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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    All the episodes are here. Enjoy!
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    PART 3

    Hi y'all! Your girl, Park Bom, reporting for duty. It's time to say goodbye to @D is for Danger! oppar's personal awards today. These remaining three awards are his last.

    Let's waste no time and do this shit now!


    And the


    goes to...


    The first 50 seconds of this performance finds Jazzercize Queens Dal*Shabet being drowned out by the screams of their fans, screams that sound an awful lot like the screams someone being murdered would produce. This is how you kill em with style. To top it off, we have Ahyoung's very own Pterodactyl Girl fan working double duty during this live performance. Truly one of the best stages of the year.

    Slice of Life: Pterodactyl Girl is screaming for her life! I am screaming for her!

    Park Bom: Y'all. Are we sure that's not a pig getting slaughtered??? That shit's weird. WTF! Make it stop!


    And the


    goes to...


    Brave Girls introduced the world to the single most badass piece of hair extension ever. Pay close attention at 1:55, when Hayun's weave finds itself on the floor deader than your favourite nugu flop. Not satisfied with simply bowing out, it sets its eyes on Yujeong, who almost slips but manages to regain control of her footing, seamlessly continuing the demanding choreography without missing a step. Finally, the weave gets tossed out the way during the middle 8. However, it hits the giant high heel and remains on stage clinging to its last 4minute of fame, only to be yanked off the stage by a mysterious hand. Truly a performance for the ages! Hair follicles across South Korea were shook and everyone was left bald and scalped after this performance.

    Slice of Life: High Heels is still that bop though.

    Park Bom: Ok work.


    And the


    goes to...

    Jun Hyo Seong

    Rhinestoned and glittered to the max, fashion coordinator noona really knocked it out of the park with this one. The two outfits during the choreography scenes, the fire red and ice white bedazzled tops with the booty shorts and lace train, really accentuated Hyosung's body and made good use of her best assets. This was really evident with the hand wave point dance during the "from my heart" section of the chorus. Another outfit that stood out was the black and sequined dress she wore in the hallway scenes. You know, the dress she throws off to get naked.

    Slice of Life: I agree. Hyo's boob game is really elevated by her outfits here.

    Park Bom: Didn't know we we're filming an episode of Project Runway here.


    That's it for me again. This has been your girl, Park Bom. And I wish you a very messy year ahead. Later!

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  3. The only times Dal Shabet and Brave Girls will win an award. Such a kind heart @D is for Danger!
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  4. He


    That hair extension moment is one of my favorites from last year!
  5. Let's do another category, shall we? I'm feeling really generous now.

    And our next category is...


    The following nominees showed us that, yes, it is possible to change for the better. I just hope these people learned from their past mistakes and never do those again. Instead, they should capitalize on the goodwill they earned last year and even better themselves. Let's do this...


    1. Mamamoo
    2. WJSN
    3. Brave Girls
    4. Berry Good
    5. Sistar

    ~4TH PLACE~




    Slice of Life: You may have flopped in this category but don't fret, cysts. We all still love you and will cheer for you this year. <3





    Penguin: Honestly I don't know why but I'm biased.

    Slice of Life: I sincerely enjoyed I Like That. Yes, fight me! Please no.

    ~2ND PLACE~



    @D is for Danger!

    He: Secret. That is all that needs to be said.

    Oh, and: Ophiucus Queen Yeunjung.

    junglefish: One word : Secret.

    D is for Danger!: With the addition of a new member Yeonjung, symbolized by the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus, the "PD101 Serpent Bearer" was the final piece of the WJSN puzzle. MoMoMo was MehMehMeh. Catch Me was way better, but felt rushed and unfinished (the last 45 seconds). When the group came out with Secret it felt like they finally got their proper debut and lived up to their potential. They finally found a discernable visual identity and sound.

    Slice of Life: Ugh, thank God Secret happened. And of course, thank Shaman Unnie Yeonjung happened as well!




    @Mikl C

    ryan_riot92: Imma Sassy Gurl! Imma TAWP (I didn’t even know it was actually “tough” until I got my album in the mail and read the lyrics … oops) Gurl! This was one of the hardest ones to vote for … except I didn’t even consider voting for LABOUM. I think I’m voting for Brave Girls because they were a group of lackluster tracks and went completely off the map for years … then completely rose from the ashes like a phoenix with “Deepened”! All the other acts have been fairly steady with their bops (even if Korea ain’t havin' any) and I feel like Brave Girls really turned it around this year. Congratz gurlz!

    ajmkv: Obviously my FOXXY GURLS
    Brave Girls

    ThighHighs: As I discovered during the Underrated K-Weens Rate, their early music was trash. Their first two songs they put out this year, however, are both in my top 10 (at #1 and #9, respectively). I even like YooHoo, and NO ONE likes that song.

    SloMover: They were honestly so fucking bad it was unbelievable and I still don't understand what they mean by "break your ankle".
    If you told me in January 2016 that I'd be playing a Brave Girls track on repeat in February, I would've laughed at you. They were trash, and not in a good way, before Deepened. They sort of turned back to trash, but at least in a fun way. Sheshy in hai heel <3

    Slice of Life: I have said what's needed to be said: Brave Girls were trash before 2016 and I am so, so happy that they finally released THE BOPS in 2016. We won't talk about YooHoo, okay?
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  6. @Slice of Life Don't be scared if you saw you have 30 alerts ! That's me coming back home and liking every post in the last 10 pages.
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  7. [​IMG]

    But thank you so much. It means a lot to me. x
  8. He


    @Slice of Life , I Like That is amazing!

    Not Cosmic Girls getting robbed, though!
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  9. And so the winner of the...






    @send photo
    @Slice of Life


    Honestly, I do think we're just rewarding the girls here for the still-phenomenal, still-fantastic Decalcomanie. The power of one good song! Again, I'll just say that I sincerely wish they stick with this sound more. Explore it. Play with it. Expand it. Just don't go back to the basic stuff, girls, and the KPJ community will be your ally.

    Right, kids? Who wants to speak first?

    Squashua is the Kween of Puns:

    It doesn't take a decalculator to work out what the girls were missing - a ruddy good song. And they delivered it, via creepy elevator.

    Aries, cyst, what are the other two songs? Share it!:

    Apart from being the No. 1 personalité artistes in the game, they brought their total of listenable songs up to three last year.

    Ceir gives credit where credit is due:

    These girls have just gotten better and better. And while not all their songs are for me. They’re playing with styles and decimating live performances.

    Vesperly needed a bop to realize the girls are much more than their lungs:

    For releasing an actual bop so I can fully appreciate their talent.

    Monkey0, what's happening in this gif? Is she about to give birth or something?:

    They got my attention with “Decalcomanie” which is an achievemnt.


    Congrats, ladies! Please accept your GRAMAMA statuette!

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  10. #JusticeForWJSN
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    Just watch Nayeon's most iconic moment yet.


    Also, I'm running out of ~INTERMISSION~ videos so if you have any, please post in this thread. Love you, babes. x
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  12. Nah, WJSN can't really call themselves "most improved' when they released their (at that point) only 2 singles within the space of 6 months, plus basically redebuting with YeunJeung. MAMAMOO had been serving underwhelming for years
  13. [​IMG]

    I don't have any Intermission video, but I did prepare a little performance for you all. I hope you enjoy it.

    Now you know who to vote for best performance at next year's GRAMAMAs. xx
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  14. MAMAMOO didn't even need improvement. They've been flawless from the beginning...
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  15. He


    Ok, TWICE can get some points. I laughed hard at this!

    Also who is the fartiest of them all?
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  16. He


    MAMAMOO who?

    Ori is the true vocal queen.
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  17. I'm sure it's the short haired one. She looks like she could pass some serious gas.
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  18. He


    Ah, yes, the annoying one. It must be her.
  19. Plot twist : it's Tzuyu.
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  20. Excuse me, but Dahyun is the most annoying one.
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