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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2016 Edition + 1st GRAMAMA Awards - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    Whew, that last category made me lose my cool. That was... traumatic. Let's move on...

    *sees the next category*


    I'm not doing it. I'm gonna make some new enemies again. No, thank you.

    Kidding! Of course, I have to do this. This is another messy one but I'm tired so let's just all see what I'm gonna be able to say about the next nominees for...


    The last negative category! YASSSSSSSSSSS! Finally. I'll try to keep this short (n n n n) because some of the nominees here have already gotten my opinion about them. Okay, shall we start this? Okay, let's.



    2016 is the year where some of the members showed some interesting personality. But other than that?


    I never got the hype for this 'band' ever. Sure, I thought some of their Japanese songs were nice. Sure, I think Jonghyun is still such a looker. Yonghwa remains looking like a seven-week old condom trapped inside Shaman Unnie's pucci. But their overall concept is a little too Maroon 5 for my liking.

    Also, FT Island is the better band. Fight me.



    Seolhyun, sis, what's good??? Seriously, what's good about Zico that you had to run toward him like he's a sex god???


    But other than that, what do people hear in his music that I fail to hear??? He's such a tryhard mess. He's like a budget G-Dragon with better rapping skills (because at least he sounds like a human when he raps).

    It's also telling that my favourite song of his is this...

    Because he doesn't sing/rap/do stupid shit in this. Also because Luna is amazing. BYE.

    Zico stans, please tell me what's so great about him juseyooooooooo~~~



    You again, girls??? BYE. I'm done talking about your mediocre talent/songs/beauty/everything.

    Click here and here if you like to read my yapping about them though.



    I... actually don't find them overrated?


    But I understand why others might think that they are overrated.

    > They came from a Big 3 company so even before debut, people are hyping them already.
    > They scored a number 1 single right off the bat and people think that it's undeserved.
    > Stans have been a little extra when talking about these girls' talents.

    I respect that. You do you, hens. x



    Nothing against the girl. I think she's awesomely shady and iconic.

    But does her music and talent really deserve all the praises and success??? BISH NAH.

    When she debuted with I, people were gagging over its supposed perfection and I'm like...


    I mean, if you like yodeling, then kudos to you, I guess.

    And then Rain was released to much acclaim and... why??? Why are y'all losing your mind to such beige-ness? Delete it.

    Why is amazing though, I'll give her that.

    But she just have to mess the goodwill she just earned when she released the zzz-inducing single 11:11.

    Taeyeon, sis, at least let me stan you for at least a year.

    And to add insult to injury, she performed Rain and 11:11 during the MAMAs and the Gayo Daejeons. I mean, Taeyeon, sis... Why is there for the taking so why are you shoving such mediocrity to our throats? Have some mercy. We know you can reach those high notes that Tiffany can only dream about but it doesn't mean you should show that off ALL. THE. TIME.

    It's not cute. Reflect and come back with a more mature image or something.

  2. I is incredible and I can't stand her most of the time.
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  3. I agree. You are incredible. x
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  4. To again take it back a notch, in an ideal world T-ara would have comeback this year with this:

    And we all would have gotten our lives handed to us by the Cantonese version on the 4 track EP.
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  5. ~+~+~GRAMAMA SPOTLIGHT~+~+~

    And finally, we find ourselves at this juncture: the last category. It's been a rough journey --- there were *slight* meltdowns (understandable since my taste is rather... questionable), there were songs/artists that aren't nominees but are equally deserving, there was an oppa that everyone wanted to climb... and do other stuff to --- but we got here safely.


    We're all still friends, right? RIGHT?

    But anyway, this is our last category and although I'd very much like this to be an extravaganza of sorts... I'm feeling really unimaginative right now. Y'all have to let me live. 21 categories is a real challenge and I'm afraid I'm truly mentally challenged right now. Kii.

    So y'all have to deal with whatever I write for this category. Hehe.

    Thank God the deadline is extended so I can recharge my creative juices.

    BUT ANYWAY, enough irrelevant talk. Let's get down to business. Our last category...


    That's right, hunties. I saved the best and most positive for last. K-pop has and always will produce creative, amazing music videos. A lot of Western pop artists need to do music videos the K-pop way because frankly, their music videos are so... beige. Kii.

    But let's not open that can of worms. Let's talk about these 10 masterpieces instead.


    Oh My Girl

    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. This is shot outside which can't be said for 72.36% of other K-pop music videos. A breath of fresh air.
    2. The choreography is captured brilliantly especially the one in the post-chorus.
    3. There's a dreaminess to it that perfectly captures the essence of the song.
    4. It's all over the place in the best possible way.
    5. Jiho is everything. Quelle surprise!


    WJSN / Cosmic Girls

    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. It has Yeonjung in it.
    2. It is so cinematic and looks so expensive.
    3. The sets (that water scene!!!). The costumes. The prosthetic.
    4. The animation is unparalleled. Especially for a nugu group.
    5. The way the purple explosion happened as Yeonjung killed that "ANIYAAAAAAAA" note.



    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. It is a touching end to a beautiful trilogy.
    2. This is a school concept done right. And you know how K-pop always, always gets that concept wrong.
    3. The choreography is given attention --- rightfully, since it is stunning.
    4. The teddy bear's acting deserves all the Oscars. Meryl Streep is shook.
    5. I'm not kidding when I say that I got pretty emotional when I first saw this. It just tugged the right heartstrings.


    Ladies' Code

    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. I'm gonna be called shallow but whatever --- EVERYTHING LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.
    2. Ashley looks like a deranged witch... which somehow turns me on. Wait, wut?
    3. The play on the number 3 is very fascinating.
    4. Those scissors... I want them all. And I don't even know why. They just look so flawless, you know?
    5. There's a very subtle sexy undertone. And I love a very subtle sexy undertone.




    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. As a Digipedi Bitch, there is no way in hell I would not love this. You should love it too.
    2. Minhee and Jeonyul...... HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG
    3. It effectively shows that Stellar can be sexy without, you know, doing their usual choreography. Kii.
    4. The great usage of imagery... the camera flashes... the insects... usual Digipedi stuff.
    5. The color scheme is my style.

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  7. Sure, boo. As long as you keep the likes coming. x
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  8. Sometimes I like your posts even without reading, but now I see in of them you threw shade at Blackpink stans and Taeyeon ! Can I take back my like ?
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  9. Hehehe. You know that this isn't super serious, right? But yeah, sorry, I really have been brutal here. I promise I'll be nicer after this ends. x
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  10. Now i'm kidding , but if Twice don't win that category , I will be really serious xx
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    Red Velvet

    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. I just love the fact that ALL Red Velvet singles have really amazing music videos. f(x) has two. SNSD has... none. Poor it.
    2. Those tacky clothes... I'm actually here for them. WTF.
    3. That Yeri boat scene alone deserves all the votes.
    4. Wendy's red hair... hmm... a choice... but I salute the bravery. Hehe.
    5. I have no idea what's happening here but I like what I see.




    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. 2016 is the year of the prostitute concept. I am here for it.
    2. Min cameos here... give the girl some pity votes. She needs them all.
    3. I'd never look at hula-hoops the same way again. Fei elevated their existence.
    4. You just know that guy is not acting. When he got home, you just know what he did.



    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. Sometimes, we just need to reward extraness.
    2. Daehyun... yas get that Oscar win, luv.
    3. When will your faves get the Director's Cut treatment, huh? Unless your fave is WJSN.
    4. I just really, really miss T-ara-esque, melodramatic-for-no-reason music videos, okay?
    5. Other boy groups talk about being gangsta and shit but they never do a true gangster concept. B.A.P at least practice what they preach.



    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. Again, props for the extraness.
    2. There are some really beautiful sets.
    3. When will your oppars get a kiss scene with a sculpture, huh? GET ON OPPAR'S LEVEL!
    4. I love it when everything just works perfectly. Perfect song, perfect dance, perfect music video.
    5. It actually really bothers me that the title of this is "Blood Sweat & Tears." It's killing me that there is no comma separating blood and sweat. But I also salute it. COME ON, ARTISTIC LICENSE, LET'S GET SICKENING!



    5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For This:

    1. For a YG release, there is a lot of restraint here. And restraint is beautiful.
    2. I love it when idols are allowed to be sexual even just for a while. It reminds me that they're humans too.
    3. The cinematography, man. It always, always gets me.
    4. It has a New Year theme. And it's New Year now too. I love synchronicity.
    5. This nomination is for Nam Taehyun who used to be my Winner bias. I hope you return with a more mature image. Hwaiting!


    Sorry for the messy write-up. I promise I'll come back with a more mature image for the results. x
  12. Secret's video absolutely SLAYS me. One of my favourite ever.

    Carnival deserves a mention here too.
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  13. I know, boo. I really messed up big time on that. Sorry cystren! I'll do better next time. x
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  14. [​IMG]

    ~TEA ZONE~

    With approximately three days left before we close the voting lines, I'm here to give you an appetizer of sorts about what's happening with the results. Who's winning? Who's flopping? Only I have the answer. MWAHAHAHAHA.

    K-Popjustice Charts Tea:

    - Our current number for the song chart is seriously sl*ying. None of the other entries will catch up to it, this I can say with confidence.
    - BUT on the album chart, there is no clear frontrunner. The number one and number two albums are only separated by a single point.
    - For the first time ever, a legit album track is threatening to enter our song chart. I don't count Crayon Pope's Vroom Vroom as an album track since it was pre-released.
    - I'm afraid we can't have the Bubbling Under Charts this month if not enough songs and albums are voted for. SO PLEASE VOTE!
    - I low-key feel sad that boy groups are gonna be underrepresented this month.


    GRAMAMAs Tea:

    - Categories with a clear winner: Rookie of the Year, Artist That Needs to Make a Comeback, Fandom of the Year
    - Categories with no clear winner: 2017 Will Be My Year Award, Couple of the Year, Most Disappointing Song of the Year, Oppa of the Year
    - One Unnie of the Year nominee will seriously get pissed when she learns that nobody has voted for her. Hehe.
    - THE WRITE-UPS WILL BE MESSY. All thanks to your messy commentaries. I am perched for future meltdowns.

    That's all for today, babes. Please keep on voting. We are only at 12 voters as of today and 4 other hunties promised to vote (I'm watching you, @Monkey0 Unnie). Also, I'm gonna start tagging tomorrow so be prepared!


    Slice of Life
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  15. I see you liking stuff, @Deja-Boo Unnie. I will hound you for your votes. x
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  16. Also, y'all can start posting your own GRAMAMA Awards personal category winners. But if you prefer that I'd be the one posting your personal category winner for you, just include it in your votes and I would happily do the honor.

    And with that, let me introduce to you our Official GRAMAMA Awards Statuette. I searched high and low for an artist that I believe will give the GRAMAMAs the perfect statuette that it deserves. And so I came across a struggling Canadian artist that has yet to really make his mark with his work. And because I believe in supporting undiscovered talents, I decided to hire him and make the world's first GIF statuette (but don't quote me on that). Yes, hunties, we at K-Popjustice are trailblazers. So with further ado, let me present to you the Official GRAMAMA Awards Statuette made by future Canadian GIF Superstar, @send photo!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ISN'T IT AMAZING??? The good cyst @send photo did that. Hang it at The Louvre!!! I chose the Maneki-neko because it represents luck, fortune and cuteness --- three things that I wish we all find this 2017. And of course, I just have to immortalize Shaman Unnie somehow because she low-key inspires me to be that bitch, you know? Hehe.


    Anyway, I'm done being extra for today. Happy voting! And happy posting of your GRAMAMA personal category winners!


    Slice of Life



    I already posted this in the first page but nobody reads that page so let me post it here as well. Here's an easy PM-able list for the GRAMAMAs. Commentary is not compulsory but greatly appreciated. x

    Best Music Video -
    Best Choreography -
    Best Live Performance -
    Rookie of the Year -
    Disbandment of the Year -
    Worst Use of Company Money -
    Nugu of the Year -
    Most Improved Artist of the Year -
    Artist That Needs Improvement -
    Fashionista of the Year -
    Overrated Artist of the Year -
    2017 Will Be My Year -
    Artist That Needs Vacation -
    Artist That Needs to Make a Comeback -
    Kamsahamnida Award (Blessing of the Year) -
    Couple of the Year -
    Most Disappointing Song of the Year -
    Fandom of the Year -
    Mess of the Year -
    Oppa of the Year -
    Unnie of the Year -
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  17. I just need to pick an outfit for the red carpet first (while simultaneously promoting the Pope)
  18. Are all the write-ups finished? If so, I AM READY.
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  19. That Troph-gif! @send photo you've out done us all.

    *hastily edits "award acceptance" photo for personal category winner*
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  20. I'm gonna need your votes first, hen.

    I forgot about that monstrosity, my dear.
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