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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. I see you SLice of Life, choosing most flattering picture of Moon Hee Jun when he was like 17. Don't normalise him!
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    Ooh, someone's mad. Here's something for you. x

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  3. Great, now I have to give up oral sex in 2017 because I'm traumatised by that gif.
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    featuring B1A4, Infinite, Block B, SHINee's Jonghyun, probably more male idols

    - Slice of Life, 2016

    Female cast members and, I believe, even the female staff inappropriately touched the said boy group members on their private parts. Said groping incident was caught on camera and spread to social media. Mess ensued.

    SNL Korea and the face of this scandal, comedienne Lee Se Young already apologized but because Fuck_Apologies_(feat_Wiz_Khalifa).mp3, Korean and international netizens' pitchforks are still raised high.

    My very professional rating of this mess: 9/10


    feat. a lot of cringeworthy moments

    This is what happens when fangirls have a lot of time in their hands. Two of today's most successful K-pop boy groups and their fans have totally lost all their chill this year. They basically just fight everywhere. The OneHallyu forums, Allkpop forums, other irrelevant forums, YouTube videos (any Army here???), various blogs, Twitter, Instagram... you name it, they tried it.

    But the peak mess happened, of course, during the awards season specifically the MMAs and MAMAs. Just watch this:

    CRINGE FOR DAYS MONTHS YEARS DECADES CENTURIES. You'd think they're debating for something worthwhile, like the long-term effects of K-pop on people's brain cells, common sense, and decency.

    But that's not all. During the MMAs, BTS upset EXO by winning the Best Album award. And because EXO not winning the Best Album award is equivalent to Trump winning the elections, of course, EXO-Ls rallied to right the wrong by investigating why BTS did not deserve the win. In the end, one MelOn customer representative was victimized by an EXO-L.

    (Translation of this iconic exchange can be found here.)

    I mean, you have a puppet for a president, but sure, lose your shit to this issue instead. I AM SO DONE.


    My very professional rating of this mess: 1/10
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    Annyeong haseyo, gizibes! Kii. I'm back with another installment of GRAMAMA Spotlight where I introduce the nominees for our twenty-one categories. So far, I have discussed about Disbandment of the Year, Couple of the Year, Best Choreography, Best Live Performance, and Mess of the Year. So 5 out of 21. *nervous laughter* I'll try harder to write more, I promise.

    But today, we'll be talking about a really special category. One that involves the male species. Oh, hey, am I seeing some flying undergarments already? Manage your thirst, gerls! Okay, we'll be talking about the...

    @R92, your favourite category is here! x

    These five fine (of varying degrees) gentlemen have made 2016 so much more colorful with their presence. Some were very scandalous, some came in like a wrecking ball and channeled Kim K with their very own #BreakTheInternet moments, and some went the low-key approach but were still iconic in the truest sense of the word. Okay, enough yapping from me. Let's dive right in...


    aka Emo Oppa / Soyul's Oppa / Really, Soyul? This Is Your Oppa???

    Do I even have to talk more about this... person??? I thought my piece about him and Soyul for the Couple of the Year write-up was enough already. I'll just add some basic information then. He was born on March 14, 1978 which makes him 38 years old. He was the leader of one of the most iconic and famous early K-pop groups, H.O.T (which is an acronym for High Five of Teenagers N N N N N N). He has released 9 (!!!) solo albums and won some awards for his music. But today, he is mostly known as an MC for various Korean shows.

    He actually kept a pretty a neat career. No major scandals, no brush with the law. Either Wikipedia is being a shady bish by being lazy and not writing anything of note about his personal life or he really was just good in hiding his skeletons. Kii.

    But this year, he woke up from the dead and quite literally had the K-Pop General Discussion thread shook. He and Soyul announced that they were getting married. We should be happy, right? So why weren't we? Well, first of all, Soyul is a member of Crayon Pop, one of the most beloved K-pop flops groups ever. And she's the youngest of the group too. So imagine the shock of knowing that she'll actually be the first to tie the knot. And second, she'll be tying the not with... this... creature. N N N N. I'm sorry, I feel mean already. But... just... just look at him. He hasn't changed his hairstyle for the whole duration of his decades-long career. His face is... not my type. I'll leave it at that. He's just not the one we imagined Soyul would be gunning for.

    But as the saying goes, Love is Blindâ„¢. Hehe. So even though I still find it completely shocking that Soyul and him will be getting married IN FEBRUARY ALREADY (!!!), I acknowledge that he, at least, is a decent man. Looks will fade, fame will wither, but a man's character is forever. Congratulations, Moon Hee Jun oppa, for snagging Soyul and making us completely lose our chill. You. Did. That. LEGEND.


    aka T-ara's Oppa / Not Teyeon's Oppa / MAMA Oppa

    We here at the GRAMAMAs believe in equal representation. And unlike those flops like Oscars, Grammys, Kids' Choice Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, etc, we are not afraid to nominate someone with a skin color that is not white as long as they display moments of awesomeness. Enter Wiz Khalifa oppa. Again, because he is so awesome, he also managed to snag an nomination for another Daesang Award: the Mess of the Year Award. Isn't he just legendary??? And all because of one failed joint stage with Taeyeon (or should I say, Teyeon, oppa??? Hehe). He proved that you don't need to get caught in camera doing unspeakable things and still manage to be the center of attention. Read my piece about him and Taeyeon here.


    aka Troublemaker Oppa / Hyuna's Bitch Oppa / Problematic Ex-Beast Member Oppa

    I'll keep this short and sweet. Before he left BEAST, he allegedly caused this list of mess:

    1. He keeps skipping his parts or changing it (the same parts he's had since 2012) like ho! or actually changing the lyrics

    2. He'll randomly stop following the choreography and break out into random dances on his own, making the other members look like backdancers

    3. On the contrary, during free dance parts of performances, he'll refuse to move for 1 minute with his hat covering his face

    4. He skipped a $1,600 fan meet to meet a woman (dongsaeng is only speculation)

    5. Fans have been asking him for clarifications but all he does is press 'like' on Instagram

    6. That morning, he was up with Rado drinking with other women

    7. At B2ST's 6th anniversary broadcast, he picked a question and vented at fans by talking about his cafe scandal as the most memorable part of his 6 years and saying that he has a private life too. Members were taken off guard and tried to cover for him.

    8. Put up a Black Nut song and fans asked him why he would do that and he answered back to them that Black Nut is jjang

    9. B2ST had a V app stream to show them rehearsing for their concert but he played with his cellphone for the entire 5 minutes

    10. Refused to talk during their comeback Starcast. A fan eventually asked him to say something for 30 seconds and he said it was too long and that he didn't want to. The other members asked him to at least say something and he said he would talk for 5 seconds and talked while counting down 5 seconds on his hand

    11. On a Japanese broadcast, the members were asked to draw something memorable to them and all he did was sign his autograph with a ^^ (with all the other members gave in addition to their drawings). When asked why, he said that it was because he can't draw (not like the other members can either but they still did it).

    12. At a concert overseas, there was a brief moment to congratulate a member's birthday but he stood there with his arms crossed and did nothing. Didn't even sing along with the birthday song.

    13. A member told everyone to stand in their choreography formation and everyone changed positions but Hyunseung stayed blocking the camera in the front to fix his hair.

    14. B2ST has given new year greetings every year but Hyunseung refused to group up for the group photo. The other members were all separate but got together when the camera turned on.

    15. Fans asked him what was going on on his Instagram but all he did was 'like' a picture of a middle finger

    16. He knows that his minor fans are watching his Instagram account and yet he still presses 'like' on pictures of women's breasts and follows sexy picture accounts

    17. He took a picture of himself driving while driving (illegal)

    18. During the group's interview in Australia, the agency said to not ask questions to Jang Hyunseung so he didn't say anything other than the greeting. While other members were talking, he was checking his tattoos and looking distracted.

    HE. DID. THAT.
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    aka Red Briefs Oppa / Eunji's Oppa / Thick...-Faced Oppa

    Oh, Seo Ha Joon oppa, I will never forget how fangirls (...and fanboys) with questionable Googling skills lost their shit when they couldn't find your video. They didn't know... Twitter was the way. Hehe.

    Seo Ha Joon, a relatively new face in the Korean entertainment industry, kicked off the infamous ~masturbation scandals~. A number of stars were named including GOT7's Jackson, Astro's Cha Eunwoo and rising actor Kim Minseok, but almost all of them denied it. So far, at least from what I know, only Seo Ha Joon's video trended for a couple of days and helped his name rise from absolute anonymity to insane infamy. The good oppa, after learning that he's the new talk of the town, immediately closed down his social media accounts. After that, he seemed to have hidden and threatened to never come back... BUT PLOT TWIST!!! Before his scandal blew up, he already had fan meetings that are scheduled and that cannot simply be cancelled. And because he is such a loving oppa and cares so much about his fans, he attended that fanmeet. Yas! Brave oppa is brave! When asked about his scandal, he has this to say:

    "Please forget about my scandal."

    Wow, oppa has such a way with words. Such straightforwardness. Such class. Never change oppa.


    His video wasn't even all that.

    I'm actually not sure if he's the one with the pink hat N N N N.

    aka Lip Bite Oppa / Yoona Trash Oppa / Vocal Runs Oppa

    This is the most low-key of all the scandals here. You see, MRJKPOP oppa's alleged flirting (and asking for revealing photos) scandal with A MINOR was never reported by major K-pop 'news' sites. Maybe because he's not really a K-Pop Entity. Maybe because they thought no one would care.

    Well, news flash: I CARE. I live for these messes. It keeps me young, teebs.

    I only knew of his case through the good sis @roux's expose by way of YoonA's vocal runs in Catch Me If You Can. Kii. The good sis linked this OneHallyu thread but a lot of the information contained there have already vanished. MRJKPOP, ha power! But because I love you all and I really, really wanted to know the tea, I searched high and low and found the screen grabs of his alleged chat with the underage girl. Kii. Thank you, Twitter! Here's the link and I hope you enjoy all the kiis. Hehe. I wanted to post those photos here but it is very ban-worthy so let me not take that risk.

    Anyway, after all that's happened, MRJKPOP oppa have not resurfaced since. He literally abandoned all his social media accounts and disappeared like a ghost. No one knows what he's up to now. Probably making himself believe that YoonA is capable of a vocal run. I just hope he has stopped from preying on minors. Gross.
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  7. R92


    I'm howling.
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  8. He


    That abuse case in mess of the year is truly horrifying. I'm shocked something so public has been completely overlooked by the justice system. Disgusting.
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    WAIT HEN, what is this about? Spill the tea.
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  10. I CAN'T with any of this.
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  11. He


    WAIT at me being messier than these actual nominees. Not really.

    Somehow while clicking on your links I made it to some Kim Hyun Joong news of him being aqquited of repeated extreme domestic abuse.

    I spent so long reading about the awful case that I thought it was one of your nominees and came back to comment.

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    In 2014 and maybe even 2015, he would've easily made the cut and become an Oppa of the Year nominee. But I have grown too tired of his messy, tragic ass this year so I just relegated him to the mess of the Year. But nonetheless, he's a fucked up monster with Voldemort's nose so I hope he rots in hell or something.
  13. He


    WAIT, he is a nominee indeed!

    Why am I being this messy? And why are you cofusing me?!

    I'll just say there's too much text to scroll back up in my phone.

    Anyways, that guy is a disgusting piece of trash and the courts in Korea are even worse.
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    Vote for this sassy lady, my sassy unnies of KPJ!!!
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    HIYA. I'm back with more GRAMAMA goodies, unnies. Serious question though: Do you find it annoying or disrespectful that I call y'all 'unnie'? Kii. I seriously do not mean any ill intent. I just really like using the word here since I can't use it in real life. Also, I find y'all fabulous. And if I find you fabulous, I consider you my unnie. Kekeke.

    So, unnies, are you ready for the ~main event~?

    I sure hope so. Because today, we are gonna be talking about...


    Yas, hennies, this is the top of the tops. Three lovely ladies, one group of ladies and a... man masquerading as a lady (???) are vying for your votes to have the right to use the iconic tagline, Unnie of the Year. Let's meet them now...


    aka The Baddest Female (CL whew???)

    Shaman Unnie makes her second and final appearance in this awards show. And just like Moon Hee Jun oppa, she's also gunning for two Daesang Awards. S L A Y!!! Shaman Unnie was introduced to us in October of this year after she took Korea by... storm won't cut it... after she took Korea by tsunami. Yeah, that's more appropriate. She literally became an overnight sensation after reports surfaced that she's actually the one running all of Korea. And she's been doing it for the whole duration of Park Geun Hye's presidency. I mean, what kind of overachieving unnie??? I AM SHOOK. Brexit who? Trump nugu? Flops. Get on unnie's level.

    But the most iconic thing she did, in my most humble opinion, is hosting the November Edition of the K-Popjustice Charts. Y'all remember how she bribed me and held me captive only because she was bored in her Jeju Island mansion and wanted some kind of excitement??? What kind of wretched witch???

    If you need further proof that Shaman Unnie is That Binch, then read all of the things written here.


    aka EUJIN, ex-member of the legendary nugu group 4TEN


    That would be all, your Honor.

    What? I need to say more? So you're saying that that one iconic gif isn't enough to win your votes and your hearts??? HEATHENS.

    Okay, okay, let me introduce you to Eujin, an ex-member (I still can't get over this) of the nugu girl group 4TEN which released the following flawless bops.

    She was the main dancer, vocalist, rapper and, most importantly, ~VISUAL~ of the group.

    So how exactly did she conquer this year? We first met her (at least for the most of us) during my dear cyst @Squashua's iconic rate that celebrated the music of lesser known K-pop girl groups, the Underrated Queens of K-Pop Rate. 4TEN, I believe, was one of the more lesser known lesser known groups. And we were completely blindsided when we realized that they were hiding two weave-snatching bops.

    But more than the bops, the one thing that really brought Plastic Gangnam Unnie her PJ fame is her... special looks. She was pretty, sure, but there's an innate... weirdness to her face that can only be achieved in one place in this entire planet...

    At Doctor Kim's Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic.

    While plastic surgery success stories like Jung Chaeyeon, Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo, and most SM idols are celebrated for their 'improved' looks, for Plastic Gangnam Unnie, it is not the case. And I won't pretend to rally for her because frankly, her plastic surgery results are just... interesting, to say the least.

    She even dethroned another awesome unnie that we'll be talking about later as Squash's avatar. THAT ACCLAIM THO. I searched lightly on Google, hoping to find out her current whereabouts but I had no luck. Maybe Eujin stan @D is for Danger! can give us a report about her current state? We'll be waiting for your report, oppar.



    First of all, I would like to apologize for a sin that I committed. That sin is unintentionally excluding Sawori Unnie in the Rookie of the Year category. Yes, my dear followers, Sawori Unnie is not only April's HBIC. She also released her debut solo single that stunned all of K-pop with her pure vocals and heart-tugging emotional delivery.

    I mean, just look at that. How can she effectively end poverty, depression, racism, and erectile dysfunction with just one song? What did we do to deserve this masterpiece? WE ARE NOT WORTHY, SAWORI UNNIE.

    We first met Sawori Unnie in this video which was actually uploaded last year.

    But she rose to prominence when she joined April in their Tinkerbell stages when one of the members became ill. Here's one of her earlier stages with April.

    THE SL*Y.

    But unfortunately, K-netz just had to ruin her moment. She was outed as an iljin thug, an alcoholic, a plastic surgery monster, etc. So now she's currently reflecting. We are calmly waiting for your return, Sawori Unnie, and we know that you are innocent. #SaworiUnnieProtectionSquad

    Also, in case you didn't know, she's a pineapple sprout. Hehe.
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  16. I forgot how iconographic that Sawori expose article is ~ true DGAF bot-unnie empress of the Shamaned world.
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    aka Choiza's God / K-netz's Princess / Korean Social Media Kween


    The video that launched a thousand Netizenbuzz articles, and delicious Knetz and Inetz tears and meltdowns. God, I love this girl.

    Sulli has been my source of so much joy for a few years now. The way that she built her brand post-f(x) is just iconic to these eyes. Aside from doing countless magazine photoshoots and riding that allegedly monstrous (by Korean standards though) Choiza diq, Sulli's life revolves around one thing: Instagram. And through this medium, she has been extracting so much netizen feelings. Some even theorized that she's posting all these weird stuff on Instagram because she's having a menboong --- a mental breakdown. A mental breakdown caused by what, exactly? Well, what else, but that Choiza diq. Some says she's doing it to remain relevant. Okay, fair enough. But what is the real reason why she continues on posting on social media despite the backlash???

    Because it's fun.


    If that didn't make her your one true role model, then I don't know what will.

    I mean, she's just basically documenting her ~colorful~ life using a pretty common medium --- Instagram, that is. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. And yet even with the littlest of effort, she's reaping so much. So much cash through endorsements and magazine photoshoots. So much infamy because of a few scandalous photos. And so much netizen tears just by existing. I aspire to be Sulli Unnie. Teach me your ways, seonsaeng-nim!

    Come through, potato-quality photos~~~~ Kii~

    aka Literally All of Us N N N N
    aka Really, You Can Vote for Yourselves Hehe

    And now we come to the dark horse of the competition...

    Please welcome to the stage,

    The Sassy Unnies of K-Popjustice Subunit!!!


    Let's make this short because I don't want to be called biased or something. Kekeke.

    We have endured another year of K-pop and I think we deserve something for that. Here's that something. Kii.
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  18. Too late with that banner image, sis!
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    What's up, cystren? I'M BACK. I have to hustle a bit more because I *need* to finish talking about all these categories. I will not let you down.

    Let's get going and talk about...


    Ooh, I bet this one's gonna get messy. Two of the three biggest entertainment agencies, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, and I'm sure the nugu-loving PJ members are gonna rally against them. Kii. I'm perched. 2016 saw quite a number of exciting debuts. For the first time in a long time, a co-ed group has graced our lives again. What a time to be alive! Let's start the proceedings.


    YG Entertainment

    Arguably 2016's most talked-about debut, BLACKPINK debuted on August 8 of this year with double title tracks Whistle and Boombayah. The former immediately lit up the Korean charts and ended up as August's best selling single in the Gaon Charts while the latter was more successful internationally, topping a couple of international iTunes charts and amassing massive YouTube views.

    As YG Entertainment's newest (and as of November 25, only) female group, BLACKPINK's debut was hyped to hell and back with the first teaser for member Jennie released on August 29, 2012. Wow, talk about super early planning. Kii. To be fair, Jennie's skills have improved exponentially after all those years spent on YG's basement. Kudos.

    They have achieved so much already --- winning Inkigayo and M Countdown trophies, winning Best New Artist awards (except MAMAs...). But I must say that their biggest accomplishment so far is topping our Song AND Album Charts for the November Edition of the K-Popjustice Charts with Playing with Fire and Square Two, respectively. Hehe. #Promo

    I'm pretty sure we'll see more from these for years to come... unless YG fucks things up like he's been doing for the last two years (I'm being generous here, I know). *giggles*


    DSP Entertainment

    As DSP Entertainment's best invention since debuting Kara, K.A.R.D made their pre-debut just this month. Talk about making an immediate impact. K.A.R.D is composed of BM, J.seph, Somin and Jiwoo... at least for now. Kween Youngji is referred to as a hidden member or some other nonsense. And more members will be the joining the group before they make their official debut next year. Yeah, sure, DSP. Make things really difficult. That's what you do best anyway.

    The group has yet to make their debut appearance on weekly music shows... because they haven't officially debuted yet, remember? But they have done a couple of low-key performances here and there like this one.

    I chose this one so y'all can clearly BM oppar's face more clearly. You're welcome.

    Frankly, I'm okay with just the four members and I am so not looking forward to those additional members. These four have so much chemistry already and I'm afraid that might be destroyed by those new members. Hwayoung teas. But this is K-pop and member additions (and deletions) are as common as BB cream and botched plastic surgeries so yeah, there's no point in complaining, really. Oh well, I just hope that DSP doesn't completely fuck things up. I'm watching and I will be waiting, DSP. Don't destroy this for me.


    NCT U / NCT 127 / NCT Dream
    SM Entertainment

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, here comes NCT and their messy, messy system. Look, I'm not gonna pretend I understand this NCT mess that SM's trying to pull so I hope someone more knowledgeable could help me out here (@Seger, sis, you up for the challenge?).

    Instead, I want to talk about two of my most favourite NCT members. Because why not? I'm talking about your new overlords, Prince of Thailand, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, or more famously known as Ten, and Prince of China, Zhong Chenle.

    Let's talk about Ten first. Ten is just so special. Wanna know why? Oh, just watch this and get your life. It's kinda long but I promise it is so worth it. Kekeke.

    Also he has such amazing pre-debut photos. For your viewing pleasure.


    More photos of Ten here (in the comments section)

    But of course, my sweet son Chenle is just as awesome with his pre-debut pics. I mean...


    I mean...


  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member




    NigaHiga Productions

    Because I am a true supporter of the independent music movement, I said, why not nominate a totally left-field group in this category?

    Enter BgA. BgA is made up of YouTube superstar Ryan Higa, actor Justin Chon, singer David Choi, Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions and violinist (no, seriously) Jun Sung Ahn.

    Look, I know this isn't technically K-pop and their place here could have been given to equally awesome groups like WJSN (I seriously forgot they were also rookies) and... yeah, just WJSN. But their debut single is so amazing I just had to honor it somehow.

    Get your life too.

    Clockwise: VICTON's Sejun, KNK's Seung Jun (I think?), Pentagon's Kino and SF9's Rowoon

    VICTON/Pentagon/SF9/KNK/Astro/other rookie boy groups
    Various record labels

    2016 saw the rise of new boy groups. As usual. Kii. No, but really, I actually enjoyed a lot of the debut releases from new boy groups this year. 2016 is like a discount 2012 when it comes to boy group debuts. In 2012, we had B.A.P, EXO, VIXX, BTOB, and NU'EST. So yeah, 2012 was a banner year for boy groups. The same cannot be said for 2016 boy groups, if I am to be super honest. But let's give them time and I'm sure they'll be bringing the bops in no time.

    Also, this is my way to repay for the services of Sejun for being the official male mascot of last month's K-Popjustice Charts. Hehehe.

    Thank you, Sejun.

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