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K-Popjustice Charts - August 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Slice of Life

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    OH YEAH~


    from the Happy Box, Part 1 single album
    TS Entertainment

    65 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 8
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @LightningRider
    9 - @digitalkaiser, @Deja-Boo
    8 - @D is for Danger!, @junglefish, @ryan_riot92
    4 - @Serg., @ThighHighs
    2 - @Slice of Life, @Kuhleezi





    Wow, Sonamoo honestly, truly did that.

    Who knew they had it in them? I honestly didn't.

    Friday Night is the first of three singles that Sonamoo is planning to release in the near future. And if they maintain this level of quality for the next releases, then they will have a hardcore stan in me.

    2017 is truly the year when nugus release their best material in years. Melody Day, CLC and now, Sonamoo? Amazing. I'm still waiting for that Tahiti glow-up, precious. Kekeke.


    My favourite part of the song is definitely the post-chorus. It's just so good. Shoutout goes to the unnie who does the SERIES OF HIGH NOTES during the middle 8. The first time I heard it, I felt the ground move. Yuju is shaking. Hyolyn is fuming. Tiffany is crying. YoonA remains unbothered though.

    The music video is the best kind of we-have-15-dollar-budget-but-we'll-make-it-work video that I love. It does look low budget but it doesn't look cheap. Learn from this, @Berry Good. My only small complaint is about D.ana's presence. I mean, the good unnie is super pretty but pretty just won't cut it. Imma need her to learn some proper facial expressions. She'll need to step it up as the mascot of the group. Okay thank you.

    Dddddd ThighHighs, stop reading my mind.

    FINALLY they put out something truly worth my time. They haven't done anything that feels so fresh and cool before, and if this had been included in the Underrated re-rank I wouldn't have tanked them so hard. Oop.


    At this point SONAMOO are like the underdogs … Nobody really hates them (I think) and everyone just wants them to finally make their break. This is a healthy start to that push! That teaser though left us all thinking this was gonna be yet another flop to add to their repertoire but this was SHOCKINGLY fantastic. The girls look killer as well. To think this is the start of an upcoming set of releases is promising! Don’t think I’m not scared that they might pull a 180 though.

    Serg. unnie is also slowly warming up to Sonamoo.

    MUCH better than whatever they were doing until now

    OMG RAINA 2.0. She does look like the After School HBIC, D is for Danger! oppar.

    Finally Sonamoo release a song that doesn't suck!!! This is retro disco, but with a modern twist. The chorus is absolutely amazing. Raina 2.0 kills her parts!

    And LightningRider unnie loves vindication.

    Definitely a SOTY contender. Who knew SONAMOO had it in them? I did kii.

  2. That's High.D aka Raina 2.0.

    Regarding Tahiti, they're still active but mostly in Japan. I think Jisoo has left th group (the one that was stalked online by a sponsor). She hasn't been seen in any of the photos uploaded by the other members.
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  3. You don't know how long I've spent badgering @ajmkv unnie with endless Kim Lip / Eclipse promo only to see those 8 points AND the best song of the year recharting after three months
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  4. Slice of Life

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    Last one for tonight.





    Girls' Generation
    from the Holiday Night album
    SM Entertainment

    93 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @Aries
    10 - @Alouder98, @Kuhleezi, @Overdose
    9 - @eccentricsimply
    8 - @Salami, @JuanJose
    7 - @He
    6 - @SophiaSophia, @ThighHighs
    4 - @GeiPanda
    2 - @ohnostalgia
    1 - @Serg., @ajmkv

    The fact that 93 points won't guarantee you a spot in the top 5... is low-key terrifying. I still remember the days when getting 30 points will get you to the top 5. #Only90sKidsWillRemember

    Also, this is the last song to NOT reach at least 100 points. So our 6th placer actually failed to reach top 5 even with a ginormous support behind it. TRAUMATIC.

    Anyway, let's talk about this AMAZING comeback single from the one and only Nation's Girl Group (although Twice is probably one comeback away from stealing that slogan, preciouses). Holiday is one of the two promoted singles from Girls' Generation sixth album. It didn't exactly lit the Gaon Charts on fire which is a shame because it is supreme.

    Do I wanna live in a world where an abomination like Party wins truckloads of music show trophies while actual talent like Holiday flops so hard?


    One of biggest frustrations lately is not being able to pick between Holiday and All Night. Like, I know All Night is the single that we should be expecting from a senior group like Girls' Generation. But Holiday is just so damn adorable.

    The "ha-ha-holiday" hook...

    The choreography...

    Hyoyeon not completely making a fool of herself as a rapper...

    The TTS girls nailing high note after high note after high note...

    Holiday is a triumph and it deserved better than what it got.

    I thought the outfits were very... dated but it still looks cute on the girls because they make it work, ajmkv unnie.

    This is cute, I love the nods to their other videos in the song. Was it Yuri in the elevator for one shot, looking murderous? I love it. Also, unpopular but their outfits in the dance section are super cute and I like them...

    He unnie bombards me questions. And I feel attacked.

    Cheerful and fun but not generic, such a great double A-side. Why did Korea sleep on them? Is this the beginning of the end?!!! Will SM destroy them? Is it all Sunny’s uncle’s doing? Is Yuri the best member? Yes she is!

    This song didn't even get a point from me even though I love it so much. You're better than me, ThighHighs bby.

    HOWWWW is this month so competitive that a stone cold BAWP like this gets only 4 points from me! This is giving me a complex. This song feels like an island vacation, whereas "Party" felt like a business trip. They did that.

    And Overdose will end this post with A Fact:

    Queens upon queens upon queens.

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  5. He


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  6. Holiday is cute, but like All Night is gorgeous.

  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    This is fake. You're a fake.
  8. Brilliant top 6. I didn't give one of the tracks points but it's still a pretty good song, I think Love City or Babe will go next.
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    Gfriend doesn't deserve this, and hairy French oppa doesn't deserve GFriend. I actually thought "Love Whisper" would be a serious contender for number 1...

    Shame. Shame. Shame. *throws tomatoes*
  10. Where is my 11 Slice???????? I bet it got a total of 11 points ...
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  11. Yuri provides an adequate and often much-needed break from the walking, talking, dancing, singing sensory overload known as:
    Cue up comment about her "vocal runs."

    Honestly, if she had more to do than just look pretty, it might be dangerous. It's better that she does as little as possible. For good of everyone.
    Just dropping that on the floor.

    And yes... I couldn't agree more here:
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  13. Laughed so hard I spit Dr. Pepper all over myself.
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  14. He


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  15. Mess at Fan charting but not Light Up The Sky ddd. I took it off mine to vote for Lovecity.

    At least it looks like All Night will be the highest charting song from the album.
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  16. Another spittake. All over my new shirt. I have to quit this thread now. Cleaning bills.
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  17. Slice of Life

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    from the Free'sm mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    105 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @Slice of Life, @ajmkv
    10 - @send photo, @LightningRider, @ryan_riot92
    9 - @Squashua, @BEST FICTION, @Cotton Park
    8 - @Deja-Boo
    7 - @eccentricsimply
    5 - @Alouder98
    3 - @Kuhleezi
    2 - @He
    1 - @ohnostalgia

    Me and @ajmkv to y'all:


    Of course, I would've love to see CLC in the top 5 (and even the top 3 oop). But it got 100+ points. It made ajmkv unnie come back to KPJC's loving iljin arms. It made me a CLC stan which is so unexpected.

    And somehow that was everything.

    Where Are You is the astonishing new single of the former 4Minute tribute band. And wow, unnies. Just wow. This is everything.

    I can't possibly describe my entire feelings about this song. It's just so, so special to me now. I listen to it everyday. I sing it whenever I can. I became 100% sin-free after weeks of listening to it.

    Where Are You just makes me really happy. And I have no idea why.

    One possible reason why I I love this so much is because this reminds me of Carlegend Slae Jepsus' magnum opus, All That.

    Shimmering 80s production? YATH.
    E•MO•TIONal delivery? YATH.
    Delicate vocals? YATH.

    Where Are You is basically what I never knew I wanted from all of K-Pop and my life is all the better now because of it.

    The girls truly sell this song to hell and back. How they managed to lose their hastily-learned 4Minute-isms and transform to 80s prom kweens, I'll never know. Sorn rightfully got to showcase her range and talent and general amazingness in this and I AM JUST SO ELATED, YOU GUYS. Cube finally did something good to the poor unnie.

    Aside from Sorn, I also have to commend Yujin or Rat MonStar. She's the adorable mouse-looking unnie who sings the pre-chorus. I didn't know she could sing this good teebs. I always thought she's useless or something. I stan, unnies. Y'all better stan Rat MonStar too.

    I don't think we'll get a sequel to this because this flopped. I mean, every single CLC single flopped but I have a feeling they'll change sound again for the next comeback (if they'll still get one kii). And it makes me so sad. I need more of my 80s Kweens, okay? Life is so unfair to me and my faves.

    Oh well, I'll always have Where Are You. I deserve this perfection.

    He unnie is feeling some type of wistful.

    Such a nice wistful little tune

    Shame that Girls' Generation took over your ballot in such a major way, Alouder98.

    If this was released in any other month, It would get my 10 points easily. I'm not ashamed to say CLC are one of my favorite newbie groups.

    I'm praying with you, Cotton Park unnie. We need more of this, if not from CLC, then from K-Pop in general.

    The Velvet is alive, but it's not Red, it's Crystal Clear. This is the kind of timeless, unpretentious, classic-sounding R&B that only KPop seems to be making these days. The chameleon of KPop girl groups has yet another potential niche here, and I hope it lasts.

    LightningRider unnie also dragged Red Velvet. And Oh My Girl. WTF BEAST!

    Why do CLC pull off Red Velvet’s concept-switching better than they do these days. Remember when Oh My Girl used to do that too dddddd

    I'm so happy Squashua unnie also stans this. Suddenly I feel like I have good taste dddddd.

    There was a point a couple of days in after this was released, when after more than a couple people labelled this 80's porno music that I was wondering if the difficult follow-up to Korea-ignored behemoth Hobgoblin was going to grow stale. IT. DIDN'T. IT. HASN'T. IT. REFUSES. Literally, this is all my 80's sadcore high school unrequited love movie dreams come true in a way I never thought these girls born in the late 90's had in them. The production is lush, the vocals positively sighing with fragility and a little piece of my heart crumbles with every playthrough. Even listening it now, when that "YOUUUUUuuuu (yoooUUuuoouu)" drops in during the middle 8 I have to resist the urge to air grab and sway Lana style around my bed wiping one glistening unicorn tear from the corner of my eye. Sigh, these girls - this song.


    Do I like this as much as HobGob? Or even as much as No Oh Oh (ddd)? Definitely not, but this is still a gorgeous addition to their discography. Sure, their musical identity (what musical identity?...) may be all over the place but you can't fault them for releasing flawless songs like this one. Sorn rightfully dominates this, I'm so happy she's getting a lot of vocal time to make up for her lack of screentime...

    And to close this out, let's hear it from a reformed CLC hater turned soft stan. What's good, ryan_riot92 unnie?

    Did you honestly think the queen hater of CLC on this forum would fall in love with this release as much as I did? I mean I’m a sucker for anything with that retro vibe so they kind of hooked me in with that. It’s like they went “you know what we need to do, get on ryanriot unnie’s good side for a change … let’s be the phantom thieves to that good unnie and change that heart of his!” It worked … however, their stuff prior to this is still crap to my ears.

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  18. Where Are You? is everything. Not CLC becoming a consummate group finally. Holding out for an All Night / BABE / Love Cherry Motion top 3 out of the songs I think are left (although obviously Gashina will be up there if not win).

    Did VIXX LR already happen or did I miss that? Or did it flop miserably dddd?
  19. Woah I really thought this would challenge for a win. It's All Night vs Gashina now. Babe was released too late to gather that many points I think.

    Also queens of Saucebox making top 5. I love legends
  20. You said it all. (And best.) I listen to this constantly.
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