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K-Popjustice Charts | July 2019 Edition | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Fire is getting zero points from me.
    I hope that motivates some of y’all.
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  2. Agdhsjdhs I already knew her thoughts on it so I wasn’t surprised ddd. Nothing surprises me with @Artemisia anymore! At least she’s a Pink Panda... which can’t be said for all GFRIEND antis.
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  3. Me voting for it even though it's a really bad song.

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  4. To be honest I didn't really care who won I just needed to distract myself for 30 minutes yesterday afternoon before I could go home.
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  5. Sorry I'm being greedy cause I got my ICY win, but the Dalla Dalla remix should have come in at #2 as well (it didn't even chart!).

    Those GBuddy girls are great, I believe that this forum believes that, but Itzy are just so fun.
  6. Slice of Life

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    Slice of Flops will be posted tonight! Watch out if these songs make the cut. ♡
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  7. Slice of Life

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    Sori x Folded Dragons

    VOTED BY: @Serg., @Oleander, @Empty Shoebox, & @Rem

    I'm... shqqk that this flopped so bad. I thought y'all stan Sori??? Lying unnies! The song is great but the choreography is better.



    VOTED BY: @enjoy v2.0, @evilsin, @vague, @Vesperly, @Hurricane Drunk, @Empty Shoebox, & @ohnostalgia

    The song is so good wtf??? If Lana or Somi debuted with this song, I would've stanned.



    VOTED BY: @eccentricsimply, @Salami, @Gintoki, & @Remorque

    One of Minstrelmoo's better songs tbfh. No annoying goofiness, just plain old boppery. I kinda wish they promoted this.



    VOTED BY: @FunkyButChic, @savilizabeths, @BEST FICTION, & @Sanctuary

    Poor it. Remember when Pentagon charted in the top 5 last year? And now they can't even bubble under... wtf. Humph is far from their best but it's not bad too??? I still use.



    VOTED BY: @Vesperly, & @Empty Shoebox

    Honestly I'm not even sure if we should count these girls as K-Pop. Still, Streets of Gold is actually a good song so I'll let them in the charts for now. xoxo
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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    VOTED BY: @Serg., @ysev, @Love Deluxe, @nikkysan, & @BEST FICTION

    Come back safe, oppa! This honestly sounds like a live recording (or a one-take studio recording) and I love it even more for that. King of Vocals!



    VOTED BY: @FunkyButChic, & @Sanctuary

    Not @Sanctuary voting for two flops this month dddd. Poor unnie. I see some potential here. I just don't stan yet. Song is a bop though.



    VOTED BY: @Coming Century, & @Vesperly

    Why is the choreography so... sexy? Dddddd it doesn't really match the song but I love it anyway.


    Honey Popcorn

    VOTED BY: @vague, & @savilizabeths

    THE AV IDOLS ARE BACK!!! If you're into innocent concepts, this is for you. I could imagine groups like Lovelyz or pre-I'm So Sick Apink singing this song.



    VOTED BY: @Cotton Park, & @ohnostalgia

    I'm not sold on the song and I'm not super sold on her vocals... but the potential is massive. I'll be looking out for more stuff from her.
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 1

    @enjoy v2.0

    I want to make ICY my number one and take Stray Kids out ıf my list.


    So my updated list looks like this.

    1. ITZY - Icy
    2. KNK - Sunrise
    3. Gfriend - Wish
    4. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    5. Ailee - Room Shaker
    6. Gfriend - Fever
    7. GWSN - Red Sun
    8. Baekhyun - Un Village
    9. Nature - I'm So Pretty
    10. UHSN - Popsicle



    Ok I totally didn't know Itzy released a mini as well, #fakefan so I'd like to change the ballot

    I updated Icy a bit up cause it bops nn and I added their album... Love you and sorry

    #1 HYO - Badster
    #2 EXO-SC - What A Life
    #3 Ailee - Room Shaker
    #4 GFriend - Fever
    #5 Itzy - Icy
    #6 Baekhyun - Un Village
    #7 Sori - I Am Not Alone
    #8 D.O. - That's Okay
    #9 Taemin - Famous
    #10 TWICE - Breakthrough

    #1 Baekhyun - City Lights
    #2 GFriend - Fever Season
    #3 Itzy - IT'z Icy
    #4 Pentagon - SUM(ME:R)
    #5 EXO-SC - What A Life
    #6 Ailee - ButterFLY
    #7 TWICE - Fancy
    #8 BLACKPINK - Kill This Love
    #9 Wonder Girls - Reboot
    #10 f(x) - Red Light


    @Dangerous Maknae

    1. Icy - ITZY
    2. Sunny Side Up - Red Velvet
    3. Fancy - Twice
    4. Noir - Sunmi
    5. Spring - Park Bom
    6. Fever - Gfriend
    7. I Found You - Taeyeon
    8. Four Seasons - Taeyeon
    9. Badster - Hyo
    10. A Poem Titled You by Taeyeon



    well there's nothing going to be released anymore, right?
    there ya go binch♡

    01. CIX - Movie Star
    02. Itzy - Icy
    03. Heize - We Don't Talk Together
    04. Gfriend - Fever
    05. Itzy - It'z Summer
    06. Yeseo - Hot Hand
    07. D.O. - That's Okay
    08. Taeyong - Long Flight
    09. KNK - Sunset
    10. Hyo - Badster

    01. Itzy - It'z Icy
    02. CIX - Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger
    03. Loona - XX
    04. Loona - ++
    05. Sumin - OO DA DA
    06. Gfriend - Fever Season
    07. Yerin Baek - Our Love is Great
    08. Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    09. Kang Daniel - Color on Me
    10. Woosung - Wolf



    10 points: Red-Sun (021) - GWSN
    I’m sorry ITZY, but GWSN earned this. Red-Sun is easily one of the best K-Pop songs of the year. It retains the ethereal quality from the group’s previous releases, but chucks a bucket load of synths and a relentless club beat on top to create a song that somehow manages to be dreamlike as well as going hard as fuck.

    9 points: IT’z SUMMER - ITZY
    This should have been the title from IT’z ICY. Not only does its name actually make sense for a summer single, but the messiness of the production feels much more coordinated and actually works here. Simply put, ICY is their Zimzalabim, and this is their Sunny Side Up.

    8 points: Thirsty (목말라) - lusty
    I have no idea what “lusty” is or where they came from, but this is a gorgeous chill bop.

    7 points: Cherry - ITZY

    6 points: ICY - ITZY
    Yeahhh, this was kinda the worst choice for the title. I still like it a lot, but it’s just TOO messy. The funk guitars don’t work with the harsh synths at all, and the near atonal chorus doesn’t really stick in your head. Definitely doesn’t hold a candle to Dalla Dalla.

    5 points: I’m So Pretty - Nature
    4 points: Seoul Town Road - Lil Nas X & RM
    3 points: Coin Laundry - WAX
    2 points: Sunset - KNK
    1 point: Hot Hand - YESEO

    10 points: IT’z ICY - ITZY

    While I’m not big on the title song, listening to this mini in full is just a whole load of fun. Every song is primed for you to throw all your cares away and go HAM to. And then when it’s done you just wanna play it again. I can’t think of another K-Pop release from this year that’s just so instantly gratifying.

    9 points: The Park in the Night, Pt. 3 - GWSN
    The first four songs here would make a satisfying enough mini alone. Any one of them could easily have been the title (although they definitely made the right choice with Red-Sun). But unfortunately the quality does slip a bit for the latter half of the mini, so I’ve had to demote it to second place to make way for…a certain other album.

    8 points: Damn Rules - YESEO
    7 points: Z-Pop Dream: Singing For You - Z-Stars
    6 points: For the Summer - WJSN

    5 points: Hello Chapter 1: Hello Stranger - CIX
    Just a tip, skip the first two songs. They’re the worst ones.

    4 points: KNK S/S Collection - KNK

    3 points: We Boom - NCT Dream
    Frankly, I’m being generous just by including this mini, let alone giving it 3 points. It’s…fine, but there’s nothing of interest here except Stronger. Not to mention, it’s basically an NCT 127 album, who I’ve heard enough from for a while.

    2 points: The Park in the Night, Pt. 1 - GWSN
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 2


    1. ITZY - ICY
    2. GWSN - Red Sun
    3. ITZY - Cherry
    4. KNK - Sunset
    5. ITZY - Dalla Dalla
    6. NCT Dream - BOOM
    7. BVNDIT - Dramatic
    8. Weki Meki - Picky Picky
    9. Gidle - Uh-Oh
    10. Chungha - Snapping

    1. ITZY - IT'Z ICY
    2. GWSN - The Park in the Night, Pt. 3
    3. NCT Dream - We Boom
    4. LOONA - [X X]



    Hi sis

    1/ GFRIEND - Fever
    2/ GFRIEND - Wish
    3/ GFRIEND - Smile
    4/ GFRIEND - Mr Blue
    5/ GFRIEND - Paradise
    6/ GFRIEND - Hope
    7/ GFRIEND - Flower
    8/ ITZY - ICY
    9/ ITZY - IT’z SUMMER
    10/ ITZY - CHERRY

    1/ GFRIEND - Fever Season
    2/ ITZY - IT’z ICY
    3/ GWSN - Park in the night
    5/ NCT DREAM - We Boom



    Hello............i have something for u:

    1. Nature - I'm So Pretty
    2. GFRIEND - Flower
    3. GFRIEND - Fever
    4. GFRIEND - Wish
    5. GFRIEND - Paradise
    6. ITZY - ICY
    OK...so it's not as talented brilliant incredible amazing show-stopping spectacular never the same totally unique as DALLA DALLA...but then again, almost nothing is!

    7. GFRIEND - Hope
    8. Apink - Only one
    9. Wonder Girls - Tell me
    10. DIA - Can't Stop

    1. GFRIEND - Fever Season
    I am a Buddy and I thank God everyday for that. A great mini and Big 3 ascension in the same month...they hate to see it!

    2. CLC - No. 1
    3. Apink - ONE & SIX



    Here you go unnie!

    1. Uh-Oh - (G)I-DLE
    2. I’m So Pretty - Nature
    3. Sunset - KNK (They really gave the gays everything they wanted, huh.)
    4. Movie Star - CIX
    5. Rolling Rolling - 1TEAM
    6. Red Sun (021) - GWSN
    7. Time of our Life - DAY6 (Is this their best song ever? I feel like it's their best song ever. Maybe I'm being dramatic just because they've been gone for so long ddd.)
    8. Fever - GFRIEND
    9. Humph! - Pentagon
    10. Boom - NCT Dream (This one’s for you Slice unnie!)

    1. The Park in the Night, Pt.3 - GWSN (One of the best albums of the year. 8 tracks and I love each song—not everybody has that.)
    2. KNK S/S Collection - KNK
    3. Hello, Chapter 1: Hello Stranger - CIX
    4. I’m So Pretty - Nature
    5. The Book of Us: Gravity - DAY6
    6. JUST - 1TEAM
    7. SUM(ME:R) - Pentagon
    8. We Boom - NCT Dream


    @Coming Century

    Here ya go! x

    1 - KNK - Sunset
    2 - GWSN - Red-Sun (021)
    3 - Itzy - Icy
    4 - Cix - Movie Star
    5 - Verivery - Tag Tag Tag
    6 - Day6 - Time of Our Lives
    7 - Baekhyun - Un Village
    8 - Busters - Pinky Promise
    9 - NCT Dream - Boom
    10 - Nature - I'm So Pretty

    1 - KNK - S/S Collection
    2 - Baekhyun - City Lights
    3 - GWSN - A Park In the Night Part 3
    4 - Cix - Hello Stranger
    5 - Itzy - It'z Icy
    6 - Day6 - The Book of Us
    7 - Pentagon - Summer
    8 - Busters - Pinky Promise
    9 - Nature - I'm So Pretty
    10 - Honey Popcorn - De-Aeseohsta
  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 3


    Okay, here is my ballot:

    10 points
    1 Baekhyun - UN VILLAGE
    3 EXO-SC - Closer to You
    4 EXO-SC - Just us 2
    5 EXO-SC - Borderline
    6 EXO-SC - Rollercoaster
    7 Taeyeon - All About You
    8 Heize - We Don’t Talk Together
    9 Baekhyun - Betcha
    10 Baekhyun - Stay Up
    1 point

    1 EXO-SC - What a Life
    2 Baekhyun - City Lights
    3 GWSN - The park in the night pt 3
    4 Gfriend - Fever Season
    5 Yunho - True Colors
    6 NCT 127 - We are Superhuman
    7 Lovelyz - Once upon a time
    8 Chungha- Flourishing
    9 Sulli - Goblin
    10 Nature - I’m So Pretty



    Hi, hello, how are ya? Thank you for hosting and being awesome♥

    10 points: NATURE - I'm So Pretty
    9 points: KNK - SUNSET
    8 points: Ailee - Room Shaker
    7 points: ITZY - ICY
    6 points: HYO - Badster
    5 points: YESEO - HOT HAND
    4 points: Sulli - On The Moon
    3 points: ITZY - CHERRY
    2 points: ITZY - IT'Z SUMMER
    1 point: UHSN - POPSICLE

    10 points: ITZY - IT'Z ICY
    9 points: Ailee - butterFLY
    8 points: Sulli - Goblin
    7 points: KNK - KNK S/S Collection
    6 points: NATURE - I'm So Pretty



    10 - SUMIN - oo oo da
    9 - baekyun - city lights
    8 - gwsn - the park in the night part 3
    7 - itzy - it's icy
    6 - ailee - butterfly
    5 - red velvet - the reve festival day1
    4 - clc - crystyle
    3 - gidle - i am
    2 - wonder girls - reboot
    1 - sunmi - warning

    10 - sumin - meow
    9 - hyo - badster
    8 - itzy - icy
    7 - red velvet - zimzalabim
    6 - yeseo - hot hole
    5 - baekhyun - un village
    4 - gwsn - black hole
    3 - hyuna - how's this
    2 - mamamoo - sleep in the car
    1 - mamamoo - starry night



    01 GFRIEND - Fever
    02 HEIZE - We don't talk together (feat. Giriboy)
    03 ITZY - ICY
    04 GWSN - RED-SUN (021)
    05 YUKIKA - Cherries Jubilee
    06 Ailee - Room Shaker
    07 Honey Popcorn - De-aeseohsta
    09 NATURE - I'm So Pretty
    10 Park Bom - I Do I Do

    02 GWSN - THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part three
    03 ITZY - IT'z ICY
    04 LOOΠΔ - [x x]
    05 WJSN - For the Summer
    06 Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    07 Chungha - Flourishing
    09 LOOΠΔ - [+ +]
    10 Lovelyz - Once upon a time



    @Love Deluxe

    My updated ballot:
    1. ITZY - ICY
    2. GFRIEND - 열대야 (Fever)
    3. HEIZE - We don't talk together (feat. 기리보이)
    5. GFRIEND - Mr. Blue
    6. GFRIEND - 좋은 말 할 때 (Smile)
    7. GFRIEND - 바라 (Wish)
    8. GFRIEND - 기대 (Hope)
    9. Taeyeon - 그대라는 시
    10. D.O - 괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That's okay)

    1. GFRIEND - Fever Season
    2. ITZY - IT'z ICY
    3. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    4. Chungha - Flourishing
  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 4


    Sorry for the delay unnie, it's been a bit hectic but here you go. You'll be proud of my NCT DREAM stannage.

    안녕하세요 ♡

    Top 10 Songs

    1. KNK - Sunset

    What an absolute serve! This year’s Now Or Never, the track oozes so much sensuality and is absolutely mesmerising. The production is hypnotic and hazy, with the bass delicately undulating as the seductive whispery vocals glide alongside the flurry of whirring synths. While the video is clearly made on a rather limited budget, the visuals are still gorgeous, and I can watch/listen on repeat for days.

    2. ITZY - ICY

    YAAAATH finally ITZY are back and have delivered yet another wig snatching megabop, keeping fans shook and haters pressed like a panini. Yes, the girls are severely lacking in the vocal department but who the fuck cares when they can serve bops with attitude and sass galore. While their vocal tones can be somewhat grating, you can’t deny that their personalities shine through. The song continues the soundscape established with Dalla Dalla, sounding equally as manic and disjointed, but never messy. The production is truly incredible, with an astounding amount of glitchy synths and flourishes ricocheting every which way. The video lacks the impressive (CGI-driven) grandeur and visual overload of Dalla Dalla, however it perfectly captures the rebellious, empowering and carefree vibe of the track. The girls look disgustingly gorgeous and their dancing continues to impress.

    3. Kim WooSung - Face

    KPOP’s answer to The Weeknd’s I Can’t Feel My Face – naturally South Korea does it better. I have never paid attention to Kim WooSung’s group but consider me perched by this funky lil’ song. His voice is wonderfully seductive and restrained yet explodes with gritty passion when the chorus comes in. There’s something incredibly relatable about oppa shouting “I LIKE YOUR FACE”, he clearly has about as much tact as I do. The video is weird (it’s KPOP, go figure) but I love the representation of different body types/people. I like your face too oppa.

    4. Yeseo – Hot Hand

    INDIE QUEEN YESEO CAN DO NO WRONG! Unnie has one of the most immaculate and impressive discographies and Hot Hand is another worthy addition. All the classic Yeseo trademarks are here; her enigmatic and salacious delivery, her seductive tone, swearing, flawless production and a pulsating beat. This could very easily be from Damn Rules (which is seriously one of the best KPOP albums ever). Despite carrying a similarly claustrophobic atmosphere to her previous work, this sounds surprisingly summery and reminds me of Tove Lo’s Disco Tits.

    5. GWSN – RED-SUN (021)

    GWSN continue to surprise and delight with their third title track. Red-Sun takes Puzzle Moon’s f(x) inspired sonic blueprint and goes all out in delivering an impressively smooth and bombastic track. While Pinky Moon took a while to grow on me, Red-Sun was instantly ingrained into my brain. The producers have done a great job of building on the sound of their previous singles to create this absolute megabop. The growth is real.

    6. NCT DREAM – Boom

    This sounds like something straight out of the Timbaland era of western pop but with the typically immaculate and intricate production we’ve all come to expect from an SM artist. I get that their concept is to be the more cutesy side of NCT but I really enjoy this more mature sound for the Dream boys of NCT.

    7. CIX – Movie Star

    CIX really did that with their debut! I totally agree with those who said this seemed more like a comeback from a well-established group. The boys sound so assured and refined in their delivery of the track. The music video is beautiful and I’m sure SM noticed the suspiciously similar aesthetic. CIX deserve their win and the recognition they’re getting with this impressive release.

    8. ITZY – Cherry

    ITZY are the new queens of bops. Cherry is a supsrisingly dark and edgy track, the production goes hard and the girls deliver a surprising amount of swag. The vocals are actually good too! (although it’s more taking than singing, so maybe that’s why dddd).

    9. Nature – I’m So Pretty

    This is a super fun summer jam, but I totally forget it exists as soon as I’m done listening to it. The group are coming along in strides though and it’s exciting to see their growth. This is by far the best thing they have released, so consider me perched.

    10. Ailee – Room Shaker

    Ailee is not an artist I pay much attention to, but I’m a basic bitch and an absolute whore for KPOP bops, so naturally I love this.

    Top 10 Albums

    1. SUMIN – OO DA DA

    The Charli XCX of KPOP. This is the PC Music x KPOP mashup I’ve been craving. A titillating collection of insanely bonkers and experimental songs. The mini boasts an eclectic range of soundscapes, from the literal purr of the bass in Meow to the aggressive buzzing synths in Bee, Sumin has delivered a finely crafted collection of adventurous and conceptual tracks. The video released alongside this mini is nothing short of incredible, acting as a form of extended album sampler with some seriously gorgeous cinematography. The whole package is a visceral sensory overload and I fucking love it.

    2. ITZY – IT’Z ICY

    IT’Z ICY is literally non-stop balls-to-the-wall megabops and I absolutely live for it. The onslaught of Icy, Cherry, and IT’Z Summer nearly killed me. ITZY are all about delivering the bangers and their first full mini proves they ain’t playing around unnie. It’s nice to finally have a sense of what ITZY’s signature sound is and it’s already impressive to see the versatility on display. I’ve already gushed about Cherry, it’s a stone cold moody bop and I’m already obsessed. IT’z Summer follows the familiar blueprint of ICY & Dalla Dalla and is just as enjoyable. Kii at the Want It? Remix actually making the song infinitely more enjoyable.

    3. NCT Dream – We Boom

    Wait at this EP being phenomenal from beginning to end. Since when did the Dream boys become so damn seductive?! The production is positively thrilling throughout – the soundscapes are darker, more atmospheric and bizarre than what we’ve come to expect from the younger side of NCT and I AM HERE FOR IT! NCT DREAM. NCT DREAM’s mini was better than 127’s? I could not believe it!

    4. GWSN – The Park in the Night Part Three

    I wasn’t totally convinced by Part Two of this series, but Part 3 certainly delivers the goods. The girls are really starting to hone their craft and are churning out some absolute bops along the way. Every single track here is stellar, but Black Out and Kind Of Cool are the clear standouts. The whole mini is a remarkably consistent and enjoyable listen.

    5. CIX – HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger

    The sheer quality and excellence on display for a debut mini is staggering. Absolutely no filler to be found here unnie. All these rookie groups coming for their elders is a total kii, the newbies ain’t playing around.

    6. KNK – S/S Collection

    Another classic “I’ve never heard of these people but now I adore everything about them” moment. The sheer excellence of Sunset piqued my interest. The mini is short and sweet, but now I want more dammit!

    7. Baekhyun – City Lights

    The title track doesn’t really do this mini justice. Betcha is an icy synth-laden chill jam and I’m totally obsessed. Psycho is a wonderfully dramatic and atmospheric track, serving me some cinematic realness.

    8. EXO-SC – What A Life

    I mean this is no CBX is it? I’m struggling to identify what SC’s sound is. While CBX had a very clear distinction from the main group, the only distinguishable quality I can find about SC is that it’s all slightly underwhelming. With that said, I’m still an SM whore and I do enjoy this. The album is pretty chill and carefree but it’s just a shame they didn’t deliver something as remarkable as their associated groups.

    9. Kim WooSung – Wolf

    In comparison to the title track, the mini is kinda disappointing. But I still use.

    10. Ailee – butterFLY

    The ratio of amazing to meh tracks is severely out of whack, which can sometimes make the whole experience a bit of a chore. But when it’s good, it’s so damn good. A bit more quality control and this could’ve been condensed into an all killer mini.

    ♡ 감사합니다 ♡



    1) GFRIEND- Fever- Remember how y'all were stressin a bit when we got the teaser? The trop boppery had some people nervous but I BEEN KNEW that my girls would come the fuck thruuuuu. The video is one of their best, the choreo is high intensity as always, and the new styling is perfect. It kills me that this wasn't more successful, chart-wise. However, Buddies are about the art not the chart so I'm happy with their continued growth and sonic maturity. It's impossible for me to pick a bias, but Eunha's re-worked bob is so incredible so she might be my MVP for this comeback.
    2) Nature- I'm So Pretty- What a life-giving BOP! EOMEONA! Their previous songs didn't do much for me, but I've been listening to this pretty much non-stop since it came out.
    3) ChungHa- Snapping- This has only grown on me more. She gets it.
    4) KNK- Sunset- I truly don't think I've ever listened to another song by them aside for their debut, which I listened to for the BG debut rate. I gave that a 6, but this is at least a 9, babes. The production, the chorus, the video, it's all meant for the gays and I am happy to receive.
    5) ITZY- Icy- They've got the bop flowing through their veins. The song is kinda messy, but I love watching the video so I'm sure it will grow on me just like Dalla Dalla did.
    6) GWSN- Red Sun- They go back to the same well as their previous singles, but it continues to work for me. The chorus is energetic and their production continues to be stellar. I only wish there were a bit more variety in their vocal tones so I could tell them apart better. It's wild how Seokyoung irritated me so much in Produce 101, but in the context of this group I think she's adorable. She's such a great dancer.
    7) Woosung- Face- This is sexy, fun, and produced like crazy. I love it!
    8)GFRIEND- Mr Blue- Summer bop. The days are already getting shorter where I live, but this song makes them feel long still.
    9) ITZY- It'z Summer- Bratty in an Icona Pop way, but I love that shit.
    10) GFRIEND- Wish-

    1) GFRIEND- Fever Season- A collection of supremely boppy bops. They didn't disappoint.
    2) GWSN- The Park In The Night: Part 3- SO GOOD! Who knew?
    3) ITZY- IT'z ICY- I don't understand why the Z is lowercase, but I love the bops this album provides. Good work gyals.
    4) Woosung- Wolf- There are some great tracks on here. I listened because my friend recommended I give it a shot and I did like a lot of what I heard. HOWEVER I AM HERE TO SHAME: Track 2 "Moon" includes a VERY brazen and unfortunate use of the R-word in the chorus and a very out of place use of the B-word before the... bridge (?) that just feels unnecessary. These are just silly choices that took me FULLY out of the song, so I felt the need to point it out. Other than that issue, the song is great and might have gotten some points from me.
    5) ChungHa- Flourishing- Chica is still THAT. GIRL.



    GFRIEND - Fever
    Taemin - Famous
    KNK - Sunset
    ITZY - ICY
    VERIVERY - Tag Tag Tag
    Day6 - Time of Our Life
    D.O. - That’s Okay
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    GFRIEND - Mr. Blue
    GFRIEND - Smile

    GFRIEND - Fever Season
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    LOONA - [X X] - I’ll keep voting for this until we get a new comeback from the girls #sorrynotsorry
    Day6 - The Book of Us: Gravity
    ITZY - It’z ICY


    @Slice of Life

    1. VERIVERY - Tag Tag Tag
    2. DAY6 - Time of Our Life
    3. NCT Dream - Boom
    4. KNK - Sunset
    5. CIX - Movie Star
    6. GWSN - Red-Sun (021)
    7. Heize - We Don't Talk Together
    8. Nature - I'm So Pretty
    9. GFriend - Fever
    10. ITZY - Icy

    1. DAY6 - The Book of Us: Gravity
    2. GWSN - The Park in the Night, Pt. Three
    3. NCT Dream - We Boom
    4. CIX - Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger
    5. GFriend - Fever Season
    6. KNK - KNK S/S Collection
    7. Pentagon - SUM(ME:R)
    8. ITZY - IT'z ICY
    9. EXO-SC - What a Life
    10. Baekhyun - City Lights



    1. Taemin - Famous
    2. Heize (feat Giriboy) - We don't talk together
    3. Taeyeon - All About You
    4. Baekhyun - UN Village
    5. EXO-SC - What a life
    6. Jhwa - We Need Courage
    7. Mamamoo - Gleam
    8. WooSung - Face
    9. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    10. Girdle - Uh-Oh

    1. Red Velvet - Reve Festival Day 1
    2. Baekhyun - City Lights
    3. EXO-SC - What a life

    I really didn't listen to a lot of new things last month nñn
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 5

    @Cotton Park

    Okay here goes. Some repeats... despite the strong month...

    1. "I'm So Pretty" - Nature
    This is how K-Pop is done. I wish the video wasn't so incipid, but this song slaps, spanks, and kicks it for me.
    2. "Uh oh" - (G)I-DLEbcvbxcvx
    I still listen to this just about every day.
    3. "Sunny Side Up" - Red Velvet
    I still listen to this just about every day.
    4. "Old Town Road" (Seoul Town Road Remix) - Li'l Nas X & RM
    Goes great as a lead in to "Sunny Side Up."
    5. "Sunset" - KNK
    6. "Puzzle" - ARRAN
    7. "Hot Hand" - YESEO
    8. "We Don't Talk Together" - Heize, Giriboy
    9. "Shaker" - Sumin
    10. "Badster" - HYO

    1. Our Love Is Great - Yerin Baek
    Now on my list of E.P.'s I simply can't live without.
    2. Oo Da Da - Sumin
    She's a gift from God. My favorite indie artist by far right now.
    3. Puzzle 9 Pieces - ARRAN
    GOD YES.
    4. The Book of Us: Gravity - Day6
    Ready for a Day6/Dreamcatcher collab now.
    5. The Park In The Night Part Three - GWSN
    Magnificent album.
    6. FOCUS - Jus2
    Another tremendous under-the-radar classic.
    7. Fever Season - GFriend
    Wasn't big on the single but a really good album.
    8. 4 Walls - f(x)
    f(x) nostalgia reigned this month at the House of Cotton.
    9. Hello Chapter 1: Hello Stranger - CIX
    Yes, great, but why are their only five of them? This bothers me. Great album though.
    10. butterFLY - Ailee
    God, that voice.

    Sarangayeo! Looking forward to this video. Lots of diverse stuff this month!



    gfriend - fever
    chungha - snapping
    knk - sunset
    yeseo - hot hand
    boa - feedback
    sulli - dorothy
    wjsn - let's dance
    wjsn - oh my summer
    red velvet - sunny side up
    red velvet - bing bing

    gfriend - fever season
    chungha - flourishing
    sulli - goblin
    wjsn- for the summer
    red velvet - reve festival



    Z-Girls - Streets of Gold
    Busters - Pinky Promise
    GWSN - Night Aviation
    UHSN - Popsicle
    GWSN - Kind of Cool
    Itzy - Icy
    Limitless - Dream Play
    Wonder Girls - Loved
    Girls' Generation - Everyday Love
    Chungha - Make a Wish

    Busters - Pinky Promise
    GWSN - The Park in the Night part 3
    Girls' Generation - Love & Peace
    Wonder Girls - Reboot
    Chungha - Hands on Me



    1. GFriend - Fever
    2. SoRi - I Am Not Alone
    3. Heize - We don’t talk together
    4. Ailee - Room Shaker
    5. Taeyeon - All About You (A Poem Called You)
    6. ITZY - ICY
    7. KNK - Sunset
    8. Taemin - Famous
    9. Yeseo - Hot Hand
    10. Nature - I’m So Pretty

    Honorable Mentions:
    D.O. - That’s okay
    LOONA - Butterfly
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    Park Bom - I Do I Do
    Arran - Puzzle
    Hyomin - Caninet ft. JustaTee
    Sumin - Shaker
    Lee Gaeun - Remember You
    Yukika - Cherries Jubilee
    Day6 - Time of Our Life
    EXO-SC - What a Life/Closer To You/Just Us 2 ft. Gaeko
    Honey Popcorn - De-aeseohsta
    Younha - On A Rainy Day
    Baekhyun - UN Village
    Suran - Surfin’
    DJ Hyo - Badster
    GWSN - Red-Sun (021)

    1. GFriend - Fever Season
    2. Ailee - butterFLY
    3. ITZY - IT’z ICY
    4. KNK - KNK S/S Collection
    5. GWSN - The Park In The Night Pt.3
    6. Nature - I’m So Pretty
    7. Younha - Stable Mindset
    8. EXO-SC - What a Life
    9. Baekhyun - City Lights
    10. Day6 - The Book of Us: Gravity

    Honorable Mentions:
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    LOONA - XX (Hi, @/Vixen. Thanks for reading. xx)



    As I said, my votes are going to count for shit but I’ll be a participant for you, I’m all for breaking your record

    1 Mamamoo Gleam

    Oh shit the last new song I added was Twice Breakthrough FFS so bear with me

    2 Twice Breakthrough
    4 OMG Crime Scene
    5 Itzy Icy
    6 OMG Tic Toc
    7 TwIce Fancy
    9 Blackpink Kill This Love
    10 for the fans out there BTS Idol

    I’m not trolling I just genuinely wanted to vote for Mamamoo and it’s been an absolutely appalling summer for Kpop. Zimzilabim just sums it up doesn’t it. Discount them if you want but gimme the 10 for Mamamoo at least x
  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 6


    I hope I'm not late. Sorry bb!

    1) GFriend - Fever
    2) GFriend - Smile
    3) GFriend - Mr Blue
    4) GWSN - Red Sun
    5) ITZY - Icy
    6) Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    7) Twice - Fancy
    8) WJSN - Oh My Summer
    9) Chungha - Snapping
    10) (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh

    1) GFriend - Fever Season
    2) GWSN - Park In The Night Pt. 3
    3) WJSN - For The Summer
    4) ITZY - It'z Icy
    5) Twice - Fancy You


    @Hurricane Drunk

    ITZY - Icy
    GFriend - Fever
    Taemin - Famous
    UHSN - Popsicle
    GWSN - Red-Sun (021)
    KNK - Sunset
    GFriend - Smile
    GFriend - Mr. Blue
    GWSN - Total Eclipse (Black Out)
    GFriend - Wish

    GFriend - Fever Season
    KNK - KNK S/S Collection
    GWSN - The Park in the Night Part Three
    ITZY - It'z Summer
    LOONA - [X X]



    01. LOONA - Butterfly
    → talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.

    02. GFRIEND - Fever
    → I absolutely love the weird structuring of the song. You think you know what the parts of the song are supposed to be, but they keep twisting them in and out. Really clever, and on top of that, it's a bop.

    03. Taeyeon - All About You
    → Gorgeous. Breathtaking vocals, as always, from Taeyeon - as well as poignant emotions. A success!

    04. Baekhyun - UN Village
    → This is better than it deserves to be. Great and subtle vocals here. The perfect balance between something melodic and well-crafted, yet not forced or unauthentic. A great slice of moody RnB pop.

    05. NCT Dream - BOOM
    → This is not groundbreaking or anything, but it's definitely catchy enough.

    06. CIX - Movie Star
    → Not gonna lie, I was more enthusiastic about it when I first heard the teaser. The chorus is the best part of the song, but within the context of the rest of the track (which is inferior), it didn't meet my full expectations. Still, a very colorful and catchy chorus, very reminiscent of something EXO could release when they're feeling their poppier side.

    07. NCT 127 - Highway to Heaven
    → It's cute.

    08. Taemin - Famous
    → I'm gonna lie, I wish I liked this as much as I liked 'WANT'. I was a little bit disappointed when I first heard it, but it's growing on me, and as always Taemin is full of charisma.

    09. KNK - Sunset
    → This is SO gay. In a good way!

    10. Woosung - FACE
    → Nice video. Song could be better, but it has decent replay value.


    01. LOONA - x x
    → Still the best mini album of the year. Nothing has come close to it yet. Sometimes talent remains undefeated and it's just the way it is!

    02. LOONA - + +
    → Still the best mini album of last year. Something something talent.

    03. Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season
    → Such an underrated album in my opinion. I mean, I know it didn't flop on our charts, but I feel like people don't appreciate as much as they should. Really a convincing effort. 'Checkmate' is the song I come back to the most. What a fucking bop.

    04. Taeyeon – My Voice
    → Whew! We love the new queen of Japan. 'Vanilla' is my personal standout, I think.

    05. Baekyun - City Lights
    → Not a bad effort honestly...for a male. Great moody RnB pop with flavor.

    06. CLC – No.1
    → A classic...literally a classic.

    07. GFRIEND - Fever Season
    → Not my favorite offering, but still a decent effort nonetheless!

    08. WJSN - For The Summer
    → For 'Oh My Summer' alone, but what a mini still. Lots of bops there, just not the title song xoxo

    09. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    → Still one of their strongest offerings. What a fucking mini. I'm just giving this less points because I think the gorlz will come through with their own ballot, so I think I can be a little strategic here dddd.

    10. TWICE - Fancy You
    → Another classic...



    10 points: KNK S/S COLLECTION - KNK

    9 points: LOVE LOOP - GOT7

    8 points: FEVER SEASON - GFRIEND

    In true GFRIEND fashion, the album is full of all killer, no filler. None of the songs really HIT ME in the same way that Rainbow or You are not alone did, but that's a tough thing to ask for.

    7 points: The Book of Us: Gravity - DAY6

    I gotta be honest I never listened to it, I'm a mess.

    6 points: SUM(ME:R) - PENTAGON

    The title track is a wet shart so I'll give them my points here so as to not show public support for....that.

    Songs 2.0
    10 points: SUNSET - KNK

    9 points: Fever - GFRIEND

    I know the resident buddy of this hellhole had some reservations about them releasing a trop bop, understandably. But as we've come to expect, GFRIEND knocked it out of the park. Proving time and time again that they CAN do songs outside of their wheelhouse and do them well. Also Sowon S E R V E D in this era.

    8 points: Famous - TAEMIN

    7 points: WE ARE THE ONE - KNK

    6 points: Badster - HYO

    I didn't expect to like this so much, especially the english version. I don't know what "Bone to the flesh, I'm an electric witch" means but I'm living.

    5 points: FADE - KNK

    4 points: Time of our life - DAY6

    I'm really happy they got their first win finally but the song isn't one of the few that I look to DAY6 for. I do prefer it to some of the really sappy ones though so there's that.

    3 points: FACE - Woosung

    This song is adorable and Sammy looks gorgeous. If this was released in a month where I care about more than 3 of the releases it might not fit into my list though. I love the bass during the chorus though.

    2 points: LOVE LOOP - GOT7

    Yes this is a month old but the album came out and I'm really struggling to find songs to avoid voting for the tripe Pentagon released ddd. Leave me be.

    1 point: ICY - ITZY

    It's definitely growing on me, I find that the problem I have with ITZY currently is that they have a really good part in the song and then the rest is like a chore until you hear the really good part again. I do prefer ICY to Dalla Dalla though and the only reason they're only getting a measly 1 point from me is because I'm NOT about to let them get in the way of #GFRIEND1stWIN. If my 1 point is the deciding factor I'm going to be an ITZY anti ddd.



    I don’t apologise for putting RBB back in my Top 5 albums for the month!

    Gfriend - Fever
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    Taemin - Famous
    Gfriend - Mr Blue
    GWSN - Red-Sun (021)
    ITZY - Icy
    Chungha - Snapping
    ITZY - Cherry
    GWSN - Total Eclipse (Black Out)
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up

    Red Velvet - ReVe Festival (Day 1)
    Gfriend - Fever Season
    GWSN - The Park in the Night Pt 3
    ITZY - IT’z ICY
    Red Velvet - RBB
  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 7


    I’m gonna hit you with commentary later but here is my chart!
    Fever - GFriend
    Sunset- KNK
    I’m So Pretty - NATURE
    De-aesonhsta- Honey Popcorn
    Face - Woosung
    Red Sun - GWSN
    Boom - NCT DREAM
    Famous - TAEMIN
    Room Shaker - Ailee
    Humph! - Pentagon


    1. Fever Season - GFriend
    2. The Night in the Park, Pt 3 - GWSN
    3. WOLF - Woosung
    4. X X - LOONA
    6. Goblin - SULLI
    7. Flourishing - CHUNG HA
    8. ++ - LOONA
    9. FUN FACTORY - fromis_9
    10. The ReVe Festival Day 1 - Red Velvet


    @Empty Shoebox

    Sorry Slicey, I fell asleep on the sofa last night.

    Here they are, in patented @/ohnostalgia format:

    10 points: I Am Not Alone - Sori
    Even if this wasn't a great song, she would still get my ten points because she is the only K-pop star to have sent me a signed photo.
    9 points: Icy - Itzy
    It was between this and the Dalla Dalla remix.I decided against the remix because it's not a new song and I do have some standards. Anyway, this is what we now expect from Itzy. It's in your face, unashamedly bold, and definitely not going anywhere. Stan Lia for clear skin and nourished hair.
    8 points: Streets of Gold - Z-Girls
    I prefer 'What you waiting for' but It's nice to see this group again, especially with a strong bop.
    7 points: I'm So Pretty - Nature
    More brass please.
    6 points: Headlock - Ailee
    I find 'Room Shaker' a bit jarring so I went for the safer song instead.
    5 points: Fine New Day - Arran
    Nugu anyone? Probably not, but I like it.
    4 points: Get Out - Min Seyoung
    This is lovely. Go listen you philistines.
    3 points: Red Sun - GWSN
    Bit of a club banger, but not among the very top this month.
    2 points: Fever - GFriend
    Eww Big Hit acts etc. Decent effort but some way off their best.
    1 point: Popsicle - UHSN
    Or 'Ice Lolly' in English.

    10 points: The Park in the Night Part One - GWSN
    9 points: It'z Icy - Itzy
    8 points: Fever Season - GFriend
    7 points: Puzzle 9 Pieces - Arran
    6 points: Butterfly - Ailee
    5 points: I'm So Pretty - Nature
    4 points: Talk - Flashe
    3 points: De-aeseohsta - Honey Popcorn



    1. ICY - ITZY
    2. CHERRY - ITZY
    3. Fever - GFRIEND
    4. Famous - Taemin
    5. FANCY - TWICE
    6. Sunny Side Up! - Red Velvet
    7. I Am Not Alone - Sori, Folded Dragons
    8. All About You - TAEYON
    9. IT'z SUMMER - ITZY
    10. I Do I Do - Park Bom

    1. IT'z ICY - ITZY
    3. 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1 - Red Velvet




    10: GWSN - Red Sun (021)
    9: KNK - Sunset
    8: Itzy - Icy
    7: Heize ft. Giriboy- We don’t talk together
    6: Ailee - Room Shaker
    5: WJSN - Boogie Up
    4: (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh
    3: Purple Beck - Crystal Ball
    2: GWSN - Total Eclipse (Black Out)
    1: Itzy - Dalla Dalla

    5: GWSN - The Park in the Night Part III
    4: Younha - Stable Mindset
    3: KNK - KNK S/S Collection
    2: ITZY - IT'z ICY



    1.Heize - We don't talk toghether
    2.Yeseo - Hot hand
    3.Hyo - Badster
    4. G idle - Uh Oh
    5. GWSN - Red Sun
    6.Sulli - Goblin
    7. Chunga - Snapping
    8. Taeyeon - All about you
    9. Mamamoo - Gleam
    10. Ailee - Room Shaker
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 8


    Sorry unnie, too busy trying not to starve in Mother Rossiya xx


    10 points: GWSN - Red Sun - Miya and Anne step on my neck challenge DO THAT CHALLENGE
    9 points: ITZY - ICY
    8 points: Ailee - Room Shaker
    7 points: Yeseo - Hot Hand
    6 points: Suran - Surfin'
    5 points: ITZY - IT'Z SUMMER
    4 points: Gfriend - Fever
    3 points: KNK - SUNSET
    2 points: Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    1 point: Taemin - Famous


    10 points: ITZY - IT'Z ICY
    9 points: GWSN - part 3 yadda yadda
    8 points: Ailee - Butterfly
    7 points: Red Velvet - yadda yadda day 1
    6 points: Twice - Fancy You




    1 Park Bom Spring feat. Sandara Park
    2 Jonghyun Shinin'
    3 Taemin Famous
    4 Park Bom I Do I Do
    5 DAY6 Time of Our Life
    6 GWSN Red Sun 021
    7 Chungha Chica
    8 Sumin Shaker
    9 Yeseo Hot Hand
    10 KNK Sunset


    1 Park Bom Spring/re:Blue Rose
    2 Jonghyun Poet | Artist
    3 DAY6 Book of Us: Gravity
    4 GWSN Park in the night part three
    5 Chungha Flourishing
    6 KEY I Wanna Be
    7 Crayon Pop Evolution Pop Vol 1



    1. Fever - GFRIEND
    2. Sunset - KNK
    3. ICY - Itzy
    4. Hmph - Pentagon
    5. What a Life - EXO-SC
    6. That's Ok - D.O.
    7. Breakthrough - Twice
    8. Badster - HYO
    9. Fantasy Stick - Pentagon
    10. Time of our Life - DAY6

    3. IT'z ICY - ITZY
    4. What a Life - EXO-SC



    01 - Gfriend - Fever
    02 - HYO - Badster
    03 - TAEMIN - Famous
    04 - Mamamoo - Gleam
    05 - W24 - Solfamiredo
    06 - ITZY - ICY
    07 - GWSN - RED-SUN (021)
    08 - TAEYEON - All about you
    09 - NCT 127 - Highway to Heaven
    10 - VERYVERY - Tag Tag Tag

    No albums though...



    It’z Icy - ITZY
    The Day In The Park 3, GWSN
    Fever Season - Gfriend

    Badster - Hyo
    Hot Hand - YESEO
    Fade Away - Aseul
    Icy - ITZY
    Popsicle - UHSN
    Puzzle - Arran
    Suddenly Diggin Seoul - Yerin
    Fever - Gfriend
    Nabi - Bibi
    We Don’t Talk Together - Heize
  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 9



    10 points: Humph! - Pentagon
    9 points: ROLLING ROLLING - 1TEAM
    8 points: FACE - WooSung
    7 points: We Don't Talk Together - Heize
    6 points: MOVIE STAR - CIX
    5 points: Tag Tag Tag - VERIVERY
    4 points: Time Of Our Life - Day6
    3 points: Room Shaker - Ailee
    2 points: SUNSET - KNK
    1 point: ICY - ITZY

    10 points: SUM(ME:R) - Pentagon
    9 points: JUST - 1TEAM
    8 points: The Book of Us: Gravity - Day6
    7 points: HELLO CHAPTER 1: Hello Stranger - CIX
    6 points: Love Loop - GOT7
    5 points: Flourishing - Chungha
    4 points: KNK S/S COLLECTION - KNK
    3 points: Butterfly - Ailee
    2 points: IT'Z ICY - ITZY
    1 point: She's Fine - Heize

    Let me know if there's any issues.



    1. Zimzalabim
    2. I'm So Sick
    3. Eung Eung
    4. Dalla Dalla
    5. Icy
    6. Red Flavor
    7. Time for the Moon Night
    8. Navillera
    9. Power Up
    10. Dumb Dumb

    1. The ReVe Festival - Day 1
    2. IT'z ICY
    3. One and Six - Apink



    My ballot!

    Singles -

    1. ICY - ITZY

    Okay! Perfect follow up to DALLA DALLA. Instead of switching up the concept completely for the comeback, JYP utilised SENSE and focused on building upon the character the girls already showed us. Total success! In typical DALLA DALLA fashion some of these verses are not excellent but everything else pulls it together into a really fun experience??? Great hook, great pre chorus and of course great choreo, which really shines in some places (check 3:01 in the MV, I love it so much). You'd be very lucky to grow up with ITZY as your first girl group, this Korean Spice Girls energy is a blessing.

    Yuna is still the MVP among MVPs and that's crazy.

    2. Boom - NCT Dream

    My gut feeling was to be shady when I first listened to this, maybe because I wanted DREAM to be *Dream* for a little longer and their 'grown up' sound could veer dangerously into the generic. GO was okay but didn't hook me in a lot of places. We Go Up was sweet. Boom is great. Starts off pretty slow and without Mark handling the bulk of the rap it's maybe a little unconvincing, but Jeno steps up!

    Then the pre-chorus kicks in and MAKES this song worthwhile, it's so stylish, but SM is CRUEL for making them do all of that (excellent) choreo while singing it. Check the live stages, these boys are suffering ddddd.

    Waiting on Haechan's solo moment, he's ready. Jisung's voice has evolved into something very pleasant, unexpected! Also unexpected? Chenle's cornrows, SM ain't shit!

    3. BADSTER - HYO

    I wonder if SM knew that this is where DJ HYO would end up when they needed to get a dancer for their global domination girl group project. Probably not, but I hope they're thankful! I keep returning to this track, it's just did exactly what it set out to do? It's a heavy beat to get lost into, nice. The music video is fun little trip, would probably look nice projected on a dark wall of a Soho gay club. She should do a set here.

    The expression Emoji Hyo makes just before the drop(s) kicks in makes me laugh.

    4. Superhuman - NCT 127

    It's STILL PERFECT. I'm really praying for more tracks like this from them, they deserve it.

    (shady music tweet: after watching the MV 2000 times over I noticed Taeyong might have a little *too* much energy in the MV. Bless his heart. Throwing off the choreo a little, still a king though)

    5. DALLA DALLA (Dallask remix)

    This is gonna SLAP at their first concert, it's a pretty obvious/played straight remix that justifies it's existence by just being excellent. Put it in the club. Put it in the club now!

    No but seriously its really good? That last 'i love myself' bit is euphoric here. Go listen.

    6. FUN! - Fromis9

    This track is not on my phone. However, I return to it at least 3 times a week at work. I tried to put this in an earlier rate a few months back but didn't realise it wasn't eligible, this was my commentary at the time:

    Noise! This is the first pure noise kpop track of the year and... im listening. There’s so much weird shit going on here and not in an aspirational way. The advertisement concept also throws me in a loop. The pre chorus however is actually excellent, and such a pleasure to listen to right before we jump right back into the noise pit.

    My thoughts largely remain the same but I also love the track now and I've noticed one of the members looks a lot like NCT's Jeno.

    7. Butterfly - LOOΠΔ

    Say what you want about them Loony girls but they've got bloody good songs.

    Yes we're in turmoil right now but when they come back we're gonna be so thankful.

    It's bound to happen.

    Definitely. Yeah.

    8. Red Sun (021) - GWSN

    For the past couple of rates I've been putting Pinky Star in my ballot with it unsuccessfully charting (i think?). Luckily, GWSN's habit of releasing the same song with a slight concept jig means that *eventually* someone is going to appreciate Pinky Star the way I do, even if their version of Pinky Star happens to be a deep house retool.

    9. Time of our life - Day 6

    This is the first track of theirs that I've listened to. Do they always perform with instruments... is that their thing?

    The song is a total anime opening, I respect that.

    10. Tag Tag Tag - VeriVery

    The song is called tag, though in the video they're clearly playing Hide and Seek. In art theory we call this 'subversion', in this essay I will-


    1. ICY - ITZY
    2. We Boom - NCT DREAM
    3. We are SUPERHUMAN - NCT 127
  18. Scream
  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    That is it for the July 2019 Edition of the K-Popjustice Charts!!!

    Thank you for all the votes, comments, likes, DRAMA (!!!), and everything in between. See you all again in a few days when I open the thread for the August 2019 Edition of the KPJC.

    Love you all and goodnight!

    @Slice of Life

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  20. So, @vague is the only person I trust anymore. Thanks for voting for Honey Popcorn, unnie!
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