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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Aug 20, 2017.

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    Nine Muses
    from the Muses Diary, Pt. 3 - Love City mini album
    Star Empire

    112 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 5
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @D is for Danger!
    10 - @PopZeitgeist, @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda
    9 - @Serg., @LightningRider
    7 - @Salami, @BEST FICTION, @karmarisma
    5 - @Vesperly, @Sanctuary, @ohnostalgia
    4 - @Kuhleezi, @digitalkaiser
    3 - @ajmkv
    2 - @mokimbird, @Gintoki, @Deja-Boo

    Just how many more Renaissance period will Nine Muses have???

    Why aren't they incapable of releasing shitty music???

    They lost more than half of their line up and they still release quality music while our other faves continue churning out trash after trash???

    Tell me your secrets, mawmas!

    Love City is Nine Muses newest KPJC-approved single after the number 2-peaking Remember. And even though it didn't get points from me, I also find it very good.

    I actually didn't love this on my first few listens. And I... I kinda tanked this in the Underrated Kweens of K-Pop Season 2??? Ddddddd please don't kill me, unnies. I ranked Laboum's Only U higher than Love City. Dddddddd bye.

    At first, I didn't get this. After the masterpiece that was Remember, I was craving for more drama from Namyu. And I thought Love City was rather... not dramatic???

    Good Lord, my shit taste sometimes...

    But Sojin's English section won't leave my brain.

    Let's quote it again:


    And just like that, I became a Love City fan.

    I love the verses. It's so cutting and full of pep. And the "chu chu chu, pa pa pa, la la la" hook is very effective. Love City may not be a Remember-level of amazing but it still is very good.

    A lot of you - and I mean, A WHOLE LOT - quoted Miss Sojin's infamous lines so let's start commentary time with that.


    LightningRider: Me sashaying down every street this past month: “Scandal Pop~ Saucebox~ gieoolla~ Please don’t stop~”

    GeiPanda: SCANDAL POP. SAUCEBOX. PEENO NOIR. SMOKE A CIGAR. ROSEANNE BARR. There's no way Nine Muses could fail with their cover of Titus Andromedon's "Peeno Noir".

    karmarisma: saucebox

    Ooh, ajmkv unnie is a hater??? CANCELLED.

    This had a lot of potential and it was kind of wasted. I still like it, but eh. This is probably their worst single so far, and I'm including everything they've ever released. I'm about to snap my laminated stan card unless they deliver something better after all this mess.

    Dddddd Serg. unnie, please be gentle when you kill me.

    Not Miss Sojin ending careers with the spoken word, hope y'all ranked them high in the underrated girls rate x

    Salami unnie stans.

    This is slowly becoming one of my favourite songs of the year.

    Aww, ThighHighs babe. You're making me blush!

    Sojin's breathy rap section gives me feelings few women ever have. I'll refer to an amended quote from a forum legend:

    Sojin's rap is art. Sometimes, it's so abstract, you just gotta pretend that you understand it, D is for Danger! oppar.

    The only good thing to say about Star Empire is that they haven't given up on Nine Muses. The group has reached the point where they don't give a fuck anymore and just release whatever it is they want. This song continues their immaculate run of singles. I love the explosive pre-chorus and Sojin's barely intelligible raps. Seriously, what the fuck is she saying?

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  3. Again, I agree with @Slice of Life-ssi. Good song. Not the intensity that usually love from Namyu. And the teddy bear violence must end. (Unless it's my Sojin. I guess.)
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    U MAKE ME 25, 25, 25
    U MAKE ME 24, 24, 24
    I FEEL LIKE 21, 21, 21


    from the Following mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    116 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @Deja-Boo
    10 - @junglefish, @digitalkaiser
    9 - @Salami, @Sanctuary, @LA Hallucinations, @Mikl C, @ajmkv
    8 - @PopZeitgeist
    6 - @Squashua, @BEST FICTION
    5 - @ThighHighs, @Kuhleezi
    3 - @Serg., @ohnostalgia
    2 - @ryan_riot92
    1 - @D is for Danger!, @GeiPanda


    Where Are You, Love City and Babe changed positions with every ballot and it lowkey made my anxiety flare up ddddd. WHY ARE Y'ALL DOING THIS TO MY POOR, FRAGILE SOUL?

    But in the end, Babe ended up on top and secured the fourth spot even though it was released quite late.

    Babe is the easy breezy single of HyunA off her new (amazing) mini album, Following. This is also her reunion single with the amazing producer, Shinsadong Tiger.

    I already told y'all that I hate HyunA for only releasing this massive iconic bop so late... so late that it was impossible for it to be included in my ballot. So I didn't vote for it even though I am obsessed with it for days now. SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER, CYST!

    After exhausting that ratchet sound she was forcing us to enjoy for years, HyunA is back with a fresh perspective. And thank Shaman Unnie she went with this sound instead. Red was amazing but the others that I'm kinda forgetting the names suddenly? Keep it.

    Babe is cool. It's not tryhard which cannot be said for her last few singles. Babe has this effortlessness to it that is just gorgeous to listen to. It proves that HyunA doesn't have to be very gimmicky all the time. Sometimes, less is more. And most of the time, good music will just speak for itself.

    Babe actually reminds me of IU's Twenty Three. Like, a sexier take on IU's game-changing single. Maybe it's the lyrics or the concept but I just see the resemblance of the two.


    Make it happen, @Shaman Unnie.

    Let's vote for it next month, GeiPanda unnie?

    Would probably be higher if released earlier in the month, babe babe babe.

    You too, ryan_riot92 unnie.

    Had this song had more time to marinate in my playlist, it’d probably be higher… There’s always next month though!

    Copying JinSoul??? I get that you stan Odd Eye Circle (we all do) but HyunA does not deserve this disrespect, D is for Danger! pharmacyst-nim!

    After Roll Deep and How's This? Hyuna was in major need of a new sound. Thankfully, she delivered a bop. I love the funky chorus. I see you copying Jinsoul and that warping effect in your MV girl!


    Expect this to rise for me next month. That ending breakdown is so sexy and gets a lot of seated body rolls out of me, the indicator of a solid bawp. I would also like to publicly thank HyunA for putting out an anthem for us 26 year olds. IU just missed me earlier this year.

    And yeah, this is officially my 26 year old anthem too.

    Good luck in school, Squashua unnie!!!

    HyunA momentarily retiring her ratchet party girl visage for a momentary blissed out Daddy kink steel drum-emulating 90's Miami banger? Well, sign me up oppa - I feel like i'm vicariously close to the age limit too BEHBEH. It's September, that means back to school for most of us BAYBAY <3

    You complain a lot, ajmkv unnie huh. Just enjoy the bawps, okay?

    HYUNA RELEASING SOMETHING DIFFERENT SOUNDING? I am shocked. This is a cute bop, but what is it about K-Pop singers that they're always talking about their 20-something ages in their singles? I don't get it...

    I can personally vouch that LA Hallucinations unnie stans this song so, so much.

    I love how this basically just combines 1 Night/Firefly/Lovesick by Mura Masa. Can't stop replaying dddd.

  5. Wow I didn't realise that I missed 10 whole songs?!!! @Slice of Life unnie you're outdoing yourself.

    AND I ONLY VOTED FOR 2 OUT OF ALL THE SONGS IN THE TOP 20 so far (the boy group shafting is real here).

    I will not tolerate dragging of our bob kween Kang Yebin.
  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




    Choerry (of LOOΠΔ)
    from the Choerry single album

    136 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 14
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 2

    11 - @mokimbird, @Squashua
    10 - @D is for Danger!, @LA Hallucinations
    9 - @Aries, @He, @Kuhleezi
    8 - @Sanctuary, @ohnostalgia, @digitalkaiser
    7 - @ThighHighs, @Gintoki, @GeiPanda
    6 - @Serg.
    5 - @send photo, @Mikl C
    4 - @ajmkv
    3 - @Ceir

    Well thank Shaman Unnie y'all learned from your mistake of not voting for this last month.

    Love Cherry Motion is the debut solo single of Odd Eye Circle's maknae, Choerry. And I still don't know how to pronounce her name.

    I actually love this even more now and I think this is better than JinSoul's solo, Singing in the Rain. Plus it helps that Choerry actually is a great singer. I love her tone and the way she reaches for those notes. I think her voice and Kim Lip's will definitely be magical. Mix that JinSoul's pretty girl rapping and we are guaranteed of a hit.

    I'm actually really afraid that Odd Eye Circle won't satisfy our already sky-high expectations. Like, yes, they have released three great solo singles but we have to reel it in a bit and remember that they are still rookies. But honestly, even if their group single is only half as good as Eclipse, I'll still stan the shit out of them dddddd.

    Ceir unnie quotes English lines.

    I. I. I. IMAGINE'

    GeiPanda simply calls this...


    Ddddddd screaming, Serg. unnie. Maybe listen to the 1/3 songs in the meantime? Those need love too. Kii.

    I've listened to this so many times just to get to those 777k views, I'm kind of sick of it now

    Dddddddd I'm not touching this messy commentary from ThighHighs unnie.

    The cosmic queens are finally aligned and my chakras are cleansed. Can't wait for her to join up with Kim Lip and Jinsoul. LOONA started off as a forum joke, but now look at how all of the forum is gagging for them. @LOOΠΔ's impact.

    He unnie drags a certain Alt Kween. Make sure her stans don't see this dddd.

    ah ah ah AHIMAGINE What a track, what a concept video, when will iamamiwhoami??? This song has really grown on me. Kim Lip and JinSoul being in the video just seals it. Bring Odd Eyed Girls!

    I... wut??? I don't know what the hell you're smoking, mokimbird unnie, but I want a taste of it. And I want it now.

    I can't believe Blockberry Creative made a PSA about the consequences of ingesting an edible: dubstep breakdowns, amazing all-denim outfits, and gravity-defying feats. Choerry, queen of social justice and anti-drug awareness.

    Coy pussy patting? I do not endorse this matronliness, Squashua unnie. Also thank Shaman Unnie you realized your mistake of not stanning this since day 1. Kekeke.

    Leaving this out of my ballot was a grave error last time, I can't believe there was a moment in time where I wasn't completely utterly overwhemingly SOLD on this song/video package. I mean this has to be the biggest feint in the K-Pop this year right? "Oh yeah we'll give them a load of LOONA 1/3-esque promo photos to lull them into a false sense of trepidation, then start the song all bubbly & cute only to scalp the entire continent in the blast wave of that curveball drop. Add a little KimSoul cameo + somehow manage to tie all the WTF-ery of this fan fiction we got the intern to write up together perfectly and we should be good right? ". Oh boy. Oh my. Choerrodactyl didn't disappoint - WJSN are shook at their aesthetic being ransacked whilst they were off at some water park recording basic filler CF tie-in singles. The verses are pure Swede pop bubbliness with just that edge of naughty, the two dance breaks are fiery, the "AH AH AH AH IMAGINE" whispers are a kii to emulate in your most seductive tones. Get your contact lenses ordered for Odd Eye Circle's time-portal vampyre coven unnies - we aren't ready. *cue coy puss pat choreo*

    ajmkv unnie only gave this 4 points but ha commentary absolutely made me scream so it's gonna close this post.

    Maybe it's been mentioned before, but this song went from Somin in April to Somin in KARD very quickly...

  7. He


    Wait, I am an iamamiwhoami stan, @Slice of Life!

    I was complimenting Choerry's storytelling. I really find the creepy vibes of the video amazing.
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    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Are we ready to meet our number 1 and number 2?

    Will Sunmi make KPJC history and become the first solo - male or female - to top the charts?

    Or will Girls' Generation pull a Red Velvet and also top both album AND song charts?

    Or did I make a calculation error?

    Maybe Weki Meki won after all?

    Ddddd okay, I'll stop.




    Girls' Generation
    from the Holiday Night album
    SM Entertainment

    145 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @Alouder98, @Salami
    10 - @Aries
    9 - @Vesperly, @Gintoki
    8 - @Slice of Life, @ThighHighs, @He, @Cotton Park, @eccentricsimply, @Overdose
    7 - @Kuhleezi, @digitalkaiser
    6 - @Sanctuary
    5 - @Serg., @GeiPanda, @ajmkv
    2 - @send photo, @D is for Danger!, @Squashua, @karmarisma

    Kweens of Tassels and Sequins!


    All Night is the literally perfect comeback single of So Nyeo Shi Dae for their 10th anniversary in the industry. And what comeback this is. I'm not just talking about All Night. Both singles and the album as a whole are career peaks.

    Who peaks again at their 10th year??? Legends only.

    All Night just makes me happy. It makes me wanna dance and smile and wear tassel. It's a feel good song without the cheese. The girls ooze sex appeal and confidence. I mean, have you seen Sooyoung? The good cyst is feeling ha oats. She knows she's looking va-va-voom amazing and she's about to let us all know she'll stay that way forever. Kween!

    A question though. What's Tiffany's deal in the music video? The good unnie is looking forlorn and heartbroken. I don't understand the story line so y'all have to make shit up because I NEED TO KNOW WHY SHE'S ACTING SAD.

    Did she have a premonition that Girls' Generation's comeback singles aren't achieving perfect all kills?

    Did Jessica send her a bitchy snap again?

    Did she just randomly miss her ex Nichkhun's anakhunda?


    Back to the music. It's pretty much perfect except for that Hyoyeon and YoonA rap section. Just cut it out, cystren. If Tiffany of all people can rap better than y'all, then you just have to accept that rapping is not your one true calling. You can still join the latest season of Unpretty Rapstar though.

    Overall, a fantastic comeback single from one of the dearest girl groups in all of K-Pop. They honestly, truly did that.

    I agree, Squashua unnie. This should've been the follow-up to the amazing Mr.Mr.

    Alouder will have me assassinated for not giving this top points but I know so many other people with dishing out goodies to the gals that i'm not worried. That being said I LOVE All Night - dare I say it's the best track they've released since Mr. Mr? It's current, retro, boppable, anthemic, groovy and a whole lotta tipsy teary-eyed nostalgia thrown into a glitterball extravaganza. Holiday could never.

    Former Tiffany stan, D is for Danger! oppar, may have a reason to stan again.

    SNSD really impressed me with this song. It still gets regular plays from me.

    karmarisma is also rather impressed.

    This song is one of the best Soshi title tracks ever released.


    Return to form from SNSD, when you compare this (& Holiday) to the worst song in their discography, Party and very non-eventful Lionheart it's quite a step up. I really hope they all re-sign their contracts and we get another one or two bops from the girls

    GeiPanda offers a different take on the song... and I kinda agree?

    I don't think this necessarily works as a title track... it's a bit too subdued and nuanced to catch the GP's attention. That being said, the production on this is immaculate!

    YATH STAN SOOYOUNG, ajmkv unnie!

    It's cute, I like it. Sooyoung in the video is gorgeous and I'm in love.

    HEY ANOTHER SOOYOUNG STAN. I see you, ThighHighs unnie.

    My roommate loves this song. It's also one of the best things GG have put out since The Boys. Sooyoung is so gorgeous in the video. My very first bias still shutting down the visual game, henny.

    Seohyun is probably the best Girls' Generation member right now, He unnie. Don't @ me, Tiffany stans!

    Amazing comeback by the queens, pity SM seems to hate them at the moment. I love they all get to shine in this song, but Seohyun is on another level, killing that chorus routine. Love the disco track, and the video is great too. Shout out to rapper Tiffany. I bet Taeyeon suggested this new position for her.

    Wait, what are we supposed to drop on the floor anyway, Cotton Park unnie? I did drop my reputation there. Oop.

    When you have Tiffany and Taeyeon off to the sides, riffing perfectly off the bridge and last chorus, Seohyun sparkling anywhere she fucking wants to sparkle, and Yoona just being Yoona front and center, all is right with KPop. Just drop it on the floor.

    I agree, Overdose unnie. The haziness of the music video is a stunner.

    SICKENING! Give me that hazy 80's local disco memory video that I love.

    And let's have maknae Alouder98 close this post. STAN AWAY, BABE.

    Right now it’s Girls’ Generation. From now on it’s Girls’ Generation. Forever Girls’ Generation!

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    TRY ME


    from the Sunmi Special Edition 'Gashina' single album
    MakeUs Entertainment #EatShitJYP


    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @send photo, @JuanJose, @Serg., @ThighHighs, @LA Hallucinations, @junglefish, @BEST FICTION, @He, @digitalkaiser
    10 - @Vesperly, @Mikl C, @eccentricsimply, @ajmkv, @ohnostalgia
    9 - @Slice of Life, @D is for Danger!, @GeiPanda
    8 - @Kuhleezi
    7 - @Sanctuary
    6 - @Overdose
    5 - @Cotton Park
    4 - @mokimbird, @ryan_riot92
    3 - @Salami, @Aries, @PopZeitgeist, @Gintoki, @Squashua, @Deja-Boo
    2 - @Alouder98


    Sunmi just became the first solo artist to ever top the KPJC. Many have tried. Taeyeon, Uhm Jung Hwa, IU, the Odd Eye Circle girls, etc. But they all have failed.

    It turns out we're all just waiting for the One True Kween to do it.

    Gashina is the solo comeback single of Sunmi after three longs years. I was still a college student when she last released a solo single ddddd. But oh wow. What a return. She did not disappoint.

    Good things truly come to those who wait.

    Gashina is a towering achievement. It proves that Sunmi (and the Wonder Girls, in general) is still a hot commodity. Forever legends, etc. Seeing this achieve great success on the digital charts was goosebump-inducing. I didn't expect this to do so well. We have seen countless idols take extended rest periods only to see their comeback singles flop harder than Choi Soon Sil's reputation. I was mentally preparing for the worst. I thought, hey, at least we'll get a Sunmi single after such a long time. That alone is enough for a fan like me.

    But then it was successful and it honestly made me a tad emotional. Sunmi deserves all the success. She's such a sweetheart. She's a hard worker. She stans Chungha as well. She's the best.

    Shoutout to the good oppa Teddy too. Yes, that Teddy. He produced this song along with other Black Label producers. Not him giving his best work in years to a non-YG artist dddddd. If he could produce this level of amazingness for future BLACKPINK singles, then I will remain a fan forever. Also CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN PARK BOM ALREADY??? THE GOOD UNNIE NEEDS TO EAT TOO, YOU KNOW. I NEED HER YG DISS TRACK ASAP OKAY THANK YOU.

    TL;DR: Sunmi is a kween and Gashina is a bop of the highest order.

    Salami clocks our overzealous stanning ddddd.

    I like it but it's nowhere near as good as everyone made out.


    Definitely not a 3 point song, video, live performance or artist by any stretch but I know everyone will be throwing points bouquets at Sunmistress anyway so imma give others my top honors. Gashina the video remains the best way to experience the full majesty of a superstar at work - Sunmi is charisma. Sunmi is aesthetic. Sunmi is DGAF at doing complex choreo, let's just go with some gun finger pointing and dance drunkenly. Sunmi is probably drunk right now. Queen of the people, for the people. Bop.

    I love you mokimbird unnie but I cannot see BLACKPINK here.

    I don't have a lot of feelings about this song, other than it's really catchy and could plausibly have been a Blackpink comeback. Oh, and Sunmi jiggling her chest in the video is definitely me at every party I've been to.

    Gashina was a grower for ryan_riot92 unnie.

    SHE IS STUNNING … isn’t she? I’ll admit, I wasn’t too impressed by the track when it first saw the light but as time went on and I listened to it more and more … I was droppin’ it like there was no tomorrow! It’s truly amazing to see her go in her own direction!

    Cotton Park brings back this iconic commentary.

    What everyone else said. Again.

    Overdose unnie sure enjoy watching Sunmi sit.

    Queen of seductively sitting and then not sitting and then serving and then sitting seductively yet again. Point your gun at me Sunmi!

    Dddddd I love your description of Sunmi's vocals, D is for Danger! oppar. Tea has been served.

    Sunmi is a star! She can work just about any concept and make it her own. Sure, this is another trop bop that we've heard a million times before, but she kills what she's given. Her vocals have an unrefined and slightly off pitch quality to them, which I like.

    GeiPanda unnie once complained about the non-chorus for a chorus trend but still voted for Gashina. You can't deny a good bop, can you, unnie? Kekeke.

    Queen sells the dreaded trop-bop genre with her incredible stage presence and the "Gashina" hook.

    ajmkv unnie has already ranked Sunmi's singles.

    I knew Sunmi had this in her - I'm so happy to see her continue to release music even after Wonder Girls' sad demise. This won't top 24 Hours but it's better than Full Moon. The non-chorus is a little passé, but who can fault her when the song is a smash? Gashiiiina Gaashinaaaaaaah~

    LA Hallucinations has been rendered speechless.


    Serg. unnie stans for the choreography.

    I'm the subtitles

    Taemin was feeling it.

    That closet scene is absolutely amazing, ThighHighs unnie.

    Absolute BAWPEROO. I live for Sunmi, and she's given me everything I need with this man-hating comeback. C'mon sis, feel your oats a bit. I am the shot of her throwing herself onto the pile of clothes in her closet. Nothing to wear? Relatable, sis.

    Wait, He unnie, what is this triple meaning? Educate me juseyo.

    Such a queen and Korea agrees! This is such a perfect comeback, the video, the performances, THE FACE! Sunmi just has IT. I’m not crazy about tropical house, but she sells this like no other, the choreo in the chorus is everything and the triple meaning of the song title is cool. Now give us a mini! Oh, and fuck JYP :)

  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Well, shit, 230 points. Don't y'all forget to give Gashina a 10 at the Wonder Girls Rate!!!!!!!

    Talent recognizes talent.
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  11. If this was normal scoring month, it would still be enough to beat Blackpink by 5 points. So congrats Sunmi no * next to the record Ddd

    Great winner of course and thanks for hosting Slicey :*
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  12. Ddddddddddddd I live.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I was the Tiffany stan

    and I still don't like Gashina.
  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Love you, oppar!
  16. It's called sarcasm.

    Love you too Shaman Unnie.
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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'll wrap everything up later, babes. Meanwhile, I'm running late for a seminar dddddd byeeeeee.
  18. He


    Gashina apparently means:

    -a rude way to refer a woman, like the b word. But it's not used anymore.
    -rose thorns
    -a word play on "leaving"
  19. "Gashina" used like "wench" is still used in K-dramas all the time. But, that's not really reflective Korean culture.
  20. He


    The more you know.
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