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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. I’d like to know, am I the only person who voted for Honey Popcorn?
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  2. [​IMG]
    I never thought I'd see the day



    from the KNK S/S Collection single album
    220 Entertainment

    147 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Coming Century, @ryjm, @eliminathan
    9 - @enjoy v2.0, @evilsin, @savilizabeths, @Squashua, @BEST FICTION
    8 - @FunkyButChic, @nikkysan, @He
    7 - @PopZeitgeist, @ThighHighs, @Slice of Life
    6 - @Cotton Park
    5 - @Hurricane Drunk
    4 - @Oleander
    3 - @Kuhleezi
    2 - @ysev, @OspreyQueen, @Vixen, @Sanctuary
    1 - @Deja-Boo

    After Bubbling Under with their two most recent comebacks, Rain in 2017 and Lonely Night in early 2019, KNK finally have a Song chart placement under their belt. And I for one did not expect them to make top 3 so I'm shook. I touched on it a little bit in my eliminathan post for the single album KNK S/S Collection but it bears repeating, this is a welcome new sound for them and I can't wait to hear what they come up with next. As much as I love BEAST and stanned KNK because they were pretty much a BEAST cover band in terms of sound, they're forging their own path sonically and judging by the reception for Sunset, that can only mean good things.

    Sunset is the absolute perfect comeback, it's far and away the best boy group song of the year (sorry GOT7 and JUS2 I still stan though). They really played to their strengths with this one. While they did unfortunately lose their most talented singer Kim Youjin when he left the group in 2018, the remaining members really stepped up their vocal game. Jeong Inseong is doing a brilliant job as the main vocal now. Oh Heejun and Kim Jihun round out the vocal line better than ever before. It'll be interesting to see who gets ad-libs and where in their next comeback because originally Inseong would sing the chorus while Youjin belts the ad-libs but their last two comebacks have been missing that.

    Lee Dongwon is the new rapper of the group so I wasn't expecting much in terms of vocals on his end ddd. And I won't lie, Park Seoham can NOT sing and that's on period luv, but the rest are great. They finally found Seoham's calling though, while he was the original main rapper, having him literally just talk in the chorus is the best use of him tbh.Speaking of rapping, Dongwon really gets his time to shine in not only
    Sunset, but the whole of the KNK S/S Collection single album. While I won't say he's the BEST rapper in kpop, he's far and away the best rapper that KNK has ever had so I'm excited to hear more from him.

    The choreography in this comeback is stellar, just from the first moment where the four taller members are suspending Heejun in the air by his arm you can already tell it's going to be a SHOW. Jihun, the main dancer, absolutely bodies the dance as I've come to expect. However, I was surprised at how good Heejun looked doing the dance, maybe it's because his arms are out I was looking at him more than usual but damn sis go off!

    As many of you have stated in the commentary, this song is for the gays and ONLY the gays so y'all better continue to stan it when the year ends and it's in the running for KSOTY because I'm still mad y'all let Rain flop in the 2017 KSO+Y.


    FunkyButChic: They really gave the gays everything they wanted, huh.

    ryjm: What an absolute serve! This year’s Now Or Never, the track oozes so much sensuality and is absolutely mesmerising. The production is hypnotic and hazy, with the bass delicately undulating as the seductive whispery vocals glide alongside the flurry of whirring synths. While the video is clearly made on a rather limited budget, the visuals are still gorgeous, and I can watch/listen on repeat for days.

    ThighHighs: I truly don't think I've ever listened to another song by them aside for their debut, which I listened to for the BG debut rate. I gave that a 6, but this is at least a 9, babes. The production, the chorus, the video, it's all meant for the gays and I am happy to receive. (LMN: If it's "at least a 9" why did you give it a 7 ddd)

    Vixen: This is SO gay. In a good way!

    Slice of Life: ICONIQUE.

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  3. So our #1 song is either from JYP or Big Hit?
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  4. Please let it be GFriend!
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  5. I'm not entirely sure (don't kick me @junglefish) but I don't think GFriend ever had a KPJC #1 single. I would be living if they finally get it the month they obtained Big 3 Privilege. How fitting.

    (It's probably Itzy, though, not gonna lie ddd)
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  6. Pretty sure you’re right sis, I think they’re the only major gg who’ve never hit #1 on KPJ nn. And yeah it’s gonna be ITZY for sure ddd.
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  7. I still don’t get the ITZY hype at all.
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  8. If Itzy win....this forum officially became Allkpop.
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Dddddd this thread is so...
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  10. Honestly, I've been listening to this for the entire month of July and these last two weeks more than anything that was actually released in July or August. Totally grew on me post-release.
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  11. "SUNSET" is really one of the best songs released this year, period.
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  12. Everyone spare a moment for poor @Island who will now be forced to supertrash Mamamoo's 'Waggy' in the end of year rate.
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  13. You’re all talking but Itzy keep walking
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  14. So many people on this forrem lack taste, so I'm not going to be surprised when GFriend land at #2. Regardless, us Buddies will be celebrating the fact that we are at least tying our record for highest charting single on KPJC.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    So here we are.

    GFriend versus ITZY.

    Icy versus Fever.

    Both groups have yet to score a KPJC number 1 song.

    Let's find out who won in the end.

    And who lost...

    ...yet again.



    from the Fever Season mini album
    Source Music

    200 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @junglefish, @vague, @ThighHighs, @nikkysan, @He, @Oleander, @GeiPanda, @SloMover, @savilizabeths, @BEST FICTION, @Remorque
    9 - @Love Deluxe, @Hurricane Drunk, @Vixen, @eliminathan
    8 - @codecat, @Rem
    7 - @Serg., @ysev
    5 - @enjoy v2.0, @Dangerous Maknae
    4 - @Kuhleezi
    3 - @FunkyButChic, @ohnostalgia
    2 - @Slice of Life, @Empty Shoebox

    GFriend fall short again yet again as their latest single, Fever, failed to capture the top spot. This is so heartbreaking. On the brighter side of things, at least they finally reached top 2 again. The last single of theirs to reach top 2 was Fingertip. And that was released, like, a century ago. Let's celebrate that!

    Fever is the lead single of GFriend's eighth mini album, Fever Season. For 4 years now, GFriend has always released a summer single. And this year, they finally dipped their toes on the tropical house genre. Better late than never, I guess. But honestly, I don't mind??? Of course K-Pop has absolutely used and abused tropical house for singles that aren't even for the summer. And I'm not saying Fever has reinvented and injected new life to the genre. But the fact remains: Fever is a gigantic bop. It cannot be denied. And it's a goddamn good song, genre be damned.

    What I like the most about Fever is that it isn't the normal summer single GFriend has always served us. With Navillera and especially Sunny Summer, GFriend brought positivity and brightness. Fever is decidedly darker in nature. Dark? In summer? Actually groundbreaking! But really, Fever is a lot more serious than your regular summer singles. Even Yerin, bless her gums, actually brought her serious game face on here. No aegyo for ya!

    And I just love the subversiveness of it all. While I like my summer songs bright and bursting with life, it's nice to get something different from time to time.

    And can we talk about the girls' visuals??? Holy crap, they have never looked this hot before. The fashion is everything - and I say that as a constant hater of GFriend's costumes dddddd. The smoldering looks of the girls complete the package. While I think Eunha effortlessly showcased her beauty here, I have to give it to Yuju. This unnie... I have always thought she looks rather awkward most of the time. But in Fever, she just bodied this era. Vocal + visual??? When will your incompetent faves??? Never.

    While I'm sad that GFriend once again failed to snatch the number one spot, it still brings me joy that the girls are earning new fans here on KPJ. Look at those 10s! That's a lot more than the actual number 1's 10s. I know GFriend will get their well-deserved number 1 in time. We just have to wait. Now show me those gummy smiles, Buddies.

    ThighHighs: Remember how y'all were stressin a bit when we got the teaser? The trop boppery had some people nervous but I BEEN KNEW that my girls would come the fuck thruuuuu. The video is one of their best, the choreo is high intensity as always, and the new styling is perfect. It kills me that this wasn't more successful, chart-wise. However, Buddies are about the art not the chart so I'm happy with their continued growth and sonic maturity. It's impossible for me to pick a bias, but Eunha's re-worked bob is so incredible so she might be my MVP for this comeback.

    Vixen: I absolutely love the weird structuring of the song. You think you know what the parts of the song are supposed to be, but they keep twisting them in and out. Really clever, and on top of that, it's a bop.

    eliminathan: I know the resident buddy of this hellhole had some reservations about them releasing a trop bop, understandably. But as we've come to expect, GFRIEND knocked it out of the park. Proving time and time again that they CAN do songs outside of their wheelhouse and do them well. Also Sowon S E R V E D in this era.

    Empty Shoebox: Eww Big Hit acts etc. Decent effort but some way off their best.

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    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the IT'z ICY mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    234 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @enjoy v2.0, @Dangerous Maknae, @PopZeitgeist, @Love Deluxe, @Hurricane Drunk, @Rem, @bbynewyear
    9 - @ysev, @ryjm, @Empty Shoebox, @Kuhleezi
    8 - @Coming Century, @Island, @vague, @Squashua, @BEST FICTION
    7 - @evilsin, @nikkysan, @ohnostalgia
    6 - @Serg., @OspreyQueen, @ThighHighs, @Salami, @GeiPanda, @Artemisia
    5 - @codecat, @Vesperly, @Oleander, @SloMover, @Remorque
    3 - @junglefish
    1 - @Slice of Life, @eliminathan, @Sanctuary


    After their top 3 debut with Dalla Dalla a few months ago, ITZY came for blood with their second single, Icy. We are witnessing the rise of a new superpower.

    Icy is taken from ITZY's first mini album, IT'z ICY. To me, Icy is an obvious continuation of the winning sound they found with Dalla Dalla. Like Dalla Dalla, Icy is another messy song. But ITZY's charm has always been their ability to sell their outrageous concept and they prove that yet again with Icy. If Icy was given to a different group - even the established ones - I don't think it would've been as successful.

    Unlike Dalla Dalla though, Icy is a lot less catchy. While I think the song is strong on its own, the ITZY girls definitely make it better. The song is so dependent on ITZY's ability to sell the product. And boy do these girls know how to sell. For such a young group, that's kinda iconique??? To be so reliant on a group's star power is not the strategy I have imagined JYP would give ITZY but it surprisingly works.

    I mean, that music video is a serve of humongous proportions. All the girls - and I mean, ALL OF THEM - bring a different flavour to the table and together, everything just works. The group is filled with five strong characters with such pronounced individualities that it is completely shocking to me that they function so well as a unit. This is not a Suzy and the Others situation. Yes, Yeji kinda pops off more but the other girls aren't far behind. Chaeryeong, who I originally pegged as the weak link of the group, shut me up with that iconique street dancing. Kween.

    Icy may not have been as commercially successful as Dalla Dalla. But I love that ITZY already found a sound that works for them - a sound that isn't limiting, if I may add. The sky is the limit for these girls and I am so ready for whatever they throw us next.

    OspreyQueen: Yeahhh, this was kinda the worst choice for the title. I still like it a lot, but it’s just TOO messy. The funk guitars don’t work with the harsh synths at all, and the near atonal chorus doesn’t really stick in your head. Definitely doesn’t hold a candle to Dalla Dalla.

    codecat: OK...so it's not as talented brilliant incredible amazing show-stopping spectacular never the same totally unique as DALLA DALLA...but then again, almost nothing is!

    ryjm: YAAAATH finally ITZY are back and have delivered yet another wig snatching megabop, keeping fans shook and haters pressed like a panini. Yes, the girls are severely lacking in the vocal department but who the fuck cares when they can serve bops with attitude and sass galore. While their vocal tones can be somewhat grating, you can’t deny that their personalities shine through. The song continues the soundscape established with Dalla Dalla, sounding equally as manic and disjointed, but never messy. The production is truly incredible, with an astounding amount of glitchy synths and flourishes ricocheting every which way. The video lacks the impressive (CGI-driven) grandeur and visual overload of Dalla Dalla, however it perfectly captures the rebellious, empowering and carefree vibe of the track. The girls look disgustingly gorgeous and their dancing continues to impress.

    ThighHighs: They've got the bop flowing through their veins. The song is kinda messy, but I love watching the video so I'm sure it will grow on me just like Dalla Dalla did.

    eliminathan: It's definitely growing on me, I find that the problem I have with ITZY currently is that they have a really good part in the song and then the rest is like a chore until you hear the really good part again. I do prefer ICY to Dalla Dalla though and the only reason they're only getting a measly 1 point from me is because I'm NOT about to let them get in the way of #GFRIEND1stWIN. If my 1 point is the deciding factor I'm going to be an ITZY anti ddd.

    Empty Shoebox: It was between this and the Dalla Dalla remix.I decided against the remix because it's not a new song and I do have some standards. Anyway, this is what we now expect from Itzy. It's in your face, unashamedly bold, and definitely not going anywhere. Stan Lia for clear skin and nourished hair.

    bbynewyear: Okay! Perfect follow up to DALLA DALLA. Instead of switching up the concept completely for the comeback, JYP utilised SENSE and focused on building upon the character the girls already showed us. Total success! In typical DALLA DALLA fashion some of these verses are not excellent but everything else pulls it together into a really fun experience??? Great hook, great pre chorus and of course great choreo, which really shines in some places (check 3:01 in the MV, I love it so much). You'd be very lucky to grow up with ITZY as your first girl group, this Korean Spice Girls energy is a blessing. Yuna is still the MVP among MVPs and that's crazy.

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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


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  18. GFRIEND robbed again.
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  19. My score (and someone else's by the looks of the total score) are missing from this ddd,
    Either way she's an ITZY anti now.
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