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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. 13


    from the Far From The Madding City album
    Mun Hwa In

    36 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 13
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @eccentricsimply, @ryan_riot92
    6 - @Deja-Boo
    5 - @Coming Century, @Cotton Park
    4 - @Oleander

    Maybe the K-indie girls snappedT? Miss Oohyo also grace our song chart with her single, Tennis, taken from her second full album, Far From The Madding City.

    I love this. Like, ugh, this is a new sound for Oohyo, right? It's definitely less synthpop than her previous efforts. I think this more organic production suits her vocals so much.

    And speaking of her vocals... it's perfect. It's vacant and emotional at the same time? Her vocals is perfect for this crying on the dance floor bawperoo.

    Please give her a chance!

  2. More results tomorrow, unnies. I promise we'll finish the reveal of results this weekend. Goodnight. x
  3. 12


    from the Newtro mini album
    MBK Entertainment

    36 points

    Last Month's Position: 3
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @FunkyButChic
    8 - @He
    7 - @codecat
    4 - @GeiPanda
    3 - @OspreyQueen
    2 - @bbynewyear
    1 - @vague, @Twinkle

    YATHHHH. DIA's best song ever, Woowa, is our highest ranking ""older"" song this edition of KPJC. Talent.

    I'm still listening to this all the time. It's honestly even more perfect the more I listen to it. God, I hope MBK Entertainment gives these girls more of these bops.

    bbynewyear: Totally fun and should have been a hit, but the first part of the pre chorus is a *bit* of a buzzkill? The chorus and the instrumental totally make up for it though, perfect to dance to and so free spirited. It also partially sounds like a side scroller boss battle soundtrack but that’s a good thing. I think the choreography and MV let this song down a little, clearly the budget had it’s foot on their necks so they couldn’t play completely to the songs strengths!

  4. Wait does this mean Chanyeol actually charted?!
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  5. And just missing the top 10 is...



    from the Happily Ever After mini album
    Pledis Entertainment

    42 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 11
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Cotton Park
    8 - @eliminathan
    7 - @He, @Sanctuary
    4 - @Love Deluxe, @Slice of Life
    3 - @Coming Century

    NU'EST return as 5 with their latest single, Bet Bet. And I couldn't be happier. Welcome home, Minhyun.

    Bet Bet is another Baekho production and I just love how his compositions always sound so expensive. There's always an epic feel to his songs too. I'm really happy to hear Minhyun's voice as a NU'EST member after such a long time. Unlike most of y'all, I didn't entirely hate all of Wanna One's music (Energetic and Spring Breeze are 10/10 songs) but really, Minhyun's vocals just sound more at home with NU'EST's signature sound. His vocals are the perfect contrast to Baekho's

    Although I love Bet Bet, it's definitely not NU'EST's best single. But that's only because NU'EST's other singles (other than Sleep Talking dddd) are all topnotch. I'm sure they'll release better singles in the future but Bet Bet is enough to quench my thirst for new NU'EST music for now.

    JR continues to be the cutest turtle-looking idol ever.

    eliminathan: It's so good to hear Minhyun with the rest of the boys again, his delicate voice balances out Baekho's powerful if sometimes shouty voice. This is a weaker single of theirs but after not having all of them together for so long, it's just right.

  6. 10


    from the Fancy You mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    44 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Island
    8 - @Twinkle
    6 - @GeiPanda, @Vesperly
    4 - @eccentricsimply, @Serg.
    3 - @Gintoki
    2 - @junglefish, @Vixen


    Stuck in My Head is the second song off Twice's seventh mini album, Fancy You. And it's definitely one of their best songs - not just album track - ever.

    Don't kill me SONEs but this honestly sounds like Girls' Generation's You Think done right. Kii. I can't believe the Twice girls actually pulled this off. Stuck in My Head is definitely one of their most mature songs yet and they slayed, alright.

    I have to give it to Miss Chaeyoung. The good sis ate that rap! I'm gagged and gooped. I'm also super impressed with the vocals. Those Jihyo (or are those Nayeon's?) ad libs are very Aguilerian and therefore life-affirming.

    Vixen: It's a little bit SNSD after Tiffany got a little bit TOO involved in their sound and A&R, but it's cute! Nothing groundbreaking, but it's one of the stronger efforts from the album. Reminds me Sweet Talk by SNSD at times lol. (SOL: SHJFGHJSD you did not call out Tiff this hard.)

  7. 9


    from the Fancy You mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    49 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @Rem, @Love Deluxe, @Salami
    6 - @Twinkle, @Island
    5 - @Serg.
    4 - @Kuhleezi
    3 - @Vixen
    1 - @Dangerous Maknae

    That's right. Another Twice album track in our top 10. This time, it's Girls Like Us.

    Girls Like Us is notable for being produced by Charli XCX and MNEK dddddd. This is so random but I definitely don't mind. Girls Like Us is a cute little bop. And Kween Mother Jihyo is credited as the sole lyricist of the song. Truly a kween.

    Girls Like Us is also new ground for Twice. I've never heard them like this before. Although Girls Like You isn't really my most favourite song of the album, it's still pretty solid. The chorus is a moment. Dahyun's rapping kinda sound lit here huh. Kii.

    Dangerous Maknae: Get that coin for 5 year old demos Charlotte.

    Vixen: Cute Charlie XCX reject! I feel like it gives the girls a very different soundscape than usual, yet still sounding very coherent to their sound - so I really like it.

  8. 8


    from the BVNDIT, Be Ambitious! single album
    MNH Entertainment

    70 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 8
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @vague, @codecat
    8 - @Empty Shoebox, @Squashua
    7 - @savilizabeths, @Twinkle
    6 - @bbynewyear
    5 - @ryan_riot92
    4 - @Vixen
    2 - @Oleander
    1 - @eccentricsimply, @junglefish, @SloMover

    Chungha's babies! MNH Entertainment's first girl group, BVNDIT, debut on our chart with Hocus Pocus.

    Hocus Pocus was written and produced by MosPick - the team behind CLC, I mean IZ*ONE's La Vie en Rose. That explains why the song is so elegantly produced.

    I have yet to truly fall in love with Hocus Pocus to be honest with y'all. While I think the song is an absolute bop, I feel like it just lacks that 1% to make it special. Plus I don't get why the styling for the girls is so... basic. What's with these all-white ensemble and street fashion??? No ma'am. A song this opulent deserves an equally opulent wardrobe.

    Still, Hocus Pocus is a massively solid debut song and I think the BVNDIT girls are extremely talented too. They'll find their stride soon enough.

    savilizabeths: I don't know how it took me so long to properly listen to this song. It's an absolute bop of a debut. I sincerely apologise to these girls for not paying attention sooner. I hope they keep getting material as strong as this in the future because I want them to keep delivering!

    Vixen: I've such mixed feelings about this. While the production is fine, it does sound slightly boring and uninteresting, and at times during the chorus, almost flat. But more importantly, the actual hook (hocus pocus-cus-cus-cus) sounds SO clunky? ... Yet I still bop. Good bridge, though!

    bbynewyear: Remember Pixie Lott? She might’ve sung this in another universe. Or specifically the ‘Po-cuh-cuh-cus’ part just seems like something she’s do. The sitars (?) too.

    This gets a high score because it’s bold of a group to debut with a track thats a little more reserved. This might’ve been something another group would release on the third comeback. It’s not a trend but I wouldn’t be surprised if more new groups ‘calm down’ a little and follow this. The La vie En Rose debut really reminded people to be classy, wow. See: TXT’s debut as well.

    Back to the girls, I like the relationship this track seems to have with Chungha’s Gotta Go, thats charming, they’re not similar, but using pieces from the same toolbox. I wish them the same success that she’s enjoyed so far.

    Their EP is worth a listen, 2 songs, both are great. They have a great intro too that wouldn’t be out of place at Beyonce’s Coachella set (not eligible for this rate though :^( ) (SOL: I'm living for these essays, unnie! Keep em coming!)

  9. 7


    & NEW
    from the & New single album
    Bace Camp Studio

    72 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Vesperly
    8 - @vague
    5 - @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo, @Oleander
    4 - @FunkyButChic, @Gintoki
    3 - @Empty Shoebox, @Cotton Park, @ohnostalgia
    2 - @savilizabeths, @SloMover

    Caffeine chanteuse, Eyedi, is back with her latest single, & New.

    Eyedi has quietly become a KPJ darling through Caffeine which did exceedingly well in the K-Pop Song of the Year Rate. And with & New, I think she's gonna attract even more fans.

    There's something so reassuring about Eyedi's vocals. It's the perfect kind of sweet. And she knows when to go big with her vocals too.

    My favourite part of & New is most definitely the chorus. While the song is very chill, the chorus is anything but. It just explodes. I love it. I love it very much.

    & New is not as good as Caffeine, true. But it's still a very good release from our new K-Indie Overlord. I hope she blesses us with an album soon.

    FunkyButChic: Queen of consistently releasing amazing songs every quarter like some of kind of seasonal fairy godmother.

    savilizabeths: Discovering Eyedi was one of the greatest things the SOTY rate did for me. While this is no 'Caffeine', her voice sounds so gorgeous and soft here. The warped nature of the instrumental in the beginning was jarring at first but it's so unique and interesting. You can tell this girl is a real artist. This is so beautifully retro and just makes me happy to hear. I can't wait to listen to more from her.

  10. And what about it.gif

    If Stuck In My Head charted in top 10, then the superior album tracks Hot and Girls Like Girls Us better do too.

    Edit : Oop they did.
  11. Dddd I eventually understood that @bbynewyear meant the BVNDIT EP and not, in fact, Beyoncé's Coachella set, but I preferred my original interpretation.
  12. 6


    BTS (feat. Halsey)
    from the Map of the Soul: Persona mini album
    Big Hit Entertainment

    83 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @eccentricsimply, @Cotton Park
    9 - @savilizabeths
    8 - @Kuhleezi
    7 - @Dangerous Maknae
    6 - @ThighHighs
    5 - @BEST FICTION, @Wills, @Vixen
    3 - @ryjm, @Salami, @Sanctuary, @Island
    2 - @Rem
    1 - @ryan_riot92, @Gintoki, @bbynewyear, @Slice of Life

    With this elimination, Boy With Luv is out of the KSOTY 2019 rate which... is probably for the best because I wouldn't be able to deal with all of you tearing it apart nñn

    Anyway, Boy With Luv is BTS' first title of 2019 and the first release since their August 2018 title IDOL that was quite frankly nothing more than noise and not even in a good way. Compared to that mess Boy With Luv is as close to pop perfection as it gets. As a whole, it's a very good song that finally gave me that little bit of hope that maybe BTS hasn't lost it yet.

    I genuinely grew to enjoy Fake Love and I'm not gonna say I haven't drunkenly yelled to DNA a couple of times, but this song is the first lead since Spring Day that I've loved from the moment I listened to it. It's a bit jarring at first because the raps can sound a little bit like they don't fit but with every listen I got more and more hooked and by the time I listened to the rest of the album I was already a goner.

    It's by far not the most experimental or the most interesting thing BTS has ever released and, together with the album, it does sound very safe, but for once they decided to go on a lighter track, something that is reminiscent to DNA but done a lot better. It's also self-referential since it has a similar title as one of their early songs Boy In Luv which is filled to the brim with misogyny and they decided to subvert that idea by presenting the image of a... well, boy with love.

    Again, not their most brilliant work but I had it on repeat for so long that by now I've added it to my top 5 BTS titles list and I'll take no criticism on this, thank you! Just like I said for my post about the album, I'm hoping for more of this and less of what they've released in the past two years. It's also very obvious that they have fun on stage performing this, which is always great to see and it makes me genuinely happy for them!

    Oh, and it features Halsey who adds nothing to the song, especially in the music video version.

    Dangerous Maknae: I wouldn't even give this a chance if it wasn't for H#1sey but I'm happy that I did. Very catchy.

    eccentricsimply: This is STRATEG- nah, I'm not gonna lie it was my favorite of the month.

    ryjm: Look, I like to think I’m now mature enough to not let my internalised man-hating-ass cloud my judgement when it comes to music. Their ARMY are fucking diabolical and their recent output has been far less consistent, but I must admit Boy With Luv is quite the bop and I will unapologetically shake my buss. It’s an enjoyably chilled affair, with sparkly synths and a feature that I honestly struggled to even recognise during my first few listens. This is miles better than the nauseating car crash that was IDOL.

    savilizabeths: Deep breath. Here we go. I can do this...please don't exile me from this forum, I love you guys! OKAY...I'm a BTS fan. Now that we're done with my dramatics in an effort to be funny, this isn't something I've been open about here for obvious reasons and I definitely don't identify as an ARMY but I have some merch here and there and have quite a few BTS tracks that I bop to ('IDOL' is definitely not one of them and their output last year was quite disappointing for me). So, all this to say that I absolutely adore this song. It's been stuck in my head since the day I heard it. It just brings a smile to my face every single time and makes me really happy. I honestly thought BTS ft. Halsey was a death sentence but she works well here? It doesn't feel forced like most western collabs. This is cute, fun and I will be here unapologetically bopping.

    Vixen: I honestly think this is semi-decent. And maybe because it's far more melodic than some of their previous singles? Sadly, I still find myself not really enjoying the rap sections. That being said, Halsey seems at home here, she has about as much range as Jimin anyway ddddd

    bbynewyear: ‘Oh my my my’ - I’ve been humming this to myself often, so it deserves a place in the rate. I love the boys but I’m not generally a fan of much of their stuff. They certainly got a winner with this track but their *performance* of it feels awkward in so many places (my king Namjoon is cosplaying as NeYo at one point lmao). What they have in awkwardness they make up for in positive energy and they’re having so much fun in the video. I’ve heard the track playing about in various spots over here and it doesn’t sound out of place, they really did that.

  13. Whew! Suddenly the ARMY is us!
    (No, not really.)
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  14. I do love Boy with Luv, but I can't get over how bad Suga's first rap sounds. Like a lisp is fine, I know he's always had that, but why is he slurring like that?
  15. Halsey in the SOTY rate would be iconic but she would probably flop there like every rate so I'm okay with a #6 placement.
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  16. Boy With Luv is good and a well-needed return to form after all the crap songs BTS have been churning out lately.
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  17. As Slicé breathes a massive sigh of relief:

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  18. It’s my favorite part of the song nñn

    He played around with delivery in this album so every song he’s doing something different. I reckon it’s jarring because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the song.
  19. I still haven't listened to Boy with Luv
  20. I wish I could say the same.
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