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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Slice of Life

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  2. He


    Who si that crotch grabbing kween?

    Dead at Sunny.
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  3. Uhm Jung Hwa should be higher!!!

  4. Koda Kumi
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  5. He


  6. Ageism is the real problem now in music industry....and Kpopjustice subforum isn't an exception
    even though she looks like 25.
  7. I've honestly just heard of her. It's probably because she's a solo artist mostly.
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  8. He


    Yeah, I do not check for solo artists, from the thumbail I thought she was 25, so.

    No ageism from me.
  9. Slice of Life

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    from the Memory mini album

    39 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 3
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @Vesperly
    8 - @He
    7 - @Aries, @Slice of Life, @ThighHighs

    And the talented ladies of Mamamoo spends another month in the Top 5. S L A Y, etc!!!

    The truly iconic performance that they did during the Blue Dragon Film Awards is reignited my love for this bop for the month of December. They really did that.

    Here's hoping they explore this sound more and not return to their Mama-meh past. That would totally be a disaster.

    Let's hear it from you, unnies. 8-giver He is gonna start us off.

    I do not like their belting ways, but I’ve fallen for them with this song. Hope they keep at it.

    Me too, love. Me too.

    The only other unnie who left a comment for the Moo? It's ThighHighs. Take it away, kween.

    Expect this to rise even higher in my charts next month. I'm just now getting around to being obsessed with this. Not even Yoona's runs can compete with these gals.

    Yoona? Vocal runs?


    I know what you mean though. Kii.

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  10. I'm so proud I know how to say it right now!
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  11. Winner of Hottest Asian Artist Award at MAMA 2011 AND Minzy's BFF belongs here!
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    39 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 3

    8 - @Gintoki
    7 - @He, @ajmkv, @PopZeitgeist
    5 - @Aries, @ryan_riot92


    Wait. That sounds wrong. I swear it sounded better in my head. Kii.

    Anyway, the PJ-controversial Twice finds themselves spending another month in the Top 5. Despite several claims regarding Twice's overratedness, y'all actually still bop to their songs! EXPOSE YASELF A BIT.

    I'm also happy... and a little creeped out, let's be real... that 'just like TT' has become a low-key, indie PJ meme. Snatch that PJ relevance, gerls!!!

    Personally, I still use this as much as I did for the past two months. IT REALLY POPS OFF, OKAY? So yeah, I'm also a victim of the TT syndrome.

    What about you, unnies? Does TT also make you TT?

    He has some... questionable things to say about this song.

    Amazing vocal runs in this one.

    Vocal runs? Coming from Twice?


    Regular club-goer ajmkv shares some tidbit for us.

    Well, this grew on me. I credit the Areia Remix for transforming this song into an absolute and inescapable club banger.

    I bet you slutdrop regularly to this. Kii.

    And ryan_riot92 is just here for the bops.

    Still a solid certified bop. I don’t care if TWICE have no vocal talent. If they keep delivering me tunes like this, I’m golden.

    Me too, cyst. Me too.

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  13. Vocal-runs? TT? @He my dearest were you having a mini MRJKPOP-rates-YoonAh-Vocal-Runs moment? I actually do enjoy TT though.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the Square Two mini album
    YG Entertainment

    41 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    9 - @Aries
    8 - @ThighHighs
    7 - @send photo
    6 - @Gintoki
    5 - @Vesperly
    4 - @Slice of Life
    2 - @He

    And our new YG overlords snatch another Top 5 placement! This was last month's number 1 and unlike October's number 1, Red Velvet's Russian Roulette, this is showing serious staying power.

    Yes, judging from my score, I still use this very much. And I always make sure to watch the dance practice video because that shit just makes my day. I'M A SIMPLE PERSON, OKAY? I'm so simple that a dance practice video can make me happy.

    Anyway, I've said what I had to say about this last month so let me just quote that. Kii.

    But enough about my worthless opinions. What about yours, cystren? Come to Slicey and tell me about this song, He:

    Rosé is everything in her silver top.

    YAS Rose is always serving looks throughout this era, teebs. All of them, teebs.

    My Canadian bae, send photo, wants to thank a certain someone for introducing this song to him:

    This is one of the k-pop songs I perked up for over the year. Shout out to big bang for dropping it in Random Thoughts.

    Finally, here's ThighHighs to guide us home. Take my hand, unnie.

    If my roommate were on PJ this would be 1-10 on their list. A lot of people talk about not liking the way this ends abruptly, but I live for it. C'mon Rose, lets get anticlimactic!

    N N N N it still bothers me sometimes but honestly, I'd happy they kept the ending simple than do annoying breakdowns and stuff. You just know it took everything in Teddy to show that level of restraint.



    I know you know what is our number 1 song but can y'all guess our number too? Kii.


    Slice of Life
  15. NO!!!!!!
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  16. KARD at #1 (as would be correct) and I have no idea about #2. Hopefully my 10 pointer but I don't know if the Anti-Ballad Brigade are out in force right now to put an end to that...
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  17. I still haven't listen to TT in full. Kii.
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  18. C'mon Seventeen snatch that Number 2 spot!
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  19. This is why you're my favorite.
  20. I see we have multiple Helen Kellers in the forums.
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