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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

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    I still stan your name @PopZeitgeist:
    Song chart
    1- Cream- EXID
    2- Crazy- 4minute
    3- Secret- WJSN
    4- TT- Twice
    5- L.I.E.- EXID
    6- Cowboy- f(x)
    7- Are You Hungry?- EXID
    8- Very Very Very- I.O.1
    9- Like Ooh Ahh- Twice
    10- Catellena- Orange Caramel

    Ablum Chart
    1- Street- EXID
    2- 4Walls- f(x)
    3- Square One- Blackpink
    4- Pink Tape- f(x)
    5- Brown Eyed Girls BEST- Special Moments

    One of my favourite animals, @Penguin, is here with ha ballot:
    Oh NaNa - K.A.R.D (This is amazing and I want K.A.R.D to be a runaway success so we can get at least 10 more of these from them. It'd be nice if it triggered a new wave of co-ed groups/sub-units - unless JYP decides that putting people from Twice and GOT7 together would be good. Really wouldn't want that.)
    Melancholy - B1A4
    Come Back Home - 2NE1 (RIP)
    Fashion - Taeyeon (I keep ignoring Taeyeon because I don't like her much, but I should have realised her second EP would be good a whole lot earlier when all her fans on twitter unanimously decided first one was better.)
    Switch - NCT 127
    Liar Liar - Oh My Girl
    BeBe - Seo In Guk
    Ghost of the Wind - ZE:A (Also RIP)
    Ah Yeah - EXID
    La Song - Rain

    Good Timing - B1A4
    4 Walls - f(x)
    Why - Taeyeon
    Sherlock - SHINee
    I Just Wanna Dance - Tiffany

    Crayon Pop Expert @Deja-Boo is here y'all!:

    1. Um Jung Hwa - Dreamer
    2 Pentagon - Can you Feel It
    3 Seventeen - Boom Boom
    4 Um Jung Hwa - Watch Me Move
    5 Sunny Girls - Taxi
    6 Big Bang - Fxxk It
    7 Hoody - Your Eyes
    8 Jonghyun - Inspiration
    9 SHINee - Winter Wonderland
    10 Seventeen - Fast Pace

    1 Seventeen - Going Seventeen
    2 Hoody - On and On
    3 Pentagon - Five Senses
    4 Um Jung Hwa - Cloud Dream of the Nine
    5 SHINee - 1 and 1

    Jota fangirl @Monkey0 is here to present ha ballot:
    Here's by ballot for K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition:

    #1 K.A.R.D - Oh Nana
    #3 Kim Feel - Seongbukdong
    #4 B.A.P - SKYDIVE
    #5 SHINee - Winter Wonderland
    #6 SHINee- Tell Me What to Do
    #7 SNUPPER - It's raining
    #8 B1A4 - A Lie
    #9 ASTRO - Confession
    #10 T-ARA - Ti Amo

    #1 K.A.R.D - K.A.R.D Project Vol.1 “Oh NaNa”
    #2 SHINee - 1 and 1
    #3 Thunder - THUNDER
    #4 PENTAGON - Five Senses
    #5 Kim Feel - from FEEL.

    It feels very masc but I know everybody else is sucking on girl groups clits so I tried to bring some balance.

    And new Twice stan @Vesperly is here too:
    1. Décalcomanie – Mamamoo
    2. Closer – Oh My Girl
    3. Free Somebody – Luna
    4. Wonderland – Jessica
    5. Shift – ShinEE
    6. Playing With Fire – Blackpink
    7. Wild – Nine Muses
    8. Taxi – Sunny Girls
    9. Oh NaNa – KARD
    10. Fxxk It – BigBang

    1. Free Somebody – Luna
    2. 1 of 1 – ShinEE
    3. Pink Ocean – Oh My Girl
    4. Square Two – Blackpink
    5. MADE – BigBang
  2. Slice of Life

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    New Sejun stan (YAYYYY!!!) @ryan_riot92 is here to take the stage:

    #1: Uhm Jung Hwa “Dreamer”
    - THE RETURN OF A LEGEND! She just dropped one of the biggest bangers of the year right at the very end of it! Show them hoobaes how it’s done gurl! I’ll admit, her contacts get kinda scary looking at time but that I can get over easily … because let’s face it, half of the time in K-Pop, they’re all wearing contacts. Everything about this track is spectacular. The production, the backing track, her vocals … all on point! It really reminds me of a time when I wasn’t so obsessed with K-Pop and it brings some feelings of nostalgia when I hear it! A solid certified BOP!

    #2: K.A.R.D “Oh NaNa”
    - Had Uhm Jung Hwa not released anything this month, this would have been my number one! Never would I have imagined seeing another co-ed K-Pop ever to exist. The song is a complete banger! I could have dealt without the Youngji feature tbh but other than that, this has to be one of the most solid debuts of the year. The tropical house esthetic makes it stand out amongst the crowd. BM is a daddy … even though we’re the same age, I don’t care. Don’t screw this one up DSP! Or there will be hell to pay…

    #3: Hoody “By Your Side (feat. Jinbo)”
    - I stan for Hoody so much. Her voice is like the sound of a choir of angels kissing my eardrums! It’s so silky smooth and beautiful. She hasn’t released one bad single yet and this one is probably one of my favorites! Doesn’t she look stunning in the video too btws? It’s pretty upbeat from her normal sound but it just shows how she can match any sort of range in the R&B field. Keep chugging along Hoody! You’re already a star in my eyes!

    #4: Uhm Jung Hwa “Watch Me Move”
    - I actually heard this one before “Dreamer” and was blown away thinking this was probably the heavy hitter track and the other was gonna be some type of ballad. Thank Shaman Unnie it wasn’t though. This whole mini is probably one of the most solid minis of the year! Anyway, the track makes you want to **** everyone out on the dance floor with your amazing moves. Watch you weaves gurls, cuz they about to be SNATCHED! Uhm Jung Hwa currently holds the title of Queen of the K-Clubs!

    #5: Apink “Cause You’re My Star”
    - You’re judging me … I know … but I love this song! It’s cute, upbeat, and puts a smile on my face. I don’t even know if I should comment on this song because I know it’s not even gonna make the bubbling under …

    #6: TWICE “TT”
    - Still a solid certified bop. I don’t care if TWICE have no vocal talent. If they keep delivering me tunes like this, I’m golden.

    #7: Berry Good “Don’t Believe”
    - Keep delivering the bops gurls! Don’t revert back to your old selves! Stay with this new and improved sound! I’m sure Korea will never get them but they have the potential to be in the next Flop Queens rate.

    #8: SNUPER “It’s Raining”
    - This was one of the songs I didn’t care to even try and listen to because it was from some faceless new boygroup that I gave no shits about. I still don’t really even remember what any of the members look like but this song is a tune! The emotion in that chorus is what I love the most about it! A shame I haven’t really understood the hype of their other songs. You gurls need to help me see the light.

    #9: VICTON “I’m Fine”
    - Another song that I remember giving a shot but not until I made the video for last month did I realize “you know, this isn’t half bad”…Now it’s honestly nothing new or groundbreaking in K-Pop, but I think what I like is the simplicity of it. Just a cute boygroup with a cute song. Perfect. I also hopped onto the Sejun bandwagon but how can you not. That face alone is killer.

    #10: SISTAR x Giorgio Moroder “One More Day”
    - Can SISTAR just work with Giorgio for their next mini or you know … the rest of their career? I mean I can dig “I Like That” but I’ve been waiting for something new from them. This was it! This was a step in the right direction and whomever decided to birth this collaboration was a genius. Korea probably thinks this song is shite but I hardly agree with their tastes anyway.


    #1: Uhm Jung Hwa “The Cloud Dream of the Nine”

    - Every track on this mini was title track worthy. It’s flawless and honestly the best album/mini to come out of December.

    #2: Bolppalgan Puberty “Red Planet”

    - How did this album slip under the radar? Every track is wonderful?? It’s completely fabulous??? Like this was released in AUGUST???? Shame on me.

    #3: Stella Jang

    - AGAIN, why did this fly under the radar!! It’s such a decent little mini and all the tracks are lovely! If you haven’t given it a chance, you should because you’re missing out…

    #4: TWICE “TWICEcoaster: LANE1”

    #5: SHINee “1 of 1”

    And our Photoshop Extraordinaire Unnie @junglefish is here as well:


    1. K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    Who would have thought that a coed group formed by DSP would snatch our weaves like that? The song is instant, the video looks great, they all seem fun and Youngji is here to BLESS us with her VOCALS. What's not to like?
    I also would like to point out that in France, BM means Bien Monté which is something guys write on their Grindr profile if they have a big dick, so yeah.

    2. Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer
    The Queen of Pop is back to terrify us with her circle lenses and to show the youngins how it's done. Both title tracks are amazing and I wish I knew how to talk about music but I don't, so I'll just leave it at that and praise the Queen for this glorious comeback.
    3. Uhm Jung Hwa - Watch Me Move
    See above xx
    4. EXO - Miracles in December
    It's SO sad.
    5. Jessica - Wonderland
    Great video, beautiful video and the song ain't bad either. Jessica isn't bringing anything new to the table, but she knows how to deliver the seasonal bops (which is more than can be said for SNSD since she left...)
    6. DIA - Mr. Potter
    You can thank Cathy falling for that.
    7. WJSN - Secret
    Anticipation for their comeback made me listen to this gem a lot more than I did when it was released. A perfect pop song and the best MV of the year.
    8. Sunny Girls - Taxi
    Still better than Twice's whole discography xx.
    9. I.O.I - Very Very Very
    Yeah I didn't dare talk about this in the main thread, but I listened to this properly for the first time two weeks ago and it's been stuck in my head since then. Better than Gee tbh.
    10. GFRIEND - Rough
    The song of 2016 deserved a mention.


    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of The Nine
    2. Seventeen - Going Seventeen
    3. Jessica - Wonderland EP
    4. EXID - Street
    5. BIG BANG - MADE
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    And here's our final voter... the acclaimed essayist, my cyst in extraness, @Squashua!:

    Hey cyst,

    I have some scores and votes for both December's Inaugural and the MAMMYs for you. Consider it a gift-wrapped parcel of essay-ness delivered by reindeers.


    10 Points: Heize - Star
    Although i'm not an Ballad-Anti in the slightest, I do find it harder to latch on/find good K-Pop slow numbers. However, this is one of the exceptions to the rule. A true twinkling little gem amongst the Xmas fare, who knew the rapper gurrl had such emotive pipes? The lightshow alone-in-space video is gorgeously done, the whole vibe is wintery without the usual jingle bell overkill and it's about 12 light-years away from being a "will-this-do?" OST snore-a-thon. Oh and did anyone mention this is the Korean #1? Get that Won in your cosmic isolation cyst.

    9 Points: K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    I only knocked this down from 10 points as I actually think it might score well regardless. A Co-Ed group actually liked by the great PJ masses? A Co-Ed group appreciated by the sub-forum AND delivering an actual B.A.W.P???? Unthinkable. I mean we all know that DSP will screw them up eventually, unless Shaman Unnie chooses them as her new disciples to spreadeth the gospel of OhNANA, but let's enjoy this classy, trop-pop debut whilst we can anyway. *Cue Youngji twirling in for a wobby ad-lib, doing a body-roll then staggering off to the nearest pub*

    8 Points: Meng Jia - Drip
    FILTH. DEGREDATION. This is the kind of song HyunA pretends she has the balls for. You wanna twerk in the klerb? Ok, sure girl you do your thing. Too bad Jia's here with her masked SWAT team groupies literally torturing a dude with bare-faced sex appeal. It's not re-inventing the wheel but it's a kickass number arguably better than any of Miss A's output aside from maybe Hush.

    7 Points: Jun Hyo Seong - Find Me
    HOW DID I SLEEP ON THIS? In a year of numerous unashamedly camp bangers, this is the pinnacle. What kind of Greece Eurovision entry circa 2005 right down to the burlesque corsets, LGBT-pandering bop of a chorus, army of backing dancers and guest rapper... Magic. If there's a find from hosting the Song of 2016 rate it's this one. Let me listen again and do the wave hand dance move one thousand more times...

    6 Points: SECHSKIES - Couple
    Aww, cute. I wasn't aware of the shining utopia of K-Pop whilst these guys were big but they seem pleasant fellows. Couple starts out really winter-level-in-a-PS1-videogame-esque but I almost get classic Bollywood love mid-tempo from this halfway through. Smitten.

    5 Points: Yeongjung/Dawon (WJSN) - Fire & Ice
    My god, Yeongjung is slowly morphing into Taeyeon before our very eyes but not as much as the other girl sat next to her at the end of the video. She sounds every bit the GG heavyweight here in a, i'm guessing, movie soundtrack winter song elevated to a league somewhere in the Himalayas by that Inuit campfire rousing chorus. An unusual but not unwelcome folk moment in the December doldrums. Bonus point: the cheap Frozen knock-off movie it is advertising is a scream.

    4 Points: Hyoyeon - Mystery
    The only musical industry that can match K-Pop for lavish visuals and general eccentricity is Bollywood and, hi HO-yeon, here comes one of the members I don't know from GG rolling in with a Bhangra-inspired ditty. It's not a vocal masterclass by any stretch but I found myself really digging the overall feel of it and wishing someone in K-Pop, other than bloody Psy, would go full tilt K-Ollywood on us sometime in the future.

    3 Points: LOONA (HaSeul) - Let Me In
    What quirky classical ballet number is this? Considering how cinematic and grandiose the video is i'm guessing she's the visual of the group? That I mean it might have been the cold arctic winds but poor stunning Haseul sounded a bit nasal bless. Could have done with a matching scarf for her poncho. Still, this is delightful in a Ga-in's recent EP kind of way.

    2 Points: Sistar x Moroder - One More Day
    I finally listened to this and it was actually good. Moroder did it again - moustache master of reining back Hyolyn's 92% vocal lines domination.

    1 Point: Bigbang - Fxxk It
    This was actually pretty good and not completely obnoxious like everything else they do these days. Well done YG.

    Oh and because of the deadline extension I actually have album points for you for the Inaugural! I have no idea how anyone has voted so these may never see the light of day but here you are:

    5 points: Hoody - On & On
    Y***SSSS INDIE CHANTEUSE. I love solo females who serve something different from the standard fare of K-Pop - every song is a complete tune. It's always such a lovely breather & this is the epitome of class. Discovering this lil lady is all thanks to the sassy gurrrls of the PJ Kpop sub-unit and I can thank you all for it. This & Lee Hi's albums (another 2016 discovery) are probs two of the best efforts of this year in all honesty. Can we have a Hoody, Lee Hi, Lim Kim super-group? Heck, you can even include IU if you want to guarantee success and Heize for rap duties if you must. Imagine those visuals, those vocals, the MUSIC SHOW stages... Korea's ahjummas and uncles would be violently shook.

    4 Points: SECHSKIES - Re-Album
    I was not here when the atrociously named Sexy Keys were about originally so I first listened to this thinking "woah what a weird mix of modern bops and old-school throwbacks" not realising all the songs are basically BOTH. Com'Back & ROAD FIGHTER are ridiculously brash Godzilla-sized bangers that only could have been made in the early 00's scene of K-Pop (it's basically Latino-club-rave-pop down to the rave sirens and guitar strumming), I love all of the FUTURE BOUNCE produced songs wintery Bollywood and/or reggae vibes (Couple, Got a Feeling, Reckless Love) and to be honest I love how unashamedly cheesy it all is. I'd body-roll up a storm to this whole album no problem.

    3 Points - B14A - Good Timing
    When did boybands start delving into 90's folktronica-indie pop? Why had I not learnt of this development? I only know B14A exist thanks to Slicey and felt A Lie deserved listening to the full length to explore more. Although Nightmare was the album track sent for appraisal in the SOTY rate, I personally enjoyed to J-Rock high school singalong vibes of Good Timing, the waltzing balladry of In Dream and the sequel to T-ara ode to soft drink types, Sparkling. Everything is of a great quality though I think they were brave in the current climate to go with A Lie when there's plenty of more on-trend sounds lingering in the album tracks.

    2 Points: PENTAGON - Five Senses
    Hate to break it to you lads but my diagnosis is one of your senses is defunct - namely that bizarro marching band title track you felt the need to throw upon us all. Why do this Cube? You basically have no acts left. Those turned off by Can You Feel It? should absolutely check out the drive-time Miami Vice bops in the shape of the AMAZING Engine, the bubbling Lose Yourself and a SEVENTEEN-esque Very Nice re-tread known as Pretty Pretty (also quite 80's). They have the talent and the songs - NOW GET OUT OF CUBE FOR THE LOVE OF 2YOON.

    1 point: SEVENTEEN - Going Seventeen
    Truth time: I've still not liked a SEVENTEEN song as much as Adore U, the boyband predecessor to WJSN's Secret. Oh and I LOVED Q&A with Ailee with three of the better members but that's not even a legitimate single. For the sake of Slicey, i'm trying to immerse myself in them. Boom Boom in all its eastern euro-tracksuit wearing swagger was... a choice. But there's a lot to like on this EP - HIGHLIGHT should have been the title, Expectation is a masterful jazz ballad, Well is a smooth rap/whispered jam - even if it's not stuffed to the brim with knockouts.

  4. This is so good. Thank you cyst for bringing it to my attention.
  5. Anytime cyst - Underrated aka flops/forgotten songs no one bought is what I do <3
  6. Aww this was a good laugh but I incessantly resent you for not including me, bye sis.
  7. You're Raina xx.
    KIDDING. I included the last few people that posted in the K-Pop thread when I made it! Sorry cyst. TT
  8. Aw I just saw that picture. And I'm laughing at your choice to put the banned user between his two biggest enemies , haha.
  9. I should have known people would see past my messy disguise! I really am Raina, oops.

    It's OK cyst, us French K-PJ hunties gotta stick together. Just teasing you~
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  10. Apologies to all of y'all with millions of notifications because I finally caught up and went on a like spree! This was such an experience, from the voting to the results. I couldn't have asked for a better community to share the shade and the love for K-Pop that I feel, so thank you all for such a great year! And so so so much love for @Slice of Life unnie for all the effort you put into this. You deserve all of the Gramama awards over all of the winners, let's be real.

    Some of those winners, though.......................... still shaking my head.

    (Because being sweet for a little bit is too much for this shady queen.)
  11. @ajmkv and @junglefish enjoying their p'tit dej baguette and café au lait as this plays in the background.

  12. He


    My babies T-ARA always had some decent mini tracks before being swallowed by China.

    Which is your favorite T-ARA mini, girls?
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  13. Accurate. I would add this to the background music playing:
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  14. Speaking of T-ara , why they flopped in Korea immediately ? It was that famous bullying problem or low quality music ? I only heard Roly-Poly from them and I don't know nothing about them.
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  15. Non-existent bullying scandal and a witch hunt that caused all of SK to turn on the group to this day. Too bad for them because despite all of that the group is still standing with their original lineup unlike most of their 2009 peers. Despite not being very popular in SK anymore, they're still very famous in Asia, especially China. You know the group is invincible if even a Chinese government ban on kpop idols can't stop them from promoting.
  16. He


    Yep, the scandal was their end, from top tier to hated. But China is keeping them alive.

    Do check their music, they have one the best discographies in k-pop.
  17. Yep the bullying scandal destroyed them. Their music was still great at the time.

    @He I'd say my favorite mini tracks are the ones from the Day By Day mini. Holiday, Hue, Don't Leave, Love Play are all great songs. I also LOVE Goodbye, OK from Black Eyes and I Really Really Like You from John Travolta Wanna Be. I can't think of any other K-Pop group that has so many good album tracks.
  18. Brown Eyed Girls and Wonder Girls say hello~

    But yeah, the Day By Day mini was pretty flawless, Hue is really good.
  19. He


    Yes! I also think Day By Day is their best.

    Don't Leave is gorgeous.

    Let me binge on some T-ARA.
  20. Thank you guys , it's sad and these things only happen in K-Pop , I guess. And overall , I think people did too much about them if it was just a bullying rumour .

    And I'm listening to their singles on Spotify , they sound really good. Thanks .
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