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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Y'all keep screaming, screeching, yelping and howling, but why did none of y'all like Slicey's post?

    Anyway, how about "Messiest fandom"?
    "Fanaticas de K-pop anularon su voto". I'm done.
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    PREACH IT MAMI!!! I was actually waiting for these flops to do just that but no, they didn't have the time. I am so pressed.

    I knew I forgot something!!! Let me make a graphic real quick! Thanks for the heads up!!!
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    This year saw the end for many of our favourite K-pop groups. That is the reality that we are facing today: our legendary faves' stay on the spotlight is numbered. One day, most of the unnies we love will become mothers and will exchange fifteen hours of training time for twenty-four hours time with their families. Ex-Wonder Girls' Sunye is one prime example.


    Also, Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony left her group today with this bombshell of an announcement:

    When will our unnies and oppars??? Camila Unnie did that. Kudos cyst. So anyway, Camila decided today that she's over the girl group life and ready to go solo. A Hyuna and the 4Minute girls tea. Kii. So because of that, I offer my sincerest condolences to all Harmonizers in the world. I know this may be hard now... oh who am I kidding??? Most of y'all hated Camila and her Kids Bop voice anyway so congrats (???) on this good narrative you found yourselves into.

    Anyway, I don't know why am I so fascinated by that Fifth Harmony mess. Not a fan of the group but the drama they have been giving is life-enhancing. Let me get back to K-Pop now. Hehe.

    So, let's meet our nominees starting with...


    2009 to 2016

    2 slightly scammy Korean full albums
    2 scammy Japanese full albums
    2 Korean mini albums
    1 scammy Japanese mini album
    A handful of standalone singles

    For a group with such impact and following, it is rather surprising that 2NE1's discography is thinner than your ex's diq. What the hell. Well, they're from YG Entertainment so that explains it. 2NE1 was born in 2009 and is made up of CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy. The group was (it still hurts to type 'was', guys) famous for being the anti-K-pop girl group. They came out with fierce music. They ditched school uniforms and aegyo for badassery and Jeremy Scott big bird outfits. And their look is decidedly anti-Korean beauty standards. And no, I'm not calling them ugly because I'm not a twat like YG. And with those as their weapons, they conquered K-pop. And our hearts.

    But then came Bom's drug scandal which I won't recount because it honestly depresses me. So yeah, that happened which forced the Corn Loving Chanteuse to 'reflect' and 'come back with a more mature image' and whatever shit Koreans do to make up for a big scandal. Bom disappeared (and never came back), CL decided she's ready for a Western takeover (good luck, cyst), Dara went back to acting and hosting and being the Patron Saint of K-pop of the Philippines... and then there's Minzy.

    Minzy, who made the tough decision to change her nose (and other parts kii) just to be accepted by the ugly Korean society, is left alone in the infamous YG dungeon. She twerked for Jesus... gossiped with her friends about how she's mistreated by that YG rat... and finally, after a year without work, left the smelly YG dungeon on April this year and signed up with an entertainment company that is... well, sketchy, to say the least. But according to her she's about to release some music so good job, sis.

    YG, being the wretch that he is, promised that a 2NE1 Version 2.0 is happening. But guess what? Nothing happened. Quelle surprise! And on November 25, 2NE1's smelly dead bodies are laid to rest. What a mess.

    I basically word-vomited again. My God, I thought I said everything I had to say during @Deja-Boo's iconic 2NE1 rate N N N N.



    2009 to 2016

    1 Korean full album
    1 Japanese full album
    5 Korean mini albums
    A couple of singles including 2 sub-group releases

    Let me just be upfront here and admit that I was never a big Rainbow fan. Of course, I knew the girls. I mean, Jaekyung is, like, a goddess so it's impossible to miss her. And I rooted for Seung Ah on that Romantic and Idol show... only for her to be ignored by JB of GOT7. Poor unnie. But ultimately, Rainbow never captivated me. I loved A (who didn't???) and I kinda followed them whenever they made a comeback. But as a bigger Kara fan, I always thought Rainbow was just a second rate Kara. I mean, even their music is Kara-lite because DSP didn't match them with a different producer. They still worked with Sweetune on their earlier releases. That's DSP for you. Those incompetent losers.

    Ultimately, my love for these girls was reignited during the Underrated Queens of K-pop Rate hosted by the inimitable @Squashua. Even though I wasn't rooting for them to win, I really enjoyed most of their songs and was happy when Mach snatched a top 10 placement. True Popjustice moment.

    So yeah, this year, to no one's surprise, the girls didn't re-sign with DSP and decided that it's time to go on a trip one last time with each other and call it quits. I find that incredibly sweet actually. I mean, I would pay for my faves to end their career as girl group members as amicably as Rainbow did.


    2009 to 2016

    1 Korean full album
    1 Japanese full album
    7 Korean mini albums
    A handful of standalone singles
    A couple of solo Hyuna mini albums and a sub-group mini-album

    Oh, 4Minute. A true messy disbandment. Hehe. 4Minute was made up of Hyuna and the rest. I'm kidding. 4Minute was composed of Hyuna, Jiyoon, Gayoon, Jihyun and Sohyun. 4Minute's discography is very, very varied. From the opulent Volume Up to the trashy What's Your Name, from the hard-hitting HuH to emotional Cold Rain, and from the cutesy What A Girl Wants to the aggressive Crazy... 4Minute went through a lot of phases. Not every phase was a success (delete Heart to Heart/Mirror Mirror era) but they definitely left their mark in the K-pop world. I was so close to being a stan but I. Just. Can't. because of that Jihyun girl. And to think she's the leader. Yes, hens, she is. I have no idea why either.

    Anyway, let's go straight to their disbandment because it's just so juicy. So anyway, late last year, some shady blogs that I frequent posted possible groups that will disband and of course, 4Minute was included in their list. And these floppy 4Nias (4Minute's fandom name, yikes) had the guts to say that Hyuna loves the other 4Minute girls so much to ditch them just like that. I mean, sure, Hyuna and the others really gave the idea that they're the best of friends. But these kids are forgetting that show business is, yes, a business and I'm sure Hyuna knew she's hard-carrying the group for so long, it's now time to sink that ship. And sink that ship she did. Cube Entertainment, another shady ass record label, offered Hyuna a solo contract and the other four girls were left to rot. Kii. The other four were so upset that they even unfollowed Hyuna on Instagram. Yath unnies, fight that good Instagram fight! #Woke

    In the end, Jiyoon got herself a record deal and is now called Jenyer (is this a contraction of Jiyoon from Denver or something???), Gayoon is I *think* pursuing a career in fashion (but don't quote me on that), Jihyun is now a ballerina and pursuing a career as an actress (I've seen you act, sis, and... yeah please don't), Hyuna is still Hyuna... and then there's maknae Sohyun... now just selling 4Minute memorabilia at Korean flee markets. The decay. Kii. #PrayforSohyun

    Jiyoon/Jenyer/Jesus-F.-Christ-Just-Choose-One-Name said that there was no bad_blood.mp3 among the girls. But why believe that when it's much more fun to do the reverse?


    I might have to divide the post into two because I'm afraid the 10,000 character limit is gonna bite me in the ass. Again. Sorry y'all.
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    2007 to 2016

    4 Korean full albums
    5 Japanese full albums
    7 Korean mini albums
    A handful of compilation albums
    Other shit that they released in Japan

    Oh, Kara. My sweet, sassy, Sweetune-armored Kara. Kara, before their eventual disbandment (but.. but... Gyuri unnie told us they have not disbanded), was made up of Seungyeon, Hara, Gyuri and Youngji. Former members include Nicole and Jiyoung and another one which is irrelevant. And what a formidable discography they have left. That's honestly staggering. Note that they released more full albums in Japan than in Korea. That's because they are the Kweens of K-Pop going J-Pop! SNSD could honestly never. Kii.

    Kara's story is very colorful, I must say. I was late to the Kara party and only became dangerously obsessed with them during the amazing Step era so I really can't tell their story in full. But I will try for you, my sweet, non-like-giving audience. Are you even reading this? Blink if your reading this!

    I remember there was a time when they almost called it quits... this was way before their eventual demise. This was in 2011 when four members asked for contract nullification. So which one Kara member did not ask for contract nullification? Only the true Kween Gyuri. There was a lot of rumor then that the other girls were not friends with Gyuri anymore because she did not stand with them yadda yadda yadda. Even I, a young K-pop fan then, believed that rumor and I replayed the Step music video over and over again just watching the other four girls interacting (or not interacting) with Gyuri. Kii. Eventually, things were patched up and Kara continued their K-pop reign.

    Then in 2013, DSP Entertainment, those shady lizards, decided that Nicole is now unfit to continue as a Kara member. I was so devastated, I tell you. Nicole was my bias and I was so, so mad at DSP for doing Nicole wrong. And in (very) early 2014, Jiyoung also left Kara. NOT MY BACK-UP BIAS, GOD, PLEASE NO. I was a mess then.


    I didn't know that God was only preparing me for wonderful news: YOUNGJI! Youngji joined Kara in 2014 after winning the Kara Project show. I did not watch that show because, again, my Nicole and Jiyoung-loving heart was not into it. But then Youngji joined Roommate, a Korean variety/reality show which also featured other Korean stars including Bom, Jackson, Sunny, etc. And I loved Youngji there! She was just... asdfghjkl adorable. Sure, her image on that show kinda tarnished Kara's goddess-like visual image but I didn't care because she was just perfect. Kara's popularity was kinda dwindling then after that infamous 2013 Radio Star guesting and through Youngji's efforts, Kara was poised to rise again from the ashes and conquer K-pop once again.

    But then they just released a couple of non-Sweetune singles and I think another successful Japanese album and called it quits. WHAT THE HELL. I mean, sure, their music post-Nicole and Jiyoung wasn't exactly my cup of tea and they weren't hitting the MelOn chart's roof like before but... but... they had so much more to give. It's such a flop ending to a really lustrous career.

    Now Kara is just Youngji but Youngji might-be-might-not-be a member of the new co-ed group K.A.R.D so... I don't really know what's happening to the group. I just know that both Seungyeon and Youngji have budding acting careers, Jiyoung is sl*ying Japan like a queen, Hara sometimes pop up on Sulli's Instagram and Gyuri is, well, I have no idea what she's up to. I just hope they're doing fine.


    2009 to 2016

    1 Korean full album
    1 Japanese full album (that I wasn't aware of until now kii)
    5 Korean mini albums
    3 single albums
    A couple of standalone singles

    And another 2009 group decided to call it quits... but in Secret's case, not yet officially. But I see the truth behind your bullshit facade, TS Entertainment. You cannot con me on believing that my Secret girls are still about that girl group life.


    Secret is (let's use 'is' for legitimacy's sake) made up of Hyosung, Jieun and Hana (FKA Zinger, as in Nicole ScherZINGER - I'm not kidding). Sunhwa left the group this year to pursue her dream of becoming the discount Kim Tae Hee. I remember stanning them so hard around the Love is Move era... which incidentally is when they started plummeting down the charts. Kii. Love is Move was a hit song, I must say, but then TS Entertainment decided that "Gee, let's totally go up against SNSD and hope that we can beat them." You're not 2NE1/YG Entertainment, sis. Settle down a bit. So even though Love is Move charted well, it was still forgotten faster than Hana's former face and since then, their songs charted lower and lower... until they didn't chart anymore. The girls were the shit during Shy Boy-Going Crazy-Starlight Moonlight eras. Seriously, they were Sistar level of famous. Another thing that didn't help them was when TS Entertainment decided to send them to Japan and conquer the Japanese market like that's so easy to do. Ugh, the incompetence is real. So while Sistar remained in Korea, released Alone and won over the Korean public, Secret hustled in Japan to little fanfare. I didn't even know they actually released a Japanese album. AND I CONSIDER MYSELF A STAN. A mess.


    But their Japanese and eventually, Korean floppage is not the reason they are in a limbo right now. So what is the reason then, you ask. Is it because Hana is now sporting a totally new face that they are afraid no one would recognize her? No, no one actually recognized her even pre-extreme plastic surgery. Kii. Is it because of Hyosung and Jieun's flourishing solo careers? I'm not quite sure.

    What I'm sure is this... Secret Sunhwa wanted to become Actress Sunhwa so, so badly, she's willing to shade her fellow members on social media just for the attention. I am not kidding. Sunhwa actually is a good actress. I watched her in Marriage Not Dating and I found her sufficiently good there. And then she headlined a daytime drama that was slightly a hit (?) and that's when Actress Sunhwa was born. Since experiencing that slight TV success, she just craved for more. And who could blame her? Korean actors and actresses are living the good life. It's only natural for her to want that, to pine for that, to work for that. People gave her shit for basically picking up a fight with Hana because of the latter's comment on a TV guesting and I can understand their reasoning. Sunhwa really did do too much... to the point where even though Hyosung finally cleaned up the mess she made, she created a mess once again. Sunhwa is just... I don't know how to say this politely... and I don't want to get banned so let me bite my tongue.

    But I will never understand people who question her actress ambitions. I mean, aren't fans, supposed to support their idols' dreams even if it meant leaving the group? No? That's just my principle? Okay then. Sunhwa just wanted to be an actress so bad. We should just let her do that. It's not like she's asking us to support her as a female MMA fighter or a Shaman Unnie-like cult leader. So, Actress Sunhwa, just know that I, Slice of Life, remain a fan. Hwaiting!

    As for Hyosung, Jieun and FKA Zinger, I am honestly not expecting a comeback. Hyosung and Jieun are thriving as solo artists (and they constantly release bops after bops) so that's sorted for them. Only FKA Zinger needs a job and I hope she finds one soon. Rooting for you, unnie.


    I'll do the other categories after I'm done with @Deja-Boo's Crayon Pope Rate. Kii. I'm such a mess. Sorry y'all.
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    Suddenly the @Squashua is me N N N N. These essays are a choice.
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  6. Zinger's new nose terrifies me, it's just so tight, like she couldn't raise her eyebrows without her face ripping open.
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  7. RAINBOW's "Innocent" mini is a pop masterpiece.

    Also I'm a flop fan of yours @Slice of Life and I'll go through and like all your posts a little later gurl. Anticipate 500 notifications by the end of the day.
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    I am calmly anticipating.

    No, seriously, I really am. xx
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  10. I haven't been able to recognize or spot Zinger on Secrets pictures since 2011. Amazinger!
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    She really overdid the PS. She was so gorgeous during Talk That era and I was praying then that she'd keep that face. Unnie had other plans which include coming for Plastic Gangnam Unnie's gig.
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  12. Can we nominate Big Matthew for the Oppa of the Year award? Because like ...

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    You can always give him your designated Gramama Award. Be creative with the name!

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  14. I'm having a hard time keeping it SFW gurl.
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    We don't want this thread to be locked, do we? Kii. Just use metaphors and shit. You can do it!!!
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  16. R92


    I'm honestly howling at all of this, particularly the Oppa of the Year category.
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    You're not ready for the mess I'm gonna bring. I'm gonna tag you when I talk about that particular category. xx

    Hey kids, @Island, @ohnostalgia and @send photo, here's a very comprehensive 2016 K-pop review for y'all. Hehe. #Promo
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    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! You'll be my first voter!!! Saranghae!

    And yes. The Disbandment of the Year category made me all emotional. I mean, just read those essays that I wrote N N N N. I was feeling my oats.
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    I want to know the tea on Tiffany.

    Are we supposed to hate her?
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