K-Popjustice Charts | July 2019 Edition | COMPLETE RESULTS

Only 10th???


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K-Indiejustice sends their Kween to the top 10 this time around.



from the Hot Hand single album
independent release

71 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 9
Months on Chart: 1

9 - @Gintoki, @ohnostalgia
7 - @Love Deluxe, @ryjm, @He, @Kuhleezi
6 - @Island
5 - @ysev, @evilsin
4 - @Cotton Park
2 - @Oleander, @Deja-Boo
1 - @OspreyQueen

I am starting to ""get"" the Yeseo hype all thanks to her excellent new single, Hot Hand.

Hot Hand is first single after the release of her first full album, last year's Damn Rules. And y'all, I really tried to get into that album. While I think the Yeseo's productions are amazing, I just couldn't connect to her songs. I'm too dumb/basic for understand her artistry, I guess.

I'm not saying Hot Hand is Yeseo's version of selling out but the song is definitely one of her more accessible ones. Hot Hand is that song that you play during a sweltering summer night. It's sexy, it's sweaty. Yeseo once again came for blood with that production. It just sounds so luxurious???

I'm a bit sad that this didn't get an official music video. Ugh, imagine the visual to this. The Damn Rules era had some really great artistic direction. I'm sure Hot Hand would've gotten an equally stunning aesthetic. Is the budget tight these days, unnie? Open a Makestar account already!

Oh well. The song is great enough on its own even without a visual attached to it.

ryjm: INDIE QUEEN YESEO CAN DO NO WRONG! Unnie has one of the most immaculate and impressive discographies and Hot Hand is another worthy addition. All the classic Yeseo trademarks are here; her enigmatic and salacious delivery, her seductive tone, swearing, flawless production and a pulsating beat. This could very easily be from Damn Rules (which is seriously one of the best KPOP albums ever). Despite carrying a similarly claustrophobic atmosphere to her previous work, this sounds surprisingly summery and reminds me of Tove Lo’s Disco Tits.


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Heize (feat. Giriboy)
from the We Don't Talk Together single album
Stone Music Entertainment

77 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 8
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @Gintoki
9 - @vague, @eccentricsimply
8 - @ysev, @Love Deluxe, @Oleander
7 - @Squashua, @Sanctuary
4 - @Slice of Life
3 - @RUNAWAY, @Cotton Park
1 - @ohnostalgia

Heize returns with her second single of the year, the Suga-produced We Don't Talk Together. And just like She's Fine (the song and the album combined), Heize served excellence yet again. I am so close to stanning.

Heize continues being a winner because We Don't Talk Together is another hit for her, reaching number 2 in the Gaon Digital Charts. I am just glad a non-ballad did well on that godforsaken chart. And I am glad We Don't Talk Together is actually good. So a win all around.

As mentioned above and in the title of the song itself, this was produced by a man called Suga. You might know him as a rapper from that great BTS-pop group, BTS. And speaking objectively, I think Suga did really well on this song too. I think Suga is such an underrated producer. After producing back-to-back hits for female singers (the first was Suran's excellent Wine), I think it's about damn time we recognize Suga's talent in producing. His productions are rather simple but still damn effective.

But without Kween Heize's amazing delivery (as both as a vocalist and a rapper) of the song is what really makes We Don't Talk Together a success. There's a sadness to the way she sings this and it's kinda bringing me to tears?????? I love her.

AND I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO TOO. After last year's excellent music video for Mianhae, Heize is proving to be an artistic force too. The dancing with the skeleton scene is genuinely affecting. Ugh, she just gets it.



from the Famous mini album
SM Entertainment

78 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 7
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @eccentricsimply
9 - @nikkysan
8 - @Hurricane Drunk, @eliminathan, @SloMover, @Deja-Boo, @Remorque
7 - @Rem
3 - @Oleander, @Vixen, @savilizabeths
2 - @Serg.
1 - @Kuhleezi

Taemin returns to the KPJC with his newest Japanese release Famous. It's been a long six months since the phenomenal WANT EP was released and he didn't disappoint. As someone who stans Taemin's Japanese releases more than his Korean, I will say that Famous sonically is more in line with songs like Want and MOVE rather than Flame of Love and Under my Skin.

Famous is a great comeback, the only downfall it has, is that it's following the one-two combo of Under My Skin(one of the best songs of 2018) and the
WANT EP(one of the best albums of 2019). There aren't any spectacular vocal moments worth noting in Famous, especially with that ad-lib leading into the chorus being so drowned out. However, I will say that the little whisper rap he does in the second verse is everything.

The main hook being "Famous I'm so fabulous, famous, I'm so dangerous" lacks a bit of substance but I can't fault him for spilling the tea. Apart from that, the song itself is a real delight, I won't say it's my favourite of his releases but it's probably up there with some of the better ones. And in true Taemin fashion, he serves looks and iconic choreography the house down in the MV so please check it out. The three piece suit does things to me tbfh but I need to keep this elimination semi-professional.

I'm really happy with this 7 placement, especially with him releasing so late in the month. Now that the FAMOUS EP is available digitally, I implore everyone to listen to it and to vote for it in the KPJC August edition ddd.

Vixen: I'm gonna lie, I wish I liked this as much as I liked 'WANT'. I was a little bit disappointed when I first heard it, but it's growing on me, and as always Taemin is full of charisma.


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And just missing the top 5 is...

@ohnostalgia will kill us all.



from the Badster single album
SM Entertainment

79 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 6
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @Serg., @ohnostalgia
9 - @Island, @Remorque
8 - @Gintoki, @bbynewyear
6 - @evilsin, @He, @eliminathan
2 - @Dangerous Maknae
1 - @ysev, @Cotton Park

DJ HYO lost the fifth spot because it was voted by fewer people. Sad story. Still, a huge congratulations to the good unnie not only because she hit top 6. But more importantly because Badster might be her best song yet?????????? I'm starting to believe it is.

First of all, the song is one gigantic bop. It sounds like video game music which means it sounds dangerous. DJ HYO is the new Dangerous Woman confirmed. Whenever I listen to this song, I can only think about this gif.


Also, HYO sounds really good here? I know I drag the good sis' vocals every chance that I get so it's nice to hear some development from her. It's probably just the Autotune but the fact remains: she sounds good.

The music video... I'm really not a fan of. The animated HYO is... creepy and not in a good way. Honestly, SM Entertainment's CGI game is so lame. I would've loved seeing the real HYO instead dancing her heart out to this song in a club or something. Ugh, the slayage... the wastage.

I guess @ohnostalgia's Supersarang pick for the next KSOTY Rate is already sorted. Kekeke.

eliminathan: I didn't expect to like this so much, especially the english version. I don't know what "Bone to the flesh, I'm an electric witch" means but I'm living.

bbynewyear: I wonder if SM knew that this is where DJ HYO would end up when they needed to get a dancer for their global domination girl group project. Probably not, but I hope they're thankful! I keep returning to this track, it's just did exactly what it set out to do? It's a heavy beat to get lost into, nice. The music video is fun little trip, would probably look nice projected on a dark wall of a Soho gay club. She should do a set here.
The expression Emoji Hyo makes just before the drop(s) kicks in makes me laugh.

So what took Hyo's place in the top five?

Here's a clue - I'm the one telling you about it.



from the I'm So Pretty mini album
N.CH World

79 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 5
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @codecat, @evilsin, @Cotton Park
9 - @FunkyButChic, @ThighHighs
8 - @savilizabeths
7 - @Empty Shoebox
5 - @OspreyQueen
3 - @Slice of Life
2 - @enjoy v2.0, @vague, @ryjm
1 - @Coming Century, @Oleander

So, as well as being my début as a guest writer, this month's chart also sees the first entry for 2018 New Artist of the Year (as decided by Soribada) Nature.

For those of you unaware, Nature are a nine member girl group, who débuted in August 2018 with 'Allegro Cantabile'. "I'm So Pretty" is their third single, with the middle release being 'Some & Love', in November.
The group has a mixture of Korean, Chinese and Japanese members, and like all good nugu groups, has already had lineup changes with Yeolmae leaving before début, and Loha escaping YG's dungeon and joining before Some & Love.
They have three subunits (apparently) Charming, Twinkle and Cutie. Their fanbase name is 'Leaf', which is almost sensible. We can't be having that.

Anyway, "I'm So Pretty". Slicey asked me to talk about this as a nugu girl group correspondent. You may have noticed that there are only eight members in the video. There is another, called Gaga, but she hasn't been featured in promo for the current release despite apparently still being a member. She's the one with the bright orange hair in the Some & Love era promotions. Maybe she's at school or something. If only Korean record companies would write news in Swedish, then we might know.
The song itself opens with a very loud trumpet noise, encouraging anyone to immediately sit up and take notice. From there on, it continues at solid bop pace and does not let up. The brass certainly doesn't.
The lyrics make it clear that this is a reverse of the legendary Dolly Parton's Jolene, with Nature playing the part of the seductress stealing your man. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I suppose I forgave 'Yes or Yes', so I have to do the same here.
The video contains some simple choreo, but has looks galore. Lu in particular standing out for me, Chaebin because I love shiny clothes and I'm always a fan of bunny ears.

The refrain of:
naega jom yeppeo

du nuneul ttel su eopji

ajjilhan Lipstick

moduga weonhae nae Kiss

is repeated often enough that it will get stuck in your head all day, and there's a couple of adlibs of 'you want it, you want it' that come over the last repeat, endearing it to me even more.
Overall the song shows that Nature have come a long way since début, and for once, the public agree, with the mini making it to #13 on the album chart. This easily beats the previous peak of #34 for Girls and Flowers.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next comeback and be prepared to stan.

ryjm: This is a super fun summer jam, but I totally forget it exists as soon as I’m done listening to it. The group are coming along in strides though and it’s exciting to see their growth. This is by far the best thing they have released, so consider me perched.

ThighHighs: What a life-giving BOP! EOMEONA! Their previous songs didn't do much for me, but I've been listening to this pretty much non-stop since it came out.

Cotton Park: This is how K-Pop is done. I wish the video wasn't so insipid, but this song slaps, spanks, and kicks it for me.

Empty Shoebox: More brass please.

Long video but it's the best way to learn about the members:

I knew of Day6’s Shoot Me and love it but I never truly bothered diving deeper into their music. I just gave Time of Our Life a listen and I regret not giving them at least some points so much! I also stan I Need Somebody. Next time we’ll get them a top 10 spot my fellow MyDays!!!

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Another newbie in the top 5!!!



RED-SUN (021)
from the The Park in the Night, Pt. Three mini album
Kiwi Pop

125 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 4
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @OspreyQueen, @Squashua, @Kuhleezi
9 - @PopZeitgeist, @Coming Century
7 - @vague, @GeiPanda
6 - @ryjm, @Hurricane Drunk, @SloMover, @Gintoki
5 - @FunkyButChic, @ThighHighs, @Slice of Life, @savilizabeths, @Deja-Boo
4 - @enjoy v2.0, @Remorque
3 - @Empty Shoebox, @bbynewyear

GWSN reach a new high as their new single, Red-Sun (021), gallops to the top 5 of the K-Popjustice Charts. Previous singles Puzzle Moon and Pinky Star (Run) only reached eighth and seventeenth respectively. Congrats, Girls With Small Noses (CC: @RUNAWAY)!!!

As you can probably tell from the song titles, GWSN are obsessed with celestial bodies. They have songs about moon, star, sun, eclipse, and black hole. At this rate, I can already imagine them singing about comets, asteroids, ur_anus, etc. The possibilities are endless and I honestly can't wait for more!

Red-Sun (021), taken from their best album yet The Park in the Night, Pt. Three, is another dizzying maelstrom of synths. I love how their singles sound the same and different at the same time??? Honestly, what is this sorcery??? But really, the consistency the girls with small noses are showing is iconique. I know we like to drag groups who don't switch things up and stick with a defining sound for a multiple eras (GFriend haters, make some noise!) but with GWSN, it's different. It helps that although the genre they're operating in does not change, I can still distinguish their singles from one another. It's the little things.

While I don't think Red-Sun (021) is the best song of the album (it's not even in the top 3 dddd), I still think this top 4 placement is very much deserved. They have quietly built a sound that works for them. They have released two amazing albums in a span of four months. Their music videos have all been aesthetically amazing. They have one of the better choreographies in K-Pop these days. They earned this. And I cannot wait for Korea and the rest of the world to catch up on GWSN's excellence. At least they now have KPJ's seal of approval.

OspreyQueen: I’m sorry ITZY, but GWSN earned this. Red-Sun is easily one of the best K-Pop songs of the year. It retains the ethereal quality from the group’s previous releases, but chucks a bucket load of synths and a relentless club beat on top to create a song that somehow manages to be dreamlike as well as going hard as fuck.

ryjm: GWSN continue to surprise and delight with their third title track. Red-Sun takes Puzzle Moon’s f(x) inspired sonic blueprint and goes all out in delivering an impressively smooth and bombastic track. While Pinky Moon took a while to grow on me, Red-Sun was instantly ingrained into my brain. The producers have done a great job of building on the sound of their previous singles to create this absolute megabop. The growth is real.

ThighHighs: They go back to the same well as their previous singles, but it continues to work for me. The chorus is energetic and their production continues to be stellar. I only wish there were a bit more variety in their vocal tones so I could tell them apart better. It's wild how Seokyoung irritated me so much in Produce 101, but in the context of this group I think she's adorable. She's such a great dancer.

Empty Shoebox: Bit of a club banger, but not among the very top this month.

Kuhleezi: Miya and Anne step on my neck challenge DO THAT CHALLENGE

bbynewyear: For the past couple of rates I've been putting Pinky Star in my ballot with it unsuccessfully charting (i think?). Luckily, GWSN's habit of releasing the same song with a slight concept jig means that *eventually* someone is going to appreciate Pinky Star the way I do, even if their version of Pinky Star happens to be a deep house retool.