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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

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  2. I'm giving my "Best Project Group" award to "Everyone But IOI".
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    Not even Shaman Unnie could've predicted this!
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  4. The O.I.L.F Award:

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    HEY MAMAS!!! It's me, Slice of Life, back at it again with another round of GRAMAMA Spotlight. I'm actually just here to fulfill my daily quota of two categories per day ddddddd.

    But anyway, now that I have finished talking about the Daesang Award categories (which only @ryan_riot92 appreciated --- thanks again, boo), let's go back to the messier categories. Kii. I love mess, you love mess, so this sounds like a plan.

    But before that, let's keep things cute and heartwarming because for now, I will be introducing our nominees for the...


    In K-Pop, there is nothing more amazing than seeing a group rise to the occasion, ditch their previous flop concepts and just come back with something truly magical enough for us to momentarily forget that they were once releasing questionable songs. We all love a good comeback and with these five artists/groups, they truly came back with a vengeance we all loved. Let's meet them.



    Before Decalcomanie, what was Mamamoo to you? To me, they were just a group with great vocals, beautiful vocals. And there's nothing wrong with that per se. A lot of groups (Davichi, SPICA) thrived with their vocals and carved successful careers (only applies to Davichi). But what set Mamamoo apart from those vocal-focused groups was in Mamamoo's case, we know they have so much more to give. They have always displayed star power, confidence and amazing performance skills. It would've been nice to, you know, get at least one song that would do their talents right.

    Enter bop of the century, Decalcomanie.


    The vocals, of course, are as pristine as usual. The choreography is actually cool especially the mirror image part. But it's the song that truly sealed the deal and made us all say, "FINALLY." The cycle is complete! Caterpillar to butterfly teas!

    I mean, that chorus is so massive, it could finish Godzilla in one single bite. And the live performances... LORD'T...

    I hope Mamamoo continues with this sound because it fits them so well. I don't actually mind the easy-going vibe of songs like You're The Best, but Decalcomanie's dark undertones suit them a lot more.



    Okay, okay. Here comes my official apology.

    I apologize for forgetting that WJSN is indeed a rookie act and because of that, they didn't make the Rookie of the Year shortlist. The group is indeed one of the better debuts of this year... of any year, really. I will be reflecting and coming back with an improved and more mature image. *90 degree bow*

    So anyway, WJSN is Starship Entertainment's newest group and their biggest yet with 13 members. Admittedly, I wasn't the biggest fan of their debut singles, Mo Mo Mo and Catch Me. The former has really good verses but the chorus is just a major A Pink-sized snoozefest. And the latter is just... discount Hello Venus... which is a scream because they have bigger budget than the Penus ladies. Kii.

    But on August 17 of this year, they released what I consider their true debut. And it. is. just. amazing.


    First of all, the song is just... YUMMY. It's so amazing. Who wrote this? I need more stuff from them because I am honestly obsessed. I didn't listen to this for the longest time because I thought y'all just hyping this a bit too much and I was afraid this is Mo Mo Mo/Catch Me level of tragic. BUT I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT, MY CHILDREN. And that happened all thanks to the K-Popjustice Charts. I mean, I have to listen to these songs many times to make some write-up for them. And Secret was one of the songs that truly won me over. Just amazing stuff all around. And we haven't even talked about the music video... but I'll reserve that stuff for my Best Music Video write-up. Hehe.



    I’m a sassy gurrr
    I’m a tough gurrr
    I’m a pretty gurrr
    I’m a foxy gurrr

    - (Matt. 5:16 New Living Translation)

    That quote alone should tell you that Brave Girls absolutely made 2016 their binch.

    Brave Girls are named after the famous Brave Brothers producer and hitmaker to groups like Sistar, 4Minute, Dal Shabet, early Big Bang, etc. But the twist is, they never give the best bops to poor Brave Girls. I love self-sabotage.

    I don't know what happened to Brave Brothers this year because out of the blue, he gave one of his best songs in years to Brave Girls. SHOOK.

    One of my best discoveries of 2016, teebs. Never mind that I'm not totally here for that atrocious rap because overall, this is everything that I wanted from the Brave ladies. Also...


    But most importantly, they released the Anthem of the Generation™ with an equally iconic music video.

    At first, I was like, "What the hell is this shit?" But as always, I always come back to the most basic Brave Brothers songs and worship them to no end.

    Oh, they also released Yoo Hoo but that shit's shit so BYE.
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    @Slice of Life, I have read and lived for most of these posts, sis, so don't feel your loyal worshipers audience is not appreciative!
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    Oh thank you, my love.


    I'm kidding. Hehe. Much love to you and your kind words. <3
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    Validate me with your likes, papi. x
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    The Berry Good ladies are also having quite a festive year. Confession time: Although I knew Berry Good is a group that existed, I never checked them out until this year (for the K-Popjustice Charts again) because of... yep, because of their name.

    YIKES. I'm that shallow.

    I mean, K-pop isn't really known for good names (hello MASC kii) but Berry Good is just... abominable. What's with the irrelevant berry appropriation??? I did not sign up for this. Thankfully, I got past the name and I was welcomed with a bop.

    BLACKPINK IS SHOOK. This is Playing on Fire on budget... but equally outstanding. And those outfits??? Well, you're gonna have to wait for the Fashionista Award for my commentary. Hehe.

    Earlier this year, they already released a supreme number.

    Where... where do they get these songs? And when did start sl*ying this hard? SHOOK.



    There must something in Starship Entertainment's water because here we go again with another nominee from them, this time from their most senior group, the Digital Queens Sistar. Good job, Starship Crew.

    Sistar is the most senior group among the nominees here and frankly, they are already past their golden age --- think Alone, Give It To Me, Loving U & Gone Not Around Any Longer. They have been churning out hits after hits for a few good years now. But personally, I thought they kind lost their way after their golden age. True, I still bopped to Touch My Body and Shake It because they are honestly very boppable. But if you compare those two to their previous efforts, you can clearly see the major difference in quality. It didn't help that they were classified as summer-dols because they only release new songs during the Korean summer.

    So when they announced this year that, of course, they will be coming back again during the summer, I was like...


    NO, MA'AM, NO.

    I'm sorry, I just couldn't support a group that doesn't embrace change. When will they give us their messy I Got A Boy era???

    But it turned out, I was being a little, just a tiny little, extra. Because they came back with something that I truly enjoyed.

    YAS unnies, you better sl*y that prostitute concept!!1!1 I was living for their gig.

    Although I Like That isn't exactly the I Got A Boy era that I was praying for, it was still such a marvelous effort. It's not exactly summer-sounding which I love. The choreography is ace. Bora's new weave is amazing. Dasom is actually improving. Also, it reminds me of Give It To Me which is one of their strongest efforts.

    I had to reward that somehow. So here's that reward, my girls. x

    EDIT: I totally forgot that Sistar also collaborated with Giorgio Moroder. Kii. Here's the music video. x

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  12. Sistar for "continued decline" award.
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  13. I was just about to ask, when did Sistar improve this year?

  14. Drunk and embarrassing at the Christmas party teas
  15. Anything is an improvement on Shake It. That was like Dream Girls levels of low bar setting.
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    Ooh, a little drama is brewing over Sistar's nomination??? PERFECT. Now you know what to do --- vote for the other artists so that Sistar would be left to rot with no votes. Kii.

    But while you're finalizing your votes (hopefully), I'm here again for...


    Yes, cuties, your annoying host is back for more Gramama goodies. So now that we've talked about the Most Improved Artist of the Year nominees, it's about time we celebrate its direct opposite...


    Let me be real for one hot minute here: I actually low-key like two of the artists here and their 2016 offerings. But because I am the voice of the public, I have to bend my rules a little to accommodate the public's more important opinion. Who am I to question if the public actively dislikes a song that I'm personally okay with, right? So yeah, my write-up here would probably be all over the place since I just can't be too hard to the artists that I am okay with. But I will try to be unbiased. I will try to channel my inner Shaman Unnie and be brutal sometimes. Okay, enough yapping. Let's start the proceedings with...



    It's no big secret that Twice totally owned 2016 with their back to back mega-hits Cheer Up and TT. And it's also no big secret that A LOT of people find these songs... terrible, to say the least. In this forum alone, I have read various posts that question these songs' merits and if they deserve the success that they got. Very valid points, actually.

    But I have shamelessly bopped to their songs so what do I know, really?

    But despite my questionable stanning, I do acknowledge that what Twice gave us this year is simply not enough to warrant such crazy success. I mean, Cheer Up is basically a carbon copy of Like Ooh Ahh down to the Momo dance breakdown. And TT, although a bit different, is still cut from the same safe sound that Twice is known for. And the music video is, again, Halloween-themed; not far from the zombie theme of Like Ooh Ahh.

    Basically, more than improvement, I just want to see some growth.

    I hope to see some this 2017. Fingers crossed.



    Oh, Infinite, I remember stanning so hard for you. What went wrong?

    Actually, I'm being unfair and a little extra here. I admit that The Eye is far from a terrible song. It's certainly an improvement from last year's Bad. Boring? Sure. Expected? Probably. Could have been improved? Hell yes.

    My biggest problem with the 2016 (and maybe even 2014 and 2015) Infinite is that I know they have more to give. I know because I stanned them so hard for so long and I know what they are capable of. And they're wasting their talents on such subpar material.

    First, please ditch Rphabet for the love of God. He will never be as good a partner to Infinite as Sweetune. He's so one note... so limited... It's heartbreaking to see a group like Infinite succumb to such mediocre production.

    Second, maybe a second shot with Sweetune? Look, I know Sweetune's golden era is gone. Even Nine Muses ditched him (them?) already. But Sweetune has been rather on point lately. His stuff with Snuper and 100% are all better than Infinite's title track. And with Infinite's skills, those songs could've been elevated more. No shade to those groups but I just know that Infinite would've killed those songs better.

    Third, if not Sweetune, then maybe Monotree? Or Duble Sidekick? Just not Rphabet. Kii.



    I actually find Good Luck okay???



    No really, I'm okay with the song. Except for Jimin's horrendous rap, I don't mind the song at all. The music video though???

    KEEP IT.

    I mean, what the hell was that??? They totally wasted the lifeguard/Baywatch concept. The random Sprite promo? The lack of swimming on the beach? The lack of skinship with hunks?

    NO, MAMA, NO.

    Let's just watch this Baywatch-themed music video courtesy of Tinashe and get our lives.

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  17. Let's not exaggerate.
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    First of all, can we, like, change their name??? I'm sorry, I don't think I'll be able to accept such... special name. It's so... tacky. And it's so easy to attack. I mean, NUGUDAN? Hehe. It sounds like a name of a weird-flavored drink imported from Tuvalu or something.

    I don't completely hate their debut song, Wonderland, either. The chorus is such a moment but the verses...


    GodSejeong didn't hustle for this.

    Also, can the six other members be media-played showcased more? I frankly do not hear anything about them. It's all about Sejeong, not that I'm complaining. But a little shine would truly help them.

    Also (this is the last also, kii), I sure hope they find a sound that works for them. Something not overly cutesy could work. Think Oh My Girl. Yeah, that kind of amazingness would be welcome. Thanks. x



    Raise your hand if Apink bores you to death...


    I even debated with myself if I should include Apink in this category because, real talk, they just don't improve. I have given them a million chances to impress me but I was always left unimpressed. And depressed. Their music is just so blah. Basic. Beige. Boring.

    But because a category needs at least 5 nominees, then I just said to myself, "Just give those poor flops a nomination for at least trying." Trying to what, exactly? Trying to help solve the widespread insomnia epidemic, that's what.

    But seriously, since I love suffering or something, I'll always give them a chance to be better. Their 2016 comebacks have not been as successful as before so I just hope that teaches them an important lesson: that we're tired of their boring shtick and they need a new concept since, like, yesterday.

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  19. At one point in 2015 APINK were on verge of becoming nation's girl group with NoNoNo, Luv and Remember but GFRIEND came and sent them back down the ladder. Horrible life of overcompetitive K-Pop world.
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  20. I actually like Apink...
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