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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. I'd say Only One was Apink's first bad release in quite a while, but even then they redeemed with with the R&B version of it on their special album.

    If you want different concepts, go listen to other groups. It's not hard.
  2. The most offensive thing about Gugudan for me is the wardrobe.

    WHO thought that China Town dresses for girls under-six was acceptable?!
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  3. Sophia Grace & Rosie.
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  4. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    Hey, hey, hey! I'm back with another update! Yesterday, there was some very light drama. Some believed a few of the nominees weren't deserving of their nominations. And some backed me up with my choice for nominees. Keep the conversation flowing, unnies. I like it when we engage in some kind of friendly and tasteful ~argument~.

    But today, we're back to the lighter shade of the spectrum. Because today, we'll be talking about...


    In Western music, it is typical for an artist to take a few years before making a comeback and releasing a new album (unless that artist is pre-Anti Rihanna). And when an album is released, at least more than one track is promoted (unless your first single flops to oblivion and the record label drops your flop ass).

    But not in K-pop. In K-pop, the definition of a 'comeback' is rather funny. I mean, how the hell can you call it a comeback if the artist's last album was released a mere two months ago? It just doesn't make sense. But if you're like me, someone that has been following K-pop for close to a decade now, you've accepted that a K-pop comeback is a different breed. And that's totally fine because we get a lot more music!

    But some of these idols just needs to take it down a notch. I mean, three comebacks a year plus a thousand TV show appearances plus photoshoots plus concerts plus fan meetings??? How the hell do they survive this shit? Maybe they are also trained to be robots???


    Anyway, here are the five artists that really deserve a vacation. Let's meet them...



    Look, I know things are tough, my dear B.A.P kids. You've lost a lot of your fickle fans (not me) to BTS when you filed a lawsuit against your record label and went on hiatus. But four comebacks in a year???


    They had three Korean comebacks and one Japanese comeback. In February, they released their fifth mini album, Carnival *and* just a month after, they released their first Japanese album, Best. Absolute. Perfect. Then they did their 2016 B.A.P Live on Earth World Tour on April up until July in 24 cities and 15 countries. And by August, they again came back with their fifth single album, Put 'Em Up. Finally, just last month, they released their second full album, NOIR.

    How they managed to not die of exhaustion remains a mystery.



    Seventeen truly hustled this year... and reaped the fruits of their efforts as they notched three number 1 albums. They also improved their digital powers tremendously, with Pretty U almost hitting the top 10.

    The boys first came back on April with the release of their first full album, Love & Letter. Since this is K-pop, of course, a repackage of that album was released on July. The boys then went on their first Asian tour and held concert in 9 key cities. And because that apparently wasn't enough, just this month, they released their third mini album, Going Seventeen. There was also a random mixtape release for their Hip-Hop unit.

    The boys also filmed a season for the One Fine Day series where K-pop groups are sent on a vacation to relax their minds and shake the stress of the idol life. But the twist was, their season of One Fine Day wasn't really a vacation. They were sent to a small island to fend for themselves. Kii. Y'all should watch the show. It is so, so fun and amazing.



    Another group that practically didn't sleep all year round is Oh My Girl. But it was worth it because 2017 is shaping up to be their breakout year.

    Oh My Girl released their third mini album, Pink Ocean, on March. They promoted not only the title track, Liar Liar, but also the Jinyoung-produced One Step Two Step. Mini albums aren't regularly repackaged but Oh My Girl didn't get the memo and released a repackage for that on May. And by August, they released a collection of cover songs through a special mini album, Listen To My Word. Also the same month, they held their first concert entitled Summer Fairytale for two days.

    And did I mention that Seunghee and YooA were main TV staples the whole year?

    They did that.




    I mean, just look at those dark circles taking up a dangerous amount of space of her face. The poor sis really, really need to sleep for at least two weeks straight.

    GodSejeong was, of course, a contestant in the hit reality (???) show, Produce 101. Because she's amazingly talented and pretty to boot, she snatched a spot as a member of the temporary group I.O.I.

    I.O.I released two mini albums, Chrysalis and Miss Me?, on May and October, respectively. The group also did a shit ton of TV shows, festival appearances, radio guesting, etc. They were practically everywhere. And since GodSejeong is one of the most recognizable I.O.I members, of course, she's almost always the one sent to these shows.


    Jellyfish Entertainment, Sejeong's record label, debuted their first girl group, tragically named gu9udan... and guess what? Of course, Sejeong is a member along with her Produce 101 hunties, Mina and Nayoung. gu9udan has released one mini album so far, Act. 1 The Little Mermaid.


    GodSejeong also released her first solo single, the Zico-produced Flower Way and was a certified hit.

    Elsewhere, she's also one of the hosts of the KBS show, Talents for Sale. And I won't enumerate all her TV appearances because there are a lot. Just Wikipedia that shit.


    EXO & BTS

    Frankly, I didn't put these two here only because they have been super busy this year. My main purpose of lumping them together is to call their stans out and tell them to just behave already. I consume a lot of K-pop information everyday. I visit Asian Junkie, Netizenbuzz, Pann-Choa, Kkuljaem and Kpopkfans almost everyday. And let me tell you, I have had enough of these two groups' fans' fights. It's exhausting. Maybe that's the reason why I didn't check for EXO and BTS that much this year and I became a Seventeen trash instead.


    If I read one more "Any Army here?" YouTube comment, I'm gonna spontaneously combust.

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  6. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    Look at me hustling hard to fulfill that 2 categories per day quota. Kii.

    Okay, what's up? Hello again and welcome back to another edition of GRAMAMA Spotlight.

    In the last category that we talked about, we spotlighted the artists that genuinely need to rest. They've worked so hard this year that it's only right for them to take a much needed break from all the hardship and hurdles that they conquered.

    So while they are away in 2017, who should make a come back instead?


    These people. They are the ones that I expect to be more visible in 2017. Let's get to know these severely missed artists starting with...




    Seriously, Pledis Entertainment. What the hell is happening with my Orange Caramel girls??? Are they ever gonna come back???

    Seventeen and NU'EST had multiple comebacks this year. And Pledis Girlz are also busy preparing for their debut.

    But the HBIC of Pledis, supreme overlords Orange Caramel... stop hiding them!

    I know Nana's busy with her critically acclaimed acting career. And Raina is releasing coffee shop rap-vocal numbers with San-E. And Lizzy is... rapidly losing weight.


    I'm tired of watching the Catallena music video for the umpteenth time. I need a new song, music video, concept to stan!




    While ex-f(x) member Sullegend conquered 2016 with her antics and beauty, the remaining members of f(x) are... busy with their solo careers.

    Victoria has been shooting a million dramas and movies in China. Amber has been terrorizing us whole year round with her mediocre music (I'm being generous). Luna has rightfully released her own solo album and scalped us all with Free Somebody. And Krystal... how's Kai's diq, sis?

    I know. I know they released All Mine as part of that SM Station thing that SM has been pushing. But that is simply not enough.

    Also, let me address this issue with SM now. Why do EXO and SHINee release repackage albums every single time yet f(x) and Red Velvet do not (f(x)'s last repackage album was in 2011)? And why don't you release these girls' dance practice videos like you do with those guys? Are you promoting sexism, SM-ssi?


    Anyway, I just want an awesome f(x) album in 2017. That's all. BYE.



    Drop it.


    I mean, drop that comeback album already, cystren.

    You have teased me enough.

    I mean...


    So where are the teaser photos?
    The music video teaser?
    The media play?






    T-ara's last release was way back in 2014 with the EDM monster Sugar Free and its epilepsy-inducing music video.


    I can't hear you.

    So Crazy? Tiamo?

    What are you talking about?


    Anyway, I really just miss when T-ara was everywhere back then. Like, the amount of comebacks that they did was just insane. I shouldn't have prayed so hard back then that they take a vacation or something. Kii.

    I just miss the bops. The end.




    Please God, Buddha, Shaman Unnie, etc...

    Please allow Sunny Girls to release more bops.

    Y'all can have CNBlue and Super Junior. Give us Sunny Girls instead.


    It's just totally not fair that we probably won't see these girls perform together ever again. Just thinking about it makes me depressed.


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  8. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    I had a pretty busy day of hand-sewing clothes with a million holes in them so the update is kinda late. Mianhamnida.

    So let's keep my yapping at a minimum and dive right into the nominees of the...


    This is a banner year for nugu groups especially here in the forum. I personally discovered (and started to stan) a dangerous amount of nugus because of @Squashua's rate and also because of your recommendations. So for that, I am thankful. The following artists are, in my opinion, proved that in 2016, good music is good music regardless of who sings it --- be it a Big 3 artist or a group that barely gets to film their music video.



    These girls are on the verge of escaping the nugu web so it would be pretty swell for them if they win this award. No, I'm not influencing you here. Nope, nope. Kii.

    Anyway, before my bias shows too much, I'll just say that these girls deserve every little success that comes their way. They released the two of the best songs of the year and if those aren't enough for them to be deserving of this award, then I don't know what will.



    Not satisfied with just being a nominee for Most Improved Artist of the Year, here are the Brave Girls also snatching a spot in this category. I feel like I've already said what needs to be said about these girls and their 2016 triumphs here so yeah, just read that one again. Kii. x



    And Dal Shabet continues to be such a force to be reckoned with. Y'all thought they already reached their peak last year with B.B.B??? Well, well, well, it was just January this year that they absolutely shattered that fiction with Someone Like U.

    And apparently, that wasn't enough. They just have to scalp us one more time to remind us that they are here to stay (and sl*y) with the hymn for the weekend FRI. SAT. SUN.

    Dal Shabet is just starting.
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    Laboum barely missed being an Artist That Needs A Vacation Award nominee. But don't feel too bad for them because being a nominee in this category is undoubtedly better. Even though personally I don't think they've surpassed the heights they reached with 2015's Aalow Aalow (just like how Oh My Girl failed to top Closer), I still think they have achieved so much during the year and that deserves some form of reward. Slicey Claus presents this nomination as that reward. Kii.



    That Stellar 19+ reign just won't let up.

    The sexy provocateurs continue to snatch bans left and right while releasing quality bops on the way.

    In January, they released another MonoTree masterpiece, Sting.

    But then came a curveball when they decided to ditch (temporarily, I hope) MonoTree for the Brave Brothers with their July comeback, Crying.

    I just started stanning these ladies this year and I am so excited for their 2017 outputs.
  10. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    No time to breathe because another category is here for y'all! This is kinda similar with Nugu of the Year (even the nominees kinda mirror each other) only with a little twist: with this category, we'll be playing the role of fortunetellers and try to guess which of these five groups are gonna have a breakout year in 2017. Let's start.


    These groups have achieved moderate success not just in 2016 but for a few years now and I think that 2017 will be the time for them to fully blossom into superstars... or at least free themselves from the shackles of nugudom.



    Oh, these girls again. Do y'all still don't know them??? You're doing it wrong.

    Okay, okay. Oh My Girl had three comebacks this year with their third, the cover Listen to My Word (A~ing), being the most successful peaking at number 15 on the weekly Gaon Digital Chart. The mini album also became their first number 1 in the Physical Chart. With Seunghee snatching wigs left and right in her stint as a contestant in Girl Spirit (and rightfully finishing second) and YooA's hustling every-freaking-where, it is safe to say that Oh My Girl is truly ready for the big leagues.

    Slice of Nostradamus Corner:

    I'm positive they'll earn their first Top 10 single and another number 1 album. Just keep YooA and her lying mouth from appearing in a talk show again. Kii.



    I made a mistake here actually. I do think 2016 is already Seventeen's year. With three number one albums and an almost Top 10 hit (Pretty U peaked at number 11) to their name, Seventeen has truly arrived this year.

    But well, they can always have another banner year, can't they?

    Slice of Nostradamus Corner:

    Seventeen will snatch their first Top 10 hit... maybe a number 1? As long as they play it right the way BTS did this year, I have no doubt that it is possible. And DK will remain the best male idol ever. Kekeke.



    Yeonjung is slowly winning over the Korean public again after her brief Somi-related non-scandal. Cheng Xiao is trending because of her banging body... quelle surprise!

    They are coming back in a few days and I have no doubt that they will deliver.

    Unless they release Catch Me 2.0. In that case, KEEP IT.

    Slice of Nostradamus Corner:

    Yeonjung will appear in King of Masked Singer and snatch some wigs (EDIT: Apparently, she already appeared there a few days ago... and sl*y she did). Cheng Xiao will continue giving Hyosung a run for her money as the K-pop idol with the best body. And the group will earn their first top 20 hit.

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  11. ~2017 WILL BE MY YEAR AWARD~



    K.A.R.D have yet to officially debut and yet they're already appearing here??? What kind of sorcery???

    Well, I must say that their single 2016 release is enough to warrant them a nomination here. If you don't agree, then keep it to yourself. x

    Slice of Nostradamus Corner:

    DSP will fuck them up. I'M KIDDING! I MEAN, I'M HOPING NOT.
    K.A.R.D will only earn more fans as they hustle the indie way. Kii. I think a Top 40 single is not impossible to achieve. And BM will continue being a thirst trap (cc @ryan_riot92).



    You know what? I have a feeling gu9udan will find their way in 2017. They have a very interesting concept (fairy tales, as far as I know) and if they play this right, they could hit the jackpot.

    Frankly, @roux and @Squashua's stanning for these ladies have been very contagious and I'm afraid I am slowly catching the gu9udan disease as well.

    Slice of Nostradamus Corner:

    Sejeong will continue being a TV mainstay and therefore earn another solo top 10 hit. gu9udan's comeback will be better received and the other girls will be more visible (more of a wish than a prediction).

  12. Just to backtrack a smidge, I'm dying for an Orange Caramel comeback in 2017. On a mini (entry level) J-Pop binge currently & something like Catallena mixed with the sound of:

    And the general pop insanity of:

    would be preferred thanks.
  13. Till when we can submit votes for GRAMAMA Awards?
  14. That's putting it mildly.
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  15. The deadline for both the GRAMAMAs and the K-Popjustice Charts is January 5. Please keep the votes coming.
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  16. [​IMG]


    Hello everyone! I'm back for a very (very, very) late update. I'm sorry y'all. It's New Year's Eve in my location right now and frankly, I have been busy all day round. But because I take this thread very (very, very) seriously and I have T-ara level of determination, I am here to give you a category write-up... but only for one category. Kii.

    Anyway, I'll keep this cute (just like the two previous categories kii) so let's start the show...


    In 2016, we saw the rise of a troll named Donald Trump into power. We saw Britain lose their collective brain by pushing for Brexit. We saw the disbandment of several iconic K-pop groups. We saw Shaman Unnie annihilate Korea with her black magic.

    But despite all of these, 2016 still brought us a lot of good stuff. And I think it's only right that we talk about THE GOOD STUFF as we welcome 2017 with open arms and hopeful hearts. Here are a few of those...



    Oh y'all wanted a twist? Kekeke.

    I know, I know. K-pop was a roller coaster of hot messes for the most part. And sometimes, being subjected to them is just... discouraging.

    But if you're like me who lives for the drama, then 2016 has been fun on that front. Kii. I mean, yes, some of these messes have totally messed me up but I won't deny that I didn't get my life when I first heard about them.

    Shaman Unnie being revealed as Korea's true HBIC??? Tragic. But iconic.
    Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa's misunderstanding??? Meh. But also low-key iconic.
    Relationship scandals??? Yawn. But worth it for the meltdowns.

    I don't know if 2017 will be as iconic as this year but I'm already salivating. Feed with me drama!!!


    PRODUCE 101

    Confession: I haven't watched this yet.


    I know, I know. I'm missing out on so much iconic moments. But I feel like following @roux's iconic P101 rate already provided me with enough information about this mess. So I'm really just wondering if I should even bother watching this.

    Anyway, even though I didn't watch this, I made sure to read about it everywhere. I lived for how everyone who values talent in K-pop (dddddddd) called for Sohye's head and failed miserably. And how everyone hyped Somi as JYP's savior... as if JYP needs saving. And as if the Wonder Girls aren't JYP's saviors already. And how Chungha rose to fame because of pure talent. And how Doyeon is the new K-pop It girl. And how Chaeyeon proved that plastic surgery is talent. And how this show was supposed to be "healthy porn" for men.

    I could go on.

    This show was the gift that kept on giving... sometimes too much.

    And for that, I am thankful. Very, very, very thankful.



    I'm not gonna lie. I thought for sure Ladies' Code was done. I have already accepted it. And I would have totally understood if they decided to quit the K-pop industry altogether.



    And with a brand new sound. A sound that almost made me un-stan until The Rain kimchi-slapped me to oblivion just to make me realize what a stupid mistake I was gonna commit.

    Bless these girls for fighting for their dream to sing and be heard. I know RiSe and EunB are so proud of you, babes.




    It took seven years and one member exit before SM decided to throw f(x) a bone and give a fandom name to their fans. But hey! At least it happened!

    I mean, it has become a sad running joke how f(x) fans refer to themselves as Nameless or f(ans) and I don't know, it just truly warms my heart that they have now a name for themselves. It's like watching an orphan finally get adopted after years of stay in the orphanage. Kii.

    Never mind that MeU, the fandom name, is a condom brand in Korea. I'm pretty sure f(x) fans are just relieved that they aren't nameless anymore after 7 years of being one.

    These are actually my favourite K-pop albums/mini-albums of the year. Please let me live. x


    I mean, should I even explain this? We got a shit ton of awesome music this year. And that is one strong proof that K-pop isn't, like, dead or something. *giggles*

    Best song of the year:

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  18. Galaxy was making you consider unstanning...? Girl.... granted I still haven't listened to any of their songs before that comeback but its a fantastic song!!!
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  19. Okay, let me explain myself.

    I became a fan of Ladies' Code because of their bombastic music. See:

    So at first I wasn't here for their ~low-key~ music. But I find Galaxy okay now. And The Rain is 10/10 so. Hehe.
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