points

    03. IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    160 points

    04. LOOΠΔ - [X X]
    62 points

    05. BTS - Map of the Soul: Persona
    45 points

    06. Yerin Baek - Our love is great
    43 points

    07. NU'EST - Happily Ever After
    40 points

    08. Oohyo - Far from the Madding City
    40 points

    09. Park Bom - Spring
    38 points

    10. DIA - Newtro
    31 points

    11. EXID - Trouble
    30 points

    28 points

    13. Holland - Holland
    28 points

    14. The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    26 points

    15. Heize - She's Fine
    24 points


    16. BOL4 - Youth Diary 1: Flower Energy
    21 points

    17. CLC - No.1
    21 points

    18. TXT - Dream Chapter: STAR
    18 points

    19 (TIE). 1THE9 - XIX
    18 points

    19 (TIE). BLACKPINK - Square Up
    18 points

    21. Chen - April, and a flower
    17 points

    22. BVNDIT - BVNDIT, Be Ambitious!
    17 points

    23. Pentagon - Genie:us
    17 points

    24. N.Flying - Spring Memories
    16 points

    25. Jus2 - Focus
    15 points
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  5. FYC!

    Pink Pandas let's unite and send this to the charts:

  6. South Korean GP lemme hear ya'll make some noise!

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Guess someone has to do the thing...

    Gonna FYC this too
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  9. Vote talent!!!​
  10. I love HOME. It's so old school Philly Soul right down to the organ swells and fuzz lead guitar.
  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  12. Rem


    My first time voting in these and I’m giving Twice my 10 mwah
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  14. I'm gonna be the voice of album tracks this month

  15. TWICEPINK released 10 songs this month?


    Well thats settled then.
  16. La la la la vie en lavender

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  17. Seulgi, et al singing "animyeon, animyeon" is worth something.
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  18. This month, BTS made a comeback. It featured American artist Halsey sunbaenim.
    As always, it sold really well and was another success for them.

    Then, soon after that, Monster Rookies 'LOOΠΔ' released a dance cover of BTS's 'Fire'.

    Therefore, as a celebration of BTS and 'Boy With Luv's success, I shall give my 10 points to...


    LOOΠΔ's 'Butterfly' !

  19. Scream! I could legit spam the rate this month with all of Twice's EP. What ha ha happened to me!?

    It was a weirdly sparse month but everything we did get was pretty fucking great (even BTS oop).
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  20. fAtSy? FaNtAsY?

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