K-Popjustice Charts ֍ July 2021 Edition ֍ Complete Results

WOODZ released not one but two new songs? How did I miss that?? Why did none of you hoes @ me???

if y'all are looking for things to pad out your ballots this month, might i suggest voting for After School’s magnum opus, "Dress to kill"?

if you need another song, we’ll, how about "Shh"?

if you like these songs, then please make sure you check out the After School discography rate when it opens in September!
I am, once again, gonna give most points to 0X1=LOVESONG cause I’m still bitter that they haven’t gotten a Top 5 here since Run Away and keep getting stuck at #7… and looking at August they aren’t about to either fffff
No but actually girls, a number* of us are throwing our weight behind 0X1=LOVESONG, it's not like there's much else going on this month! Please join us!! xx

*idk how much traction this will get but "a number" will still be technically true!

Slice of Life

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Okay, since people are starting to vote (thanks babes), lemme promo some of my faves.

First up is AKMU who has returned with an iconique single and album. The single, NAKKA, is NOT a ballad so ballad-haters, AKMU did this for y’all!

All seven songs are gonna have their own music videos. These are what have been released so far: