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K-Popjustice Charts - December 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. You really couldn't throw us a bone?

  2. Ddddd I forgot Heart Shaker landed at #5, and that Boa video was kind of amazing, so let me appreciate such an iconic Top 7.
  3. MOM WON!
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  4. He didn’t get the signal bone.

    I’ll show myself out now.
  5. [​IMG]

    ❈❈❈TEA TIME❈❈❈


    New ballot:

    1.Candy Cane
    2. New
    3. Lip & Hip
    4. This Christmas
    5. So Hot (TheGlobalTalentTeamRemix)
    6. The Magic of Christmas Tree
    7. Chuu
    8. Gashina
    9. Sweet Crazy Love
    10. All Night

    This Christmas - Winter Is Coming
    Holiday Night
    I Just Wanna Dance
    Soyou - Re:Born
    My Voice



    Okay I have some revisions and commentary finally - happy new year dear, you're such a lovely person I really hope for the best for you this 2018 <333


    10 Points: Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    For an industry that's so quick to sign you up for a few short years of actual band-life (if you make it that far) only to cast you aside and move on to the next illustrious unit of 14 year olds, to find a gal that's not only still killing the game, still singing and still dancing like her life depended on it but also continuing to fearlessly herself within her musical ballpark & vision - that's nothing short of miracle. Well enter Uhm Jesus Hwa with this heart-wrenchingly bittersweet ode to the inevitable end of things, the acceptance of the past and the stoic resolve to watch the credits roll unflinchingly, just a tear in your eye. She literally took everything I stanned about CLC's Where Are You? and ramped it to to 1987 - gave me choreo, looks, drama, emotions, beats, bops... There was no one even close this festive season. We salute you Unnie Jung Hwa, come back every year with more Cloud Dreams if they're always going to be this magical.

    9 Points: HyunA - Lip & Hip
    At first it was fine. Then there was the Inverted High Class Street Corner Carrot lewk. Then there was the choreo with licking one's hand like you spilled BBQ sauce during a burger raid. THEN there was ButtDonald's, ridiculous innuendos, straight up sexuality and a day glo dork in the dorm, sex kitten in the klerb MV. THEN THEN THEN.... that popping sound effect took over my life. I find it difficult not to emulate the boob (or in this case moob) bounce everytime it happens. No one makes ridicu-bops like HyunA.

    8 Points: Chuu - Heart Attack
    YATH @ my pretty penguin top-tier stalker unnie with a baby diva queen voice and personality for days not only coming up trumps with a sassy, marching pop bop but ALSO sneaking through the Lipbalm vs New Year's Yves stanwar with her big ol' stealth-scope camera and becoming potentially the most successful LOONA solo thus far. That ImpacT. Yes she will crush on ha HBIC Nuna whether she likes it or not. She's got the wardrobe down, the song AND video streaming for those bonus chart points and will eat her 5 a day no matter what you say. Urgh, can't wait for her LOONA Tvs - i'm kinda expecting a new bias honestly.

    7 Points: EXO - Universe
    This is gorgeous beyond believe. The vocals, the solemnity, the heartfelt warble of that one english line in the chorus. Added points too for having a literal beige tone colour scheme for the video and yet it still being glorious to look at. Coffee never looked so tasteful and yet melancholy.

    6 Points: Taemin - Day and Night
    Such a 180 from MOVE i can't, and yet I can because it's so lush and perfectly wintery. Don't @ me but the really jazzy strings and the acoustic guitars, as if you're in a little bistro on a cold January morning, are kinda what I wish GFriend's Summer Rain had been like.

    5 Points: Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo
    I repent! I've seen the light! Peek-a-Boo is a bop between the Crash Bandicoot level beats and all the quirky, slightly twisted ad-libs. I'm not doubling back on the video being convoluted and running out of ideas by the second verse but it's still another worthy addition to the RV discog-pantheon.

    4 Points: Twice - Heart Shaker
    Is Sana Gay? And which Sana are we even talking about? Welcome to JYP's Idol Clone Submarine-meets-Supermarket Factory where we play Laboum tracks through the tannoy system and the Twice gals just trash everything whilst doing that weird hobbit walk dance around the floor. You know what? I'm here for that as a concept.

    3 Points: Hyunjin (LOONA) - Around You
    Ever since the secondary video came out, where Hyunjunnie is out-popular girl-ed by Kimberly Lippington and Heejin of Mixnine Ariana Grande dance performances fame, I get this song a whole lot more. It's actually very touching a ballad and has a lot of emotional weight in the unrequited angle compared to how bombastic nearly every LOONA solo has been. I want a high school K-Drama with the final LOONA12 once this whole pre-debut fan fiction is wrapped up pretty please.

    2 Points: Chuu / Yves - Girl's Talk
    Girl's bop, Girl's bop yeaaaahhhh. Seriously top-notch pulsator of a banger from the Odd Fruit Sapphic ladies. I heard a cobbled together mashup between this and f(x)'s 4 Walls and now I just want a LDN Noise x LOONA song - @Ceir might implode if that comes about.

    1 Point: Sonamoo - I (Knew It)
    I (still) CAN'T SEE. I (still) CONFUSED. GET ME OUTTA HURR.





    5 Points: Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine, Part 2
    Sizzling, sassy and salacious - it's good to have you back Unnie. There's only four songs but each of them has their merits and are HIGHLY boppable. Aside from the flawlessness that is Ending Credit, you can get your funk on to So What's carefree ode to being young & sweet, dip into the whirlwind of Unnie JH and Lee Hyori's Delusion or go FULL bombastic ridiculous electro-scuzz in the voyeuristic sex dungeon with Photographer, that contains one of my favourite moments in a song this year in tagging her bestie to monologue about UJH's flawlessness. The AUDACITY. I LIVE.

    4 Points: Younha - RescuE
    SO GOOD. I hadn't heard of this lady before, except for an old cover she did in the summer which was nice but not exactly that inspired, but this is ridiculously interesting as far as girl solo releases go. Rescue is alt-pop that knocks despite being highly low-key, Parade makes for a slightly trop-housey ditty, there's a middle section full of lush jazzy piano suites, FEEL is a funky falsetto-heavy duet and Drive's sense of urgency and sheer weight of sound is breathtaking. Really great full length, the alt-girls really turned it out this year.

    3 Points: EXO - Universe
    I've never been a massive EXO advocate, even to this day there's very few songs i'd recommend by them, but the downbeat, introspective feel of the tracks here so accurately fit my high-key unfestive mood that I can't help but fall into a deep lull with them. Universe is a masterful power ballad, Stay tries to bring in a lil trip-hop, Fall is back to that classic r'n'b sound albeit with some thunderous monk choir warbling and Lights Out goes would have also worked as the lead big ballad.

    2 Points: DPR Live - Her
    A @Ceir -approved artist with the glorious visuals to match despite being an indie act. I'm not sure what my favourite track is yet - maybe the woozy Jasmine? It's quite short a mini, but hopefully that means there's more to come.

    1 Point: DAY6 - Moonrise
    They're a great group what can I say. I do hope they return to the sound of I Wait a little more, because that's still my favourite 2017 release of theirs, but their love of despondent in love ballads can't be ignored.



    You're welcome xxx

    yves - new
    HyunA - Lip & Hip - After hours of rehearsals, I think I've got the lip pops just about right. For the choreo I'll need a bit more time.
    Sophiya - For The Record
    VAV - She's Mine
    Chuu - Heart Attack - I can't with LOONA. After Chuu slightly disappoints me with the single, of course she would go and release the best video thus far. I CAN'T!
    BoA - Jazzclub
    Um Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    Chuu - Girl's Talk - I can't with LOONA. After Chuu slightly disappoints me with the single, of course she would go and release the best B-side thus far. I CAN'T!
    Taeyeon - This Christmas
    LOONA - The Carol 2.0

    Um Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    yaeji - EP2
    YESEO - Unkind
    Younha - Rescue
    Red Velvet - Rookie



    December Rate

    1. DPR LIVE – Text Me

    When the “Text me when you’re free free free… “ hit I thought “Oh no, it’s going to be a drop and there’s no chorus…”






    But in all honesty the song is just FUN. His little quips smile make me crack a smile:

    “I can get you up…I’m NASA!”

    “Action, romance, comedy? Comedy?! You’re just like me!”

    2. Uhm Jung Hwa – Ending Credit


    This is what Eodiya’s older sister would be. She’s at the end of the relationship, she’s a little jaded, and she’s so much wiser than she was at the start. I love it.

    3. Long:D – All Night ft. Doyeon


    I’m kidding. But, y’all know I would be all over this indie-sounding song. Doyeon’s vocals are HEAVENLY. I love the build up to the chorus.

    4. EXO – Universe


    It honestly started a bit slow for my taste, but I had to keep listening for Chen’s and DO’s voices. THEN, the guitars kicked in and I about died.

    5. Younha – Hello ft. PH-1

    A solid mid-tempo from Younha, with PH-1 fitting in perfectly on the track. Another Groovy Room production that is flawless. (Iffy and Just U are also by him).

    6. BoA – Jazz Club

    This jazzy club bop, though. I didn’t even realize this was coming out!

    7. Chuu – Heart Attack


    8. 2xxx! – Girl, Interrupted ft. MIso

    Melancholy mid-tempo with my favorite indie queen. You know this has been heavy rotation.

    9. Exo – Electric Kiss


    10. DPR Live – Martini Blue



    DPR Live - Her
    Uhm Junghwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    Day6 - Moonrise
    2xxx! - Life
    Younha - RescuE



    01. The Boyz - Boy
    02. Meng Jia - Mood
    03. Yves - New
    04. Chuu - Heart Attack
    05. DRP Live - Text Me
    06. Dean - Instagram
    07. DRP Live - Martini Blue
    08. EXO - Electric Kiss
    09. Uhh Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    10. Hyuana - Lip & Hip

    01. The BOYZ - The First
    02. Day6 - Moonrise
    03. TWICE - twicetagram
    04. DPR Live - HER
    05. EXO - Universe, The Winter Special Album 2017
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    ❈❈❈TEA TIME❈❈❈


    Hello Slice-shi! Hope you're doing well and not thoting around!

    Here's my ballot:

    TOP 10 SONGS:

    1. Uhm Jung Hwa – Ending Credit

    Mother has arrived. I LOVE when song creates a specific world and pulls me into it. I need a story, an emotional message and visuals. She gave me all of that and scalped me completely.
    2. THE BOYZ – Boy

    It’s all about debuting with amazing, signature song that stands out. The rest of their mini is average but who cares when you got that title track.

    3. Younha – Parade

    SHE’S BACK!!! Underrated Queen, she’s one of the best and most interesting musically singers in Korea yet general public sleeps on her. Please check her album Supersonic and mini Subsonic. She came back with sophisticated tropical bop in December! Queen of taking risk!
    4. Younha – Hello (feat. pH-1)

    Even herer pre-release tracks ****, this is what Soyou would release is she was talented and sourrounded by creative people.

    5. Meng Jia, Jackson Wang - #MOOD

    Only Jia could make Jackson sound nice and serve a bop.
    6. DPR LIVE – Text Me

    Ceir made me do this.

    7. DPR LIVE – Martini Blue

    Ceir made me do this.

    8. KARD – You In Me

    Still fresh.

    9. WANNA ONE –Beautiful

    One of the best ballads this year.

    10. LOONA/Yves – new

    My Christmas gift to all those suffering from LOONA syndrome, I see your struggle and I admirer the conviction.


    1. Uhm Jung Hwa – The Cloud Dream of the Nine

    Awesome, more experimental and hard hitting than most of her hoobaes.

    2. Younha – RescuE

    Queen of glorious full albus is back. Praised be talent!

    3. DAY6 – MOONRISE

    This is the end of brilliant musical journey that DAY6 served us in 2017 and what a emotional turmoil their songs gave us. Well done boys!

    4. DPR LIVE – Her

    I’m sinking in Korean hip-hop scene. Please send help and blame @Ceir

    5. EXO –Universe

    Apart from shit title track this album has some amazing bops like: Been Through or Lights Out


    @send photo


    1. Lee Hi - Breathe
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa Ending credits
    3. boa jazzterpiece
    4. Jonghyun - Lonely
    5. SHINee - Tell Me What To Do
    6. Jonghyun - Let Me Out
    7. SHINee - View
    8. Day 6 - I like you
    9. Hyuna - Lip and Hip
    10. BoA - Implode

    1. Day 6 - Moonrise
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    took you long enough sheesh
    3. [redacted]
    4. Slicé - Merry Slicemas
    5. BoA - Kiss My Lips


    @Cotton Park

    Hey, hope you're doing okay. It's been a tough couple of weeks. Hit me hard. More than I can talk about. Message me anytime. Hang in there.

    Here's my list.

    1. Red Velvet: "Kingdom Come"
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa: "Ending Credit"
    3. BoA: "Jazzclub"
    4. Twice: "Heart Shaker"
    5. DEAN: "instagram"
    6. Alice Vicious: "Selfish Things"
    7. EXO: "Universe" (wow)
    8. Day6: "I Like You"
    9. Younha: "Parade"
    10. Bolbbalgan4: "Some"

    1. Younha: Rescue
    2. Red Velvet: Perfect Velvet
    3. KARD: You & Me
    4. Bolbbalgan4: Red Diary Pg. 1
    5. Uhm Jung Hwa: The Cloud Dream Of The Nine - Second Dream

    sarang hae yo...





    #1: Uhm Jung Hwa: Ending Credit
    - THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED!!! Bless us all with this absolute gem! I will admit tht I wasn’t keen on the song when I first heard it but after listening to it a few times, my love for it grew substantially!! Watching the choreography and the filmography of the video is just remarkable and lovely. This queen truly deserves to be the top this month.

    #2: Jonghyun: Lonely
    - Rest In Peace angel…

    #3: Sophiya: For The Record
    - What.A.BAWP… Such a smooth, slow, glossy electro track. Sophiya has impressed me in the past and she outdid herself with this track. Sorry … I’m not gonna give this too much commentary because I know it won’t even make the bubbling under charts.

    #4: TWICE: Heart Shaker
    - As if we didn’t have enough TWICE this year, they had the audacity to release YET ANOTHER anthem that we all can bop to! It has a but of this university vibe that Knock Knock had with a lovely bubble-gum pop tone. Not to mention we get another amazing amazing dance routine. These girls can do no wrong. They just … need a break. I kind of fear these girls are being rung dry by JYP at this point.

    #5: DAY6: I Like You
    - First these boys tell me they love me and now they are telling me they “like” me … smh … However, this was such a lovely way to close out the year of monthly DAY6 releases. Literally every time the elongated notes of when they sing “I like you” give me chills. Hopefully in 2018 we will see more from these fantastic boys.

    #6: Uhm Jung Hwa: Delusion (ft. Lee Hyori)
    - Not one but two legends collaborating on one flawless track?? Like are you kidding me???? Their vocals together are quite glorious and mix fantastically. The track itself is filled to the brim with intriguing yet slightly quirky notes and sounds on top of a drum-line beat. It’s really amazing!

    #7: HyunA: Lip&Hip
    - Two words … Boob pop.


    #8: BoA: Jazzclub
    - That intro in the video was kind of awkward but the song is an absolute knock-out!! You would think with a name like Jazzclub, the song would be a bit more down-tempo … but binch we know bettah. Everything about this song from the sax to the scat is fabulous. I’m stoked for this upcoming album!

    #9: YOUNHA: Parade
    - I really haven’t been too vocal about this track (or album for that matter) but I loved it on first listen. It’s very beautiful and uplifting. It’s definitely borderline being just another trendy radio friendly song but it also has that classic Younha aesthetic with it that makes it unique.

    #10: Alice Vicious: Selfish Things
    - Alice Vicious/LiVii has always been on my radar since “C’mon” and she has released a healthy amount of amazing tracks. This one has a smooth retro sound that every knows I’m a sucker for kind of steers away from her usual heavy electronic sound but gives us some nice guitar riffs and sparkly vocals instead.


    #1: Uhm Jung Hwa: Cloud Dream of the Nine - The 2nd Dream

    #2: DAY6: Moonrise

    #3: Younha: RescuE

    #4: TWICE: Merry & Happy

    #5: OEC: Max&Match



    Annyeonghaseyo~ Slice-unnie! I hope you've had a great Christmas and New Year and that Santa didn't let you down!

    01 Twice - Heart Shaker I feel this is underrated which is a shame but understandable given how much they've released this year. I think it may be one of my favourites because it is such a sweet, earnest track and it never fails to make me smile and sing along.
    02 Loona (Yves) - new
    03 Loona (Chuu) - Heart Attack
    04 Loona 1/3 - Sonatine
    05 Loona 1/3 - Love & Live
    06 Loona (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul) - The Carol
    07 Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    08 Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo
    09 Loona (ViVi) - Everyday I Love You (feat. HaSeul)
    10 Brave Girls - Rollin'

    01 Shaman Slicey - Merry Slicemas it just isn't Christmas without Shaman Slicey's timeless festive treat!
    02 Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
    03 Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    04 Loona 1/3 - Love & Evil
    05 Loona / OEC - Max & Match
    06 Taeyeon - This Christmas
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    ❈❈❈TEA TIME❈❈❈


    1. Taemin - Day and Night
    Taemin has always been pretty insecure about the parts where he claims to be lacking. One of them is his songwriting skills - he always said Jonghyun was the storyteller of the group and that Jinki rose to the occasion, but that he wasn't up to their level or even close due to this difficulty with writing down his thoughts and feelings. However, after SM offered him a repackage but wanted I'm Crying to be the title track, he took it upon himself to write a song he'd be proud of singing, and he did really well at it. It has the same type of poetical intonation that paints his other songs, and it gives us a glimpse of what Taemin could do if he invested more in this side of being an artist. This is miles different from Move or really anything he's released before, and it showcases his versatility without making it look like he's a faceless artist. A true gem, indeed.

    2. EXO - Lights Out
    What's seemingly at first just a normal EXO ballad with the vocal line giving us life is actually a song written by Chen that touches on the subject of giving someone else strength to handle a difficult situation. There are a couple of things that make this song extra special. For starters, Chen having written it is not surprising and pretty meaningful since he chose to participate on a song with Dynamic Duo that spoke in a very sensitive and beautiful way about mental health, as well as the fact that Chen has been supporting a charity in South Korea which main focus is mental health for years. And then, of course, the whole situation that happened in December. Sure, the songs were written and recorded way before that, but it doesn't mean that the reassurance and sentiment aren't present anyway. It was just... exactly what I needed to hear at the time? It's undeniable that EXO's vocal line is one of the strongest in kpop, and just the level of emotion put into it elevates this already beautiful, beautiful track into something much more.

    3. Hyuna - Lip & Hip
    I............... bit my tongue with this one. When I first listened to it I was like "oh for fuck sakes Hyuna /this/ after Babe?" bUT DAMN. Sometimes we just need a good hoe anthem to give us life, ain't it? Not to mention there's also some implicit social criticism in this song as well as the music video, like what she did with Babe, that I can appreciate a lot.

    4. TWICE - Heart Shaker
    I was entirely unimpressed with this at first, but then I gave it another shot and I was absolutely hooked, especially with the "is Sana gay?" chorus. People underestimate Twice a lot, I feel. They constantly deliver songs that are just effortlessly light and sometimes there's nothing better for your mental and emotional health to listen to these happy songs that aren't attempting to be more than just sheer entertainment.

    5. Younha - Foresight dream
    A stand out amongst a pretty strong album.

    6. Lee Jin-Ah - What should I do
    Another pretty standard ballad but the jazz-y vibes to it make it extra pleasant to listen to.

    7. EXO - Been Through
    "Above the grey sky, there must be a brighter light/It's gonna shine bright after the clouds part" are some of the lyrics in this song's chorus and God knows I needed this to get through the end of December without being consumed by grief.

    8. Taemin - Snow Flower
    Pretty standard ballad but such a beautiful vocal delivery. I'm always impressed - and lowkey concerned - with Taemin's hard work, but whenever he gets to showcase everything he worked hard for it's very obvious that he's only getting better and better.

    9. Chuu - Heart Attack
    I admittedly haven't listened to this track much, but it's still a very cute bop. That video is what makes it though - who'd have thought LOONA would give us such a sapphic unit? Love it.

    10. Younha - Airplane Mode
    I absolutely love it when korean artists delve into Brazilian music genres, and this Bossa Nova track is divine.

    1. Move-ing - Taemin
    Ah, I couldn't let my man down this month, could I? I feel like waxing poetically about how proud I am of everything he's accomplished in 2017 and how much he's grown, but unfortunately it's still too bittersweet. Eventually I hope to come to a point where I'll be able to be extremely rejoiced with the positive outcomes for him in 2017 without being dragged out by the memory of what happened in the end of it. In any case, it's not a surprise to anyone that Move was my favorite album of 2017 and I feel like this repackage only added into what was already a pretty solid album. It can be a bit disappointing to have two of the new four tracks be different versions of songs already released, but what I felt from the start was that the only thing missing in the album was a few slower songs that didn't have the heaviness in them that Love and Rise do. Day and Night and Snow Flower offer this rest needed and the korean version of I'm Crying is even better delivered than the japanese one. The new version of Hypnosis is fantastic and seeing as it was one of my favorite songs in Press It, I'm certainly not mad about its inclusion. I actually liked the repackage so much I ordered the album nñn, so yeah. This is not only my album of the month as it is my album of the year.

    2. Universe - EXO
    Ah, I don't usually give EXO's winter albums the time of day because they always fall short on their other releases, but this one is truly something else. An argument can be made for EXODUS being their best album, but for me The War is their best polished and most sonically interesting release so far, and Universe finds itself in that same level. Every song here seems to have been carefully chosen and crafted in order to create a body of work that functions well together without losing a diversity that is very present in all of EXO's material. On top of all that, its release came in a time where I needed any sort of reassurance I could find and this entire album was a very much needed confort. It's funny how life works - you lose a source of confort in the form of an artist but you're also given it from someone else. This sort of thing upsets me even more when people try to diminish the importance artists can have in people's lives. In anwyay, I'm just thankful for such a beautiful piece being released.

    3. RescuE - Younha

    4. RANDOM - Lee Jin-Ah

    5. This Christmas - Taeyeon

    Sorry about the paragraphs sis nñn I've been in my feelings a lot lately.



    hallo plastic gangnam unnie :)

    Uhm Junghwa - Ending Credit
    Hyuna - Lip & Hip
    Uhm Junghwa - Photographer
    Chuu & Yves - Girl’s Talk
    Uhm Junghwa - Delusion
    BoA - CAMO
    Chuu - Heart Attack
    Kim Lip - Eclipse
    Yeseo - Fake Love
    Yaeji - Feelings change

    Uhm Junghwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine - The 2nd Dream
    Yaeji - EP2
    Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
    Yeseo - Unkind
    KARD - You & Me



    #1 TWICE - Heart Shaker
    #2 EXO - Universe
    #3 Chuu - Heart Attack
    #4 TWICE - Merry & Happy
    #5 EXO - Been Through
    #6 BoA - Jazzclub
    #7 HyunA - Lip & Hip
    #8 BLACKPINK - So Hot
    #9 Yves - New
    #10 EXO - Lights Out

    #1 EXO - Universe
    Hehe I'm stanning again, but it's not my fault they keep releasing good music, this is their best Winter album 5 years in after already having Sing For You mini, it's perfect ballance of breezy warm ballads with mid tempo bops to drop your bussy to while drinking hot cocoa in the cold january days
    #2 TWICE - Merry & Happy
    #3 Taeyeon - This Christmas
    #4 Taemin - MOVE-ing
    #5 Shaman Slicey - Merry Slicemas
    She wasn't talented, but she did that.



    Here's my ballot :

    1/ Uhm Jung-hwa - Ending Credit
    2/ TWICE - Heart Shaker
    3/ YVES - new
    4/ Chuu - Heart Attack
    5/ Uhm Jung-hwa - Delusion feat. Hyori
    6/ DAY6 - I Like You
    7/ Chuu - Girls Talk feat. YVES
    8/ BAP - Hands Up
    9/ Snuper - Stand By Me
    10/ Hyuna - Lip & Hip

    1/ Uhm Jung-hwa - Dream cloud whatever part 2
    2/ TWICE - Merry & Happy
    3/ BAP - EGO
    4/ Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet





    1. (LOONA)Chuu - Heart Attack
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    3. Playback - Want You To Say
    4. (LOONA)Chuu -Girl's Talk
    5. Sonamoo - I (knew it)
    6. HyunA - Lip & Hip
    7. (LOONA)Yves - new
    8. Uhm Jung Hwa - Photographer
    9. Red Velvet - Look
    10. Uhm Jung Hwa - Dreamer

    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    2. Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
    3. EXID - Full Moon

    Please forgive me xoxo
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  8. [​IMG]
    ❈❈❈TEA TIME❈❈❈


    1. Ending Credits - Uhm Junghwa
    I never paid attention to Uhm Junghwa except that one performance with Ga-in, and a bitch is mad because I've been missing out. What the fuck at this song? I felt like Peniel oppa cause I was SNATCHED BALD after this. (I'm sorry that's insensitive to people with alopecia, but I couldn't help myself.)

    2. Heart Shaker - TWICE
    It's not my favourite Twice song, but I have a reputation to uphold.

    3. Hands Up - BAP
    Jongup is the most beautiful man in the world and YOU ARE SLEEPING ON HIM.

    4. Likey - TWICE
    Since y'all let Gashina DIE I've had to move on to supporting my second baby. VOTE FOR HEROINE NEXT MONTH.

    5. Merry & Happy - TWICE
    This is lowkey better than Heart Shaker, don't @ me.

    6. Heart Attack - Chuu
    Girls Day lost a few members?

    7. Gashina - Sunmi
    It's worth a shot, who knows if it'll chart this month dd

    8. Lip & Hip - HyunA
    I forgot this happened this month. It's not as good as BABE, but... Not much is.

    9. Girls Talk - Chuu & Yves
    If LOONA 3/3 sounds like this, I'm ready to stan. Odd Eye CirclR who??

    10. DDD - EXID
    Queens of longevity.

    1. Merry & Happy (Twicetagram) - TWICE
    Let's get that #1 we deserved!

    2. Full Moon - EXID
    Icons, legends, talent.

    3. Dreams of Cloud Nine - Uhm Junghwa
    I like this whole mini album. Lee Hyori is a legend.

    4. Hands Up - BAP

    5. Peekaboo - Red Velvet
    This vote is only for Seulgi's bangs.



    Hello unnie,

    I hope you are well ♡♡

    1. End of A Day - Jonghyun (a song i used to listen to after a long hard unfulfilling day and this December was a very difficult month for me mentally and physically so this gave me a lot of support)
    2. Let Me Out - Jonghyun (This song is one I was obsessed with since its release, but the artful way in which a person's frustrations and inner demons are expressed in this song make it such a relatable work of art.)
    3. Beautiful - Wanna One (This will flop again but it is a beautiful song and you should all give it a chance)
    4. New - Yves (is karmarisma finally opening her heart to Loona. It took till the 9th girl to completely crack my heart open with this mellow 80s-90s bop. I've been waiting for this all my life)
    5. Day & Night - Taemin (Nice little breezy guitar number. I love Taemin)
    6. Move - Taemin (The Move Disease will never die...)
    7. DDD - EXID (I will stan this song for as long as Hani continues to be hot...aka. forever)
    8. Bboom Bboom - Momoland (A BOP. I LOVE JOOE *dabs*)
    9. Heart Attack - Chuu (Brassy Bop)
    10. Lip & Hip - HyunA

    1. BASE - Jonghyun
    2. Story Op.2 - Jonghyun
    3. MOVE-ing - Taemin
    4. Story Op.1 - Jonghyun
    5. Perfect Velvet - Red Velvet


    @D is for Danger!

    1. Hyuna - Lip & Hip
    I've been obsessed with 3 songs this month, this being one of them. I love the lip & hip chorus and post-chorus. Perfect for singalongs!
    2. EXID - DDD
    This moved up my ranks and became the second of my 3 obsessions during the month of December. The chorus is textbook EXID and the deol deol deol part is a massive earworm.
    3. Playback - Want You To Say
    The final of my 3 obsessions. This tropical bop has kept me warm during the extreme cold of December.
    4. Sonamoo - I (knew it)
    I can't praise this song enough. Of course it was a flop, but it'll always be a winner in my heart
    5. Chuu - Heart Attack
    This is quite the departure from the previous Loona releases. Doesn't mean it's bad. I like the funky beat of the pre-chorus. The percussion and chimes definitely give the song a December & xmas feel.
    6. Yves - New
    There's something sinister about those synths that I love. I didn't connect to it as quickly as with OEC, but it's definitely up there in quality.
    7. Odd Eye Circle - Sweet Crazy Love
    Still amazing. The intro gets me every time!
    8. Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    I love the dream like quality of the song.
    9. Gugudan - Chococo
    This snuck up on me. What a bop! Not as amazing as A Girl Like Me, but amazing nonetheless.
    10. Twice - Likey
    Black Eyed Pilsung and Twice make for a great combination. My favourite of Twice's 2017 releases.

    1. Younha - RescuE
    2. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine
    3. OEC - Max And Match
    4. EXID - Full Moon
    5. Yeseo - Unkind




    1. Lip & Hip - Hyuna
    2. Heart Attack -Chuu
    3. Airplane Mode - Younha
    4. Delusion - Uhm Jung Hwa
    5. Girls Talk - Chuu
    6. Rescue - Younha
    7. So What - Uhm Jung Hwa
    8. Parade - Younha
    9. Ending Credit - Uhm Jung Hwa
    10. Hello - Younha


    1. Rescue - Younha
    2. The Cloud Dream of the Nine - Uhm Jung Hwa
    3. Taemin rerelease?



    OK, so I forgot to do this, which isn't cute haha. I also haven't been listening to very much new stuff lately because work has been so busy, so my list is mainly rehashed from past charts, as I've been living in my "Best of 2017 Playlist" for a few weeks.

    1) Yves- new- I can't remember if I gave this any points last month, but I think I submitted too early to give Yvesus Christ her flowers, so here she goes. And I thought THIS was as sapphic as LOONA was going to get.
    2) Uhm Jung Hwa- Ending Credit- The exact kind of perfect dreamy synthpop that creams my corn better than anything else. God bless an age defying Princess of K-Pop.
    3) HyunA- Lip and Hip- The perfect trashy bop for getting NYE ready, this got a lot of play in my apartment. I love any pop star who isn't afraid to break out a little tongue onstage, so when the good sis licks her hands like a cat, my gay ass falls all the way out. #OralFixation
    4) Chuu- Heart Attack- She's so adorable, and though the song isn't as instant as the last 5-6 LOONA singles were, I still bop on the regular.
    5) Kim Lip- Eclipse- This has benefited from my Spotify Top 100 Songs of 2017 playlist. It's right near the top, so whenever I go back to that playlist I always start with the true Top Rookie of 2017/
    6) Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori- Delusion- This sounds like a long-lost Annie album track, which means it's obviously AMAZING.
    7) Laboum- Hwi Hwi- As I write this, their fate hangs in the balance of the SO+Y Rate. I trust that everyone will have made the right decision. The fate of the world rests on Hwi Hwi making it to the final.
    8) Sonamoo- I (Knew It)
    9) Red Velvet- Peek-A-Boo- I'm still getting my spooky-ooky life to this.
    10) Twice- Heartshaker- Meh, this one isn't very good, but the chorus is cute and fun. I worship at Sana's altar.
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  9. [​IMG]

    ❈❈❈TEA TIME❈❈❈

    @Slice of Life

    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit
    2. DAY6 - I Like You
    3. Alice Vicious - Selfish Things
    4. Younha - Hello
    5. Twice - Heart Shaker
    6. BoA - Jazzclub
    7. EXO - Universe
    8. Chuu - Heart Attack
    9. Sonamoo - I (Knew It)
    10. Playback - Want You To Say

    1. DAY6 - Moonrise
    2. Younha - RescuE
    3. Uhm Jung Hwa - Cloud Dream of the Nine Part 2
    4. Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
    5. Playback - Want You To Say



    Sorry I’m a goddamn mess I’m even late to my own deadline I set! I tried adding commentary this time but I understand if you don’t use commentary from a non account that’s just brothers with a PJ member .
    Tried not to make the commentary depressing as shit given the circumstances.


    1)Tell me what to do - SHINee
    [I was already listening to this song in every playlist I made but after Jonghyun's unfortunate passing I listened to this non-stop.]
    2)I need somebody - DAY6
    [This song is a bop and I'm mad that it wasn't a single out of the billion singles DAY6 released]
    3)Hands up - B.A.P.
    [While not as good as Wake me up or Honeymoon. B.A.P. and T.S. ent in general really did NOT play this year. I liked every single release they made in 2017]
    4)Merry & Happy - TWICE
    [I'm not huge on christmas songs but this one is really cute. Mina looks cute as hell in the video too.]
    5)Lip & Hip - HyunA
    [I kind of wish HyunA released this when Gashina came out and then Babe could really shine but this song goes hard too.]
    6)Day & Night - Taemin
    [Another great song by Taemin this year, he was really on the ball. You worked hard Taemin!]
    7)Heartshaker - TWICE
    [A great song but Nayeon having the whole chorus and shrieking the entire way through is a bit grating. Her voice is fine when its countered by Jihyo in other songs.]
    8)Girl's Talk - LoonA (Yves/Chuu)
    [I was a bit let down by Heart attack only because the last 5 solo LoonA releases were so good (sorry Yeojin). This song more than makes up for it though.]
    9)I'm crying (Korean) - Taemin
    [You and me both sis.]
    10)Been Through - EXO
    [This song is really good]

    1)MOVE-ing - Taemin
    2)EGO - B.A.P.
    3)Merry & Happy - TWICE
    5)The Cloud Dream of the Nine - Uhm JungHwa

    Oh I guess if I add commentary I need to make it more than one post what a mess sorry. Happy new year sis!



    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit [I can't help but watch with pride when I see Queen Uhm Jung Hwa. To still be outperforming the current idols after 20+ years in the business is insane and she makes it look so easy. She has such a serene quality about her and this song captures it perfectly. Everything about her is stunning and this single has certified me as a stan. SNATCH MY #1 QUEEN!]
    2. EXID - DDD [This is gonna be on my ballot for at least 4 months. Truly the queens of hypnotic hooks.]
    3. Red Velvet - Peak-A-Boo [I know Red Velvet are almost always on point but something about this song/their performances this era just feels extra special. I cannot get enough of these girls. Screw 3 releases in one year, I'll take an album for every month, thank you!]
    4. Yves - New [Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, binch you know the rest. YVES DID THAT!]
    6. Uhm Jung Hwa - Photographer [Narcisstic queen. Give me that modelling anthem that I love. <3]
    7. KARD - You In Me [underrated haunted bop]
    8. Chuu - Heart Attack [LGBT QUEEN]
    10. Red Velvet - Look

    1. Uhm Jung Hwa - The Cloud Dream of the Nine (Part 2? Idk how you're counting it now that she's released both parts as the full album - Queen of fucking up charts <3) [I wasn't sure if Queen Uhm would be able to match the brilliance of last years EP but of course I was wrong to doubt her. Ending Credit has already taken over my life with it's stunningly hopeful sound and beautiful video. 'She' surprisingly left me emotional and 'Photographer' gave me all the life I needed - YES QUEEN. YOU BETTER HAVE A SPOKEN WORD FEATURE TALKING ABOUT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE! Honestly, what an icon.]
    2. SEVENTEEN - Teen, Age [Kings really knocked it out of the park with this album, their most versatile album so far. I find myself picking out a new track to obsess over each day. Lilili Yabbay is currently my favourite - Jun's falsetto is a moment.]
    3. EXID - Full Moon [No album list is valid without EXID. Ddd is gonna have me shaking until summer arrives.]
    4. Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
    5. Taemin - MOVE

    PS - thank you looking out for all of us with your kind and considerate messages. Shaman Unnie raised you well. <3
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  12. Thanks for the mess this month @Slice of Life ! The right song won, even if it didn't get my 10.
  13. Taeyeon not even making the "Slice of Flops" when @Kuhleezi and I voted for it? Why are you attacking me on a personal level @Slice of Life ?
  14. I still don't understand what tricks you pulled on me to make me become such a fan, but I'd like a nice word on f(x) from your hating ass as a very bare minimum thank you ASAP x
  15. Okay but I doubt you saw my post about BoA in the SO+Y thread. Cause, you know, I wasn't alive if you did. Kii.

    Well I didn't give PRISTIN songs the 3 they deserve only because of you so there's that. Also I like 4 Walls (without Amber's rap part version) if that helps.
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  16. We like is truly awful isn't it?

    More like


    We NO like

  17. It's fine..

    Gowon will come and avenge Chuves.

  18. I'm so sorry but no. January's winner is already decided.

  19. You made a mistake Slice...

    Fixed it.
  20. @Slice of Life when she wakes up to post-game tomfoolery and increased ratings.

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