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K-Popjustice Charts | April 2019 Edition | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. TWICE really did that, huh? The slayage.
  2. I’m still hammering Fancy despite new material by my actual faves OMG and EXID. Twice really did that.

    Does anyone else think the English parts of Kill This Love sound really weird? They make perfect sense but they don’t sound like natural English sentences that someone would actually say... “you plus me sadly can be dangerous” - like wtf is that, it reads like something that’s has been Google Translated in five different languages before being translated into English.
  3. [​IMG]

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  4. The best part pf this rate had to be all the clenched teeth in the BTS comments. Love that for us.

    Twice deserved EVERYTHING. But i truly did not expect almost all their offerings to chart! That’s power.
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  5. Not my angels 1TEAM not even making the Bubbling Under... oh wow.
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  6. This is such a good top 3.
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  8. I'm so sad I didn't have time to fill out my ballot for this :( Fancy would have received my 10 too.
    How does Fancy's score compare to the other #1s in this year's charts dd? It'd be pretty high surely.
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  9. January 2019: Eung Eung - APink (329 points)
    February 2019: Butterfly - LOONA (243 points)
    March 2019: Noir - Sunmi (236 points)
    April 2019: Fancy - Twice (308 points)
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    Ellie Goulding (feat. Red Velvet)

    VOTED BY: @Rem, @Cotton Park, @Kuhleezi, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander

    This ain't Kiss & Make Up (or even Pop/Stars) level of good but it's cute enough. I would like less of Miss Goulding though ddddddd.



    VOTED BY: @vague, @codecat, @ohnostalgia, @Oleander

    I didn't think this would flop this omfg. Everybody Ready? would have been a cute summer single.



    VOTED BY: @FunkyButChic, @codecat, @Oleander, @Slice of Life

    The one time I actually vote for BOL4 and y'all let them flop.... a mess. I can't even be angry that this denied BLACKPINK of a Gaon number 1 because it's really good.



    VOTED BY: @Empty Shoebox, @Cotton Park, @Deja-Boo

    Y'all really don't care for CSJH The Grace huh. I don't have strong feelings about this sadly.


    Girl Crush

    VOTED BY: @Empty Shoebox, @Cotton Park

    This music video omfg... and they said Stellar had no impact. Think again sweaty. The song's not bad too.
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    VOTED BY: @FunkyButChic, @ryan_riot92, @Sanctuary

    If y'all are looking for a softer take on a ""hard"" concept ddddd, this is for you. I'm interested to know more about them.



    VOTED BY: @Coming Century, @savilizabeths, @Wills

    This is kinda good. How did I miss this??? Also, congrats to almost-NCT member Hansol for successfully debuting!!!



    VOTED BY: @Coming Century, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan

    I'm a flop for not voting this ughhhhh. Hoe Seung's voice is crazy good, it makes me want to cry. King!


    Lee Gikwang

    VOTED BY: @eliminathan, @Vixen, @Sanctuary

    Dddddd what a thirst trap of a music video. I like the song as it reminds me of Taemin's music.



    VOTED BY: @Serg., @RUNAWAY, @Oleander

    I'm a Chanyeol hater but this song is actually cute. I'm impressed.
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 1

    @Dangerous Maknae

    Okay I've been into K-Pop fully again thanks to Twice, BlackPink and Taeyeon so let's submit comments too this time

    Fatsy : Not only their best track since Likeu but their best song ever. I love that their music matured this comeback but they grew musically in their own way not the cliche girl crush and try hard concept that everyone expected them to do.

    Blue : Four Seasons is a better song and the right single choice but I low key play this more. It's kinda Taeyeon on auto-pilot but it's so dramatic and emotional and beautiful that I don't care if she's done better versions of this song before.

    Four Seasons : I said this in GG thread but this sounds like a few of classic Persian songs and I just can't unhear them since I found out the composer of this song is actually an Iranian. It's very nostalgic and special. Plus I never care about lyrics when it comes to K-Pop but they are really beautiful and low key relatable in this song.

    Boy With Luv : I wouldn't even give this a chance if it wasn't for H#1sey but I'm happy that I did. Very catchy.

    Hot : This has to be their best album track to date, right? A mega bop.

    Don't Know What to Do : Kill This Love, while not a bad song, wasn't really a fresh comeback for them specially when all eyes were on them but I love that they explored softer sounds for their album tracks. This one is my favorite, obviously, even if Rose serves classic annoying Bom vocals during the chorus.

    Kill This Love : I think I would appreciate this more if it was an album opener or something like 2NE1's Crush but coming after DDDD it's like the Baam to Bboom Bboom which means I bop but not as much as I want to.

    Noir : I'm still shock that someone from the K-pop world did something as great as the western creative girls' bops.

    Spring : Still on heavy rotation for me, what a comeback for Bom, Dara and Brave Brothers.

    Girls Like Us : Get that coin for 5 year old demos Charlotte.

    1. Twice - Fancy You
    2. BlackPink - Kill This Love
    3. Tiffany Young - Lips on Lips
    4. BlackPink - Square Up
    5. Taeyeon - Something New




    1. Boy With Luv - BTS (feat Ashley)
    This is STRATEG- nah, I'm not gonna lie it was my favorite of the month.
    2. FANCY - Twice
    3. TENNIS - Oohyo
    4. Home - BTS
    5. Hot - Twice
    6. Intro: Persona - BTS
    7. Stuck In My Head - Twice
    8. Dionysus - BTS
    9. Violeta - Iz*one
    10. Hocus Pocus - Bvndit


    1. Fancy You - Twice
    2. Map of the Soul: Persona - BTS
    3. Far from the Madding City - Oohyo

    Unless f(x) surprise drops an entire album I'm not going to bother with any other release this month anyway so nñn


    @Rem *HOT DEBUT*

    1. Twice - Fancy
    2. Twice - Hot
    3. Twice - Girls Like Us
    4. Ellie Goulding ft Red Velvet - Close To Me (Remix)
    5. Blackpink - Kill This Love
    6. Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do.
    7. Taeyeon - Blue
    8. IZ*ONE - Violeta
    9. BTS - Boy With Luv
    10. Twice - Turn It Up

    1. Twice - Fancy You
    2. Blackpink - Kill This Love
    3. IZ*ONE - Heart*iz

    omg I think I did this right? let me know if I made any mistake <3 thank you



    Me showing up in your PMs before you can show up in mine:


    dddd Anyway, here's my ballot unnie!

    1. WOOWA - DIA
    2. Maybe It’s Not Our Fault - Yerin Baek [Looking back I realise why Slicey was questioning my ballot last month ddd I really shouldn’t have wasted my Yerin slot on an album track and just went for the single. It would have probably been enough to get it into the top 20. 죄송합니다! Fingers crossed this makes up for it.]
    3. Domino (feat. Crush) - 1THE9 [I’m gonna be the only vote for this aren’t I?]
    4. Vibe - 1TEAM
    5. Stars Over Me - BOL4
    6. Bom - BOL4 [So nice of BOL4 to release a song in honour of Bom’s iconic comeback to K-Pop. ❤️]
    7. & New - Eyedi [Queen of consistently releasing amazing songs every quarter like some of kind of seasonal fairy godmother.]
    8. Fancy - TWICE
    9. Sha La La - Pentagon
    10. Don’t Know What To Do - BLACKPINK

    1. Newtro - DIA
    2. Fancy You - TWICE
    3. Our love is great - Yerin Baek
    4. Prima Donna - Nine Muses [@/vague unnie’s impact ddd but honestly one of the best albums ever released. Period.]



    1. IZ*ONE - Violeta
    2. Twice - Fancy
    3. IZ*ONE - Highlight
    4. Twice - Hot
    5. Twice - Turn It Up
    6. LOONA - Butterfly
    7. Sunmi - Noir
    8. CLC - No
    9. Apink - %%
    10. Blackpink - Kill This Love

    1. Twice - Fancy You
    2. IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    3. LOONA - [X X]
    4. CLC - No.1
    5. Blackpink - Kill This Love
    6. BTS - Map of the Soul: Persona
    7. Nu'est - Happily Ever After
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 2

    @Coming Century

    Here you go ~~

    1- Twice - Fancy
    2- Iz*One - Violeta
    3- Newkidd - Tu Eres
    4- The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    5- N.Flying - Spring Memories
    6- Oohyo - Tennis
    7- 1the9 - Spotlight
    8- Nu'est - Bet Bet
    9- Verivery - From Now
    10- Hashtag - Freesm

    1- Iz*One - Heart*Iz
    2- Twice - Fancy You
    3- Oohyo - Far From the Madding City
    4- Nu'est - Happily Ever After
    5- The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    6- 1the9 - XIX
    7- N.Flying - Spring Memories
    8- Verivery - Veri-Able
    9- Super Junior D&E - Danger
    10- Hashtag - #Aeji #Passion



    hello~ hope you're well ❤

    01 BVDNIT - Hocus Pocus
    02 TWICE - FANCY
    03 Eyedi - & New
    04 IZ*ONE - Violeta
    05 Park Bom - Spring (feat. Sandara Park)
    06 BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    07 Apink - Everybody Ready?
    08 LOOΠΔ - Butterfly
    09 Sunmi - Noir
    10 DIA - WOOWA

    02 IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    05 Park Bom - Spring
    06 LOOΠΔ - [x x]
    07 Heize - She's Fine
    08 Yerin Baek - Our love is great
    09 LABOUM - Love Pop Wow!!
    10 NU'EST - Happily Ever After

    as always, thank you so much! xx




    Heize — She's fine
    Erm I think that's it?


    IZ*ONE — Violeta
    Hot place — TMI
    LOOΠΔ — Eclipse
    BLACKPINK — Don't Know What To Do
    BLACKPINK — Kick It
    Bolbbalgan4 — Stars Over Me
    BLACKPINK — Hope Not



    hi my dear! here u go:

    1: BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus
    2: Apink - Everybody Ready?
    3: TWICE - Fancy

    4: DIA - WOOWA
    5: Kang Xiwon - CLICK CLICK
    6: IZONE - Violeta
    A gorgeous shadow of their debut, but a shadow nonetheless.

    7: EVERGLOW - Bon Bon Chocolat
    8: BOL4 - Spring
    10: DIA - On The Road

    and no albums because i didn't really listen to those this month :(
    thank you so much! i hope you're doing great x


    @Love Deluxe

    1. TWICE - FANCY
    2. IZ*ONE - 비올레타 (Violeta)
    3. TWICE - Girls Like Us
    4. BLACKPINK - 아니길 (Hope Not)
    5. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    6. IZ*ONE - Highlight
    7. NU’EST - Bet, Bet
    8. IZ*ONE - 해바라기 (Hey. Bae. Like It)
    9. BLACKPINK - Don’t Know What To Do
    10. IZ*ONE - 하늘 위로 (Up)

    1. IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    3. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    4. LOOΠΔ - [X X]
    5. GFRIEND - Time for us
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 3



    1) Twice - Fancy
    2) Twice - Hot
    3) Blackpink - Kill This Love
    4) IZONE - Violeta
    5) Twice - Stuck In My Head
    6) Eyedi - New
    7) DIA - WooWa
    8) LOONA - Butterfly
    9) (G)I-IDLE - Senorita
    10) ITZY - Dalla Dalla

    1) Twice - Fancy You
    2) DIA - Newtro
    3) Blackpink - Kill This Love
    4) IZONE - Heart*IZ
    5) LOONA - xx



    1. BLACKPINK - Don't Know What To Do
    2. TWICE - Hot
    3. TWICE - Fancy
    4. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    5. BLACKPINK - Hope Not
    6. TWICE - Girls Like Us
    7. TWICE - Stuck In My Head
    8. BLACKPINK - Kick It
    9. Chanyeol - SSFW
    10. Pentagon - Sha La La

    1. TWICE - Fancy You
    2. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    3. Pentagon - Genie:us
    4. Chen - April and a flower
    5. BLACKPINK - Square Up




    ♡ 안녕하세요 ♡

    Top 10 Songs

    1. Fancy – Twice

    I think this is quite possibly my favourite Twice single since….TT? I’m shook, gooped, gagged etc… This is simply phenomenal. It seems like Twice are finally exploring new sounds and diversifying their portfolio, whilst still retaining their signature sickly sweet personality. I’m actually obsessed with this, the production is sublime and the vocals are surprisingly solid. This is a motherfucking bop for the ages.

    2. Hot – Twice

    Ok so this is potentially my favourite Twice song…ever? The good sistren did NOT have to come so hard for my poor wig, but guess what bitch? I’M BALD. MOMOLAND sis, take notes, this is how you do a “Hot” song. This is such an incredibly thrilling track to listen to – it is joy personified in the greatest of bops. Again, the production on this mini is the most exciting Twice have ever been, that middle 8 is heavenly (Lana Del Ray would be proud). Twice have never sounded so damn good! I am pressed and obsessed.

    3. Butterfly – LOONA

    Serving elegance, grace, and butterflies in yo’ face. This will never leave rotation. A classic for the ages.

    4. Kill This Love – Blackpink

    Safe to say 뚜두뚜두, remains unbothered. Kill This Love is a cute little sister, but it by no means goes anywhere near as hard as its predecessor. While the verses do a spectacular job at building up the hype and drama, the chorus is bizarrely muted. While 뚜두뚜두 felt relentlessly intense, Kill This Love falls a tad flat. It feels like the chorus was neutered, leaving a hollow, almost bassless instrumental to do the heavy lifting. Vocally, this might be the most adventurous and talented the girls have ever sounded – the constant vocal slides in the raps and pre-chorus are so incredibly enjoyable and add a playful quirk to the song. The raps are fire, but would we expect anything less? And THAT final section…lord have mercy, an iconique and classic Blackpink move to scalp us bitches in the space of 30 seconds.

    5. Turn It Up – Twice

    Previously I’ve found some Twice B-sides to sound cheap (and grating) but they have really stepped up the production on these tracks, everything sounds so expensive and lush. Turn It Up is another example of the sheer talent on display this time around. Kii at that diabolical opener lasting all of two seconds before the track swerves into a relentless funk-tinged banger that continues to build the hype to dangerous bussy bopping levels.

    6. 비올레타 – IZ*ONE

    Like La Vie En Rose on steroids, if La Vie was a basic Eevee, this feels like their Glaceon – cold and sharp yet beautifully elegant. They’ve retained their delicate and regal sound but gone full on glacial banger and I live for it. It’s not as instant for me as La Vie En rose was, nor has it received as much plays, but when I do listen to it, I’m reminded that even though Korea fucked up the final line-up, these girls can still serve up some amazing songs.

    7. Highlight – IZ*ONE

    Lowkey my favourite thing these girls have done, THIS is the kind of track I envisioned my dream line-up delivering. This completely side steps the groups overly cute and soft image, opting for a sparkling house-tinged banger. The production is absolutely thrilling, that rolling synth feels almost ticklish – and then that heavy bass drops for the chorus and my booty instantly slams to the floor. I would never have thought IZ*ONE would provide a club ready bop, but here we are.

    8. Boy With Luv – BTS (feat. Halsey)

    Look, I like to think I’m now mature enough to not let my internalised man-hating-ass cloud my judgement when it comes to music. Their ARMY are fucking diabolical and their recent output has been far less consistent, but I must admit Boy With Luv is quite the bop and I will unapologetically shake my buss. It’s an enjoyably chilled affair, with sparkly synths and a feature that I honestly struggled to even recognise during my first few listens. This is miles better than the nauseating car crash that was IDOL.

    9. Don’t Know What To Do – Blackpink

    This era’s Forever Young, Don’t Know What To Do rightfully steals the show as yet another wig snatching bop. The melancholic undertone artfully builds up to that euphoric (albeit somewhat grating) chorus and I just want to go wild and run in a field or some shit. Basically, I love it unnie.

    10. Make It Right – BTS

    Make It Right is my favourite cut from the Persona album. Like Boy With Luv, this is a relatively understated affair – sounding simultaneously hopeful yet sombre, I can cry dance to this all night. The vocals are spectacular and emotive…it’s making me feel things? My stone heart is shook.

    Top 10 Albums

    1. Fancy You – Twice

    Turns out you can teach an unfathomably successful group new tricks. This is my favourite Twice release ever, it’s wall to wall bops (even the slower number knocks, and y’all know it). It feels like after all these years and their consistent perpetual stream of sickeningly sweet singles, JYP has finally allowed our unnies to explore their sound - giving us a much more mature and experimental take on the Twice formula. This is still classic Twice, but with a twist. The most consistent, self-assured, and adventurous collection of songs the group has ever released. The 1-2-3-4-5-6 punch of flawless tracks annihilated me (yes, every damn track). Switching from the disco romp of “Fancy”, to the CLC-inspired trap-lite “Stuck In My Head”, to serving Charli XCX realness on the criminally fleeting “Girls Like Us”, to the absolute bop of the century that is “Hot”, to the funk infused life affirming banger “Turn It Up” and finishing with the surprisingly enjoyable slower number “Strawberry” - this is Twice at their finest. I love it, I love everything, I love them, STAN CARD LAMINATED FOR LIFE.

    2. [X X] – LOONA

    Like it’s predecessor, [X X] continues to stand the test of time and somehow becomes even more enjoyable after so many repeated listens. I’ve said it before, but everything is just perfection; the songs are crafted with such meticulous detail and our girls serve some magical nymph vocal realness. Their dreamy soundscape will never grow old, what absolute goddesses.

    3. Kill This Love – Blackpink

    After the absolute annihilation of Square Up, I’m unfortunately left underwhelmed by the Kill This Love mini. Wasting a slot on the tracklist for a throwaway remix…is not the tea (but so in line with YG’s dedication to fuckery). Hope Not is pretty disposable too and not the kind of sound I want from our world dominating sistren. Fortunately, the rest of the mini retains the high standard Blackpink set with Square Up. While Kill This Love does feel bizarrely muted, it is undeniably euphoric. Don’t Know What To Do is such an obvious counterpart to Forever Young and I ain’t mad about that. Kick It is no See You Later (and not even a Really) but it does feel like an extension of the Square Up era, so I love it.

    4. HEART*IZ – IZ*ONE

    After an underwhelming debut mini (which was pretty much all trash bar the title track), this is a notable step up. Kii at Airplane literally sounding like a TWICE song – I had my music on shuffle and was totally tricked into thinking I was listening to a TWICE track I had never heard before (I felt betrayed). Highlight is phenomenal and quite rightfully deserving of its title, the true masterpiece of the mini. Even the more “cutesy” songs are enjoyable bops, 해바라기 is a competent opener, 하늘 위로 is sevring me some Yoshi island realness and 고양이가 되고 싶어 is all kinds of bliss even with the iconically awful cat line (like what even!? – HyunJin is shaking). I’m just glad that the quality of their music is increasing with each release.

    5. Map Of The Soul: Persona – BTS

    A surprising return to form after the diabolical conclusion to the Love Yourself series (boy did that go off the rails). Persona has much tighter quality control (perhaps due to the more condensed track listing after several bloated releases). The overall soundscape is far less bombastic and much more restrained – creating a chilled yet uplifting ambiance. Boy With Luv, 소우주 and Make It Right are the holy trinity. Persona is a lit intro to the mini, Home is standard BTS, Dionysus veers into trashy territory and Jamais Vu could easily be scrapped, but overall it’s a solid release.

    6. Trouble – EXID

    I imagine this will tank as I don’t think anyone really acknowledged it in the main thread, but Trouble is a pretty fantastic album. The majority of the album is comprised of Japanese remakes of EXID’s various bangers, but the new tracks are equally good. SCREAM! at the diabolically nonsensical track names (serving random word generator realness). The Beauty Is Guilty!? (even the graphic designer seems confused at this title) is an almighty uplifting bop, Trouble is a deliciously smooth jam, VAPORIZE YOURSELF is a banger but like what the fuck is that title!? Memories is a tad trite, and somewhat beneath them (it’s very SM station…a cheap hollow bop). Cookies & Cream is just weird, some parts sound unnervingly jarring but I’m kinda obsessed with the its demented vibe.

    7. Genie:us – Pentagon

    I’m a dumb bitch for not throwing some points at this last month, so to repent, I am acknowledging its greatness now. 신토불이 is a relentless earth-shattering bop and (perhaps controversially) a better interpretation of Wanna One’s Energetic sound. Lost Paradise is surprisingly affecting – for a rap focused track with more aggressive vocals, it’s rather captivating and emotive. 에일리언 and Round 1 showcase Pentagon’s boundless energy and just exude pure joy, even if they are not the most beautifully crafted songs, they’re undeniably enjoyable.

    8. FOCUS - JUS2

    My obsession with this mini grows with each listen. I absolutely adore the hazy, dreamy sensuality of it all (legit features in my date night playlist because holy fuck is this one sexy mini). While GOT7 can be pretty inconsistent with their output, this sub-unit is perfection and I need them to release a follow up. Such a seductive and thrilling mini.

    9. Dream Chapter – TXT

    Ddddd the BigHit stan jumped out. I love these boys, I have no shame, blame Slicey.

    10. DIA - Newtro

    WAKE UP KOREA. You gave MOMOLAND even more wins with their embarrassingly transparent, low-energy rehash yet you ignored the best interpretation of Bboom Bboom yet! Everything on this mini still slaps and I am more than willing to fly to South Korea and personally see to it that DIA get an N.Flying/EXID moment with WooWa.

    ♡ 감사합니다 ♡

    P.S. Just wanted to say you're a fucking superstar for running these monthly rates and hosting the SOTY rate. I know it can be super stressful especially with lots of "real life" commitments, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm super proud of you for delivering all this #content for us messy bitches, and this forum would be nothing without you.




    01 Apink — I'm so sick
    02. BLACKPINK — Don't Know What To Do
    03. Apink — %% (Eung Eung)
    04 TWICE — FANCY
    05. TWICE — LIKEY
    07. AOA — Heart Attack
    08. Hwa Sa — TWIT
    09. BLACKPINK — DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix)

    03. Apink — Percent



    10 points: Blackpink - Kill This Love
    9 points: Verivery - From Now
    8 points: Twice - Fancy
    7 points: IZ*ONE - Violeta
    6 points: R.Tee & Anda - What You Waiting For
    5 points: The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    4 points: Hot Place - TMI
    3 points: DIA - WooWa
    2 points: I.M & Elhae - Horizon
    1 point: Holland - Nar_C

    10 points: Verivery - Veri-able
    9 points: Twice - Fancy You
    8 points: Blackpink - Kill This Love
    7 points: IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    6 points: 1THE9 - XIX
    5 points: The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    4 points: Holland - Holland
    3 points: Tomorrow X Together - The Dream Chapter: Star
    2 points: (G)I-DLE - I Made
    1 point: BTS - Map of the Soul: Persona
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 4



    1. FANCY - TWICE
    "What a moment for my girls! Everything from Mina's ponytail to Sana's pre-chorus to Chaeyoung's overwhelming SLAY-AGE just kills for me! While I adore TWICE"s usual concept unlike some people, this is definitely a statement that they can do more and I can't wait to watch them grow!"

    2. Boy With Luv - BTS
    "Deep breath. Here we go. I can do this...please don't exile me from this forum, I love you guys! OKAY...I'm a BTS fan. Now that we're done with my dramatics in an effort to be funny, this isn't something I've been open about here for obvious reasons and I definitely don't identify as an ARMY but I have some merch here and there and have quite a few BTS tracks that I bop to ('IDOL' is definitely not one of them and their output last year was quite disappointing for me). So, all this to say that I absolutely adore this song. It's been stuck in my head since the day I heard it. It just brings a smile to my face every single time and makes me really happy. I honestly thought BTS ft. Halsey was a death sentence but she works well here? It doesn't feel forced like most western collabs. This is cute, fun and I will be here unapologetically bopping."

    3. HOT - TWICE
    "WHAT AN ALBUM TRACK! I am one who actually loves a lot of TWICE album tracks (throwback to when I got dragged for submitting 'HO!' to the SOTY rate, which was fair enough unnies). This is definitely my standout for this mini. The vocals are actually really pretty, which isn't always a staple for TWICE, they're so soft and airy and delicate in places. This is so easily stuck in your head, and it's just an album track triumph. Let's be honest."

    4. Hocus Pocus - BVNDIT
    "I don't know how it took me so long to properly listen to this song. It's an absolute bop of a debut. I sincerely apologise to these girls for not paying attention sooner. I hope they keep getting material as strong as this in the future because I want them to keep delivering!"

    5. Universe - Minhyun
    "I have no idea if this is going to gain enough support to make it onto the charts this month but god, I hope it does. This is my biggest surprise of the month. It's really pretty but also has bop-like qualities when the beat kicks in on the chorus. Not only do I love the song but the video adorable and made me feel things. And Minhyun himself has a sweet voice and a very nice face, his eyes kind of captivated me. Maybe this song doesn't belong this high on me chart? Who knows. But I just want to get it the points it deserves."

    6. Don't Know What to Do - BLACKPINK
    "Despite constantly getting stuck in my head, Kill This Love never managed to grow on me. This one though, I liked this from first listen. It's just so pretty. I love the guitar and the softness but also the drop. While I love the BLACKPINK girls, I'm not often into their output but I would absolutely take more of this. And please tell me I'm not the only one to notice that Rosé sounds exactly like Avril Lavigne in that one part. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about!"

    7. Violeta - IZ"ONE
    "I feel like this continues on perfectly from 'La Vie En Rose' in terms of carving out their own sound. Despite being released at the beginning of the month though, this didn't get as much play from me as I expected. The bits where they sing 'violeta' are so cute and charming though, it always makes me smile. I really do like this but it isn't sticking with me as much as 'La Vie En Rose' but that one also took awhile to fully click in with me, so who knows?"

    8. Another Night - YoungJae
    "Will this get points? I have no idea, but I'm bopping. This chorus just has me dancing around without even noticing. It charmed me enough to earn a spot on this chart despite only hearing it last night."

    9. & New - Eyedi
    "Discovering Eyedi was one of the greatest things the SOTY rate did for me. While this is no 'Caffeine', her voice sounds so gorgeous and soft here. The warped nature of the instrumental in the beginning was jarring at first but it's so unique and interesting. You can tell this girl is a real artist. This is so beautifully retro and just makes me happy to hear. I can't wait to listen to more from her."

    10. TU ERES - Newkidd
    "Fine. I like boy groups now. I didn't ask for this but here we are. I'm honestly going to blame these charts, because they've encouraged me to actually check out things from groups I would normally ignore. Anyhow, I like this. It's a well produced, well performed debut that actually convinced me to replace a third TWICE track on my chart so good on you boys, I suppose."



    Eyedi - & New
    Apink - Luv
    Blackpink - Kill This Love
    Blackpink - Kick It
    Twice - Stuck In My Head
    IZ*ONE - Violetta
    Twice - Fancy
    SHINee - Replay
    Girls' Generation - Mr. Taxi
    IZ*ONE - Neko ni Naritai

    Blackpink - Kill This Love
    Twice - Fancy You
    Thank you~



    Here you go babe, no time for commentary! Thesis writing!!!

    Blackpink - kill this love

    Twice - Fancy

    DIA - WooWa

    NU’EST - Bet Bet

    Sunmi - Noir

    Dalsoobin - Katchup

    IZONE - Violeta

    GIDLE - Señorita

    LOONA - Butterfly

    Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do


    Blackpink - Kill this love

    Park Bom - Spring / Re:Blue Rose

    Twice - Fancy You

    LOONA - XX





    1. TWICE - Fancy
    2. TWICE - HOT
    3. TWICE - Stuck in my head
    4. BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus
    5. TWICE - Girls like us
    6. IZONE - Violeta
    7. Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolat
    8. Blackpink - Kill this love
    9. TWICE - Turn it up
    10. DIA - WOOWA


    2. Blackpink - Kill this Love
    3. everglow - Arrival of Everglow

    Thanks ♥

    oh and please add Izone - Heart*IZ as my fourth album if you don't mind:)


    @Empty Shoebox

    Hot - TWICE
    Violeta - IZ*ONE
    Hocus Pocus - BVNDIT
    Memories - Girl Crush
    Freesm - Hashtag
    Ready Q - Jo Jung-Min
    Man on the Dance Floor - Stephanie
    & New - Eyedi
    Real Love - Alike
    Medusa - Destiny

    Fancy You - Twice
    haShtag 2nd mini album #Aeji #paSsion - Hashtag
    Kill this love - Blackpink
    Drama - Jo Jung-Min
    HOT PLACE - Hotplace
  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 5


    Is it shameful to not vote for BP? … I love them girls but I just … can’t get into this song unfortunately no matter how hard I try. Maybe next time girls.


    #1: TWICE - Fancy

    #2: Aseul - Joke

    #3: OOHYO - Tennis

    #4: Sunmi - Noir

    #5: 1TEAM - VIBE (omg this is fab I stan)

    #6: BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus

    #7: Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolat

    #8: Park Bom (ft Sandara Park) - Spring

    #9: BOL4 - Stars Over Me

    #10: BTS - Boy With Love

    …Honorable Mention NU’EST: BET BET


    #1: OOHYO - Far From the Madding City

    #2: TWICE - Fancy You

    #3: Park Bom - Spring

    #4: BOL4 - Puberty Book I Bom

    #5: LOONA - [X X]


    @Cotton Park

    New Singles List:

    1. BTS and Halsey - "Boy With Luv"
    2. Nu'Est - "Bet Bet"
    3. Yerin Baek - "Maybe It's Not Our Fault"
    4. BTS - "Home"
    5. Stephanie - "Man On The Dance Floor"
    6. Oohyo - "Tennis"
    7. Ellie Goulding/Diplo/Red Velvet - "Close To You"
    8. Eyedi - "& New"
    9. Girl Crush - "Memories"
    10. TWICE - "Fancy"


    1. (G)I-DLE - I Made
    2. BTS - Persona: Map of the Soul
    3. Yerin Baek - Our Love Is Great
    4. Nu'Est - Happily Ever After
    5. Oohyo - Far From The Madding City
    6. TWICE - Fancy You
    7. Peakboy - us
    8. Jus2 - Focus
    9. BLACKPICK - Kill This Love

    I just don't have time to do any witty or compelling commentary this month. I said I would, but work is absolutely overwhelming me and crushing my soul right now. Saranghae, Slice.



    Hey bb

    1/ TWICE - Fancy
    2/ IZONE - Violeta
    3/ Taeyeon - Blue
    4/ TWICE - Hot
    5/ BLACKPINK - Dont know what to do
    7/ THE BOYZ - Bloom bloom
    7/ Taeyeon - Four seasons
    8/ BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    9/ TWICE - Stuck in my head
    10/ BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus

    1/ TWICE - Fancy you
    2/ BP - Kill this love
    3/ The boyz - bloom bloom
    4/ Heize - she’s fine
    5/ gfriend - time for us



    1. Fancy - Twice
    2. & New - Eyedi
    3. Cookie & Cream - EXID
    4. Noir - Sunmi
    5. Hot - Twice
    6. Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey) - BTS
    7. Spring Memories - N.Flying
    8. Bloom Bloom - The Boyz
    9. Violeta - IZ*ONE
    10. Kill This Love - BLACKPINK

    1. Fancy YOU - Twice
    I bought all 3 versions of this, and you will see an official unboxing when they finally arrive xx (SOL: WHERE IS THE UNBOXING VIDEO U BINCH)

    3. Spring Memories - N.Flying
    4. HEART*IZ - IZ*ONE
    5. Kill This Love - BLACKPINK



    She's here, she's QUEER. That's it.

    This is their best entire body of work by FAR. The girls really killed it this time around I'm so happy. Meanwhile SK stays trash for turning on Sana but still queens.

    I can't believe Hani and Jeonghwa are leaving what is this hellscape that we live in. Solji being unable to perform with all of them for so long because of her illness and then when she finally comes back two of the members leave, I hate it.

    3. Kill this love - BLACKPINK
    4. Happily Ever After - NU'EST
    5. FOCUS - JUS2
    7. STREET - EXID

    1. FANCY - TWICE
    If Likey didn't exist this would be their best song, and I'm not saying it out of excitement from getting so many Mina scenes like I did with Yes or Yes ddd. Fancy is a masterpiece and is possibly in the top 3 title tracks of the year so far for me.

    2. Universe - Hwang Minhyun (NU'EST)
    I really haven't listened to this enough but with the big girl releases and the impending full group release I kept putting it off. It IS however, one of the best releases in April and Minhyun looks and sounds magnificent as usual. A whole FOOL for choosing to release on TWICE's month because I never made ha my profile picture since MINA was DOING THAT.

    3. BET BET - NU'EST
    It's so good to hear Minhyun with the rest of the boys again, his delicate voice balances out Baekho's powerful if sometimes shouty voice. This is a weaker single of theirs but after not having all of them together for so long, it's just right.

    4. D.C.Y.E - Lee Gikwang (HIGHLIGHT)
    I didn't vote for this last month because I didn't listen to it at all after his bandmate Junhyung got exposed. However, I gave it a chance in April and what a sexy bop. As Cotton Park unnie said, it's trying to do the same thing Taemin's MOVE does but just not as successfully.

    5. HOT - TWICE
    Momo really went OFF on this one, this is probably my new favourite album track of theirs it's good enough to be a single on it's own merits.

    6. Cookie & Cream - EXID
    The songs on TROUBLE were kind of weird ddd but this one stood out the most to me as a bop.

    7. Kill this love - BLACKPINK
    If this wasn't TWICE's month they might get my highest score, however, this song really dropped for me when it sounded like Ddu Du Ddu Du part 2 and TWICE gave us something brand new. The video is gorgeous and the girls are killing it right now but the weaker drop, the weaker raps, the weird ending where it stops just when it starts picking up. Sorry girls.

    8. Spring Memories - N.Flying
    A bit boring but still kings for trying to go the popular route after a massive success of a song. Sounds like it's taking a page from their song LIKE A FLOWER but without any of the good parts.

    9. Don't know what to do - BLACKPINK
    This is probably my favourite of the B-sides this time around, Jennie stays being the best singer of the group dddd. The CL effect is real.

    10. Violeta - IZ*ONE
    I couldn't come up with more songs to avoid putting this in my ballot so enjoy my 1 point you BEASTS. I bop to her chorus in secret but I don't know if I've heard the song in full yet ddd. It is kind of iconic that the three biggest girl groups in Korea all had a comeback during the same month and they didn't step on each other's toes too much. I'd rather give IZ*ONE a point for an alright song than give BTS a point for a bad song.
  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 6


    Kill this Love

    Kick It

    Girls Like Us

    Don’t Know What To Do


    I Wanna Be

    Four Seasons

    Boy With Luv

    Hope Not

    Haha I could’ve done with putting who it was by and the order as well, was in a bit of a rush!

    Twice - Hot in at tenth




    Park Jihoon - L.O.V.E.
    Minhyun - Universe
    TWICE - Fancy
    THE BOYZ - Bloom Bloom
    BTS - Mikrokosmos
    Kim Dong Han - Focus
    BTS - Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)
    Newkidd - Tu Eres
    1THE9 - Spotlight
    TWICE - Hot

    TXT - The Dream Chapter: STAR
    Park Ji Hoon - O’Clock
    PENTAGON - Genie:Us
    THE BOYZ - Bloom Bloom
    Jus2 - FOCUS



    Twice - Fancy
    IZ*ONE - Violeta
    Blackpink - Kill This Love
    Twice - Hot
    IZ*ONE - Highlight
    Blackpink - Don’t Know What To Do
    R.Tee and Anda - What You Waiting For
    Sunmi - Noir
    Eyedi - & New
    BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus

    Twice - Fancy You
    Blackpink - Kill This Love

    Wow April was a bit of a shit month, wasn’t it?



    let's get this bread

    Twice - Fancy You
    Itzy - Dalla Dalla
    Bts + Ashley - Boy With Love
    IZ*ONE - Violeta
    Blackpink - Kill This Love
    Twice - Hot
    Twice - Girls Like Us
    Red Velvet - Close to Me
    Blackpink - DDU-DU DDU-DU Remix
    Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do

    Twice - Fancy You
    Blackpink - Kill This Love
    Dreamcatcher - The End of Nightmare
    CLC - No. 1
    Blackpink - Square Up




    1 Park Bom Spring
    2 Jonghyun Shinin'
    3 Stephanie Man on the Dance Floor
    4 Twice Fancy
    5 Oohyo Tennis
    6 Eyedi &new
    7 Yerin Baek Maybe It's Not Our Fault
    8 Key I Wanna Be
    9 Park Bom My Lover
    10 Park Bom Shameful


    1 Park Bom Spring
    2 Jonghyun Poet | Artist
    3 Yerin Baek Our love is great
    4 Twice Fancy
    5 Key I Wanna Be
  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 7


    3. HEART*IZ | IZ*ONE

    1. Don’t Know What To Do | BLACKPINK
    3. Kill This Love | BLACKPINK
    4. Fancy | TWICE
    5. Hot | TWICE
    6. Violeta | IZ*ONE
    7. Everybody Ready? | Apink
    8. & New | Eyedi
    9. Close To Me | Red Velvet
    10. Hope Not | BLACKPINK



    Hi bb!

    So my computer shit the bed this month and is out of commission. This means I'm typing up my scores on my phone which means no commentary bc I'm lazy ddd. Love you!

    Also, I didnt listen to much new shit this month, so the bottom of my ballot is just bops.

    1) Blackpink- Kill This Love
    2) BTS- Mikrokosmos
    3) IZ*ONE- Violeta
    4) Blackpink- Dont Know What to Do
    5) BTS- Boy With Love
    6) R.Tee and ANDA-What You Waiting For
    7) Laboum- HwiHwi
    8) T-ara- Sugar Free
    9) Hello Venus- I'm I'll
    10) AOA- Heart Attack



    I'm not gonna miss voting for this month!!! like I did for the previous
    1. Twice - Fancy
    2. Twice - Hot
    3. Taeyeon - Four season
    4.Izone - Violeta
    5.Izone - Highlight
    6.Black Pink - Kill this love
    7.Eyedi - New
    8.Twice - Stuck in My Head
    9.Black Pink - Don't know what to do
    10.Halsey - Boy with love feat. BTS



    Here we go. I’m happy with this.

    1. Baek Yerin - Maybe it’s not our fault
    2. Eyedi - & New
    3. Holland - Nar_C
    4. Twice - Fancy
    5. Chanyeol - SSFW
    6. Taeyeon - Blue
    7. IZONE - Violeta
    8. Baek Yerin - Dear my Blue
    9. Gray - TMI
    10. Taeyeon - Four Seasons

    1. Baek Yerin - Our Love is Great
    2. Twice - Fancy You
    3. Suran - Jumpin
    5. Holland - HOLLAND
    6. Chanyeol - SSFW



    01. LOONA - Butterfly
    → Still iconique. Still live for it even to this day. The first minute of the song gives me so much life. The intro, those verses, that dreamy pre-chorus, then that explosive and dynamic drop-chorus. Ugh!

    02. LOONA - Colors
    → What a song! What a moment in their career they will never forget! The KimSeul moment in the bridge...I felt that.

    03. Twice - Hot
    → This is such a huge bop, it has no right being this good. I absolutely love the Lana-esque bridge switching into that soaring chorus, with Jihyo or Nayeon's adlibs (I can't tell ddd)

    04. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    → There's something so... huge about this. They really know how to make "moment" of a song if that makes sense? Maybe I'm influenced by the performances and that recent 'american' energy dddd.

    05. Twice - Fatsy
    → This such a great return to strenght for them after how disappointing and cheap-sounding 'DTNA' and 'YoY' were for me. It's bubbly, fun, colorful and really catchy. My only issue, and sadly that's gonna be an issue for almost every Twice songs, is that there are some very unnecessary pitchy and sharp vocals in this. But still, a bop is a bop, and Jihyo sounds really good in the bridge.
    FATSY! And I - oop!

    06. BTS - Boy With Luv
    → I honestly think this is semi-decent. And maybe because it's far more melodic than some of their previous singles? Sadly, I still find myself not really enjoying the rap sections. That being said, Halsey seems at home here, she has about as much range as Jimin anyway ddddd

    07. BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus
    → I've such mixed feelings about this. While the production is fine, it does sound slightly boring and uninteresting, and at times during the chorus, almost flat. But more importantly, the actual hook (hocus pocus-cus-cus-cus) sounds SO clunky? ... Yet I still bop. Good bridge, though!

    08. Twice - Girls Like Us
    → Cute Charlie XCX reject! I feel like it gives the girls a very different soundscape than usual, yet still sounding very coherent to their sound - so I really like it.

    09. Twice - Stuck In My Head
    → It's a little bit SNSD after Tiffany got a little bit TOO involved in their sound and A&R, but it's cute! Nothing groundbreaking, but it's one of the stronger efforts from the album. Reminds me Sweet Talk by SNSD at times lol.

    10. Lee Gikwang (feat. Kid Milli) - DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES
    → I don't know, this Taemin's reject isn't half bad. Could probably use a stronger hook, but it ain't terrible.


    01. LOONA - x x
    02. LOONA - + +
    03. Twice - Fancy You
    04. CLC – No.1
    05. TXT – The Dream Chapter : STAR – EP
    06. DIA – Newtro
  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 8

    @bbynewyear *HOT DEBUT*

    Here's my rates! (for the albums in the commentary I gave tracks points just for fun). Thanks for inviting me :^). If there's any issues please let me know!


    ITZY - Dalla Dalla

    2 months later and the song just improves with every listen. I’m still convinced the track would have received an even warmer welcome if it opted for more uptempo and less juvenile-ish verses for Ryujin and Yeji at the beginning, but these sins are easily forgiven upon the 400th listen.

    As soon as a I watched the chorus play out in the MV I realised the girls were giving me Spice-Girls-but-for-2019 energy. I didn’t know I wanted it, but I’m so thankful. In a group where everyone is pulling their weight on debut, it’s crazy that Yuna is still the MVP of the track. The Yuna-Chaer-Yeji rap break is insane, and visions of a sub unit come to mind.

    Nitpick: This is the first time in a while I haven’t followed a fav’s live performances and that’s mostly because the choreography (which I loved so much) just doesn’t hit the same here, it lose SO much energy when performed live. Did the music video elevate it too much? Is that a thing?

    2. Holland - Nar_C

    He did a good job with this! The beat makes it an easy sell for me and the video is refreshing to see. It *does* feel like the he’s a guest on his own track in some places but ultimately that doesn’t matter, no idea what his trajectory is like but this is the first track from him that’s given me confidence in his presence. I’m watching!

    3. TWICE - Fancy

    They’re evolving. It’s probably not that serious but now that ITZY has entered the arena it seems like TWICE are adopting the cooler older sister persona wether they want it or not lmao. Play Fancy and Dalla Dalla next to each other and you’ll see what I mean. The girls forego cute for confident but don’t do a complete 180 (see: Nayeon’s parts), that’s good. Is it just me or has production edited their voices to sound as similar to each other as possible? Barring Jihyo and Dahyun of course. Everyone gets a chance to shine but I’m shocked that Jeongyeon (who is a completely new person now) and Tzuyu take such a back seat compared to their typical offerings!

    Chaeyoung doesn’t actually get much more than usual but the MV and song treat her like the group’s ace so I’m…… happy. The song gets better with each listen. Some points:
    See Momo’s fancams for this track, she’s always dancing like it’s her final audition to get into the prestigious theatre and dance university that her mentors said she would never have a chance at. Love her.
    I’m always forgetting that Sana is an incredible dancer too. She’s always hitting those shapes so hard.
    The 80s version of this track REALLY elevates Dahyun’s rap and all the surrounding parts! See? We don’t have to rely on the ONE trap beat sample k-producers keep on airdropping to each other.
    Is it sacrilegious to suggest that… Dahyun’s *voice* serves these raps better than Chae? She’s not a better rapper overall… but her voice and delivery is just a dream (listen to her rap on Precious Love, omg, excellence).

    4. BlackPink - Kill This Love

    Okay! So, despite knowing about them for a while, this is actually the first BlackPink track that I’ve listened to. They came out during a time when I was somewhat fatigued on Kpop, especially where it felt like some acts were still cosplaying as black musicians, so I was hesitant to get into them. What I heard of Du-DuDuDu (sp?) left me indifferent but I respected the girls styling and presence. Jennie’s solo left me interested. Roll up to Kill This Love + Coachella and suddenly I’m impressed and in love. There are no wasted seconds on this track, every member gets to shine. Jennie’s overdramatic vocals and Lisa’s authentic rapping feel like the perfect opener and they play off each other so well in their second verses (shoutout to the director of MV, their shared part is so cute and fun). And Jisoo and Rose’s mirroring lines elevate the track a lot, giving some much needed contrast to the oppressive horns, splitting the girls into two ‘teams’ and playing them off eachother in the track is so rewarding.

    Kudos to the team for making the military concept obvious but not going overboard.

    5. BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus

    Remember Pixie Lott? She might’ve sung this in another universe. Or specifically the ‘Po-cuh-cuh-cus’ part just seems like something she’s do. The sitars (?) too.

    This gets a high score because it’s bold of a group to debut with a track thats a little more reserved. This might’ve been something another group would release on the third comeback. It’s not a trend but I wouldn’t be surprised if more new groups ‘calm down’ a little and follow this. The La vie En Rose debut really reminded people to be classy, wow. See: TXT’s debut as well.

    Back to the girls, I like the relationship this track seems to have with Chungha’s Gotta Go, thats charming, they’re not similar, but using peices from the same toolbox. I wish them the same success that she’s enjoyed so far.

    Their EP is worth a listen, 2 songs, both are great. They have a great intro too that wouldn’t be out of place at Beyonce’s Coachella set (not eligible for this rate though :^( )

    6. TXT - Blue Orangeade

    This is SO fun, I think a fancam sold me on it originally, the choreography is filled so many stylish parts and they just don’t stop moving. It feels like early SHINee but a little more uptempo. Wishing this was their title track so I could get a video for it! It doesn’t switch up very much over the 3 minutes, so sometimes I feel like it’s a little long but otherwise it’s the perfect track for these guys.

    7. IZ*One - Violeta

    Their second korean-language lead bop and i still don’t know who any of these girls are! I joke, but I’m getting heavy Nicole and the Oher Pussycat Dolls energy from this group. ANYWAY - this is a great evolution from La Vie En Rose, so great that it makes me wish this was a permanent group. The girls really benefitted from the Digipedi magic and all the members I recognise seems to be living their best life, if songs like this are gonna be the girls niche, then they have me as a fan.

    Oh and shout out to the gun cock sample in the track, they should make that their signature sample.

    8. GWSN - Pinky Star (8)

    Ugh, so many parts of this music video are just gorgeous to look at. This is my first track from this group and upon a little research I was shocked to see that their previous stuff sounds *very* similar to this on first glance. That was odd. Anyway, this is super charming uptempo cuteness. Not every member really gets to shine here but a few are utilised really well. The uphill climb to the chorus right from the start is appreciated, it feels like a steady roller coaster. Sidenote: idk how they do it but the ‘whiny/moany’ lines leading up to the chorus (EYYEE RUHN) are both hilarious and well done.

    9. Dia - WooWa (7)

    Totally fun and should have been a hit, but the first part of the pre chorus is a *bit* of a buzzkill? The chorus and the instrumental totally make up for it though, perfect to dance to and so free spirited. It also partially sounds like a side scroller boss battle soundtrack but that’s a good thing. I think the choreography and MV let this song down a little, clearly the budget had it’s foot on their necks so they couldn’t play completely to the songs strengths!

    10. BTS - Boy With Love (7)

    ‘Oh my my my’ - I’ve been humming this to myself often, so it deserves a place in the rate. I love the boys but I’m not generally a fan of much of their stuff. They certainly got a winner with this track but their *performance* of it feels awkward in so many places (my king Namjoon is cosplaying as NeYo at one point lmao). What they have in awkwardness they make up for in positive energy and they’re having so much fun in the video. I’ve heard the track playing about in various spots over here and it doesn’t sound out of place, they really did that.



    Compared to uptempo ‘Nar_C’ (10) the album itself has a surprising amount of slow moments with a strong anthem type of energy… basically this is something that would be comfortable on the UK charts, perhaps he should try his luck here. ‘I’m Not Afraid’ (6) encompasses all of that, then he changes his mind on ‘I’m So Afraid’ (10) which is this kinda techno-reprise take on the former which actually elevates ‘I’m Not afraid’ from pretty okay to pretty interesting. The two played together probably feels great live. This isn’t a My Melody/My Sunday type deal, nor is it a simple remix, it’s a smart re-contextualising of the two tracks! It almost forces you to like both and not just one. Also Robyn could probably cover both of these and feel at home.

    Every time ‘Neverland’ (7) starts I think ‘Egoist’ is about to play. It starts with this navel gazey, kind of wandering energy that can make you feel pretty melancholy, it has these Ta-Ku infuences that are appreciated. Then it picks up in places and kind of makes me wish it didn’t (would have been bolder that way), then dips back into wandering. It’s a weird one for me but I like where it goes.

    ‘Up’ (10) is the last track, it looks to Nar_C and mirrors its umtempo-ness but adds an actual uplifting energy to it. After the three previous tracks, it’s needed and I’m thankful, this album is arranged like a sandwich, two energetic slices with a melancholic middle. So I guess it’s trying to create a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ type of feeling. Nice. It worked.


    We have a mixed bag here, my thoughts on Fancy are already documented so lets look at the rest. Stuck In My Head (5) is… demanding to get through, basically, I hate it. Girls Like Us (6) is interesting mostly because you can really see Charli.exe all over it, football chanting, reverbs and chill verses etc etc, it’s fine but I don’t really care for it on the girls, the rap is unfortunate this time round! Which is a shame since they normally have that pretty figured out. Hot (10) is an absolute winner, would love to see how they would have tackled this visually, ugh I just know the choreo for this slaps. I *think* that this might’ve been more of a switch up from TWICE’s usual fare than Fancy was tbh. The final two tracks Turn it Up (5) and Strawberry (5)? There is something for somebody here, but I am not that somebody!

    3. BLACKPINK - Kill this Love EP.

    My first BlackPink EP and there’s stuff to like here… but Don’t Know What To Do (6) isn’t fun for me because I’m not completely sure if I’m sold on Rose’s vocals, she can sing but I don’t know if I like her voice, at least when she’s LOUD. And she leads this track, so that leaves me cold. ‘Kick It’ (7) has a lot going for it, these girls always get great line distribution but I find it a little hard to enjoy all the other offerings here, most likely just a taste thing. BLINKS! Let me know, where does this album rank with their other stuff? The DDU-DUU etc remix is completely at home at Coachella.



    1. Twice - Fancy You
    2. BOL4- Youth Diary 1: Flower Energy
    3. OOHYO - Far From The Madding City
    4. Blackpink - Kill This Love
    5. Yerin Baek - Our Love Is Great
    6. Park Bom - Spring
    7. LOONA - XX
    8. IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    9. NU'EST - Happily Ever After
    10. Chen - April, and a flower

    Honorable Mentions:
    Hashtag - #Aeji #paSsion
    Heize - She's Fine
    Suran - Jumping

    1. Twice - Fancy
    2. BOL4 - Bom
    3. Blackpink - Kill This Love
    4. Ellie Goulding x Diplo x Red Velvet - Close To Me (Remix)
    5. APINK - Everybody Ready?
    6. Eyedi - & New
    7. OOHYO - Tennis
    8. IZ*ONE - Violeta
    9. BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus
    10. Chanyeol - SSFW

    Honorable Mentions:
    BOL4- Stars Over Me
    SOYA - Fade Away
    Taeyeon - Blue
    LOONA - Butterfly
    Yerin Baek - Maybe It's Not Our Fault
    Stephanie - Man on the Dancefloor
    Eunji x 10cm - Be With Me
    Eunha & Ravi - Blossom
    ALiKE - Real Love
    Hashtag - Freesm
    BabySoul - A Piece of the Moon
    Destiny - Medusa
    Chen - Beautiful Goodbye
    NU'EST - Bet Bet
    Kang Xiwon - Click Click
    Girl Crush - Memories
    A Train To Autumn - Spring Rain







    10 points: 1TEAM - VIBE
    9 points: VERIVERY - From Now
    8 points: Nar_C - Holland
    7 points: NU'EST - BET BET
    6 points: THE BOYZ - Bloom Bloom
    5 points: 1THE9 - Spotlight
    4 points: Lee Gikwang - Don't Close Your Eyes
    3 points: Boy With Luv ft. Halsey - BTS
    2 points: SPECTRUM - AFTER PARTY
    1 point: Kill This Love - Blackpink

    10 points: 1TEAM - HELLO!
    9 points: VERIVERY - VERI-ABLE, 2nd Mini Album
    8 points: HOLLAND - Holland
    7 points: 1THE9 - XIX
    6 points: Lee Gikwang - I
    5 points: NU'EST - Happily Ever After
    3 points: Fancy You - TWICE
    2 points: Kill This Love - Blackpink
    1 point: The Boyz - Bloom Bloom




    1. twice - fancy
    2. twice - stuck in my head
    3. blackpink - kill this love
    4. blackpink - don't know what to do
    5. blackpink - girls like us
    6. mamamoo - sleep in the car
    7. twice - hot
    8. the bts and halsey song
    9. sunmi - siren
    10. exid - i love you

    1. twice - fancy you
    2. blackpink - kill this love
    3. wonder girls - reboot
    4. sunmi - full moon
    5. exid - street
    6. mamamoo - red moon
    7. hyuna - a talk
    8. sunmi - warning
    9. lee hyori - monochrome
    10. lee hi - seoulite


    @Slice of Life

    1. BLACKPINK - Don't Know What To Do
    2. BLACKPINK - Hope Not
    3. BLACKPINK - Kick It
    4. Minhyun - Universe
    5. VERIVERY - From Now
    6. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    7. NU'EST - Bet Bet
    8. Twice - Fancy
    9. BOL4 - Bom
    10. BTS - Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)

    1. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    2. IZ*ONE - HEART*IZ
    3. Twice - Fancy You
    4. NU'EST - Happily Ever After
    6. BOL4 - Puberty Book | Bom
    7. N.Flying - Spring Memories
    8. Young Jae - Fancy
    9. The Boyz - Bloom Bloom
    10. BTS - Map of the Soul: Persona
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