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K-Popjustice Charts - August 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Another I.cia fan?!
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  2. I was trying to think of an obscure group that probably only I liked. Time Bomb was adorable. Kind of cheesy, but adorable. Great chorus. What do I know?
  3. Time Bomb sounds like the theme to TMNT to me, so it's an automatic win for me.
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  4. I am humbled by this boy group love :') I may just cry. Someone noticed ONF's tropical bop album and than makes me really happy.

    I wish this was a full-length song. It's the banger of the album.

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  5. ONF's album is practically flawless. Monotree Masterpiece.
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  6. Snuper only bubbling under.

  7. It makes me sad that Sweetune doesn't have the same demand that the used to back in the day. They basically defined the sound of prolific groups like Infinite, Nine Muses, KARA, Stellar and Rainbow and made their best songs. Nowadays, they mostly work for nugu boy groups, so most kpop fans are missing out on some absolute bops like Snuper, ONF and 100%'s music.

    And as for Monotree (they were once members of Sweetune), I will let their brilliant discography speak for itself.
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member






    Coridel Entertainment

    13 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 15
    Months on Chart: N/A

    5 - @Vesperly
    4 - @send photo
    2 - @Alouder98, @Serg.

    Jessica Jung, Kween of Stank Icy Faces, finally graced our chart and landed in the 15th spot. Not bad for your first time, cyst.

    I... uh, have no desire to listen to this. I don't really enjoy Jessica's music which is a shame because I love her as a person. Oh well, at least the good cyst is earning moolah left and right with her career as a singer, designer, and shade inventor. Love you, unnie!

    Serg. unnie tries to lure me to listen to the album.

    While there's not a song that really sticks out from the bunch it's still an enjoyable listen, especially late at night with headphones on while you're doing absolutely nothing




    Lee Hyori
    Kiwi Media Group

    14 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 2

    5 - @send photo, @Deja-Boo

    Last month's runner up slides a little too far down to the 14th spot. I have a feeling BEST FICTION unnie won't appreciate this placement. Kii.

    I will admit that I haven't listened to this again this month but that's because I was trying to listen to as much new albums as possible. I still think this is a nice little solid album though. We don't get quite enough albums as accomplished as Black.




    DSP Entertainment

    14 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 3
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 2

    3 - @Salami, @SophiaSophia, @Overdose
    2 - @send photo, @He
    1 - @ThighHighs

    Last month's third placer also retreated quite far down the rankings. K.A.R.D's debut mini album, the greatest-hits-realness Hola Hola, spends another month on our chart.

    I still use the singles very much. I love that they sound really cohesive even though they were released months apart. That's what you get for only releasing tropical bops, Kings and Kweens. Kekeke.

    I hope J.Seph snubs your ass, ThighHighs unnie. I'm kidding. Kekeke.

    Seeing them in 2.5 weeks! Prepared to swoon over J.Seph in person.

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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Glen Check
    Soundholic Entertainment

    16 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 12
    Months on Chart: 1

    6 - @Squashua
    5 - @ryan_riot92
    3 - @Ceir
    2 - @D is for Danger!


    This is just the first album that y'all sent in the main chart. Y'all did that. xoxo

    The Glen Check Experience is the latest mini album of the group. Wikipedia isn't exactly helping me here, cysts, so please bear with me. An indie whore, I am not.

    I have a feeling this album isn't for me, Ceir unnie.

    Y'all, this is some DARK. SHIT. But, I love it. It's emotionally charged and kinda gritty sounding and I'm living for it.

    And highest scorer, Squashua unnie, showers us with references. STAN A BITSY.

    I guarantee you there's nothing else out there on the K-sphere that sounds like this EP. It's brutal, threatening, experimental, unflinchingly raw in its emotional output in a way only the best hip-hop music can be. Some of the production reminds me of notorious American rap outfit, Run the Jewels but with some Plan B-esque vocals on top of the hurricane of sounds. Find the White Rabbit is a sci-fi horror in the dark alleyways of your mind soundtracked by the Prodigy, Long Strange Days Pt.1 mutates between stark lonely Autumn evenings and a (probably hallucinogenic aided) universe only your eyes can see whilst Kanye wishes he had the production values on the vocal effect heavy, sinister electro-jungle vibes of Rude & Confused (the Chemical Brothers vibes are so strong and I LOVE that). Masterful.




    SM Entertainment

    16 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 4
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 2

    6 - @Serg., @Sanctuary
    2 - @Aries
    1 - @Salami, @eccentricsimply


    I'm kidding, of course. I'm not that evil.

    Or am I?

    The War is EXO's fourth studio album and first as an eight-member group.

    Wait. You mean to tell me Lay is still part of the group???

    Okay, thank you.

    This is another album that I haven't revisited in a while. I remember liking this though. I specifically remember The Eve being a highlight. I'll stay perched for the repackage though.

    Serg. believes that honesty is the best policy.

    I'd lie if I said this is not my most played album of the month




    Amoeba Culture

    18 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    Damn. These K-Indiejustice hunties ain't playing huh. Although I'm not sure if Primary oppa is indie or not. Don't @ me.

    Shininryu is not even Primary's latest album. The fvck. No, he just released another album, Pop, but no one voted for that. Poor it. There's always next time.

    I only know Primary because of that song he did with my fave AOA member, Choa. Y'all need to check that out. It made my life better. Here it is.

    I have yet to check his new albums but I will make sure to do so. Everyone's in love with Primary so he may be my cup of tea too.

    Say goodbye to the nugu-loving Squashua unnie. He's now a card-carrying member of the K-Indiejustice squad. So long, my friend.

    The album most people won't even be aware of considering Pop is now a thing and has Solji among others on it. Honestly though? This delve into unknown singers and paired down production is far and away better. There's a lot of good stuff to stumble upon here: Baby is a groove-laden beast, ~42 with its quirky indie film MV aesthetics is the summer girl/boy anthem that never was, Night Flower is a Jamiroquai disco gem with a hilariously off-kilter MV concept and @Ceir's favourite Lukewarm is worthy of all these points alone. Beautiful vocals, those mind lapping synth waves across the sparse minimalist landscape make for a dream world all their own.

    Ceir unnie clocks Primary's obsession with features.

    It took his company's ass two weeks to put this on spotify, but is so full of good songs! Nightflower and Lukewarm are my favorite. He also has more uptempo numbers and of course 3,000 features.

    Cotton Park unnie is angry. SHOUT IT OUT, BABE!

    Primary's taking KRNB to new levels of perfection. Every track is fucking perfect. The kind of vibe that makes me feel bad for people that can't handle anything not sung in English. Pleh. Such fucking losers.

    A bop.
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    Slice of Life Staff Member



    MBK Entertainment

    19 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    6 - @junglefish, @GeiPanda
    3 - @LightningRider
    2 - @Cotton Park, @ajmkv

    The mini album that launched debates upon debates. Kii.

    But to end the discussions, yes, this is actually just a mini album despite containing so much songs. This is Kim Kwang Soo's world and we're just living in it.

    Love Generation is the third mini album of Chaeyeon and Friends. It contains 11 songs and a instrumental version of the single. They are 6 songs labelled as 'versions' and I'm not really sure what it means. Either way, the album made our chart and that's what matters.

    Was this album released late though? Cuz I didn't get to listen to it. Poor it. I promise I'll listen because I actually like the single.

    Why is this so shady, Cotton Park? Ddddd.

    Wow. DIA did that. A completely unexpectedly perfect full album from KPop's perennial also-rans.

    ajmkv unnie is having troubles. Kii.

    Ugh I don't want to but I like this.

    You can keep the Apink cast-offs, girls. Please tell them that, LightningRider bby.

    Even if the title track isn’t your thing there’s a song here for everyone: tropi-bops, bass slappers, LSD aegyo, Apink cast-offs… and I’m messy so I like all of it.

    And GeiPanda stans. I'm excited to hear this Gain homage.

    Collectively, this album is pretty flawless! There's all kinds of genres... even a cutesy version of what sounds like Ga-In's "Carnival (End Again)".




    Happy Face Entertainment

    20 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 5
    Peak Position: 5
    Months on Chart: 2

    6 - @D is for Danger!
    5 - @Serg.
    3 - @Cotton Park, @eccentricsimply
    2 - @GeiPanda
    1 - @LightningRider

    The Dreamcatcher hunties rallied to keep this on the charts and they did it! Dreamcatcher's first mini album, Prequel, just fell three spots down to number 8. YATH.

    I finally listened to this album! I didn't vote for it but I really enjoyed it. Sleep-walking is really that bop huh. I'm impressed. I hope these girls get to witness a semblance of relevance in Korea though. They need to make it.

    Did you... did you just slander Fly High, Serg. unnie??? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

    The album is fucking fantastic, but SO SHORT??!?!?! I'm actually fuming, Fly High in all of its glory is the worst track on the album, Wake Up is that pop-rock masterpiece with a rush of a chorus, Sleep Walking is a bop for ages and Trust Me is flawless for someone who likes ballads and yes thats me

    Apple Music? I never heard of her, GeiPanda unnie. Kekeke. It's because I'm technology-challenged.

    Admittedly, I never even bothered to listen to Dreamcatcher because none of their songs were up on Apple Music until very recently. But I totally see why they are beloved here.

    I... I didn't think you did not enjoy this type of music, Cotton Park-nim. I'm shqqk.

    This isn't really my kind of music. But they are so talented and charismatic, the cult now owns me.




    Source Music

    22 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    5 - @junglefish, @GeiPanda
    2 - @Slice of Life, @Vesperly, @ThighHighs

    And GFriend return to our chart with their fifth mini album, Parallel.

    Okay, before we talk about the music/album, can I just say how much I LOVE that album cover?

    Like, yath, sl*y me with that back against the camera pose, Eunha! And those shorts... amazeballs! Kweens. This is the first time that I liked GFriend's album cover dddddd. I always thought the photographers that Source Music hire don't know the best angles of the girls. Thankfully, they corrected that mistake this time around.

    Okay, back to the music. I really enjoyed this. Those two points that I threw at it are not enough for the amount of enjoyment I got from this release. This is probably the first GFriend mini album that I enjoyed in full. This is full of amazing bops.

    The girls will be coming back this September with the repackage version of Parallel and I am already perched.

  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




    25 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    6 - @ryan_riot92
    5 - @Ceir, @Cotton Park, @ohnostalgia
    4 - @Squashua

    And the highest charting indie album of this edition goes to the lovely Yeseo with her first EP, Million Things. A pretty deserved achievement, if I may add.

    I was browsing the Internet a few weeks ago and I chanced upon her music. I downloaded all of her shit but I sadly didn't have the time to listen to it. But now that the lovely hunties of K-Popjustice have spoken, I feel like I really need to listen to this. I heard bits and pieces already and there's a lot to enjoy here.

    Let's just go to the knowledgeable people, shall we?

    I have a feeling Squashua unnie likes this slightly. Am I correct in this assumption, cyst?

    RUDE IS A MASTERPIECE. You should already know this, but what about everything else? Ho boy get ready for the album equivalent of not leaving your lover's bedroom for 24 hours with only a small chink of light peeping through the curtains thinking - What is night? What is day? What is love? What are we? Go check out Silhouette next in all its sensual twinkly droplet minimalism (lovely MV too) or maybe Lazy Mary Jane's ode to getting lifted and falling into a 60's surf rock haze for an hour or two. The song-to-song journey from sparse soundscapes and pointed sexuality to rejoicing in the boppery of unbridled emotions is a masterful experience and one should definitely hop on whenever the mood next takes you.

    Ooh, someone's lost for words. Cotton Park, what's good?

    I'm just completely speechless.

    Why does the 'self written, self composed, self produced' part giving me 'biracial, bisexual, bipolar' teas though, Ceir unnie? Dddddd I'm so sorry. Stan away, babe.

    Self written, self composed, self produced. The goes from tropical lightness of Rude, to the sparse Silhoutte, to rnb, an everything in between.




    Red Velvet
    SM Entertainment

    25 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    6 - @LA Hallucinations
    5 - @SophiaSophia
    4 - @Salami
    3 - @He, @ryan_riot92
    2 - @Overdose
    1 - @Aries, @Kuhleezi

    The bop-loving citizens of K-Popjustice prevailed against the indie crowd this time around. Red Velvet barely made it to top 5 with their latest effort, The Red Summer. Shqqk.

    I use this so much still. Like, I listen to this at least every 2 days. Sure, I still think Rookie is the better 2017 Red Velvet release but The Red Summer contains amazing bops too. So no complains from this side, babes.


    My babe, LA Hallucinations, is also in the same boat as me.

    Still use this in heavy rotation.




    (Identity repackage)
    Star Empire

    11 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 9
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 3

    5 - @D is for Danger!, @ThighHighs
    4 - @GeiPanda, @Kuhleezi
    3 - @Serg., @Squashua
    2 - @Salami, @Sanctuary, @ohnostalgia, @digitalkaiser

    Yes, I'm counting Identity and Love City as one album and there's nothing y'all can do about it. Kekeke.

    Love City is the third part of Muses Diary series. I honestly don't know how many parts there are but I'm bopping and that's what counts in the end.

    This is still such a solid ride of an album and a welcome change from Namyu's typical, perfect Sweetune bops.

    Serg., sweatie, you didn't like Remember before? Are you ryan_riot92's second account?

    Absolutely love the album, it's like a mix of bops/midtempo ballads and I'm completely sold and I even started liking Remember

    Squashua unnie is here to correct ha past mistakes.

    Did I vote for the Part 2 when Remember came out? I can't remember... kekeke. Anyway, let me make up for that slight now with a few points. Remember is still a bop (even if I don't use it so much), Love City has warmed on me but Sojin's breathy random dictionary words bingo rap deserved a better chorus, Pastry is SO Kylie it might as well be an Aphrodite demo and Two of Us is like the Nine Muses of old. Can you imagine the Classic 9 line up releasing it? Oh. My. Shaman. but also sad.

    I love pastry too, ThighHighs bby. Oh wait, we're not talking about the food? Oh, okay.

    The album titles just keep getting worse, but I stan for the whole album. I haven't stopped listening since Part 2 came out. "Pastry" is their best album track ever?

  12. @Slice of Life come for me and my half-asleep ramblings all you want, but I'm too damn excited about the stuff I listen to charting.
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Cube Entertainment

    43 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    6 - @Deja-Boo
    5 - @Salami, @Sanctuary
    4 - @ajmkv
    3 - @PopZeitgeist, @ThighHighs, @LA Hallucinations, @Kuhleezi, @digitalkaiser
    2 - @junglefish, @Squashua, @karmarisma
    1 - @Vesperly, @ohnostalgia





    HyunA finally came back with her new mini album, Following. And even though it had the disadvantage of being released quite late, it still managed to hit top 3. TALENT.

    No but seriously, I hate myself for voting early.

    I never vote early. I always wait for the last relevant release before I submit my ballot. It's just that for this edition, I already heard SO MUCH NEW MUSIC and I thought those were enough. I even threw Taeyang a bone and voted for his album ddddd.

    Sigh. I should've waited. Patience is indeed a virtue.

    I'll let y'all speak for this album since I WAS EXCLUDED FROM THE NARRATIVE.

    I haven't heard the album yet and you already have your faves, ThighHighs???

    Dart and Mirror are the ones for me.

    LA Hallucinations unnie is at least honest.

    90% of my plays for this are from Babe ddd.

    This commentary makes me really excited to listen to the album now, Squashua unnie.

    Not sure i've actually listened to a HyunA mini all the way through but was pleasantly surprised by the diversity on offer. There's her old shouty, club banjee self on the title track (which they probably would have released as the actual single if they could - FFS Cube), Dart is refreshingly paired back and Mirror is that smoking RnB ballad where she's never sounded so alluringly subtle. This was probably the right move after all the post-4Minute controversy and, honestly, i'm here for it.

    And despite giving this 4 points, Comeback Kween ajmkv still found a way to shade Miss Kim HyunA.

    Surprisingly fresh release from this queen of rehashes.

  14. I had Glen Check Experience and Muses Diary Part 3: LOVECITY on my first ballot. Until Slice-ssi pointed out that it had 11 items on it. Scandal pop. Oops. Oops.
    Was my six. (Well, I tried to make an 11.) Anyone else?
    I enjoy it, just until DC (or Dreamcathcer[sic]) I didn't listen to it much. I'm more of an R&B person these days.
    So, my new favorite J-Rock band is a South Korean Girl Group. They beat out Band-Maid, Scandal and Babymetal. (Who sound great in a playlist with all of DC's stuff.)
    You fucking crack me up. I was thinking the same thing. Eunha!

    Saranghae! MUAH!
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




    Cube Entertainment

    62 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    Voices of Taste/Voters:
    6 - @send photo, @Slice of Life, @ajmkv
    5 - @BEST FICTION, @He
    4 - @LA Hallucinations, @ryan_riot92, @eccentricsimply, @ohnostalgia
    3 - @Alouder98, @Vesperly
    2 - @PopZeitgeist, @LightningRider, @Gintoki, @Kuhleezi
    1 - @Serg., @junglefish, @Cotton Park, @digitalkaiser


    @ajmkv unnie, we did it!!!



    Okay, let's start with the basics ddddd.

    Free'sm is the 6th mini album of the chameleon-like ladies of CLC. To call this a departure from the Crystyle mini is an understatement.

    They basically flushed the Crystyle sound like it was yesterday's feces. I'm screaming!

    I think it's safe to say that I actually found y'all's Crystyle stanning a little overboard dddd. Sure, that mini is great. But Free'sm is just a different kind of beast.

    First of all, there's no weirdness here. Everything sounds natural and unforced which I can't say about Crystyle. I was sooooo afraid they'll pull an Apink and release sleeping pill songs. Thank God they didn't.

    My current favourites are, of course, Where Are You, Call My Name and I Like It. Spoiler alert all three songs are part of our main chart for songs too. Kekekeke.

    As for the Free'sm album title, I'm still confused. To me, it probably is a play on the word Prism. They just shoved Free there and called it a day. I dunno. Hit me up with your theories, unnies. Let's solve this mystery scandal pop!

    Dddddddd Serg. only gave this 1 point but managed to drag a shit ton of other artists in ha commentary. SCREAM.

    I thought a lot about what I should put here, CLC's album is okay-ish I mean Call My Name is absolutely fantastic, also title track is great other songs are take it or leave it. PRISTIN was dissapointing, We Like & We Are Pristin are bops but besides that? Victon also had a really cute album and I'm sad I'm leaving them out

    You should at least check out Crystyle, LA Hallucinations unnie.

    Dddd, you've told me that their previous output hasn't been good but this is a cute little bop sequence.

    YATH the number of subgenres on this album is amazing, Cotton Park unnie.

    I have no idea what the title means but I love it. This is like a gumbo of KPop subgenres and they pull it off this time.

    And of course, the OG CLC stan should close this post. Thank you for coming back and saving CLC with it, ajmkv unnie! Saranghae!

    I know I stan CLC almost blindly, but honestly this album's quite good. Haters to the left.

  16. Where Are You? better smash on the singles too. Not 2017 being CLC's year except in Korea where no one buys their stuff.
  17. Free'sm = Free SM

    It's a clear subliminal message to SM Entertainment, free our girls f(x) and let them release their next opus! #freefx
  18. Congrats to SNSD, thankfully all my albums charted
  19. He


    CLC have released so many bops this year.

    Why are they going so unnoticed?
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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    You may have failed to send Taeyeon's My Voice to the top spot. But you did it with Girls' Generation though. SL&Y A BIT.

    This one's for you, maknae-ya.

    @Alouder98, LEMME HEAR YOU SCREAM!


    Girls' Generation
    SM Entertainment

    84 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    6 - @Alouder98, @Salami, @SophiaSophia, @He
    5 - @Slice of Life, @eccentricsimply, @Kuhleezi, @Overdose
    4 - @Vesperly, @Serg., @ThighHighs, @digitalkaiser
    3 - @send photo, @Aries, @Sanctuary, @junglefish, @Gintoki, @GeiPanda, @ohnostalgia
    2 - @ryan_riot92


    10 years in the business and still topping the charts.

    Oh wait.


    Topping relevant charts, I mean. Gaon who?

    Holiday Night is the sixth full album of So Nyeo Shi Dae and it might just be their best yet??? I know; I'm also shqqk.

    Holiday Night is led by its two amazing singles, Holiday and All Night. Mix them together and you'll get Holiday Night! Wow, I love logic.

    But in all seriousness, this is quite the achievement. To be able to release music of this caliber outside of your glory days is astonishing. I love them for it. It's now probably my favourite Girls' Generation album - dethroning Mr.Mr in the process.

    I did a cute little review of this album on the Girls' Generation thread. Lemme copy and paste that shit here. Kekeke.

    The album as a whole is very, very consistent and sleek. That's what I like most about it. I always thought SNSD's album are always so messy with no consistency whatsoever. But Holiday Night is different. Everything sounds complementary to each other.

    Also, can we talk about Seohyun's vocals? Like, damn girl, she has really grown into a major star. I think her solo debut really helped her a lot.

    There's another song that I want to highlight but it charted in the Main Chart for Songs so lemme do it later instead. xoxo

    SophiaSophia outs herself as a Shoujo Jidai stan.

    It's better than Lionheart but I've always been a Shoujo Jidai fan than a Sonyeo Shidae fan.

    What are these horrific songs you are talking about, Serg. unnie??? Can't locate them. xoxo

    Has some horrific songs but it's still very solid effort for them without their best member

    ThighHighs only needs one word (repeated thrice) to describe the album.

    Bops on bops on bops.

    Meanwhile, the girls earned a new fan in Overdose. YATH.

    I've always liked SNSD but I finally got an album from them worth loving with this. Give me that uplifting funk pop that I love queens.

    And of course, who could close this post better than the sanest Girls' Generation stan in the whole forum? Kekeke. Alouder98, kill us already!

    I've said a lot about this in Girls Generation thread so I just say if you haven't still listened to this album, give it a shot even if you don't like their previous albums. It's their most consistent Korean album and honestly everything I wanted from SNSD. If you tell me this is their last album, then I'm proud that my girls went out with a strong record.


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