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K-Popjustice Charts - August 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. He


    Ugh I should have given Weki Meki at least a 6, I'm obsessed with the song now!

    Amazing, showstopping choreo; ridiculously all over the place production; but oh so infectious.

    My new shower anthem.
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  2. I strongly dislike Choi Yoojung.
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  3. He


    Is that you, Roux?
  4. The plot thickens. kii
    No but seriously, I had no idea the good sis @roux didn't like her either. I can't even explain why she annoys me so much, she just does.

  5. Yes, I followed him n n n.
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  6. He


    I see how she's a bit extra, but she is so cute and talented.

    I think Roux started hating everyone in IOI, at some point. His rate will forever remain iconique, though.
  7. mmm he crossed Doyeon out.
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the Free'sm mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    31 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 17
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @ohnostalgia SCREAM
    6 - @Vesperly, @digitalkaiser
    5 - @PopZeitgeist, @Gintoki

    Guess what? CLC can never be not-4Minute-lite ever again. I Like It proves that.

    I Like It is the closest thing that sounds like the Crystyle songs. And you know what? It absolutely bops. It sounds like a single too which is a shame because it will never be one. Poor it.

    My favourite part of the song is definitely the chorus which is very cheerleader trash. The "unnie, unnie" background chant is such a moment.

    No one left an official comment but of course, I will find a way to get one. Here's ohnostalgia unnie's commentary for the song during her first listen.

    Not the third song stealing the melody line from man in the mirror


    This is the trashy stuff I like from Kpop that you all shade me for stanning

    Why are you stanning!!!

    Someone help this unnie out. Kii.




    Girls' Generation
    from the Holiday Night album
    SM Entertainment

    33 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 16
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Salami, @Gintoki
    7 - @Alouder98
    3 - @send photo, @junglefish

    And another win for the great non-singles.

    One Last Time is the sixth track of Girls' Generation KPJC number 1 album, Holiday Night. And... oh wow, I can't deal with these emotions WTF.

    I have to admit I didn't quite get the love this got from y'all when I first listened to it. I mean, I thought it was vocally amazing but that was it. I didn't get why @junglefish was stanning like he was a SONE since Girls' Generation's pre-debut days. I was like, SIMMER DOWN A BIT, UNNIE.

    But one fateful afternoon, the song hit me like a bulldozer.

    I was listening to this album while riding the bus. I was going home, tired, kinda sleepy but ultimately happy. Then the opening notes started AND I ALMOST LOST IT DDDDD. WTF I FEEL ATTACKED Y'ALL. And since then, I have been a fan.

    Seohyun's "so give me one" chants are so, so powerful and I want it tattooed on my soul asap. The good cyst definitely stole the spotlight here. And it is well-deserved. Maknae did that.

    Salami unnie compares One Last Time to another fan favourite.

    Joins Trick as a classic album track never to see the light of day.




    NCT Dream
    from the We Young mini album
    SM Entertainment

    36 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 15
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Slice of Life
    8 - @send photo
    7 - @Aries
    5 - @junglefish
    4 - @eccentricsimply
    2 - @ThighHighs


    We Young is the amazing new single off NCT Dream's first mini album. And I genuinely think this is one of the better boy group songs of the year. Yeah, I said it.

    I admit Chewing Gum was more of a guilty pleasure. Despite me stanning so hard for that song, I know deep within my soul that Chewing Gum is not for the faint of heart ddddd. My First and Last was cute and saw the kids slightly mature. I probably used that track for two months only.





    We Young is a shimmering stupendous single. The fact that y'all aren't stanning with me SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Don't you have functioning hearts? GET TF OUT OF HERE.

    I've been reading fan theories (yes, don't @ me) that this could be one of the last comeback singles (if not the last) of Mark with NCT Dream. My poor baby is already grown up. DELETE IT. It makes me incredibly sad because he is such a good leader to the other Dreamies and a great face of the group.

    I can only imagine my meltdown when Chenle becomes 18 and has to leave NCT Dream too. I'M NOT READY.

    Anyway, please, PLEASE listen to the song, watch the adorable live performances, remove your bias for a minute or two, and prepare to be blown away by capital T talent.

    *mic drop*

    send photo is a shady binch but I love ha still.

    i forget the name but it genuinely bops

    And this commentary from ThighHighs truly makes me happy. KWEEN OF TASTE.

    This song is truly sublime. Sl*y me tweens. "We go UP, we go DOWN, we gon' shut this whole city DOWNN" is the part where my wig flies.

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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Girls' Generation
    from the Holiday Night album
    SM Entertainment

    37 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 14
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @Gintoki
    8 - @Alouder98
    6 - @PopZeitgeist, @ohnostalgia
    3 - @He, @digitalkaiser

    -----B O P A L E R T-----

    What more can I say about this track? It just honest-to-God bops hard.

    Fan is the final non-single off Girls' Generation's new album that made our chart. And it deserves that distinction. This is probably my most favourite non-single too and I would vote for this on a weaker month. Alas, August proved to be a bloodbath.

    I love that it sounds both old and new. You know, like this could be released during 1974 or 2244. Amazeballs.

    To me, this is the sequel to Lovelyz's Destiny that I never got. They're both rather emotional but isn't sleep-inducing - definitely my kind of emotibop.

    He unnie only needed two words.

    A bop

    And is Alouder98 subtweeting @ohnostalgia here? Keke.

    Oh nostalgia.




    Red Velvet
    from the The Red Summer mini album
    SM Entertainment

    41 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    8 - @SophiaSophia
    7 - @mokimbird, @Mikl C
    5 - @Salami, @LA Hallucinations, @Overdose
    2 - @Serg., @Aries

    OH WOW.

    Last month's runaway winner just completely bombed out of the top 10.

    But honestly this isn't that surprising. Their previous songs, Russian Roulette and Rookie, also experienced very significant downfall during their second month on the KPJC. October's number, Russian Roulette, charted at number 18 on its second month. And February's runner up, Rookie, DIDN'T CHART AT ALL ON ITS SECOND MONTH. Yes, not even on the Bubbling Under Charts. Kii.

    Why am I telling y'all this though?

    Anyway, whatever. The song is still a massive bop and I continue to use and abuse it all day, everyday. It's now probably on my top 5 singles of 2017 ddddd.

    Overdose unnie continues to stan.

    Still listening. Still bopping. Still Summer for me.

    Okay but why is this the most adorable story ever, mokimbird unnie?

    I spent the last two weeks of summer traveling through the South to meet a bunch of friends from the Internet in person, and I sang along to this with one of them and her adorable kids. It was amazing and the highlight of that visit.


  10. Red Velvet dropped because of so many new releases it'd be top 10 if it was boring release month
  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    OGUOGU (Mina and Hyeyeon of gu9udan)
    from the Ice Ice single album
    Jellyfish Entertainment

    47 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 12
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @He
    9 - @JuanJose, @ryan_riot92
    7 - @Squashua
    5 - @LightningRider, @digitalkaiser
    2 - @Vesperly

    After losing* Orange Caramel, I think we deserved this kind of kooky subunit.

    *[citation needed]

    Will OGUOGU ever reach Orange Caramel's level of notoriety though? Or even just Strawberry Milk's? Only time will tell.

    All I know is that Ice Chu is a bop and deserves all the love in the world. The music video is also such a scream. I think it just confirmed that Mina and Hyeyeon are iljins. Someone save GodSejeong from these filthy sly foxes!!!1!1!

    I just want to know what the hell is happening in Korea and why are they appropriating Hawaiian culture so much these days???

    I mean, EXID pretty much released the new Hawaiian National Anthem with How Why.

    And then Weki Meki's name is obviously inspired by the world-famous Waikiki.

    And now, these OGUOGU ladies are singing about freaking Honolulu???

    I stand with you, Hawaiian hunties! Even if I love K-Pop with all of my body and soul, I will not tolerate this kind of disrespect. I am with you. xoxo

    Squashua unnie is probably the biggest gugu stan in the whole subforum and he explains why.

    I kinda stan Gugudan? Wonderland was a shoulder seal slap of 80's cheese pop, A Girl Like Me thundered into our collective forum consciousness like a monster truck and then there's this. What do you call this? Grand Theft Auto: Disco Dessert Aisle? I mean what in the world.... The song on its own would probably just be ok if it weren't for the deranged homicidal maniac video, the robo-deadpan choreography moment and the dance break to end all dance breaks (and single-handedly be greater, more iconic than any of RPDR Season 9's offerings). The maknaes did that. I dare you to not be hollering Honolulololuuloluuuuuuuu~~~ like a Hawaiian tour guide in the midst of a nervous breakdown before this song is out.

    Hawaiian culture appropriation and bullying the ice cream community??? ryan_riot92 unnie sees through you, OGUOGU ladies!

    To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting this to be great but OBVIOUSLY I was completely wrong! It’s such a jam!! That dance break is EVERYTHING too! I love the fact that they kept the popsicle microphones for the live performances. It gives me “Pretty Pretty” vibes and I think that’s why I dig it so much. What’s sad about this is these girls are kind of ruining this nice community of ice cream people without hesitation… I bet they regret growing these girls now …

    But it is He unnie who showers OGUOGU with the most love (and points) this time around. STAN AWAY, BABE.

    Subunit perfection. Zero vocal skills with tremendous aegyo and THAT dance break! Yas! Mina might have lost her cute baby fat but she is still incredibly charming and Hyeyeon is just adorable. The Honolulu lyric is a highlight and a shower favorite.





    Kim Lip (of LOOΠΔ)
    from the Kim Lip single album

    48 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 3

    11 - @Cotton Park
    8 - @LA Hallucinations, @ajmkv
    6 - @send photo, @Mikl C
    5 - @SophiaSophia
    4 - @JuanJose

    Is Eclipse the new TT/Playing With Fire (aka songs that never die)???

    Well, it might as well be because it is back by popular demand on our chart!

    After not charting last month, Kim Lip's solo single, the Daniel Obi Klein-produced Eclipse, easily slipped its way to the 11th spot. LEGENDS ONLY.

    I mean, what more can we even say about this except it's perfect???

    Yeah, it's perfect. This is how you do a solo debut. This is how you do things, period. Kim Lip is such a stunning little kween and I am so ready for her to scalp us all again with her fellow Odd Eye Circle cystrens.

    Trust me, ajmkv unnie. Eclipse's impact is still felt up to this day.

    This grew on me massively, unfortunately I missed its first impact on these charts, but hopefully some points from me will help its longevity! This is a beautiful, lush song.

    Meanwhile, LA Hallucinations dropped some pretty nice words for Lip unnie.

    Best Kpop song of the year.

    And what about Cotton Park unnie giving this fourth month old song ha 11? KWEEN.

    This is the best sultry, sensual, luscious slow jam since "Automatic." Anyone who hasn't seen the dance version video should stop right now, find it, get headphones on and fullscreen it. It's absolutely perfect.

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  13. I try not to vote for old songs and make sure it's all new songs every month. But y'all could've told me we were voting for Eclipse.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    In which we discover that @junglefish is a fake ass hoe.


    from the Parallel mini album
    Source Music

    60 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    11 - @GeiPanda
    10 - @BEST FICTION
    9 - @ThighHighs
    8 - @Aries, @Mikl C
    4 - @Slice of Life, @junglefish (FLOP FAKE STAN)
    3 - @Vesperly, @LightningRider



    Remember how @junglefish unnie almost tried to get us all killed when he learned we weren't really feeling GFriend's latest single?

    Well, turns out the binch is a fake GFriend stan and only gave Love Whisper a measly score of 4. You don't hype a song up only for you to do it this wrong, precious. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. LEARN FROM THIS.

    Okay, enough about that trick. I'm honestly just pressed because he didn't submit commentary when he CLEARLY told me he will do so. I NEVER FORGET, CYST.

    Back to the music.

    You know what? I am actually a super big fan of this now dddddddd. Like, of course, this will never be on the level of Me Gustas Tu, Rough and Fingertip (hush haters!) but it's still such a tune. It's like DIA's take on a GFriend song. It's solid but nowhere near as good.


    DIA's Can't Stop should've gone to GFriend instead and I guarantee that it would at least reach top 3. Poor DIA. They had the better song but they still ended up losing. My poor cosplaying kweens.

    Also, can we talk about Umji's AMAZING TRANSFORMATION into a stunning babe??? Like, how is she so pretty nowadays??? Glow-up of the century teebs. I'm so jealous.

    Anyway, GFriend is gonna come back AGAIN this September and I have a strong feeling that it would make us all forget Love Whisper's pretty but mediocre ass. Please be good!

    Same, LightningRider unnie. Same.

    Yes, it's reductive to their first few singles (and not as good), but I have been getting my life to it lately. Yes, my queens, kill me with your cutesy schtick.

    And GeiPanda unnie stans for ha life. I bet you loved this after meeting Kween Umji in Hongkong. Kekeke.

    Kii at me initially thinking this was the worst, reductive decision for GFriend to revert back to their roots... to it being my favorite song of the month. In fact, maybe even my favorite GFriend song ever. The only half-critique I have about it now is that it's basically Yuju's song - her amazing vocals dominate pretty much all of the track, making the rest of the members kind of fade into the background? She even shares part of useless visual Sowon's two lines!

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  15. He



    It was in my top ten.

    But yas, go Kim Lip!
  16. [​IMG]

    FIRST OF ALL whore. I did not rank it higher because every single one of you (except my dear @BEST FICTION ) DRAGGED that poor song and my precious school girls to no end. Had I known that some people (@GeiPanda, @Mikl C, @ThighHighs, @Aries) were going to give it so many points, I would have ranked it way higher! I didn't even think it would chart teebs. So it's not my fault. It's yours.

    Second, it was released too early in the month and better songs took over my life dddd bye.
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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




    from the SCHXXL OUT mini album
    Pledis Entertainment

    60 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @mokimbird, @JuanJose
    8 - @Serg., @BEST FICTION
    7 - @Vesperly
    5 - @eccentricsimply
    4 - @PopZeitgeist
    2 - @Ceir, @GeiPanda, @ajmkv, @digitalkaiser

    I LIKE






    DU. DU. DU. DU.



    We Like is the latest divisive single of the lovely ladies of Pristin.

    And I can't stop playing this HJALP.

    I mean, I didn't vote for this but why am I so helplessly entranced by this?

    The song, for better or for worse, is a gigantic mess. The rapid-fire delivery of the verses, the iconic Xiyeon-Kyulkyung section, the barely there rapping, the nonexistent chorus, the Aguilerian wailings of Kyla... IT'S TOO MUCH.

    But despite all of this, the song kinda works. It really does.

    Wee Woo was cute for about 2 seconds. (I admit that I bop to it every now and then though. That chorus is still amazing.) But We Like is the opposite of that. I love it the more I listen to it. I love the craziness and messiness of it. Relatable bop. If only they have a killer choreography like Weki Meki though. Kii.

    I'm also gonna need a Xiyeon-Kyulkyung subunit asap ok thank you. They even got more attractive. Even Yuha (fka Discount Yezi) suddenly looks like the Miss Universe now. Thank Shaman Unnie they gave her an amazing hair color this time around.

    Let's start the commentary time with ajmkv unnie. I admit I was shocked when you only gave this 2 points, babe.

    My Pwintheth Xiyeon getting the most vocal time, yassss justice. This is an interesting song with an interesting structure. I'm not sure if it will hold up after a while, but it's certainly decent at the very least. Thank the LORD that Nayoung has been relegated to the background, I have never been able to stand her raps. Bai girl.

    eccentricsimply unnie, no one judges your music taste here, you know. Kekeke.

    I don't want to comment this

    What the hell is this rearranged version, GeiPanda unnie?

    This vote is for the rearranged version. The "I got a crush on you" part works sooo much better as the chorus.


    Y'all already saw my posts about singing this. I don't need to really say more.

    Serg. unnie is seriously trying it by dragging Weki Meki every single time. NOT ON MY WATCH, BEAST.

    Now I won't be having any 'this is trash' comments especially from people who gave weki meki points

    And mokimbird unnie is serving a lot of amazing commentary this edition. Including this!

    They di-di-di-di-di-did that.


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  18. A disgrace.
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  19. Slice of Life

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