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And just missing the top 5 is...

I wanna say it was a close fight but to be honest, it never came close to reaching the top 5 shgfsdhgfjsdhfgjsdh



DAY6 (Even of Day)
from the Right Through Me mini album
JYP Entertainment / Studio J

92 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 6
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @Love Deluxe, @vague, @Slice of Life FFFFF TEAM TALENT!
9 - @Monkey0, @Deja-Boo
8 - @eccentricsimply
7 - @nikkysan
6 - @Glitterizer, @BeingNormal
4 - @boombazookajoe, @Sanctuary, @Cotton Park
3 - @Overdose
2 - @Music Is Death

Earning their second top 10 KPJC hit is DAY6 (Even of Day) with their second single, Right Through Me. For the uninitiated, DAY6 (Even of Day) is DAY6's first official subunit and they debuted last year with Where The Sea Sleeps. That song ranked 10th on our chart and now they achieved a higher peak for Right Through Me. We love character development! I think Right Through Me is a lot more accessible for the typical bop-loving KPJ crowd so please check it out! It's an emotional bop!


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HA:TFELT (feat. Keem Hyoeun)
from the Summertime single album
Amoeba Culture

123 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 5
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @codecat, @eliminathan, @Serg.
9 - @aux
8 - @Love Deluxe, @Deja-Boo
7 - @Luck, @Oleander, @Vixen, @BEST FICTION, @Cotton Park
6 - @TéléDex, @Sanctuary
4 - @RUNAWAY, @vague, @chrisjche
3 - @Crisp X, @soratami
2 - @ohnostalgia
1 - @savilizabeths

And earning her very first (!!!) KPJC top 5 song is HA:TFELT with her new single, Summertime, which features Keem Hyoeun. It's so crazy to me that she debuted on KPJC back in October 2017 with double singles, I Wander (ranked 6th) and Read Me (ranked 18th) and yet this is only her first top 5. You suffered, unnie! Anyway, yes, let's talk about Summertime. As usual, I didn't really like this on my first few listens fffffff. But it's been a few days now that I've been finding myself singing this fffff. So I guess I'm a fan now. Like the title says, it's really a song made for the summertime. Can't wait to listen to this on my next summer getaway........................... yeah, let's not talk about that.


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from the Perfect World album
JYP Entertainment / Warner Music Japan

143 points

Last Month's Position: 6
Peak Position: 4
Months on Chart: 2

10 - @thommyh, @evilsin, @BeingNormal, @BEST FICTION, @Music Is Death
9 - @eatyourself, @codecat, @Serg.
8 - @ryjm, @GeiPanda, @Oleander
7 - @Salami
6 - @junglefish, @eliminathan
3 - @RUNAWAY, @boombazookajoe, @SloMover, @PopZeitgeist, @nikkysan, @Vixen
2 - @cakeboy, @aux
1 - @Glitterizer

Making the leap to the top 5 after finishing 6th last month is Twice's latest Japanese single, Perfect World. And I say, well-deserved! I have completely fallen in love with this song now. I mean, that chorus... the definition of cunty. Twice really said "get out, get lost" to the competition.


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Our third placer is...



from the [Summer Holiday] mini album
Dreamcatcher Company

148 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 3
Months on Chart: 1

9 - @ultraviolet, @GeiPanda, @Salami, @nikkysan, @soratami, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia, @savilizabeths
8 - @junglefish, @Monkey0, @SloMover, @aux
7 - @Wills, @TéléDex
6 - @Luck, @Serg.
4 - @Trinu 3.0
3 - @ryjm, @KimLippington, @He
2 - @vague, @BeingNormal
1 - @eliminathan

Ranking third even without getting any 10-points votes? Legendarique! Dreamcatcher are back on our song chart for the second time this year with their latest single, BEcause. For a summer single, this honestly doesn't sound that different from their usual singles... which is my biggest gripe of the song. But other than that, I think BEcause is great and definitely better than Dreamcatcher's two previous Korean singles, Boca and Odd Eye. Yes, I'm still a Boca hater, please leave me alone! I really hope BEcause is the start of another series of great Dreamcatcher singles.

nikkysan: A MUCH NEEDED switch up from the last couple comebacks! Not that I don't love their full on rock songs, but Boca and Odd Eye were showing signs that they were starting to stagnate. Leaning into their electronic sound usually reserved for their b-sides was refreshing, and I hope they continue in this direction.


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And our lovely second placer...




from the Turn Over mini album
FNC Entertainment

157 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 2
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @chrisjche, @PopZeitgeist, @Overdose
9 - @drod93, @ryjm, @BeingNormal
8 - @eatyourself, @nikkysan, @soratami, @Wills, @BEST FICTION
7 - @Glitterizer, @FunkyButChic, @eliminathan
6 - @vague, @Slice of Life
5 - @ohnostalgia, @Music Is Death, @Sanctuary
4 - @cakeboy
3 - @Salami
2 - @Crisp X, @KimLippington
1 - @Deja-Boo

SCREAM!!! I honestly didn't think Tear Drop would do this well??? What the fuck. I thought y'all weren't stanning this enough which kinda made me sad, not gonna lie. But hey, SF9 scores another top 5 hit with their new single, Tea Drop! Kings! SF9 have become one of the most consistent K-Pop groups with their singles and Tear Drop is no different. It sounds luxurious and sultry... just the way I like it.

And honestly, I think the production on Tear Drop is possibly SF9's best yet. For some odd reason, it sounds like a production for a girl group song to me, like Lovelyz fffffff. Anyway, I love Tear Drop and I'm so happy y'all love it too!

Now here's some more Yoo Taeyang gifs I snatched from Twitter to bless y'all today:


nikkysan: Now Rowoon is my bias, but watching the live stages for this song... Taeyang moving his body like that should be illegal, jesus christ... Also the song is brilliant, quietly their best work since their magnum opus Now or Never. (SOL: STAY AWAY FROM MY YOO TAEYANG!!!!)

Overdose: I'm continually amazed by these boys, this track is the slinkier follow up to 'Now Or Never' that I've been waiting for!


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And of course, there's no other winner but...



from the Weekend single album
SM Entertainment

254 points

Last Month's Position: N/A
Peak Position: 1
Months on Chart: 1

10 - @RUNAWAY, @ohdenny, @SloMover, @aux, @An Insider, @Island, @Salami, @Oleander, @Vixen, @ohnostalgia, @Trinu 3.0, @savilizabeths
9 - @evilsin, @boombazookajoe, @Crisp X, @ysev, @TéléDex
8 - @chrisjche, @Music Is Death
7 - @thommyh, @drod93, @eccentricsimply, @KimLippington, @soratami
6 - @ultraviolet, @GeiPanda, @Empty Shoebox
5 - @Ana Raquel, @He
4 - @PopZeitgeist
2 - @Deja-Boo
1 - @Slice of Life

Earning her second KPJC number 1 song is Taeyeon with her new single, the summery Weekend. Congratulations, unnie! A well-deserved win if I may say so myself. Keke.

Weekend is Taeyeon's take on the Doja Cat sound and honestly, she slays this concept. The good unnie even rapped! And let's be real, I just love to hear Taeyeon on a more fun song. Not that I don't stan her emotional songs (because I do), but it's nice to be reminded of Popstar Taeyeon once in a while.

Once again, I wasn't the biggest fan of Weekend on my first few listens. I knew it was good but I wasn't sure if it was that good. Turns out it was indeed that good. I hope I don't overplay this song though because I have a feeling I would ffffff. It's such an easy listen that I want to listen to it over and over again!


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How did that After School song get so many votes, isn’t it years old?
There was a campaign for it!
if y'all are looking for things to pad out your ballots this month, might i suggest voting for After School’s magnum opus, "Dress to kill"?

if you need another song, we’ll, how about "Shh"?

if you like these songs, then please make sure you check out the After School discography rate when it opens in September!


July's qualifying songs for KPB 2021 are:

157 pts: Tear Drop - SF9
92 pts: Right Through Me - DAY6 (Even of Day)
85 pts: Dive - Jinyoung

The list so far:

252 pts: Atlantis - SHINee
206 pts: Beautiful Beautiful - ONF
180 pts: 0X1=LOVESONG - TXT
161 pts: Don't Fight the Feeling - EXO
159 pts: Don't Call Me - SHINee
158 pts: Drunk-Dazed - ENHYPEN
157 pts: Tear Drop - SF9
143 pts: LMLY - Jackson Wang
128 pts: Inside Out - NU'EST
121 pts: Cinema - CIX
119 pts: Get You Alone - Baekhyun
114 pts: Lose - Wonho
107 pts: libidO - OnlyOneOf
107 pts: Hello Future - NCT Dream
94 pts: Hot Sauce - NCT Dream
92 pts: Right Through Me - DAY6 (Even of Day)
89 pts: Advice - Taemin
85 pts: Dive - Jinyoung
83 pts: Ugly Dance - ONF
76 pts: Ready to Love - SEVENTEEN
75 pts: Superstar - SHINee
72 pts: ON&ON - Hong Eunki
68 pts: I Really Want You - SHINee
67 pts: Heart Attack - SHINee
66 pts: You Make Me - DAY6
63 pts: Not the End - Highlight
60 pts: Black Mirror - ONEUS

My playlists have been updated with the newest additions x

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