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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Thank you so much, @eccentricsimply unnie, for the BTS reviews. Always a pleasure working with you.

    But now, let's meet our top 5 songs starting with...



    from the Kill This Love mini album
    YG Entertainment

    102 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 5
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Serg., @ohnostalgia, @Slice of Life
    9 - @Artemisia
    7 - @Salami, @ThighHighs, @Island
    6 - @junglefish
    5 - @Dangerous Maknae, @Rem, @Reboot, @savilizabeths, @SloMover
    2 - @Love Deluxe, @ryjm, @eliminathan, @Gintoki
    1 - @FunkyButChic, @He, @Kuhleezi

    It's another Forever Young situation for BLACKPINK as their sub-title track (or whatever), Don't Know What To Do, also hits the top 5 of our chart. I'm so happy with this result because, yes, this is definitely my favourite song from the Kill This Love mini album.

    Don't Know What To Do is such a breath of fresh air for BLACKPINK. I'd say it's their most emotional song yet and I love that it is still a bop. While Kill This Love (the single) is the most chaotic song ever, Don't Know What To Do is just straightforward pop excellence. I think it's actually my most favourite BLACKPINK song ever. It's that good.

    I just love how the girls sound so raw here. I don't care if their vocals sometimes come off as shouty because in this instance, it really works. And I also love that all the girls got to showcase their vocals - even Lisa. And they truly sound good here. I have to give it to Jennie. She sounds pitch perfect. She sounds pained at times which is just heartbreaking. That Kai break-up really affected you, girl, huh. Kekeke.

    The live performances have all been lit too. Ugh, I love the choreography so much. I still hate that YG don't do music videos for BLACKPINK's sub-title tracks. Ugh, BLACKPINK only gets to come back once a year. Why can't he give them more budget??? Misogynist pig.

    Dangerous Maknae: Kill This Love, while not a bad song, wasn't really a fresh comeback for them specially when all eyes were on them but I love that they explored softer sounds for their album tracks. This one is my favorite, obviously, even if Rose serves classic annoying Bom vocals during the chorus. (SOL: This Bom slander......... ok, I deserve it for repeatedly coming for Tiffany's wig dddd.)

    ryjm: This era’s Forever Young, Don’t Know What To Do rightfully steals the show as yet another wig snatching bop. The melancholic undertone artfully builds up to that euphoric (albeit somewhat grating) chorus and I just want to go wild and run in a field or some shit. Basically, I love it unnie.

    savilizabeths: Despite constantly getting stuck in my head, Kill This Love never managed to grow on me. This one though, I liked this from first listen. It's just so pretty. I love the guitar and the softness but also the drop. While I love the BLACKPINK girls, I'm not often into their output but I would absolutely take more of this. And please tell me I'm not the only one to notice that Rosé sounds exactly like Avril Lavigne in that one part. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about! (SOL: DDDDD I definitely hear Avril Lavigne in Rosé's vocals sometimes.)

    eliminathan: This is probably my favourite of the B-sides this time around, Jennie stays being the best singer of the group dddd. The CL effect is real.

  2. DKWTD, Kick It and Hope Not all getting more points than Kill This Love from @Slice of Life.

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  3. ♡♡♡♡ Can't wait to snatch a couple reviews for next month before voting is even done!
  4. DKWTD, Kill This Love, and Kick it being the only three songs I care to listen to

  5. I voted for the DDU-DU DDU-DU remix.
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  6. 4


    from the Fancy You mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    143 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Empty Shoebox
    9 - @Rem, @GeiPanda, @Serg., @ryjm, @Twinkle, @Gintoki
    8 - @savilizabeths, @Vixen
    7 - @PopZeitgeist, @junglefish, @SloMover
    6 - @Dangerous Maknae, @eccentricsimply, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @ohnostalgia
    5 - @Kuhleezi
    4 - @Island
    2 - @Wills
    1 - @Salami

    The fact that this almost went top 3... Iconique.

    Our highest charting album track for April 2019 is Twice's Hot. And absolutely no surprises here because Hot was singled out by almost everyone as their favourite album track of Fancy You.

    This is so good??? I'm not sure if this is my most favourite Twice album track ever (my heart is saying it's still Sunset) but it definitely comes close. Once again, this sound is something new from the girls. How many times have I said that already ddddd. But yes, Hot is NOT something I expected from Twice. But the girls truly pulled this off.

    The chorus is everything??? It's not even a proper chorus but it seriously works. THE HORNS! Oh my God, the horns are everything. And we cannot forget about THAT middle 8. I'm--- Lana Del Rey found delaying the release of her new album even more ddddd. That's Mina singing it, right? What a moment for the good unnie.

    Remember when we all used to worry for Twice's discography? Some even said that Twice is only good for their title tracks which, to be fair, was a fair assessment before the arrival of twicetagram. But with tracks like Hot, Twice are really showing everyone that we should not worry. I cannot wait for their Wonder World and Reboot. I know they have it in them.

    Dangerous Maknae: This has to be their best album track to date, right? A mega bop.

    ryjm: Ok so this is potentially my favourite Twice song…ever? The good sistren did NOT have to come so hard for my poor wig, but guess what bitch? I’M BALD. MOMOLAND sis, take notes, this is how you do a “Hot” song. This is such an incredibly thrilling track to listen to – it is joy personified in the greatest of bops. Again, the production on this mini is the most exciting Twice have ever been, that middle 8 is heavenly (Lana Del Ray would be proud). Twice have never sounded so damn good! I am pressed and obsessed.

    savilizabeths: WHAT AN ALBUM TRACK! I am one who actually loves a lot of TWICE album tracks (throwback to when I got dragged for submitting 'HO!' to the SOTY rate, which was fair enough unnies). This is definitely my standout for this mini. The vocals are actually really pretty, which isn't always a staple for TWICE, they're so soft and airy and delicate in places. This is so easily stuck in your head, and it's just an album track triumph. Let's be honest.

    eliminathan: Momo really went OFF on this one, this is probably my new favourite album track of theirs it's good enough to be a single on it's own merits. (SOL: I'm still not over Momo actually co-writing the lyrics to this. The talentry is far too much.)

    Vixen: This is such a huge bop, it has no right being this good. I absolutely love the Lana-esque bridge switching into that soaring chorus, with Jihyo or Nayeon's adlibs (I can't tell ddd)

  7. My favorite Twice b-sides remain 24/7 and Candy Boy but Hot is a very close third.
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  8. 3


    from the HEART*IZ mini album
    Off the Record Entertainment

    168 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @PopZeitgeist, @Squashua
    9 - @Coming Century, @Love Deluxe, @Empty Shoebox, @junglefish, @SloMover
    8 - @Reboot, @ThighHighs
    7 - @vague, @GeiPanda, @OspreyQueen, @Kuhleezi, @Gintoki
    5 - @codecat, @ryjm, @Vesperly, @Twinkle, @ohnostalgia
    4 - @savilizabeths, @He, @RUNAWAY, @bbynewyear
    3 - @Rem, @Oleander
    2 - @eccentricsimply, @BEST FICTION
    1 - @eliminathan

    IZ*ONE achieve a higher peak for their second Korean single, Violeta. Their first single, La Vie en Rose, only reached number 4. We love an improvement!

    Let's not even kid ourselves, Violeta is baby La Vie en Rose. While I think both songs have enough differences to tell them apart, Violeta is definitely modeled after La Vie en Rose. And why not??? La Vie en Rose is an amazing debut song and it would be unwise to not play with that sound more.

    To be honest, I have only recently fell in love with Violeta. It's not that I found the song bad on my first few listens. It just didn't sound all that to me - despite all your stannage. But I have seen the light and I'm now blasting Violeta every single day.

    I'm so glad IZ*ONE already found a sound that works for them. Wanna One and I.O.I can't relate. Kii. But seriously, I am digging this luxurious and classy sound. Please give us more. xoxo

    codecat: A gorgeous shadow of their debut, but a shadow nonetheless. (SOL: Tea.)

    ryjm: Like La Vie En Rose on steroids, if La Vie was a basic Eevee, this feels like their Glaceon – cold and sharp yet beautifully elegant. They’ve retained their delicate and regal sound but gone full on glacial banger and I live for it. It’s not as instant for me as La Vie En rose was, nor has it received as much plays, but when I do listen to it, I’m reminded that even though Korea fucked up the final line-up, these girls can still serve up some amazing songs.

    savilizabeths: I feel like this continues on perfectly from 'La Vie En Rose' in terms of carving out their own sound. Despite being released at the beginning of the month though, this didn't get as much play from me as I expected. The bits where they sing 'violeta' are so cute and charming though, it always makes me smile. I really do like this but it isn't sticking with me as much as 'La Vie En Rose' but that one also took awhile to fully click in with me, so who knows?

    eliminathan: I couldn't come up with more songs to avoid putting this in my ballot so enjoy my 1 point you BEASTS. I bop to her chorus in secret but I don't know if I've heard the song in full yet ddd. It is kind of iconic that the three biggest girl groups in Korea all had a comeback during the same month and they didn't step on each other's toes too much. I'd rather give IZ*ONE a point for an alright song than give BTS a point for a bad song. (SOL: HASGKJFGHJ YOU ARE STILL SUCH A MESS.)

    bbynewyear: Their second korean-language lead bop and i still don’t know who any of these girls are! I joke, but I’m getting heavy Nicole and the Oher Pussycat Dolls energy from this group. ANYWAY - this is a great evolution from La Vie En Rose, so great that it makes me wish this was a permanent group. The girls really benefitted from the Digipedi magic and all the members I recognise seems to be living their best life, if songs like this are gonna be the girls niche, then they have me as a fan.

    Oh and shout out to the gun cock sample in the track, they should make that their signature sample. (SOL: But who is the Nicole of the group? And more importantly, who is Melody? Kii.)

  9. I'm...not sure I've been listening to the same La Vie En Rose as the rest of you have.
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  10. Violeta is infinitely better than La Vie En Rose and this is the hill I will die on.
  11. We've been listening to this one sis.

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  12. [​IMG]
  13. 2


    from the Kill This Love mini album
    YG Entertainment

    177 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Reboot, @OspreyQueen, @He, @Salami, @ThighHighs
    8 - @GeiPanda, @Vesperly, @SloMover, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander, @Island
    7 - @Serg., @ryjm, @Vixen, @bbynewyear
    6 - @Rem, @Love Deluxe, @Kuhleezi
    5 - @vague, @Gintoki, @Slice of Life
    4 - @Dangerous Maknae, @eliminathan
    3 - @Twinkle, @junglefish
    1 - @PopZeitgeist, @Artemisia, @BEST FICTION, @Sanctuary

    Almost a year after DDU-DU DDU-DU, BLACKPINK are back with their latest single, Kill This Love. It's their first single to not reach number one on the K-Popjustice Charts. Uh-oh!

    Like almost everyone of you, I also didn't love Kill This Love on my first listen. To me, the song sounded like a poor man's attempt to capture DDU-DU DDU-DU's magic. And to be honest, I still feel that way about the song sometimes.

    But as always, a stan is a stan and in no time, I found myself becoming obsessed with Kill This Love. Together with the rest of the mini album, I listened to Kill This Love (and almost nothing else) for a week. I voraciously consumed all the live performances, the dance practice video, everything. And until now, I'm still such a huge fan of the song.

    I don't wanna focus too much on the song's shortcoming because y'all already got that covered. Yes, the chorus is weak. Yes, the last twenty or so seconds of the song are the best and should've been featured more. But still, I can't help but love the song - three million faults and all. It's the perfect hype song and listening to it always energizes me. Jennie and Lisa's second verse rap is everything. The music video is the type of extra that I live for.

    I'm such a stan dddddd.

    Dangerous Maknae: I think I would appreciate this more if it was an album opener or something like 2NE1's Crush but coming after DDDD it's like the Baam to Bboom Bboom which means I bop but not as much as I want to.

    ryjm: Safe to say 뚜두뚜두, remains unbothered. Kill This Love is a cute little sister, but it by no means goes anywhere near as hard as its predecessor. While the verses do a spectacular job at building up the hype and drama, the chorus is bizarrely muted. While 뚜두뚜두 felt relentlessly intense, Kill This Love falls a tad flat. It feels like the chorus was neutered, leaving a hollow, almost bassless instrumental to do the heavy lifting. Vocally, this might be the most adventurous and talented the girls have ever sounded – the constant vocal slides in the raps and pre-chorus are so incredibly enjoyable and add a playful quirk to the song. The raps are fire, but would we expect anything less? And THAT final section…lord have mercy, an iconique and classic Blackpink move to scalp us bitches in the space of 30 seconds.

    eliminathan: If this wasn't TWICE's month they might get my highest score, however, this song really dropped for me when it sounded like Ddu Du Ddu Du part 2 and TWICE gave us something brand new. The video is gorgeous and the girls are killing it right now but the weaker drop, the weaker raps, the weird ending where it stops just when it starts picking up. Sorry girls.

    Vixen: There's something so... huge about this. They really know how to make "moment" of a song if that makes sense? Maybe I'm influenced by the performances and that recent 'american' energy dddd.

    bbynewyear: Okay! So, despite knowing about them for a while, this is actually the first BlackPink track that I’ve listened to. They came out during a time when I was somewhat fatigued on Kpop, especially where it felt like some acts were still cosplaying as black musicians, so I was hesitant to get into them. What I heard of Du-DuDuDu (sp?) left me indifferent but I respected the girls styling and presence. Jennie’s solo left me interested. Roll up to Kill This Love + Coachella and suddenly I’m impressed and in love. There are no wasted seconds on this track, every member gets to shine. Jennie’s overdramatic vocals and Lisa’s authentic rapping feel like the perfect opener and they play off each other so well in their second verses (shoutout to the director of MV, their shared part is so cute and fun). And Jisoo and Rose’s mirroring lines elevate the track a lot, giving some much needed contrast to the oppressive horns, splitting the girls into two ‘teams’ and playing them off eachother in the track is so rewarding.

    Kudos to the team for making the military concept obvious but not going overboard.

  14. 1



    from the Fancy You mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    308 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Dangerous Maknae, @Rem, @Coming Century, @Love Deluxe, @GeiPanda, @ryjm, @savilizabeths, @Twinkle, @ryan_riot92. @junglefish, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @SloMover, @Kuhleezi, @Gintoki, @Oleander, @Island
    9 - @eccentricsimply, @PopZeitgeist, @vague, @He, @Squashua
    8 - @codecat, @Serg., @OspreyQueen, @Wills, @bbynewyear
    7 - @Artemisia, @Deja-Boo, @ohnostalgia, @RUNAWAY
    6 - @Salami, @Vixen
    4 - @Vesperly
    3 - @FunkyButChic, @Slice of Life
    2 - @Reboot
    1 - @Cotton Park

    There was absolutely no competition. Twice's latest single, Fancy, decimated all other songs for this edition of the K-Popjustice Charts. Iconique.

    Fancy is the reunion single of Twice with the best production unit in K-Pop right now, Black Eyed Pilseung. And god... what a return to form. After KPJ's somewhat muted response to What Is Love?, Yes or Yes, and especially Dance The Night Away, I didn't expect y'all to respond so enthusiastically to Fancy. The power of an amazing song cannot be denied huh.

    And truly, Fancy is astounding. Despite enjoying all of Twice's post-Likey singles, I can admit there was really something missing from those songs. While they all bopped hard, they just didn't have the same impact as Likey or TT or my personal underrated fave, Like Ooh Ahh dddddd. I also wondered if Twice will ever capture that magic again. And they actually did. Fancy is proof.

    I also love how Fancy sounds like such a natural progression from Twice's previous singles. Yes, Fancy is decidedly more mature than all of their prior singles but it doesn't completely erase what made us love Twice in the first place. Fancy still sounds like a Twice song. It's an elevated take on Twice's sound.

    I know Fancy didn't hit the number one spot of the Gaon Charts which is a shame because it absolutely deserved to be number one. I just hope that JYP Entertainment doesn't backtrack and stifle Twice's maturing music. Fancy is still an undeniable success and I hope Twice continues to release this level of quality of music from now on. I'm ready for more.

    Dangerous Maknae: Not only their best track since Likey but their best song ever. I love that their music matured this comeback but they grew musically in their own way not the cliche girl crush and try hard concept that everyone expected them to do.

    ryjm: I think this is quite possibly my favourite Twice single since….TT? I’m shook, gooped, gagged etc… This is simply phenomenal. It seems like Twice are finally exploring new sounds and diversifying their portfolio, whilst still retaining their signature sickly sweet personality. I’m actually obsessed with this, the production is sublime and the vocals are surprisingly solid. This is a motherfucking bop for the ages.

    savilizabeths: What a moment for my girls! Everything from Mina's ponytail to Sana's pre-chorus to Chaeyoung's overwhelming SLAY-AGE just kills for me! While I adore TWICE"s usual concept unlike some people, this is definitely a statement that they can do more and I can't wait to watch them grow!

    eliminathan: If Likey didn't exist this would be their best song, and I'm not saying it out of excitement from getting so many Mina scenes like I did with Yes or Yes ddd. Fancy is a masterpiece and is possibly in the top 3 title tracks of the year so far for me.

    Vixen: This such a great return to strength for them after how disappointing and cheap-sounding 'DTNA' and 'YoY' were for me. It's bubbly, fun, colorful and really catchy. My only issue, and sadly that's gonna be an issue for almost every Twice songs, is that there are some very unnecessary pitchy and sharp vocals in this. But still, a bop is a bop, and Jihyo sounds really good in the bridge.
    FATSY! And I - oop!

    bbynewyear: They’re evolving. It’s probably not that serious but now that ITZY has entered the arena it seems like TWICE are adopting the cooler older sister persona whether they want it or not lmao. Play Fancy and Dalla Dalla next to each other and you’ll see what I mean. The girls forego cute for confident but don’t do a complete 180 (see: Nayeon’s parts), that’s good. Is it just me or has production edited their voices to sound as similar to each other as possible? Barring Jihyo and Dahyun of course. Everyone gets a chance to shine but I’m shocked that Jeongyeon (who is a completely new person now) and Tzuyu take such a back seat compared to their typical offerings!

    Chaeyoung doesn’t actually get much more than usual but the MV and song treat her like the group’s ace so I’m…… happy. The song gets better with each listen. Some points:
    See Momo’s fancams for this track, she’s always dancing like it’s her final audition to get into the prestigious theatre and dance university that her mentors said she would never have a chance at. Love her.
    I’m always forgetting that Sana is an incredible dancer too. She’s always hitting those shapes so hard.
    The 80s version of this track REALLY elevates Dahyun’s rap and all the surrounding parts! See? We don’t have to rely on the ONE trap beat sample k-producers keep on airdropping to each other.
    Is it sacrilegious to suggest that… Dahyun’s *voice* serves these raps better than Chae? She’s not a better rapper overall… but her voice and delivery is just a dream (listen to her rap on Precious Love, omg, excellence).

  15. The absolute SLAYAGE. FANCY almost has as many points as Kill This Love and Violeta combined! (I’m bad at maths).

    It’s what she deserves honestly, everything about Fancy is excellence.
  16. Fancy probably gets my 10 points next month too. A jam.
  17. Hot should have outperformed Violetta.

    There, I said it.
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  18. Oh. So no Chanyeol at all? Am I the only one who voted for him?

    My spectacular taste FLOPS again.
  19. Why is this giving me flashbacks of myself voting every month for Tiffany songs and expecting people to vote for her too? Dark times.
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