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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Please don't scalp me for that typo though. A thousand apologies Chungha, I'll let you keep that heinous bob wig.
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  2. 2

    Sorry unnies but I really can't write about this album. I don't have the range. I love you, Jonghyun oppa.


    SM Entertainment

    52 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    5 - @send photo, @ryjm, @SophiaSophia, @Monkey0, @Aries, @eccentricsimply
    4 - @PopZeitgeist, @RUNAWAY, @ryan_riot92
    3 - @ohnostalgia
    2 - @Sanctuary, @Ceir, @Kuhleezi
    1 - @karmarisma

    ryjm: An immaculate and stunning collection of songs.

    Aries: possibly his finest work and a true testament to his talent. Rest in Peace, King.

    SophiaSophia: I never wanted to write commentary like this but I have to do this for my own benefit. Just managing to play the two MVs once was tough but playing this album even tougher. My heart still feels incredibly heavy when I see him or hear his voice it’s better than it was in December but I feel very conflicted as I can’t fully enjoy this as I would have done if he was still here it pains me to know which songs I would be constantly playing but I can only manage just this one precious listen right now because I miss him so much. I wish he was still here but that feels selfish on my part I accept his decision but I haven’t fully accepted it because whilst he lives on through the internet there are things about a person that can’t be experienced just through a computer screen. I wish I had a chance to have experience him in person but regretfully I wasn’t in a position to but for many years I remained hopeful I could see my boys one day I still do but I know it’s not going to be how I envisioned it would be. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to enjoy this and find comfort. Now onto the music it sums up Jonghyun the person perfectly it’s sonically and literally Shinin’ his brightest of all his albums. His compassion, lyrical sensitivity, forward thinking, handsome and suave demeanour are present throughout the album. His musical nuances in the production, poetic lyricism and the way he plays with his vocals and uses every part of his range make this instantly recognisable as Jonghyun but at the same time always making sure to include SHINee in some way but as I think he said once they are both his identity. Our bling bling was the biggest shawol there could be. This album was composed cleverly with a lot of care and precision all the way down to the tiny details to me he made sure to include every part of him the Poet and Artist in this. Really all I needed to write was as a simple Thank You and You did well in the end but I felt I needed to justify this piece of work more thoroughly to the best of my ability. But I hope that Spring has come for you Jonghyun and you’re finally at peace.

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  3. 1


    Red Velvet
    SM Entertainment

    64 points

    Last Month's Position: 4
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 3

    5 - @Alouder98, @PopZeitgeist, @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi
    4 - @SophiaSophia, @eliminathan, @Aries
    3 - @ryjm, @Ceir, @BEST FICTION, @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda, @digitalkaiser, @eccentricsimply, @R92
    2 - @Serg., @ryan_riot92
    1 - @junglefish, @Slice of Life, @Squashua, @ohnostalgia

    And Red Velvet return to the top spot with the repackage version of the The Perfect Velvet brilliantly (and maybe lazily?) titled The Perfect Red Velvet.

    The Perfect Red Velvet contains all of the songs from The Perfect Velvet plus three new songs.

    I'll be honest and say that I was actually kinda disappointed when we didn't get more Red-leaning songs. I mean, why rename the album to The Perfect RED Velvet when we'll still be served with more Velvet tracks? SM, sis, stop playing with my heart like this.

    But still, I like the three new songs that we got. Two of them made our Song Chart so I can't really talk about them here xoxo.

    Your comments!

    ThighHighs: All Right is such a bop!

    ryjm: There was no need for the name change, Perfect Velvet indeed.

    eliminathan: They reached their ultimate form combining red and velvet in their album title for the first time. Bad boy is fine, I'm just voting this because of all the other bops in The perfect velvet.

    SophiaSophia: Who needs to write commentary when the album title does it for you.

    Alouder98: Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Summer Velvet : Velvet Edition (Red Reloaded) by Red Velvet. (SOL: akdudjdhdhsghshj i hate u.)

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  4. I voted for Jonghyun where the fuck is he?!
  5. He


    I move to have Red Velvet demoted, Jonghyun deserves it.

    Even though I did not vote for either.
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  6. He


    New motion, let's make Jonghyun number 1 for February?
  7. He


    I love your variety of gifs from this piece of Latino history.
  8. I didn't listen to it yet nn.
    I also only listened to The Perfect Red Velvet once, but I needed to add something to my ballot kii.

    For the record I had Jonghyun 2nd but only submitted four albums because I forgot the fuckery @Slice of Life does. Can I add an extra album to the end of mine retroactively?
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  10. I submitted my votes before a rerelease was even announced dddd.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. ❈❈❈MAIN CHART❈❈❈



    from the Countdown album
    SM Entertainment

    20 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 20
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @Monkey0
    6 - @Serg., @eccentricsimply

    King of Sales, EXO, once again grace our Song Chart but this time with a Japanese single. Electric Kiss is a single off EXO's first Japanese album, Countdown.

    And yeah, this is another win for the group. After their pretty great 2017 Korean releases, Ko Ko Bop and Power, it's nice to see EXO still bringing it even in a different language. This is not the most original sounding song (certainly not as fresh as Ko Ko Bop) and not even that fun (certainly not as fun as Power) but it's a still a solid single for the group. Here's to hoping this is a start of another great singles run for EXO in 2018.

    But can we talk about Egg D.O in the dance practice video? What a cutie pie. I know he isn't the best dancer but it's impossible to look away from him. It's like watching a lost kindergartner dancing with his hyungs. NCT Dream whew?

    Your comments!

    Monkey0: Such hard-hitting bop!




    (feat. DPR Live)
    from the Faces of Love mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    20 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 19
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Gintoki
    6 - @Aries
    5 - @Alouder98

    Suzy is back on our charts! After last year's still amazing and criminally underrated Yes No Maybe, Suzy is back with Holiday.

    And yeah, this is disappointing to me. Look, I don't think this is a bad song. It's pretty. It's cute. But to follow up a legitimately amazing single like Yes No Maybe with this ode to beigeness is just... No ma'am. Where is the danger? Where is the drama? Where is the sex?

    I don't have a problem with ~chill~ comebacks. I literally stan Palette by IU. But what separates Palette from Holiday is that Palette served personality and wisdom. Holiday served nothing but looks. The good unnie Suzy at least put her looks in good use in the music video.

    Oh well, at least we still have SObeR.

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  13. 18


    Jeong Sewoon
    from the After mini album
    Starship Entertainment

    20 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 18
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Sanctuary
    6 - @Monkey0
    5 - @Slice of Life

    Ponyo doppelganger and one of my recent faves, Jeong Sewoon, finally, FINALLY grace our main song chart! Ponyo is back with his new single, Baby It's U, produced by Kiggen and earattack.

    Honestly, at first I was a little disappointed with this. Last year's Just U was one of my most favourite singles (and it even made my SO+Y 2017 ballot kekeke). Just U was a little more... daring (?) sound-wise. Baby It's U felt like a step back for Sewoon. But after watching several performances and listening to this nonstop, I can say that I love it now. It's not a 10/10 song but I appreciate the energy of it. We rarely get male soloists who serve bops while serving fluffiness and cuteness. We either get somber ballads or the occasional Taemin masterpieces but very few cutie bops. Thank Shaman Unnie for Sewoon's existence.

    And y'all have to watch his live stages. Boy is serving live vocals and decent choreography. Talent. And listen to his albums as well. His two mini albums are filled with amazing content. #promo

    Your comments!

    Sanctuary: Parts of this sounds a lot like Monsta X’s Newton, but I think that’s why I love it. Good for Starship for keeping bops n the family. (SOL: Yath stan Starship Family!)

    Monkey0: Only hope for male pop soloist. (SOL: YATHHHHHHHHHH.)




    Yuri x Raiden
    from the Always Find You single album
    SM Entertainment

    20 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 17
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Serg.
    6 - @Alouder98
    4 - @Gintoki


    Yuri and a guy named Raiden have released a collaboration entitled Always Find You. It is released through SM Station, SM Entertainment's new-ish vehicle for releasing more (mediocre) music.

    This is truly a win for the good sis Yuri. She sounds really lovely here which is a shock to me??? I know she's far from a trainwreck when it comes to vocals (but can she do a vocal run like YoonA, precious???) but I'm still shqqk that she sounds really competent here. The only thing that I hate here is the non-existent chorus. I'm not a hater of non-choruses. But this is just... lazy. The verses were demanding for a good chorus and we got nothing but a basic instrumental beat. Keep it.

    Thankfully, the music video delivers. Yuri flirting with girls? Yath. It helps that Yuri always had lesbian rumours hounding here for years kekeke. I wish the good unnie wore a bikini too. She looked kinda awkward donning that Gucci top while the other girls are serving bikini eleganza.

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  14. 16


    from the Poet | Artist album
    SM Entertainment

    20 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 16
    Months on Chart: 1

    7 - @ohnostalgia
    6 - @RUNAWAY
    5 - @eccentricsimply
    2 - @send photo

    This is so sad and hopeful - all at the same time. This is probably my most favourite Jonghyun vocal performance. Oppa...




    from the Return album
    YG Entertainment

    24 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 15
    Months on Chart: 1

    7 - @karmarisma
    6 - @ryan_riot92
    5 - @Lego, @Aries
    1 - @Slice of Life

    Thank fuck for this.

    After last year's CAREER-THREATENING misstep singles Bling Bling and B-Day, it's so nice to see iKON get it right again.

    The occasionally problematic boys of iKON are back with latest single, Love Scenario, from their second regular album, Return. And yes, this is properly great. I've always quietly cheered on iKON. I mean, I really followed them even from pre-debut so they'll always have a place in my heart. But after seeing them release shit single after shit single, it has become hard to remain a fan. Rhythm Ta aside, I stanned pretty much everything from their debut album. They're really talented. They just needed to understand that releasing 2008 Big Bang demos is not the tea.

    What makes Love Scenario work, at least for me, is that it doesn't try too hard. It's just a really subtle, simple yet good single. The yolo sweg shit has been dialed down to an acceptable level (thank fuck) and the rap sections do not take up 90% of the song. And because of that, the seriously underrated iKON vocalists get to shine. Junhoe has always been amazing and I'm glad people are noticing that now. Jinhwan, Yunhyeong and Donghyuk also sound really lovely here.

    Also check out the album! I love the youtheful vibe of it.

    Your comments!

    karmarisma: Ikon are a group that I love to hate, due to their history of being slightly problematic. However, I cannot deny that this song is just such a light, breezy but engaging single. (SOL: dddd you and me, unnie.)

    ryan_riot92: Not gonna lie… I kind love this. I’ve always had a crush on AT LEAST half of this group kii I just can’t help myself in always giving them a shot just … probably because I watched Mix & Match and just fell in love with the group. They’ve had quite questionable releases and I know they’re capable of bringing more … THIS is one of the instances where they nailed it! (SOL: Yathhh another OG stan. @Big Bang is shaking.)

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  15. 14


    from the Full Moon single album
    Happyface Entertainment

    28 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 14
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Cotton Park
    7 - @Monkey0
    5 - @Squashua
    2 - @Kuhleezi
    1 - @GeiPanda

    Perennial KPJ faves Dreamcatcher also return to our song chart with their special single, Full Moon.

    At first, I wasn't sure about this. It didn't sound all that to me. But this has grown on me immensely in the past few days. Blame the dance practice video. Why are these girls so talented??? I hate them. I want Siyeon to choke me.

    To me, this is like a pre-release. Dreamcatcher are coming back next month (at least according to that promotional video) and I'm expecting nothing but the best from them. Give me Fly High 2.0, Kweens!




    from the Chuu single album

    28 points

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 2

    6 - @Salami
    5 - @digitalkaiser
    4 - @Sanctuary, @Island, @mokimbird
    3 - @RUNAWAY
    2 - @GeiPanda

    Kween of Vocals and Cuteness, Chuu, continues her reign in the KPJC. Her solo single, Heart Attack, spends another month in the top 20. Talent.

    Yeah, I still really like this. The Girls Day-sounding verses get a bit heavy sometimes but that chirpy chorus is still legitimately amazing. I am just in love with this girl's vocals. Can't wait for her to officially become LOOΠΔ's main vocalist AND main visual xoxo.

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  16. Last results for tonight.



    from the 01 mini album
    Mirrorball Music

    31 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 12
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @ohnostalgia
    7 - @Kuhleezi
    6 - @Gintoki
    5 - @ryan_riot92
    3 - @Cotton Park

    Ashmute are back on our song chart after 10 months with Ghost! This is also the highest charting indie song this edition. Talent.

    I actually really, really like this. I didn't really connect with Scenery (sorry, unnies) so it's a little surprising to me that I enjoy this. The production is stellar. It's deceptively simple but works well. The lead vocalist's voice can be very one note at times but it's really lovely here especially in the epic chorus. Kudos, unnie.

    And the music video is serving spooky Tumblr pussy vibes and I dig that.

    Your comments!

    ryan_riot92: I love the haunting vocals of this track … funnily enough this is probably the lightest track on the mini. Her vocals are pure delicacy and convey the fragile-ness described by the lyrics. Beautiful.

    Kuhleezi: Such a refreshing take on the typical trop-bop. Ashmute are quiet and low-key, but they are able to make great bops as well. All our faves better beware!




    Red Velvet
    from the The Perfect Velvet album
    SM Entertainment

    36 points

    Last Month's Position: 19
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 3

    8 - @PopZeitgeist
    7 - @Alouder98
    6 - @SophiaSophia, @Cotton Park
    5 - @R92
    4 - @Salami

    Peek-A-Boo bounces back and almost enters the top 10 on its third month on our chart. Yath.

    I don't know what prompted our lovely voters to stan for this so much on its third month but werq, I guess. I'm not one to complain since I still use and abuse this almost every day. Kii. It's still sounds so fresh to these ears.

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  17. I dig this blatant @Kuhleezi / @Alouder98 fan service.
  18. The show must go on.



    from the Top Seed album
    Woollim Entertainment

    40 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @karmarisma, @Monkey0
    9 - @Ceir
    5 - @Sanctuary
    2 - @Lego, @Slice of Life
    1 - @Squashua, @eliminathan



    This. This is the Infinite that I know, that I loved, that I stanned. Bye Rphabet. Keke.

    Infinite debut on our song chart with their latest single and first since the departure of Hoya, Tell Me. And I'm obsessed.

    I know. I only gave this a 2 points but if I were to vote now, this would probably get at least 7 from me. I've been listening to this nonstop for days. I love it so much.

    What I love about this is it sounds new - at least for Infinite. It's not aping their amazing Sweetune sound. And it (thankfully) doesn't sound like their Rphabet singles. It sounds fresh and exciting. I'm hyped for this new Infinite. I hope they deliver more in the future.

    (I would've loved a more hard-hitting choreography though. Kii.)

    Your comments!

    eliminathan: I guess I'm a damn Infinite stan now. I feel like I'm missing a bop because so many songs came out this month but I still wanted to vote for this song because it's really good.

    karmarisma: Anywhere...anytime. Infinite came back with an explosive little number and I am absolutely stanning for one of my most favourite boy groups and Sungyeol's visuals. I think this electro/vocal mix worked really well for them.

    Monkey0: Triumphant return after losing a member. Chic track with rich production and splendid vocals.

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  19. 9


    (feat. Kim Lip)
    Go Won x Chuu
    from the Go Won single album

    43 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Squashua, @mokimbird
    7 - @He
    4 - @ryjm, @SophiaSophia, @GeiPanda
    3 - @eccentricsimply
    2 - @eliminathan
    1 - @Serg.

    Kim Jiwoo snapped.

    Go Won, Chuu and Kimberly absolutely fucking murdered this. I stan so much.

    See Saw is the b-side of Go Won's single, One & Only which (spoiler alert) also ranked high this month. And I just... Chuu just did that. I think this eliminates the weird theory that LOOΠΔ do not have a main vocalist.

    And Go Won also sounds... decent here. I mean, we all know the good sis doesn't exactly have the most melodious voice but she makes it work here. And Miss Kimberlegend Lipsofanangel blesses us, mere mortals, with two iconic lines. Talent.

    The production just soars. The chorus can save lives, etc. This well may be the best LOONA b-side yet. I'm shqqk to my core.

    Your comments!

    eliminathan: I do like One & Only but I only had room to fit one of the songs and this one doesn't have grating raps. Chuu's voice is so good, even the Go Won singing parts are nice. The chorus goes HARD AS HELL.

    SophiaSophia: Needs more Kimberly Lippington because queen should never be reduced to just one line. (SOL: Kimberly Lippington, Generous Kween of Sharing Her Lines.)

    ryjm: Ms. Kimberly Lippington needing only two lines to **** is a testimony to her star power. Come through mystical owl. (SOL: I always forget she's meant to be an owl dddddd.)

    He: What a track! Lovely melodies, interesting production, and gorgeous vocals. Chuu, our main vocal delivers in spades here, her tone and acrobatics (those runs!) are gorgeous and not overdone. Kimberly has a brief cameo but ugh, her smooth vocals just leave me wanting this to be a duet with her, she sounds lush. Even Go Won sounds quite ok when pushing her “adolescent voice” into a raspy tone, or layered in the prechorus. Best LOONA b-side? wejustdontknow.gif

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  20. He


    Should’ve been top 5.
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