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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. I miss f(ans)....
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I forgot to post this last night before I went to bed. Hehe.


    Five more days before we reveal the December charts and of course, the GRAMAMA winners. Stay perched and keep the votes coming.

    PMs will be sent three days before the deadline. You will vote. x
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Happy New Year, everyone!!! How was your day? Did you get a New Year kiss? Or did you get much more than that? Kii. Anyway, I hope you had a blast because I did. And I'd like for all of us to enjoy this special day. YATH COME ON POSITIVITY!!!

    But I'm not just here to wish y'all a happy new year. I'm also here for another update! Let's keep it light and fun today, shall we? Let's start with this iconic category...


    Fashion is always gonna be a part of K-pop. K-pop is equal parts music and visual so it's only right that we honor 2016's most iconic lewks. Most of the nominees here are nominated because they took risks. They may not necessarily always be successful in their attempts but the sheer bravery alone to pull these looks off is just outstanding. Here are our nominees...



    Yath destroy the theory that crop tops are for girls only!!! Come on, not fragile masculinity!!!

    I know he probably just wanted to showcase his banging body but whatever. I'm totally here for this and I hope this becomes a trend. Hehehe. If he keeps this up, I'm sure he'll become my Monsta X bias in no time... but for now, Kween Hyungwon has my heart. Kii.




    I mean, do I even have to talk about those outfits??? Those speak for themselves just fine.

    But okay. I will try. To me, they look like a stretched out bubblegum. They just look... bizarre and not in a very good way. Iconic, yes, and that's why they're nominated here but also very weird and slimy??? Eek.

    And they also high-key look like this...





    What did my son Yunhyeong do to be included in this mess???

    iKON did a photoshoot for DAZED magazine, possibly Korea's worst magazine, and this was the end result.

    I mean, what were the editors of DAZED smoking when they gave the go signal for this mess to be published??? The boys look like homeless crack addicts that haven't showered for at least 2 months. Well, that applies to Bobby in real life, but the other boys didn't deserve this shit! Fix it, Yang Hyun Suk!



    The HBIC of FNC Entertainment made a comeback in 2016 with Good Luck. The world can't decide whether that song was shit or not (I'm Team Not Shit) but everyone collectively agreed that visually, these girls were at their peak.

    I mean...


    Seolhyun and Hyejeong are the top gurlz but everyone looks smashing.

    The girls also look drop dead gorgeous on their teasers for their January 2017 comeback and I am honestly so perched.




    If these outfits were done for Project Runway, I bet the judges would absolutely hate them. I mean, these outfits are so adorably extra that I can't help but love them.

    Okay, let's do a closer check-up...


    That BERRY G lettering in the front is... very hip-hop dance group covering BTS's latest opus...

    That open back done rather questionably...

    That huge pink bow that doubles as a crop top...

    Those random and super extra tassels on their legs because why not???


    And then there's this variation with an LGBTQ-supporting tassel galore...


    It's so very festive and I'm so happy that these outfits graced our lives.

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  4. Hyejeong looks like a potato in Good Luck kittykitty
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    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Update Number Two is coming your way!!! And it's time for...


    Let's face it: K-pop fandoms are tragic to say the least. You have sasaeng fans who literally follow these idols wherever they go and don't understand the word privacy. You have some uncle fans who are just creepy as hell. You have delusional shits who think they own their idols and terrorize them when they're revealed to be dating... like dating is equivalent to committing murder or something.

    But sometimes... like, as rare as a blue moon sighting, fandoms also do something good. It's like witnessing a miracle with your own two eyes.

    Let's revisit some of these fandoms best and worst behaviors in 2016...



    I'm assuming EXO-L means EXO-Love but if I'm wrong, please come for my ignorant ass. Kii. Anyway, what else is new with this fandom??? They have been insane for a few years now but in 2016, did they do something more tragic???

    Hell yes, they did.

    I mean, they were so delusional that Kai oppa isn't dating Krystal... enough for them to make a story that Krystal is actually a seal.


    Also, they we're so pissed that Kai is not a virgin anymore because you just now that Krystal binch 'raped' him or some shit... so they cut EXO albums and burn his pictures for revenge. OF COURSE.


    Young actresses like BTS and AKMU more than EXO? Burn the whores!

    Other 'amazing' fandom acts:

    Hated Unicorn's Gayoung for liking Sehun.
    Using other 'lowly' idols' heads as tripods to capture oppars' beauty.
    Harassing a MelOn staff because EXO lost an award.
    Ruined BTS' V's date with his family.




    A Big Bang video:

    A BTS (behind-the scenes) video:

    A video about depression:

    A video of Dr. Pimple Popper:

    A video about deforestation and how it affects all of us:


    Other than that, these so-called ARMYs have been rather tame, right?


    They harassed Shannon about her supposed relationship with Jimin.


    They chased BTS when the boys were vacationing in Sweden.


    And most importantly, they made the Bolivian national news for boycotting the elections... and instead writing BTS oppa saranghae or some other shit in their ballots.


    The saddest thing about this election thing is... these are done by adults. AN ADULT SHOWED UP IN AN ELECTION JUST TO WRITE SOME BTS NONSENSE...




    I have to give it to ONCEs. They truly had a rather tumultuous year. That Tzuyu scandal alone is so massive and could have easily be Twice's downfall. Thank Shaman Unnie that Tzuyu survived that mess.

    Also, I think it's amazing how I can't find a negative article about ONCEs on Netizenbuzz and Asian Junkie. I didn't look everywhere... I didn't have T-ara's determination... but I think, for a group that has become such a force in K-pop within a short period of time, it's cute that the fandom didn't explode into a gigantic mess. Yet. I have seen some problematic attitude displayed by ONCEs here and there (like fighting with Blackpink fans and Red Velvet fans and shoving Twice's achievements down everyone's throats) but nothing super major. I know it's just a matter of time before ONCEs become SONEs and Blackjacks in terms of being messy so let's enjoy their chillness while we can. Kii.

    Also, as Twice has been plagued with a thousand PANN articles about their lack of talent, I think it's refreshing that ONCEs haven't retaliated. Yet. Maybe because they know Twice really lack the skills? Kii. Or maybe because they're just super busy re-watching Twice music videos all the time in order to break some K-pop record that they have no spare time to engage in more messes. Hehehe.



    iKON only did one comeback in Korea (which they didn't even bother promoting) and yet their fans are a nominee here? LEGENDS.

    Well, this is rather messy and quite complicated.

    Basically the gist is, a Korean iKON fansite, Get Ready Show Time, was caught doing THE ABSOLUTE MOST just to make Winner seem like a pathetic group. They run all these hate brigades against Winner for 8 months before getting caught. They did a lot of crazy stuff... so much that I'll just link these articles because I don't have the range to read them all. Kii.

    Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3





    In 2015, Mamamoo and their fans introduced us to the world's best lightstick:


    Well, in 2016, they amped up the WTF factor with their official (but don't quote me) mask:


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  6. That's terrifying ...
  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    It really is. It reminded me of this.


    But I also low-key want to own one. Kii.
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Okay, I made a mistake because actually y'all only have...



    Let me live juseyoooo~~~~


    Okay, a few things, my sarangs...

    1. Although it might seem like I value the GRAMAMAs more than the KPJ Charts, that is not exactly true. True, I spent more time this month for the GRAMAMAs because it's fun and it only happens once a year. And because I have a lot of pent up emotions about K-pop. But truth be told, the KPJ Charts is still number 1 in my heart and I hope that you'll still participate in it. The GRAMAMAs is just a fun little number --- nothing serious. It's just a way for us to celebrate our love and hate for K-pop. Kii. That is why I'm a little more lenient with the GRAMAMA votes. You can choose which categories you'd like to vote in. If you don't care for, say, Oppa of the Year, that's cool! You have the right to not vote in that category.

    2. We are still voting for the December 2016 charts so I would very much like it if your ballots will be free from any songs/albums released after December 31, 2016. That means I will not be accepting votes for AOA and SES (even if SES's Paradise is sooooo good). I will remind you about this when you PM me your scores.

    Umm, I think that's it? Hehe. Happy voting! If you have questions, feel free to comment in this thread or PM me. Kamsahamnida.
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    Another late update from your lazy host. Hehe. I got busy making spreadsheets and sending PMs to y'all so you'll have to forgive me.

    Anyway, we are down to the last four categories. And since the good positive vibes of the New Year has already left the building, let's go back to one of the messier categories.

    Let's talk about the...


    In today's world where poverty is at an all-time high... where unemployment continues to be such a big scare... where famine kills so many poor, innocent lives... where nugu groups are forced to Makestar their comebacks just to stay afloat... these five nominees had the gall to actually waste some precious money. WTF!!! BURN THEM ALIVE!!! So let's talk about them one by one and maybe, just maybe, they'll get the memo to stop wasting so much funds for such tragic endeavors.



    Notice that I.O.I is nominated instead of Produce 101. Well, well, well, there is a big reason for that.

    Produce 101 at the very least gave us some genuine iconic moments whereas I.O.I... is just a series of trainwreck after trainwreck.

    I.O.I is a temporary group. Just that alone is already tragic. Why would you waste so much time, effort and money for something that's only gonna last for a year?

    I know YMC Entertainment went the cheap route on I.O.I's debut single/mini album but you can see the budget got bigger once I.O.I's star got brighter. WRONG MOVE. Y'all should've continued being the cheapskates that y'all were and y'all could've seen a bigger return on investment. Those creepy Somi uncle fans would buy anything anyway --- even her used clothes. (That article is a big giant EW.)



    I probably should not be that mean to the Twice girls for their serious lack of vocal skills since I stan Dara, Hara and other tragic 'singers'. But Twice's case is just so severe that I just can't let it pass without calling it out..

    First of all, Jihyo is their main vocalist. I like her voice and I think she's competent enough... but only on record. Let her sing live and... oh God, please don't let her sing live.

    And who's gonna do Jihyo's parts when she gets sick or something?
    Nayeon??? Umm, great bunny teeth, beautiful bunny teeth. But no.
    Jeongyeon??? Y'all do the absolute most by saying that she's the most capable when it comes to singing but I just don't hear it? She sounds whiny when she sings. So no.
    Mina??? Tzuyu???


    Look, I know talent is not a requisite to be the Top Group but honestly... wouldn't it be better if Twice could just have one good live performance? Is that too much to ask?



    Sometimes, I find myself thinking... How did Apink manage to get this famous? There was a time when they were this close to joining Girls' Generation, 2NE1, and the Wonder Girls' tier level.

    Thank God GFriend happened.

    Seriously, what do these girls offer that a million other groups don't do better??? Is it the vocals? Well, Eunji is a powehouse vocalist but she's not even allowed to, like, wail her lungs out in any of Apink's recent singles. Is it the choreography? Let's not kid ourselves. Is it the visuals? Well, Naeun used to be a Hara-lite clone but now? Meh.

    Is it the songs???

    *awkward silence*

    Okay, thank you.



    You know what? I still don't get this. AT ALL.

    The only vague thing that I remember about this was when I was reading a KPOPKFANS article about them before the start of the show. And people were just bashing the contestants' visuals. The savagery.

    After that??? Absolute radio silence.

    I was like...


    But the good sis Soompi has all the tea about them if you're interested (doubt it). I think this is the most "important" fact about them:

    Us after their 'official' debut:




    I Just Wanna Dance is a bop.

    But the live performances???

    KEEP IT.

    Just watch one and you'll see what I mean.

    Bonus videos for y'all!

    And she can't even lip synch properly dddddddddd.

  10. Can I beg for deadline extention? This bitch needs to hustle and I have no time until Friday which I have free to do justice and give you my insightful shady commentary for each category.
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  11. He


    The Fanny and IOI hate.


    Twice "singing" does deserve the dragging.
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  12. Was MRJKPOP involved in this? ...
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    Hmm... okay. So the 8th would be a good deadline for you?
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  14. Yaaass! I hope Shaman Unnie will bless you this year for such mercy.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    So the good cyst @Monkey0 requested an extension... and because it's the New Year and I'm still feeling festive, why not grant someone's hope-filled wish???

    So yes, heathens, the new deadline is JANUARY 8, 2017, still 00:00 Korean Standard Time.

    More time to finish that K-Popjustice December 2016 ballot. More time to finish that GRAMAMAs ballot. More time for shady commentary from you.

    And more time for me to be lazy and give half-assed updates. Kii.

    Also, I think people have missed the memo so let me remind you one more time:

    Only my cyst @Squashua has provided not one but two of ha own GRAMAMA categories. I swear to God, you are not ready for them. The binch went all cray cray. Kii.

    Edit: And my boo @send photo also provided one. <3

    That's all for today, unnies. Happy voting.
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  16. @Slice of Life Gurl I gave you one too!
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  17. I'd like to formally apologize for any of my commentary that gets shared.

    And this collective BM thirst is gonna leave this forum a desert.
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    KIIIIIIIIIII I'm sorry unnie. I totally forgot.

    *90 degree bow*
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Hey gizibes!!! Kii. I'm kidding. Hi heathens! I'm back again with another update. And this one, I think, will be another cause of drama.


    Bring it on.

    I'm gonna drag your faves again and you better help them keep their weaves on. x

    Okay, for real, I'm gonna be talking about something that could potentially make you put my name in your kill list. Don't worry, kids. This isn't all that serious. We're just having fun here. Kekeke. So please welcome to the stage, our first choice category for tonight...


    So you might have noticed that I tweaked that category title just a tiny bit. It used to be 'Worst Song of the Year' but after a lot of thought, I figured I went a bit overboard on that. To label a song the worst of the year is such a villainy thing to do... and I'm not a villain. No, ma'am, no. As the De Facto K-Pop Ambassador of Popjustice™, I have to maintain my image as an innocent, neutral, selfless, harmless, unbiased, perfect poster. And so the name change happened.

    Frankly, I was just afraid y'all are gonna drag me to the pits. Hehe.

    So let's introduce our nominees, shall we? Let's start with...



    In The Same Place
    Pick Me

    Legendary bops that came from the Produce 101 headquarters and instead we get this... garbage... for the girls' debut song?


    Penguin Sohye didn't give up acting for this.
    Chayeon didn't give up her past face for this.
    Yeonjung didn't sabotage Somi for this.

    On my first listen, I actually thought this was just fine. You know, because at that point, I was getting sick of the GFriend-lite songs, I thought this was a breath of fresh air.

    Well, I was wrong. This was and still is a breath of fresh fart.

    I mean...
    That 1, 2, 3, mic check or whatever intro??? Keep it.
    Those flop rap parts??? Delete it.
    Those dead on arrival verses??? Burn it.
    Goddess Doyeon's tacky pink lipstick??? Eviscerate it.
    GodSejeong's godawful pink tracksuit??? Murder it.
    Yeonjung and her 7.2-second appearance??? Kimchi-slap it.
    Somi's age-inappropriate clothing??? Sell it to her creepy uncle fans. Bury it.



    Apink / Jeong Eun Ji

    I'm literally at lost for words. I'm tempted to just post fifty pictures of the color beige just to finish this one.

    You know what? Let's do that.

    © @Squashua

    I'm kidding. It wouldn't be fair to the hardworking ladies for me to do them wrong like that.

    Okay, I'll try again. There is nothing offensive about Apink's songs. Their nice, fine, okay, alright, <insert appropriate word>. And that's my problem with them. I HAVE NO FEELINGS TOWARDS THEIR SONGS OTHER THAN... MEH.

    And it's not even their choice of concept. I stan for 2NE1's ballads, for Oh My Girls' brand of cutesy... I stan for NCT Dream, for Shaman Unnie's sake. There is nothing wrong with choosing to pretend you're a virginal maiden from 150 BC-era Mesopotamia or shit.

    But you gotta make magical, made-from-unicorn's-mane music. That's it. No more. And I think it's totally fair to demand that from any artist. Apink fails on that department and therefore, they fail in my books.

    Or at least do some gimmick that could trick us into thinking you're good. Something like hoverboards. Kii.



    I believe I have said what I had to say about my frustration with this song and in Infinite's music as of late. So let me just quote that post. Kii.


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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    JYP x Hyoyeon x Min x Jokwon

    Me after watching this for the sake of doing a review:



    I mean, JYP acting as the hype man???
    Jokwon trying so hard to appear like he enjoys slapping that girl's ass???
    Hyoyeon looking like the damn feature instead of the main artist???
    Min continuing her descent into flopdom???


    I need Shaman Unnie to remove this from my memory because that was one traumatic experience. The things I do for this forum...



    I... I never expected that one day I would seriously dislike one T-ara song. Is the world ending finally??? What happened, my girls???

    Okay, this is a Christmas song and all that. But again, who asked for a Christmas song from T-ara anyway? That mistake alone makes it deserving of its spot here.

    Again, let me be clear: I don't hate this. Hate is too strong a word to describe my feelings for this song. Like in Apink's case, there is nothing offensive here. It's all just very blah. Like, if a rookie group from GodForsaken NoMoney Entertainment released this, I would be more forgiving. But from T-ara??? T-ara that released Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, Sugar Free, etc??? NO, MA'AM, NO.

    I hope you get your shit together, girls. And release another mammoth-sized banger that we know you're very capable of. I would HATE the day when you'll become a Melody Day-sized crap. Please don't make that happen.

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