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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    And now it has come to this moment...

    Our final award...

    This is it, my loves. We actually finished this shit! And we survived! Kekeke.

    But before we say our goodbyes, let us first give our undivided attention to our final category...


    The Daesangest of them all, quite frankly. These unnies made our 2016 so much more colorful, fun, tragic, iconic, etc. Unnies truly rule the K-pop world and for that, we are eternally grateful. Let's meet the five outstanding nominees...


    1. Shaman Unnie
    2. Plastic Gangnam Unnie
    3. Sawori Unnie
    4. Sulli Unnie
    5. Sassy Unnies of KPJ

    ~5TH PLACE~







    And you, my cyst @Squashua...



    HOW COULD YOU USE THAT AVATAR AND NOT FEEL SICK FOR NOT VOTING FOR PLASTIC GANGNAM UNNIE??? This is the biggest tragedy ever. I will not forget about this. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

    Love you, cyst.


    ~3RD PLACE~




    McQueer: Sulli gets it solo for that cream video.

    Ceir: Just because I love watching her piss off narrow-minded netizens. The girl is running around braless in public and giving no fucks. She even help Goo Hara stay relevant after she was thrown out onto the streets by DSP. Such a kind and forgiving queen.

    Slice of Life: I love you, Sullegend! I honestly didn't care about her that much when she was still in f(x) but now... I TRULY STAN HER. She's just so amazing. I mean, just posting weird little pics to Instagram and still get the netizens pressed and depressed? That's talent!




    @send photo
    @Mikl C

    send photo: “She was outed as an iljin thug, an alcoholic, a plastic surgery monster, etc.” Same.

    ryan_riot92: Sawori and Shaman Unnie should collaborate. Nobody compares to Sawori Unnie. Gurlz worship her praying to someday be blessed with her angelic good looks, her immaculate aura, and her unfathomable stage presence. But sadly, they all know that they’ll never live up to her … not even Plastic Gangnam Unnie or Sulli Unnie … Shaman Unnie has the potential but … we’ll see.

    Slice of Life: Ooh Sawori, if you weren't outed as an iljin thug, I'm pretty sure you would've won this award. I hope you're doing good while you're on a reflection period. Bless us again with your youthful looks and powerful vocals. We miss you!

    ~2ND PLACE~






    ~2ND PLACE~



    @D is for Danger!

    He: This mess transcends our tiny kpop world. The story is so incredibly ridiculous that I thought it was a hoax at first.

    I live for the sordid and silly aspects of it all, but it also casts such a dark shadow on politics and justice in Korea…

    -Shaman Unnie rigging university entrance for her dumb kid
    - Shaman Unnie making the president wear ugly clothes
    - Shaman Unnie leaving her unlocked ipad with classified info in some room for anyone to see
    - Shaman Unnie and YG!! (did nothing come out of this??!)

    Keep slaying behind bars, Choi.

    Vesperly: Also shoutout to Plastic Gangham Unnie for introducing me to 4TEN via this thread. I hope your eyes haven’t fallen out of your face yet.

    Monkey0: [​IMG]

    Rasputin of South Korea. House of Soon Sil. High Priestest of Scammers. It was HER year.

    D is for Danger!: No single person has had such great influence over the country of South Korea. The extent of her power not only reached one of the big 3 kpop labels, YG, but the South Korean president herself, Park Geun Hye. That alone deserves the slowest of slow claps my friends!


    Slice of Life: I HAVE NO MORE WORDS REALLY. No word is iconic enough to describe the magic that is Shaman Unnie. You may have lost this award but you won our hearts. I'll visit you in jail soon. x
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    And so the winner of the...






    @Slice of Life


    And no, I did not rig the results for this! Honestly, truly, majority of us voted for ourselves! What kind of humble power move???

    Well, since this has happened, let me just tell you that it has been an honor and a pleasure to be on this forum with you all. You all inspire me with your wit, knowledge, shade techniques and just your general awesomeness. I have looked for years for a community where I can be honest with my K-pop views and meet awesome people as I do just that. And I found my home here. I know the past few days... or weeks... have been kinda rough for our little sub-unit. And although that kinda made me sad, that won't make me respect you less. You're all beautiful and lovely people and I wish you all the best things in life.

    Woo, that was kinda extra but what is Slice of Life without some extraness? Kii.

    Let me hear your thoughts, my darlings. I'll let you speak your mind without me always stealing your shine. Kii. Enjoy this moment!


    Because without you all the other nominees wouldn't have had their chance in the spotlight (and because i'm too much of a coward to choose between Shaman, Plastic G & Sawori unnie kii).


    Whilst I am a Maginot Line-Unnie at best, returning from a three-year hiatus (much like Lee Hi) has been really rewarding. Popjustice is the best place to discuss the goings-on in the world of Kpop and it is the fantastic people who make it such a great site to be a part of. Much love to all the cystren!


    I love you all♥


    How could I not recognize all of my favorite posters for being so amazing!? I don't post that often, but I love reading y'alls hilarious comments and opinions.




    I wouldn't bother with Kpop anymore if it wasn't for y'all


    well of course, you guys are great, finally someone with who I can talk and joke about K-pop and actually have normal IQ


    Congrats to all of us! Please accept your GRAMAMA statuette!

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  3. I have the worst seat in the entire stadium.
  4. [​IMG]
    A glorious ending to a glorious ceremony.
    @Slice of Life, you are the K-pop ambassador we all dream to be and this rate was iconic, beautiful, a rollercoaster of emotions, a piece of art.
    Thank you and thank you to all the KPJ unnies for your messiness and your extraness. I feel #blessed on this good day. BYE.

    Dddddd oh my god you're only seeing this now.
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  5. Wait ... Bom didn't sabotage the votes so that she won Unnie of the Year without even being nominated??

    But in all seriousness, that award goes to @Slice of Life for putting on the greatest show of the year! MBC, SBS, KBS who? Popjustice Gayo Daejun's the shit now.
  6. He


    This was iconique!

    Do we get an award if we didn't vote for ourselves?
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
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  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    But I'm shy to post it myself dddddddddddddddd.
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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    I'm not gonna lie. This has been a rather taxing activity - both physically and mentally. But everything is worth it because of all of your support. Honestly, getting a PM from you with your votes and commentary and all is one of the best feelings ever ddddddd. This is probably the closest that I'm gonna be from running a rate. I respect all the people who run rates! Y'all are amazing! I wouldn't survive that hell.

    But really, thank you so much for joining me in this... messy trip. Thank you for reading my write-ups. I know they weren't perfect but I tried ddddd. I hope I didn't hurt y'all that much with my quips and jabs here and there. It's just a joke and I don't mean any ill intention, promise. Well, most of the time. Kii.

    I hope we can do this again come December 2017. Hopefully that one would be more smooth sailing and less tragic. I have learned so much from this and I will apply all those lessons in all my future threads.

    Now, I can finally do that Pokerate that @send photo is running! And I can catch up on music, movies, other threads, etc. I can finally sleep early. I AM FREE!!! Although the January Edition of KPJC is gonna open in, like, a week ddddd. And I still have to edit the first page and post your KPJC ballots... WTF.

    Anyway, just THANK YOU. Thank you so much. All of you are amazing!!!


    Slice of Life

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  9. [​IMG]
  10. LAST PLACE??? My beautiful rap-god lip-smacking visage lost??? Where's Dr. Kim? I DEMAND an emergency colonic & subsequent anal bleaching to get rid of ALL THIS SxxT!


    **** DROPS MIKE ****



    The right people won - you guys are the best <3 @Slice of Life take all the awards you killed it cyst.
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  11. Can't belive this seven days celebration is ending! WHAT AN EVENT IT WAS.

    All praise, blessings, congratulations and award for best organiser & MC goes to @Slice of Life you are brilliant cyst! We did our best and it paid off, I'm so proud of us!
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  12. That last award.

  13. Am I Raina or Bom in the sassy unnie photo? It remind d me to get a avatar.
  14. He


    This was amazing! Thank you embassador of extraness @Slice of Life.

    I was a bit turned off with another non kpop rate that is going on right now, and how vicious people were being.

    I'm so glad for our little subunit.

    But what kind of subunit are we? Orange Caramel inspired I hope.
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  15. Great job @Slice of Life!! Iconic 1st GRAMAMA. And to celebrate the win for most iconic rate, I'm taking the weekend off and not posting any results. Hoorah! Kii

    Don't worry, 2NE1 still holds the record for most participants for a Kpop rate~~
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  16. Great job , great write-ups etc @Slice of Life ! The results really make more sense than MAMA messy awards.
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  17. Guys this was so much fun, but I'm crying little bit since it's end....but hey there is January chart soon...
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Hey y'all! I'm sort of back but I'm not here to reveal a surprise announcement or something. I'm just here to post your full K-Popjustice Charts ballots! It has become a tradition already so I thought you'd appreciate this. Okay, let's do this.



    First up is K-Pop Comeback Kween, @send photo:


    1. EXID - Cream
    2. BoA - Kiss My Lips (This is actually my most played k-pop this month but it didn’t stand a chance being so old. Come through, strategic voting!)
    3. Brown Eyed Girls - Warm Hole (heheh)
    4. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire (This is one of the k-pop songs I perked up for over the year. Shout out to big bang for dropping it in Random Thoughts.)
    5. SHINee - Feel Good (*goes weak in the knees*)
    6. EXID - Every night (Looking it up I see this is old as shit. Timeless queens.)
    7. BIG BANG - FXXK IT (These guys are controversial right? I don’t know anything about that. This song is a bop though.)
    8. Lee Hyori - Miss Korea (I'm always playing this. This is super fun to sing as Miss Canada. Regular strut song for me and the hip sway is one of my favourite moves. Thanks for making 2017 hopeful by telling me of her return!!)
    9. SEVENTEEN - BANGBANG (I guess people don’t like this? I randomly clicked it and hella bop. Whoops.)
    10. CL - Lifted (This gets a lot of play from me. Release your album queen.)


    1. EXID - Street (Yas girls the first group I’m properly back into k-pop to stan.)
    3. SHINee - 1 and 1
    4. BoA - Kiss My Lips (COME AND KISS MY LIPS)
    5. 4minute - Act.7 (RIP queens (none for 2NE1 or KARA kii))

    Cutie @Aries is up next:

    Salutations dear cyst, I hope you've been bad (not bad meaning bad etc.) over the festive period and that Santa didn't let you down!


    01 K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    02 Blackpink - Playing with Fire
    03 S.E.S - Love [story]
    04 Mamamoo - Décalcomanie
    05 SHINee - Tell Me What to Do
    06 TWICE - TT
    07 Ladies' Code - The Rain
    08 Crayon Pop - Doo Doom Chit
    09 Hyoyeon - Mystery
    10 EXO-CBX - Hey Mama

    02 SHINee - 1 of 1
    03 Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    04 TWICE - TWICEcoaster
    05 EXO-CBX - Hey Mama

    We're in dire need of new albums, thank goodness S.E.S are coming for wigs early next month!

    And then Vacation Kween @McQueer is taking the stage:


    1. Kard - Oh Na Na

    2. Sunny Girls - Taxi

    3. BerryGood - Don't Believe

    4. SHINee - Feel Good

    5. EXID - Cream

    6. NCT Dream - Chewing Gum

    7. Luna - Keep On Doin'

    8. Hyomin - Gold

    9. NCT U - The 7th Sense

    10. Oh My Girl - B612


    1. SHINee - 1 of 1

    2. Oh My Girl - Pink Ocean

    3. 19 to 20 - Park Ji Min

    4. TWICEcoaster - Twice

    5. Hoody - On and On

    And then I.O.I stan @He is here to bless us with his ballot:

    my non influential chart, cyst

    1. KARD - Oh NaNa

    what a debut! even though they have not debuted yet. I’m actually scared that the actual debut music isn’t going to be as great. All four members seem to be in sync and they all look amazing, dance great, and song even better! Please don’t let the other added members ruin this!

    2. Stellar - Sting

    I’ve only just discovered this, and it’s amazing.

    3. Mamamoo - Decalcomanie

    I do not like their belting ways, but I’ve fallen for them with this song. Hope they keep at it.

    4. Twice - TT

    Amazing vocal runs in this one.

    5. IOI - Very Very Very

    Oh, how I will miss these bunch. I have hope WJSN will come through. Pity Yeunjung did not make it farther in King of Mask Singer.

    6. Sistar - One More Day

    Still that bop.

    7. Sistar - I swear

    Summery Sistar done right.

    8. Sunmi - 24 Hours

    Had a Sunmi binge last week. I need me another solo from this one soon.

    9. blackpink - Playing with fire

    Rosé is everything in her silver top.

    10. Matilda - You bad!

    Still that kitchen sink bop.


    1 Full Moon - Sunmi

    revisiting this amazing solo debut

    2 SQUARE TWO - blackpink

    hate YG and their hype, love bp

    3 Free Somebody - Luna

    another queen revisited

    4 Street - EXID

    their china conquering video got me to come back. Some certified bops in the midst of too many boring solo tracks.

    5 1of1 - SHINee

    kings of everything

    I'm sorry my charts are so outdated! -bows-

    And then there's me, @Slice of Life, the Extra Chanteuse:


    01. Sunny Girls - Taxi
    02. Seventeen - BOOMBOOM
    03. Big Bang - Fxxk It
    04. Mamamoo - Decalcomanie
    05. K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    06. VICTON - I'm Fine
    07. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire
    08. Seventeen - Highlight
    09. Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer
    10. Snuper - It's Raining


    01. EXO - For Life
    02. Big Bang - MADE
    03. B1A4 - Good Timing
    04. Seventeen - Going Seventeen
    05. BLACKPINK - Square Two
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Newbie cutie @Ceir is here to reveal ha ballot:

    I....am so sorry for what you're about to read, my poor dongsaeng...


    1. K.A.R.D. - Oh NaNa
    2. WJSN/Cosmic Girls - Secret
    3. Gfriend - Navillera
    4. Tattoo - ELO
    5. Stellar - Sting
    6. Jay Park - All I Wanna Do
    7. Infinite- The Eye
    8. I.O.I - Very Very
    9. Seventeen - Boom Boom Boom
    10. EXO - Only One

    Another Comeback Kween is here. It's the sassy @ajmkv:

    Top 10 songs

    #1 Fri. Sat. Sun - Dal Shabet
    I can't believe I initially wrote this off because it has grown on me and is now one of my favorite songs ever. Trying to learn that choreo in front of my TV has been such an amusement in the last few weeks! It's just so much fun and the production is exciting and ugh why is SK sleeping on this flawless group. 2 for 2 in 2016 for Dal Slaybet.

    #2 Oh NaNa - K.A.R.D
    Didn't expect DSP of all labels to release the most flawless puss-popper of the year, and right at the end, too! What kind of sultry jam? I like everything about it. DSP, please don't fuck this up! (Also please just add Youngji to this group permanently.)

    #3 Crying - Stellar
    Currently still slaying on my charts. Made it to #2 on my year-end chart, it was my absolute favorite K-Pop song of 2016! With the news of their new Makestar campaign and the fact the they're currently over 300%, I'm hoping that these crowdfunded QUEENS of K-Pop can come back and obliterate my existence once more.

    #4 TT- Twice
    Well, this grew on me. I credit the Areia Remix for transforming this song into an absolute and inescapable club banger.

    #5 Cream - EXID
    Yeeessssss, this finally got a video! Dat choreo. Also Hyerin in that video was so cute, munching on all those cakes, she's become my spirit animal. (Side-note: has everyone seen that ADORABLE video where Hani is cheering on Hyerin as she takes on Solji's high note in Ah Yeah? I AM IN LOVE! Also, y*sssssss Hyerin!) Only gripe though: I hate the hardcoded subs. Can they please upload a clean version?... No? Ok...

    #6 Lonely - Kanto ft. Eddy Kim
    Um, where did this come from? I love it, and there are NO FEMALE VOCALISTS what is wrong with me.

    #7 The Rain - Ladies' Code
    Still loving this laid-back jam. The poor goldfish!

    #8 Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS
    Didn't give this points last time but, eh, I've been listening to it a lot so it's only fair. They look so hot in the video, ugh.

    #9 Very Very Very - I.O.I
    Also one of those growers, but not enough to earn that many points from me. JYP sure knows how to produce an earworm, doesn't he?

    #10 Mystery - Hyoyeon
    I inadvertently shaded Hyoyeon in my submission for Song of the Year rate (@Squashua), so I feel bad and I want to give her a point. Sorry Hyo~~~

    Top 5 Albums

    (I guess I didn't really listen to that many albums this month so this will be rough...)

    #1 Naturalness - Dal Shabet
    This has grown on me thanks to my newfound love for Dal Shabet.

    #2 Twicecoaster - Twice
    Oh, well, you either fight 'em or you join 'em.

    #3 Spell - DIA
    Fight me, I will stan for them.

    #4 Street - EXID
    Still loving this.

    #5 Miss Me? - I.O.I
    It's all right, I guess~

    Next up is Best in Thighs, @ThighHighs:

    My Chart:

    1) Seventeen- Boom Boom - I am such Seventeen trash. This song, the performance video, and the xmas rehearsal have been on regular rotation in my apartment. The roommate hates it, but I can't stop!
    2) KARD- Oh NaNa- On first listen, I hated this. Howeva, it has grown on me like crazy and I listen to it all the time now. The bridge is SUH good.
    3) Blackpink- Playing With Fire- If my roommate were on PJ this would be 1-10 on their list. A lot of people talk about not liking the way this ends abruptly, but I live for it. C'mon Rose, lets get anticlimactic!
    4) Mamamoo- Decalcomanie- Expect this to rise even higher in my charts next month. I'm just now getting around to being obsessed with this. Not even Yoona's runs can compete with these gals.
    5) 2NE1- Ugly- My lone throwback, this song has, for some reason, been the one I keep going back to after their breakup. Unlike any other Kpop song.
    6) WJSN- Secret- Every time I'm driving and Yeonjung hits that high note, I want to crash my car into a wall just for effect. #Shook
    7) Momoland- Jjan! Koon! Kwang!- The injustice of this not making it to the finals of the End Of The Year Rate is shocking.
    8) Berry Good- Don't Believe- Lesser than the Blackpink song, but still such a bop.
    9) Meng Jia- Drip- Listened for this solely for Hwang Sooyeon and it turned out to be a bop?
    10) MatildaYou Bad! Don't Make Me Cry- What is this MONSTER of a song? Absolutely preposterous and amazing, that's what.

    The lovely @Gintoki is up next:

    Top 10 songs
    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - Watch me move
    2. K.A.R.D - Oh Nana
    3. Twice - TT
    4. SISTAR & Giorgio Moroder - One More Day
    5. BLACKPINK - Playing with fire
    6. T-ara - Tiamo
    7. Hyoyeon (of Girls’ Generation) - Mystery
    8. Taeyeon (of Girls’ Generation) - 11:11
    9. BlLACKPINK - Stay
    10. Big Bang - Fxxk it

    Top 5 Albums
    1. Blackpink - SQUARE TWO
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    3. T-ara - REMEMBER
    4. Twice - TWICEcoaster : LANE 1
    5. Big Bang - MADE

    And here is new K-pop hunty @Lego's ballot:

    1. Engine - Pentagon
    2. Highlight - Seventeen
    3. Can You Feel It? - Pentagon
    4. Boom Boom - Seventeen
    5. White Night - Up10tion
    6. Lose Yourself - Pentagon
    7. Oh NaNa - KARD
    8. Taxi - Sunny Girls
    9. Confession - Astro
    10. Pretty Pretty - Pentagon

    1. Five Senses - Pentagon
    2. Good Luck - AOA (comeback hype)
    3. Evolution Pop - Crayon Pop
    4. Colored - Hyoseong (I forgot I had listened to this)
    5. Going Seventeen - Seventeen
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