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K-Popjustice Charts - June 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. She's coming for the album chart next month. Lowkey pressed about KARD being one new song, a cover, and some thank you thing.
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  2. He


    I love this messery.

    I love my Nine Muses team.
  3. I was going to give DAY6 my 10 before I changed my mind last minute. It wouldn't have mattered anyway though. I am team BLACKPINK but I'm more so on team DAY6 at the moment... Send help.
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  4. I'm Euaerin.

    I do feel bad, though, because I gave BlackPink my 9 and Namyu my 10, so I'm partially responsible.
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  5. Me realizing I somehow listened to As If It's Your Last almost 400 times (dddd) according to last.fm in the last 2 weeks and shamelessly giving them a 9.

    You gon' finna catch me is still the funniest thing ever though.
    Teddy did Lisa so dirty making her sound a fool with that.
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  6. He


    I do alter my charts according to most listened and best songs.

    So, some might get a bump for quality (Nine Muses) and others for the lack thereof (blackpink)... Just fixing Korea's mistakes, if you will.
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  7. More and more chart fans are being turned off from following the charts at all. In a week when the singles chart is clogged with WJSN album tracks which have never been released as singles, how can any meaningful comparison to the charts of the past be conducted?

    WJSN has gone straight into the singles chart at No. 9 with "Babyface", which is an album track. It hasn't been released as a single. In fact, every song from their new album has charted in the Top 100 singles chart. But they're not singles.

    You would be forgiven for thinking there's some kind of Wonder Girlsmania-style interest in WJSN when they adopt 8 positions in the current Top 40. But what does it really mean? It just means album tracks are available for download separately or have been voted for regardless of their last.fm spins. So, there can be no meaningful comparison to a time when a single would be released and people would go onto their account and see how many plays it had. That can't be compared in a meaningful way to someone simply choosing to rig the play counts.

    But the media are picking up on the fact that WJSN have 3 songs in the Top 5, which is the first time this has happened since BoA achieved the same feat in the 00s. On paper it may appear to be comparing like for like, but it isn't even remotely so.

    So, the current Top 100 singles chart includes:
    18 WJSN songs
    14 DAY6 songs

    That's a third of the chart taken up by just 2 artists. Of those, most are album tracks. So, is the singles chart really relevant? Are the Official Last.fm Weekly Charts gradually killing the singles chart?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I just got where this comes from noooooooooo. I'm gonna keep living in a fantasy world where WJSN is killing the charts.
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  10. He


    I don't get it.
  11. He


  12. Hi. It's me.



    I've been given the task to reveal your dirty laundry ballots so here I am. But be warned... I'm gonna be very extra (if that wasn't clear already).

    Anyway. Here's our first five voters.



    First up, is of course, Slice of Life's better half, @send photo. I have learned that technically, Deja-Boo was the first voter but the good cyst has been absent lately and haven't been giving likes to Slice of Life so here's your award!

    DDdd sorry blame Slayori. RIP blackpink

    1. BoA - Camo
    2. DAY6 - I Smile
    3. Lee Hyori - (TBA)
    4. DAY6 - Lean On Me
    5. WJSN - Babyface
    6. Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
    7. Vermuda - Triangle
    8. Miss Terry - Wannabe
    9. T-ara - What's my name?
    10. DAY6 - You Were Beautiful

    1. DAY6 - SUNRISE
    2. Ft Island - Over 10 Years
    3. Gummy - Stroke
    4. EXID - Eclipse
    5. BoA - Kiss My Lips

    Poor BLACKPINK getting bumped out of your chart. Kekekeke.


    Next up, here's @Salami. Ooh, congrats, unnie, you submitted a somewhat relevant ballot this time around. But not completely relevant because you didn't vote for my song.

    For the first time in a long time I'm confident at least five of my votes will feature!

    1. Blackpink - As If Its Your Last
    2. Nine Muses - Remember
    3. Sistar - Lonely
    4. T-Ara - What's My Name
    5. Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
    6. Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry
    7. KARD - Rumor
    8. Twice - Hold Me Tight
    9. Hyoyeon - Wannabe
    10. LABOUM - Hwi Hwi


    Next up is one Brazilian lady that goes by the name of @eccentricsimply. When will you invite me and my lesser groupmates to #ComeToBrazil though?

    What the hell was this month, really???? I had the most difficult time picking these 10 songs and I don't even know if I'm SATISFIED with these choices. Complicated.

    1. TAEMIN - Flame Of Love (10 points)
    I have no particular explanation as to why I love this song so much, BUT I DO SO WHATEVER. He's the king of Japan, king of making anime songs, king of producing the next great title song for a Ghibli movie, king of dancing, king of fire. King.

    2. LOONA/Jinsoul - Singing in the Rain
    I regret not giving LOONA a chance before because of other people's stupidity, because everything I've listened from them has been amazing. Cute concept, girl crush concept - whatever they do seems to work. Singing in the Rain is no exception and although it doesn't beat Eclipse for me, it's still up there in the best releases of this year.

    3. NCT 127 - 0 Mile
    I... wasn't expecting to like anything NCT 127 released this much. Their other stuff is listenable, but this song, as well as others from this particular mini, is extremely pleasant. The comeback single that should've been, RIP.

    4. Suran (feat. DEAN) - 1+1=0
    The combo of Suran and Dean couldn't result in anything except for an excellent song.

    5. 9MUSES - Remember
    What a bop.

    6. Heize - Don't Know You
    So groovy, so satisfying to listen to and the music video is a nice trip.

    7. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    It's not as bad as I originally thought it was. It's a bop, slightly basic, but nothing too offensive to my ears. I like the pre-chorus the most, definitely.

    8. BoA - CAMO
    I mean... She's the queen, the Janet Jackson of kpop, I couldn't keep her out of my ballot.

    9. Pentagon - Critical Beauty
    I appreciate their attempt at doing something slightly different from other boygroups. It's a bit messy at times and the chorus doesn't hit as hard as it should when put together with those verses, but it's a great song anyway.

    10. MAMAMOO - Yes I Am (1 point)
    Y'all are too damn talented to pull the shit you pull sometimes. I DIDN'T WANT TO GIVE THEM POINTS, but damn this song is too good.

    1. NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb (5 points)

    2. Suran - Walkin'
    3. 9MUSES - Muses Diary Part.2: Identity
    4. Heize - ///
    5. Pentagon - Ceremony (1 point)


    Next up is @PopZeitgeist. Uhh, I don't have anything extra to say to you because uhh, I barely know you. Post more, hunty!

    1- Blackpink- As If It's Your Last
    2- T-ara- What's My Name
    3- WJSN- Babyface
    4- NCT 127- Cherry Bomb
    5- NCT 127- Summer 127
    6- Stellar- Archangels of the Sephiroth
    7- WJSN- Miracle
    8- Nine Muses- Remember
    9- WJSN- Happy
    10- BoA- Camo

    1: NCT 127- Cherry Bomb
    2: WJSN- Happy Moment
    3: Stellar- Stellar into the World
    4: T-ara- What's My Name?
    5: Nine Muses- Muses Diary Part 2: Identity


    The last member of this batch is the lovely @Alouder98. I'm sorry that your rate is irrelevant now because our debut song was already eliminated. Poor y'all taste.

    #1 BlackPink - As If It's Your Last
    #2 T-ara - What's My Name
    #3 9Muses - Remember (This is technically the best song of the month and I should give it 10 points but my Last.FM says I listened to BlackPink and T-ara's songs more than this one)
    #4 Wonder Girls - Loved
    #5 Apink - FIVE (kii)
    #6 Cosmic Girls - Babyface
    #7 Qri - Diamonds
    #8 Mamamoo - Age Gag (Such a shame that they did that dumb thing in the video, the song is fun)
    #9 Kim Lip - Eclipse
    #10 SNSD - Beautiful Stranger

    Albums :

    I didn't check new albums (except What's My Name) this month, so my chart is mostly old albums.

    #1 Taeyeon - My Voice
    #2 Wonder Girls - Reboot
    #3 T-ara - What's My Name
    #4 Red Velvet - The Red
    #5 SNSD - First Japanese Album
  13. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Our first comeback kween of the month is @digitalkaiser. I guess you finally had the time vote now that Katy Perry's Witness World Wide livestream has ended. I enjoyed the gifs you made by the way. I wish I enjoyed the album as well but... sigh.

    HI BB!


    1. Day6 - Sunrise
    2. 9Muses - Muses Diary Pt. 2: Identity
    3. NCT #127 - Cherry Bomb


    1. Kim Lip (LOONA) - Eclipse
    2. BoA - Camo
    3. JinSoul (LOONA) - Singing In The Rain
    4. 9Muses - Remember
    5. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    6. Lee Hyori (feat Killagramz) - Seoul
    7. Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
    8. Mamamoo - Yes I am
    9. Day6 - I Smile
    10. NCT #127 - Running 2 U


    Speaking of extra, here's @Deja-Boo's ballots. Yes ballotSSSS. The good cyst prepared one troll ballot and, uhh, I guess a non-troll ballot? I don't know honestly.

    Here's my June ballot early, sis

    1 DAY6 - I Smile
    2 DAY6 - Lean On Me
    3 DAY6 - How Can I Say
    4 DAY6 - I'm Serious
    5 DAY6 - I Wait
    6 DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
    7 DAY6 - Dance Dance
    8 DAY6 - I Would
    9 DAY6 - Man In A Movie
    10 DAY6 - Say Wow

    1 DAY6 - Sunrise
    2 DAY6 - Daydream
    3 DAY6 - The Dream
    4 FTISLAND - Over 10 years
    5 Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop Vol 1

    i've been all over the place/busy lately, that's why i havent contributed to the forum much. i'll be fully back soon x

    ddd you know my taste. part of me wants to keep the ballot as is for the kii, but i have to support my queens! so here's the new one

    BoA Camo
    Day6 I Smile
    Lee Hyori Seoul
    9muses Remember
    Blackpink Last
    Monsta X Shine Forever
    Ftisland Wind
    GND Deep blue eyes
    Suran 1+1=0
    NCT 127 0 Mile

    Day6 Sunrise
    BoA Kiss my Lips
    Crayon pop Evolution Pop
    FTISLAND over 10 years
    9muses Identity


    Here's @McQueer. Again, y'all have to post more so I have something worthwhile to talk about you. I'm just saying. I'm a very busy girl. Momoland is a very busy group. I have no time to research about y'all okay.


    Eclipse - Kim Lip

    Babyface - WJSN

    Night Rather Than Day - EXID

    Why Dont You Know - Chungha [Don't you love it when the one girl you stanned for in her group goes solo and actually delivers?]

    Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door

    Signal - TWICE

    Palette - IU

    Rollin - Brave Girls [This is just never gonna get old I already know]

    As If It's Your Last - BLACKPINK



    Eclipse - EXID


    Signal - TWICE


    Here's @Monkey0. I see you're asking if we, I, have seen Wonho. And I answer, of course I have seen. He's a hoe; everyone has seen all of him.


    1. BoA - CAMO

    She did that and I'm not really a fan of hers, ha!

    2. 9MUSES - Remember

    Number of actual muses is irrelevant, they always deliver. Additional point for staying flawless while being in like one of five worst agencies in Korea.

    3. Sistar - Lonely

    Summer ain't over! Shout out to Bora for getting herself a man from nugu boy group, same girl, SAME!

    4. T-ARA - What's My Name?

    Does it even matter that I'm not that into this song? NO. I'll just bow down to Empresses of China.


    Have you seen Wonho? Y'll should.

    6. PRODUCE 101 - Hands on me

    Bakeho was robbed but this song is a bop.

    7. NCT 127 - 0 Mile

    Like, it only took SM 8 years to convince me to their boy group that isn't SHINee.

    8. Jinbo - TT (feat Sunim)

    I AM VOTING FOR TT! SUCH REVOLUTIONARY ACT. So it only took actually talented people to make me like it.

    9. Daehyun - Shadow (feat. Zelo)

    Just supporting my man.

    10. Jongup - Try My Luck

    Just supporting my other man.


    1. DAY6 - SUNRISE
    3. Jinbo - KRNB2 Part 1
    4. T-ARA - What's my name?


    And here's the not-straight @ThighHighs. Hmm, I see the good cyst is masquerading as part of #TeamNineMuses. The audacity. Not when you kicked Pastry off your ballot, unnie. xoxo

    Ok Unnieeeee I think I've got my list ready to go. Albums are coming atcha!

    But singles first!

    1) Remember- Nine Muses- Giving me drama, vocals, rap, attitude, and choreography. This song is everything I love about Nine Muses. They consistently bring out the bonkers pop production, but manage to stay in control of it rather than letting the outrageousness of the production get the best of them. I'm here for the 4Muses era.

    2) As If It's Your Last- BLACKPINK- Is it reinventing the wheel? Of course not. Is it the PrideBop I needed the weekend before the drunkest weekend of my year? Absoluetly. I played this for every hunty that came through my apartment all weekend and they were living for it.

    3) Deep Blue Eyes- Girls Next Door- Any other month, this would have been my #1, but JUNE WEREN'T PLAYING! This would sound 100% at home on any Kylie/Carly album, but it's even better for a group. My pussy flies when Moonbyul comes in after the bridge.

    4) Eclipse- Kim Lip- This song is everything. I didn't love it yet with last month's charts, but it has now completely taken over any other LOONA release for me. God bless the music video. This was another pride fave for my non-kpop gay frenz.

    5) Camo- BoA- Excellence continues to be excellent.

    6) Happy- WJSN- Let me give this trash more points than it deserves. It's demented and delirious, but I get a lot of joy out of it.

    7) Archangels of the Sephiroth- Stellar- What kind of Sasha Velour title? The song is a bop and the video is incredible, but the chorus of this just isn't up to snuff.

    8) What's My Name- T-Ara- It's nothing that Crying didn't do better last year, but it's T-Ara and they really pull it off as 4-Ara.

    9) Singing in the Rain- Jinsoul- Watching the whole board turn towards LOONA has been such a kii. I won't be messy and bring up any former users, but to say that I didn't see all of us unnies becoming members of LOONATION or whatever is an understatement.

    10) Nine Muses- Pastry- The mini stays amazing and they give us some BOPS.

    RIP to also-rans this month: 0 Mile- NCT 127, CACTUS- ACE, Don't Wanna Cry- SVT, Miracle- WJSN, Hate Me- Nine Muses.

    Album time!

    1) Nine Muses- Muses Diary Part 2: Identity- This gem is chock full o' chunes. Pastry and Hate Me are the best non-singles.
    2) T-Ara- What's My Name- Love Diamond and Reload. I really hope this isn't their final album. I need more from them.
    3) Seventeen- AL1- Swimming Fool is IT!
    4) WJSN- Happy Moment- A collection of cute, boppy, fluff. I can't lie that it's good for getting ready in the morning when I just want some soft bops.
    5) Produce 101- 35 Boys, 5 Concepts- This isn't a patch on the girls EP from last year, but they have some great songs on here!





    I fear... I've made a mistake...

    I've left one of this month's releases off my chart and counted it out... too soon...

    "Nine Muses- Pastry" will you please come to the front of the stage.


    I'm sorry my dear, but... I just can't allow you to continue in this chart.


    NOW... to replace it...

    10) ChungHa- Why Don't You Know- I left this off my original ballot, but it provided the bop I needed during pride, so I need to give it at least 1 point. It's not what I necessarily wanted from her, and I know she can do better, but it's a breezy summertime bop and the choreo is really cute.

    I hope this isn't too much work for you to replace my #10! Hopefully you at least got a lil kii from my revision.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Here is @Aries' ballot. Okay, but how in the world did you guess our Top 4 songs correctly??? Are you secretly the second coming of Shaman Unnie? Please make me your apostle!

    01 BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    02 9Muses - Remember
    03 T-ARA - What's My Name?
    04 BoA - CAMO
    05 SISTAR - Lonely
    06 EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    07 Twice - Signal
    08 Mamamoo - Yes I Am
    09 K.A.R.D - Rumor
    10 IU - Palette (feat. G-DRAGON)

    01 IU - Palette
    02 EXID - Eclipse
    03 Twice - Signal


    Budding #BoycottBLACKPINK activist @junglefish is up next. The good unnie promised mess but hmm, did he provide enough? Does he have the range? You decide. xoxo

    1 Remember - 9Muses
    2 Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door
    3 What's My Name - T-ara
    4 The Wave - Stellar
    5 As If It's Your Last - BLACK PINK
    6 Wae Ttaemune - Stellar
    7 Why Don't You Know - Chungha
    8 Pastry - 9Muses
    9 Love Letter - JinSoul
    10 Sephiroth's Tree - Stellar

    1 Stellar Into The World - Stellar
    2 Muses Diary, Pt. 2 : Identity - 9Muses
    3 What's My Name - T-Ara

    Sooooorry, no commentary this month again :( but I promise to be messy during the results.


    Here is another silent poster, @SophiaSophia. She's a Taemin stan and she would like us to know she'll vote for him on the next edition of KPJC. That's so charitable of you. At least eccentricsimply won't be alone in voting for Taemin. xoxo


    1. Blackpink - As If It's Your Last
    2. T-ARA - What's My Name
    3. Nine Muses - Remember
    4. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain
    5. WJSN - Happy
    6. Jinsoul - Love Letter
    7. BoA - Camo
    8. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    9. NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
    10. Nine Muses - Two of Us

    1. Nine Muses - Muses Diary Part 2: Identity
    2. T-ARA - What's My Name
    3. EXID - Eclipse
    4. NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
    5. Taemin - Sayonara Hitori Just preparing the Kpopjustice Hunties that next month I will be 100% trash for Lee Taemin.


    Oh, here's another messy voter. @ohnostalgia, The One and Probably Only Miss Terry stan in all of K-Popjustice, tried to make Wannabe happen. It kinda happened, I guess. Congrats!

    1. WANNABE!!!!!!
    2. Day6 I Smile
    3. The deep blue eyes one
    4 That Blackpink song.
    5 day 6 Lean on me
    6 boa camo
    7 day 6 you were beautiful
    8 babyface
    9 vermuda triangle
    10. Seoul

    1. Can Wannabe count????

    If no

    1. Sunrise day 6
    2 Exid
    3 Luna
    4. IU Palette
    5. Um..... blackpink old album


    And here's @Cotton Park's ballot. I just wanna let you know that if only you have given Mamamoo's Purple album 5 points, it would've made the chart. The Bubbling Chart, that is. But still...

    Here 'tis. Difficult month.

    1. Nine Muses - "Remember"
    My new favorite "fuck you" song. I'm a little bit serious.
    2. Stellar - "Tree of Sephiroth"
    I've already said enough.
    3. T-Ara - "What's My Name?"
    Remember how you felt? Seems like ages ago.
    4. Sistar - "Lonely"
    Hyolin's face at 2:32 says it all. And that's really sad.
    5. LOONA/Kim Lip - "Eclipse"
    Holy shit! What month is it? I don't know! I'm so confused! But last month there was someone that could actually sing... so.... Bring back last month! I think? I don't know! This is hard!
    6. Mamamoo - "Yes I Am"
    7. Sumin (with Hoody) - "Brown"
    8. Girls Next Door - "Deep Blue Eyes"
    9. Nine Muses - "Pastry"
    10. BoA - "Camo"
    I'm ready for a BoA/Bada duet. Like now. Something like ANYTHING from Flower - God, what a great mini. Digressing... ugh...

    1. Nina Muses - MUSES DIARY PART.2 : IDENTITY
    "Pastry" or "Two of Us" could have been amazing singles but "Remember" needed to be so much more. GREAT E.P.
    2. Suran - Walkin'
    Can't believe this is her first album. A flawless, soulful E.P. and the perfect vehicle for her distinctive voice.
    3. Jinbo - KRNB2 Part.1
    The mind-blowing version if "TT" is worth the price alone. But it gets better.
    4. Day6 - Sunrise
    Someone convinced me to listen to this. I forget who. Now I can't stop listening to it.
    5. Mamamoo - Purple
    Too bad for all the shade they get (and often deserve). They're still amazing vocalists. "Finally" should have been the single. It would have won some people back more than "Yes I Am" or their typically too-cute-for-their-own-good "Aze Gag." (Both of which I love. Shoot me.)
  15. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    @D is for Danger! is up next, the de-facto leader of #TeamNineMuses... who forgot to vote for Nine Muses' album. Oh the irony.

    1 Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain
    Jinsoul did that! Right out the gate she was like...


    I'm glad everyone is finally starting to see the light of day and are stanning Loona. I don't know what Future Bass really is, but I like it! Props to Jin for both singing and rapping, which adds extra flair to the track.

    2 T-ARA - What's My Name
    My Queens are back for what may possibly be their last comeback. Thankfully, they didn't go for a sappy ballad or midtempo *coughs*SISTAR & 2NE1*coughs*, but instead sticked to their EDM roots. I love that tin can sound during the chorus.

    3 Nine Muses - Remember
    What can I say, this is Drama and theatrics at its finest! I love the contrast between the slower verses and the bombastic chorus. Even though the group is no longer in its heyday, I hope they continue if that means we'll get more amazing music like this track.

    4 Kim Lip - Eclipse
    Still just as amazing as when it came out. Lip is a star and I can't wait to see what Loona has to offer once it all comes together.

    5 Kim Lip & Jinsoul - Love Letter
    The chorus is everything! The key change at the end is great. Neither girls are the best vocalists, but they do an amazing job with what they're given.

    6 BoA - Camo
    BoA serves another amazing fierce dance bop. I feel as though Korea doesn't connect as well with her more upbeat tracks, which is unfortunate.

    7 Stellar - Archangels of Sephiroth
    I like that the group went there and did something unconventional. The track could use more polish and a bit of a stronger finish, but it's still enjoyable.

    8 Lee Hyori - Seoul
    I like how understated and mellow this is. That doesn't mean it's boring or beige.

    9 Yezi - Anck Su Namun
    Still losing my scalp to this track on the daily. She needs to be bigger!

    10 Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
    I love a slice of cool electro. This hits the spot perfectly.

    1 T-ARA
    2 Jinsoul
    3 Stellar
    4 Kim Lip
    5 EXID


    Comeback kween number 2 is @vikeyeol. Thank God Slice of Life's desperate PMs finally had an effect on you. Welcome back!

    1. Archangels of the Sephiroth - Stellar
    2. Babyface - WJSN
    3. Hands On Me - Produce 101
    4. Hate Me - Nine Muses
    5. Singing In The Rain - Jinsoul
    6. Cactus - A.C.E
    7. Super Hot - Produce 101
    8. Wannabe - Hyoyeon
    9. Rollin' - Brave Girls
    10. Jam Jam - IU

    1. Stellar In To The World - Stellar
    2. Produce 101 Final - Produce 101
    3. Produce 101 35 Boys 5 Concepts - Produce 101
    4. Identity - Nine Muses


    Debuting as a voter this month is the expensively named @Petit nain des Îles. I don't enough info on you yet so please be messier post more.

    Okay, let's do iiiit :

    Top 10 songs :
    1- T-ARA "What's My Name"
    2- BoA "Camo"
    3- Monsta X "Ready Or Not"
    4- Eric Nam "Idea Of You"
    5- Twice "TT (Japanese Version)"
    6- Suran "Walkin'"
    7- Loona (Jinsoul) "Singing In The Rain"
    8- Nieah "Déjà Vu"
    9- 9muses "Remember"
    10- QRI "Diamond"

    Top 5 albums :
    1- Suran "Walkin'"
    2- Nieah "Timeless"
    3- 9muses "Muses Diary Part 2 : Identity"
    4- Monsta X "Shine Forever"
    5- Elris "We, First"


    Next up is @Reboot who is probably named after the second best K-Pop album. Wait, you're asking what's the best K-Pop album? Of course, it's one of the Momoland albums. Wait, we have released albums, right? I don't know; I'm too busy being extra dancing to check.

    1. Nine Muses — Remember
    2. WJSN — Happy
    4. April - Mayday
    5. LOOΠΔ — Eclipse
    6. NCT 127 — 0 Mile
    7. SISTAR — Lonely
    8. MAMAMOO — Yes I am
    9. HyoYeon — Wannabe
    10. DIA. — Will You Go Out With Me

    What are albums? I don’t know them, etc.


    And here's @BEST FICTION's ballot. It's still filled with Twice, I see. Okay, cool.

    1. Seoul - Hyori
    I was debating for a bit if this should be my number one... June really did snatch my follicles so hard that I have to wear a merkin, and this wasn't the main contender. But seeing it with the video just did it for me. I can't wait to vote for the whole album next month.

    2. Remember - Nine Muses
    I haven't really followed Nine Muses that closely, so to see them at 4 members now is kinda sad, but holy fucking shit, this SONG.

    3. As If It's Your Last - BLACKPINK
    I didn't love this on first listen, I could tell it was a 2NE1 reject (I was right)... But I loved 2NE1, so I naturally love this song. And they look so fucking good.

    4. Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door
    This has no excuse to be as good as it is. The Unnies just retired, they are SHOOK. Twice SHARTED, they're begging for Somi to join them after this.

    5. What's My Name - T-ARA
    I'm glad they ended on such a high note. I hope this really isn't the end for them, but I love this song and I still love them.

    6. Signal - TWICE
    I'd be lying if I said I still haven't been playing this daily... Cause I have, and I learnt the choreo.

    7. Singing In The Rain - JinSoul (LOONA)
    I really like this song. Not as much as Eclipse, but it's very good and actually makes me anticipate this shitfest debut.

    8. Yes I Am - MAMAMOO
    I don't support racism, but this knocks. I rated it lower to punish their ignorance. xx

    9. Lonely - SISTAR
    This song still RUINS me. The fact that Bora is dating and it says "FORMER SISTAR MEMBER" in the article titles absolutely tears my heart out.

    10. Happy - WJSN
    This could've been way better, but it grew on me a lot.

    2. Eclipse - EXID
    3. Monochrome - Hyori
    4. #TWICE - TWICE
    I can't be stopped.

    5. Purple - MAMAMOO
  16. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    @Sanctuary is up next. Sorry those 10 points weren't enough to help Chungha reach the top 10, boo.

    Here hunty!

    1. Chungha - Why Don’t You Know?
    2. Blackpink - As If It’s Your Last
    3. 9Muses - Remember
    4. Hyolyn - Fruity
    5. Heize - Don’t Know You
    6. JinSoul/LOONA - Singing In The Rain
    7. Monsta X - Shine Forever
    8. TWICE - TT (Japanese Version)
    9. Pentagon - Critical Beauty
    10. NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb

    1. Sik-K - HALF
    2. Monsta X - Shine Forever
    3. Suran - Walking
    4. NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
    5. Chungha - Hands On Me


    Comeback kween number 3 is @Robinho#1. K-RnB whores, check her ballot. Y'all might find a bop or three.

    1. Crush - Summer Love

    2. Heize - Don't Know You

    3. Sik-K Feat. Crush - Party (Shutdown)

    4. KREAM - In My Heart

    5. Suran - If I Get Drunk Today

    6. Knock - Open Up

    7. *Hye Sung - Natasha

    8. K. Vsh - Liar

    9. LOONA - Singing In The Rain

    10. Hus x RISSO - SOSO

    *Unsure if this qualifies so please PM back.


    Inventor of Instagram Stories, @Squashua, is here with ha essay-filled ballot. I see you finally met EXID. That's cute. But have you met me, the Chewy Unnie? I don't think so. And for that, I pity you.

    Here we are, here we go - this might be a HEAVY essay session this month. Monologues at the ready <3


    10 Points: BoA - Camo
    At the start of the week this wouldn't have been my 10 pointer. I listened to it, excited because I loved Kiss My Lips and... it didn't go where I was expecting. Where was the money note? The harder chorus? But then I listened again, I watched mouth agape at the video, and listened another 20 times and you know what - this is a solo release masterpiece. It unfurls itself so sinuously that you barely even see it coming, so lost you are in BoA's astounding vocals - when will any other solo artists in the K-game right now? - and then the chorus is so unexpectedly understated that it traps you even further in the digital quicksand. Were you were expecting a lame drop or trap-lite instrumental post-chorus? Nope, that's not how this unnie plays it. Everything is on point, wrapped up tightly, neatly and perfectly to the futuristic soundscape - the video has shades of Ghost in the Shell, Akira, old 90's r'n'b diva MVs (the choreo! My word, read 'em and weep new gen), Tomb Raider jungles and Anime magic girl glittering holographic bodysuits. I am just in awe at the aesthetic - video of the year so far? - and, even more surprisingly, the song holds up even better without it too. It's not Kiss My Lips but why should it be when it's a whole cyborg of its own and now i'm desperate for a live performance to scalp me all over again.

    9 Points: LOONA (JinSoul) - Singing in the Rain
    Not the LOONAVERSE pulling out another 10/10 silky r'n'barnstormer from nowhere and with a living Barbie at the helm to boot. I've listened to this a lot over the last couple of days and each section has a new layer to throw at you from the first second to the last without ever collapsing in on itself. There's urgency, fire, wooziness, starry breathers, full-pelt stomp the yard choreo and a whole lotta fish. Digipedi once again smashed the visuals by inventing the colour blue just for this MV and JinSoul is more than a worthy successor to the perfection that is Kim Lip. I really hope the next girl is Yellow/Gold in theme, a rapper with a summery vibe and their sub-unit is called LOOΠΔ FLΔRE or something of that ilk. Keep bringing the goods & I might send in that stancard application via space shuttle in a couple light years.

    8 Points: Nine Muses - Remember
    Now this was unexpected. After all the umming and aahing over what in the world would be left of the Nine, once they started tapping out like crazy, the knowledge that 9M A were now all that was actually left of 9M was troubling to say the least. Then the red adorned masterful teasers kept dropping and hope just about shined out. Needless to say, Remember thunders through without wasting a single second of easing you in. There's ominous guitars, that explosive out-of-nowhere chorus, Kyungri luring you in like a Korean siren at a Maxim swimwear shoot, Hyemi ripping her vocal chords in two at every opportunity, Sojin taking onboard the 9M top-tier rapper flag with aplomp, Keumjo auditioning for a role in the next big Korean horror film... there's a LOT happening. You know what though, it's quite the banger and it's rare such a frankenbop holds together so well.

    7 Points: T-ara - What's My Name?
    Unpopular confession time: I don't really care for T-ara. I think I missed the boat because a lot of their older songs just come across as really basic & dated to these ears. That being said, What's My name - a.k.a the Second Coming of Crying - is beyond infectious and a diamond cut summer banger. I've been doing the square hand circle dance moves for the post-chorus EVERY SINGLE TIME and it's definitely a song that should be appreciated in live performance form because that video looks like it should have been set to a Melody Day track. The vocals are patchy but who cares when it's so much fun in a 3 minute rocket blast.

    6 Points: Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
    The concept of temp groups is one filled with amazingness and utter disbelief. Amazing that the rosters are always top-notch and flawfree and filled with my faves (except Somi) and disbelief at the fact that they always end up getting such monster jams whilst their actual groups get flop Apink b-sides. First Sunny Girls, now Girls Next Door - when amazing songs happen to the K-Pop Waifs and Strays Support Group once-a-year meetings. Deep Blue Eyes is luscious, catchy and it's even made me appreciate JYP's formerly obnoxious protege. That deserves points in itself.

    5 Points: Cosmic Girls - Babyface
    This. Is. A. Jam. What in the world were Starship thinking when they dumped them with Happy's mediocre ass? I get so frustrated listening to this because it's gold and the MV potential is like visual fireworks in my mind. Wanna hear what I have in mind? kiii:

    Imagine a Stepford Wives in Space kind of concept where our Snake Queen Yeon Jung arrives in sci-fi town finding all these beautiful baby-faced humanoid girls at Alien school but something ain't right and goes on a mission, along with social outcast Exy, to figure out the mystery - Cheng Xiao gets to play a fembot Regina George with the Chinese Lesbian Millionaires as the other plastics, the choreography features vogueing as if their lives depended on it and the final act takes place at Space Prom where everything goes Disco Carrie and the fembots start blowing up in candy coloured fireworks (Bora also cameos as the Dinnerlady).

    I'm SO SAD this isn't real, make it happen Starship please... *sobs*.

    4 Points: Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
    It pains me to only give Stellar, the flawless amazing subversive sexy concept queens of flop sales, four points here but the more I listen to Sephiroth's Angels the more i'm kinda just... meh? The pre-chorus is throbbing and the Egyptian level of a videogame instrumental is lit but there's some serious underbaking afoot. Gayoung & Junyool barely being able to sing their two lines in tune (even when autotuned)? The weird layering on the underwritten chorus? The lack of a proper rap section? It's a bit of a missed trick in a lot of ways, despite and because of the good parts and the insanely bonkers murder-the-new-girl video being present. It's one thing to get a budget for once ladies, it's another thing to know where to spend it. Still, I hear good things about the mini so hopefully this will bring the success that's eluded them since Marionette.

    3 Points: Hyoyeon - Wannabe
    "Actually it's kinda cute..." - what, being a feminist? Get outta hurr San E oppa. Hyoyeon takes us into the boxing ring and serves us the bipolar anthem none of us were probably asking for but still bopped to anyway. After numerous plays I kinda agree with the criticisms of her rapping abilities but she just about gets away with it because of how 60's surf rock the chorus is and how hard she sells it in the MV. Me by the time the final guitar solo rolls in:

    2 Points: NCT 127 - Summer 127
    Where's SHINee this year hmm? Who cares when you have this summery banger waiting in the wings. It's very View, it's a dash of Disclosure - White Noise and will have you hollering "GET IT AWN GET GET GET IT AWN" in inappropriate public locations. If only they'd have a ridicu-OTT summer video to go alongside it...

    1 Point: Monsta X - Shine Forever
    Just putting it out there but Monsta X are 10000x better than GOT7 will ever be. I've said it before but i'm baffled how consistently these guys underperform when visually, vocally, standards-wise they're up there with BTS. I mean they've lost their way with the whole Clan telenovela sure (it's a mess and wasn't executed even close to successfully) but both Beautiful and this have been back on the right track. It's only getting one point mind because my Oppa Shownu isn't in the video as much as I wanted and i'm still trying to figure out what "One and only, like a Harley" actually means.


    5 Points: Heize - ///
    Eurgh, how'dya get to be so gosh darn cool Heize? Everything about this mini is knockin', everything is punching me in the gut and taking my ears up in the memory of a tender embrace. She raps fantastically, she sings well, the vibe of melancholy masquerading as indifference is so right it hurts and, whilst I sit here alone in my room with the raining pouring down outside, I can't help but fall into the fantasy of some kind of autumnal New York evening thinking 'Yes i'm not ok, yes the pain is there but at least it's all my own". I mean the fact i'm on the edge of blubbing to a bloody 'Rain Version' of Star says it all. Sigh, i'm so glad she's killing it with the Korean GP - she deserves it.

    4 Points: NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
    I almost didn't even bother with this EP because of how Swizz Beatz: Kidz Bop edition the title track is but thankfully it's the album's low point by far (and even that sounds better alongside the other songs so props to them for that). Summer 127 is the perfect salve to a holiday season without Sistar or a View/4 Walls-esque track, Sun & Moon is murky and mysterious in the best early 90's r'n'b way and 0 Mile is everything that I wish they had burst out of the gates with as the title track. Props to them for proving their versatility because they now hold the honor of being the top of my NCT ranking (which isn't hard to be honest dddd.)

    3 Points: Suran - Walking
    I remember stumbling on this gal by accident with Calling In Love (what a jam that was). Fast forward a couple years later and look at ha rebirth into K-Indie singer for the masses with that Chatshire-esque cover, the glossy visuals and crystalline production covering everything from sparkling electro r'n'b, beat poet piano jazz and legitimate funk (none of this wannabe Uptown Funk nonsense). There are shades of Palette in there true but there's no denying that voice - it's the anchor to all of the flawless sounds and even better collaborations (i'm still not over Dean's proposition from 'love' to be honest...).

    2 Points: Day6 - Sunrise
    You'll have to forgive me that i've only voted for I Wait on these monthlies but let it be known i've been more than appreciative of these guys from afar since they started their 2017 project. I really wish this was on Spotify, because I don't get to listen to them as much as i'd like, but I Wait, What Can I Say and Dance Dance are all top notch. There's is a sound missing in K-Pop currently and Wonpil is bae.

    1 Point: Apink - Pink Up
    Ok ok ok don't @ me for this - i'm well aware i'm giving Apink a point here. You know what, just like with Pink Revolution before it the title track is sadly the most auto-pilot thing on the whole mini. Eyes is a beautiful ballad (the piano, fingersnaps & dripping water sound effect combo give me major Final Fantasy X flashbacks), Like! is still very Apink but on party poppers and if they ever decide to disband then Evergreen in all its soft stadium torchsong-ness, would fit the bill nicely for goodbye single. We can label them Abeige all we like but dig a little deeper and it's not hard to see why Korea continues to stan them (even if I know I never will outside of L.U.V).


    Beige Enabler @ryan_riot92, please take the stage. I was expecting much more messery from you. You didn't exactly reached an acceptable of messy this month but because you invited me to be a co-host of KPJC this month, I'm gonna let you live.

    I’m honestly shook I couldn’t fit “Rollin’” anywhere in my ballot … forgive me Brave Girls. I’ll pray for forgiveness as soon as I’m done with this write-up:


    10: BLACKPINK “As If It’s Your Last”
    - Are you surprised … probably not. BLACKPINK? In my area? With an absolute BAWP? Again!? I’d expect nothing less. I LOVE IT!! The only thing I need from them now is a proper mini album/full album full of bass thumping, bop-tastic bangers. Get on that YG …


    9: DAY6 “I Smile”
    - Gurls … I have seen the light! I’ll admit, some of their stuff I really don’t like BUT the vast majority of it I do. THIS … THIS song got me to fill out my stan card application darlings! It’s very nostalgic sounding in that it takes me back to a time before K-Pop engulfed my music taste. That and I’ve grown quite fond of Young K … I’ve always had a thing for the Bassists though…


    Be still my beating heart...

    8: Girls Next Door “Deep Blue Eyes”
    - Don’t you just love it when K-Pop takes a page from the book of Kylie? Like this track sounds so her and I think that’s why it’s so fantastic. That and the group consists of a bunch of different members of different fantastic groups … I have a thing against B1A4 but if Jinyoung can birth more bops like this, I’ll suck it up.

    7: BoA “CAMO”
    - When I first heard it, I really wasn’t too crazy about it but I liked it enough to put it on my rotation … now I’m in LOVE with it! Then again, it’s pretty hard for BoA to do anything wrong. She nailed everything with this release! It reminds me of Taemin’s “Danger” if I’m quite honest. Now all we need is a new album ……………………………………………. Any time now.


    6: STELLAR “Archangels of the Sephiroth”
    - It may not be their best but I really do love it. The imagery, the visuals, and the choreography enhance the track and make up for it’s lack-luster quality. The barefoot performances are fantastic as well.


    5: T-ARA “What’s My Name”
    - When you sad but the songs a bop so you shake yo ass to it … Yeah that’s this song. Like it’s almost like this isn’t even the end for them … I don’t even think it’s really hit me yet. I miss them already … Forever Queens.

    4: WJSN “Babyface”
    - [​IMG]

    Seriously … who though “Happy” would be a better title track than this????

    3: TWICE “Signal”
    - Did you think I wouldn’t vote for this? Sorry to disappoint.

    2: JinSoul “Singing In The Rain”
    - Not as good as “E-ca-Leepse” but I gave it a higher score? Welllll … I don’t have an answer for you on that one. The latter half of the LOONA squad is proving to be something worth my while and I’m staying tuned for what’s next.

    1: MAMAMOO “Yes I Am”
    - I may be giving this a one but considering the competition from this month, it’s lucky it got even that! I really love it though. MAMAMOO doing glossy pop like they’ve been doing it for years! It’s such a tune, like for real.


    4: DAY6 “SUNRISE”
    - I … may or may not have bought a physical copy.

    3: STELLAR “Stellar In To The World”
    - “The Wave” is divine.

    2: 9MUSES “Muses Diary Pt. 2: Identity”
    1: TWICE “Signal”

    ALSO Don't forget to make MOMOLAND's Jooe the host of this months chart *wink*

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    And here's @Mikl C. Let me just tell y'all. The unnie brought the mess again with ha ballot. Let's check it out.

    Jinsoul slayning in the rain
    Mamamoo yes i am (racist)
    Stellar SEPHIROTH
    KimLip eceuleepseu
    Blackpink 2ne2
    Deep Blue Eyes by all those chicks
    4muses remember all those previous members? Me either
    Sistar's eulogy
    WJSN rough ball play
    Divided states of T-ara oh na na what's my name

    yes i am (racist)... cyst noooooooo.
  17. Y'all did Chungha so dirty. I am disgusted.
    He and Slice of Life like this.
  18. He


    "Yes I am (racist)"

    I'm screaming!

    Yes, I do not get it. It's such a nice bop, and the dancing and video are great. It made me so happy to see her live stages; I do not think I have watched as many different ones before, to see the same damn performance, in ages.

    (I did watch plenty of t-ara's latest).

    It just feels like such a popjustice to see her do well.

    Sanctuary and Slice of Life like this.
  19. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    @LightningRider finally gave up trying to make DIA happen. What a complete waste of energy, unnie. Stan me, I mean, Momoland instead!

    1. What’s My Name? - T-ARA [It’s so fitting that T-ARA’s swan song is a stone-cold bop. Not up to scratch with their usual bussy-blowing fare, but a great send-off nonetheless.]
    2. Remember - Nine Muses [Just like you can count on their line-up to change, you can also count on the girls to deliver a stone-cold banger.]
    3. Mind Control - TopSecret
    4. Baby - Astro
    5. Five - Apink (I’m one of the beige’s biggest fans on this forum, I just have a thing for their nostalgic sound and this track is no exception. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Take me to basic math class, ladies!)
    6. Reload - T-ARA
    7. Babyface - WJSN
    8. Archangels of the Sephiroth - Stellar
    9. Cactus - A.C.E
    10. Johny GoGo - G-reyish [I’ll never get tired of Roly Poly rip-offs.]

    1. What’s My Name? - T-ARA
    2. Muses Diary, Pt. 2: Identity - Nine Muses
    3. Pink Up - Apink

    Here you go boo!


    Comeback kween number 4 is @Penguin. Listen to more K-Pop, okay? We need you here. xo

    Hi thanks for hosting as always! I've finally listened to enough k-pop for a month to make a list.

    1. Cherry Bomb - NCT 127 | Sans Taeyong focused dance practice video/live performances/MV views/the physical's permanent residency in my CD player, I have listened to this damn song 83 times.
    2. 0 Mile - NCT 127 | Flawless bop.
    3. Whiplash - NCT 127
    4. Camo - BoA | Queen.
    5. Oh Little Girl - Produce 101
    6. Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door
    7. Never - Produce 101
    8. Running 2 U - NCT 127
    9. Rookie - Red Velvet
    10. As If It's Your Last - BLACKPINK

    1. Cherry Bomb - NCT 127 | There's a good amount of sonic variety in this EP, which I appreciate. It's grown on me, though I liked it from the start. Would be nice if they stopped including one track that is slightly worse than the others in every album.
    2. Sunrise - Day6 | This is really, really good.
    3. 35 Boys 5 Concepts - Produce 101
    4. Monochrome - Lee Hyori


    Here's @He. I'll let you live as well because you are now a Dowoon Believer. When will you join the Church of Chewy though?


    T-ARA - What's my name?
    My queens are back with a banger and some revitalised energy for live performing!! Who would have thought? I'm still quite pressed how MBK fucked up Boram and Soyeon, but this song still knocks and they eve got a win with it!
    The video is incredibly boring, but they look gorgeous. I wonder if they had shot one with 6-ARA.
    Anyways, the chorus is incredibly infectious and the beat drop makes me wanna strut like Hyomin in her hotpants.

    ps: Reload is also a jam.

    Chungha - Why Don't You Know?
    I've listened to this so freaking much. I know people did not love it, but I adore this. While I understand her vocals might have needed some extra layering, I think she still pulls it off; moreover, she's been slaying her live stages, live vocals and all. Plus, Korea seems to like this girl and the single has had good longevity, especially for a debut. I'm so proud of this baby, she came out of nowhere in produce101 and look at her now.

    TALENT ALWAYS WINS except for twice.

    Nine Muses - Remember
    I have never followed these girls as much, but Hurt Locker was my summer 2015 jam. And this new single is fire. A ridiculously contrived video with dark dramatics verses that then explode in that chorus??!! Amazing stuff.

    WJSN - babyface
    While this is a frustrating comeback, since I do not feel the quality is quite there like in Secret or their previous mini, Babyface is a saving grace! It's such a cool bop, and it uses a quirky style, a bit of disco and Yeunjung's great vocals to seal the deal. I would have loved seeing this pushed instead of the derivative Happy.

    The baby cry at the end is not needed.

    DIA - Will you go out with me?
    Queen Chaeyeon finally delivers a great song (though Mr Potter had it's merits). Her other MBK friends help a bit, and you can catch a few seconds of them in between beauty takes of center-girl Chaeyeon. The song is summery and fun, and the video is quite nice.

    Kim Lip - Eclipse
    Still the best LOONAVERSE-NATION-CONVOLUTEDWORLD101. This girl is such a star, and her vocals are silky smooth. Everything about it is great.

    Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
    Somi doing pretty vocals!!! Let the girl do falsetto forever. Happy to see Sohee still getting chances from Mnet; her story of being hit on by executives at her company is horrifying, though. A bop and a half.

    BoA - CAMO
    What kind of Janet sex bop, including 90s-early 00s coreo?!
    I know little about BoA, but this is such a cool song, and so different from what others are trying. Gorgeous video too.

    JinSoul - Singing in the Rain
    This is another very good LOONA track that makes me hopeful for their future. The song is fire in many ways (the verses and bridges are great), but it is letdown by it's outdated production in the chorus; and while JinSoul is gorgeous, and has a bit of a Gangnam Unnie look going on, she is just not a good singer nor dancer... the video is incredible though.
    I bop a lot either way.

    blackpink - as if it's your last
    A nice comeback, but it feels on the lazy side, and a bit of a missed chance to establish their sound, especially after Playing With Fire. Poor Rosé was a bit shafted here, but Lisa remains a star.
    But yeah, "a gift to the fans"...


    T-ARA - What's my name?
    At least three great to solid bops, so, well done girls, adding more to their quality material.
    Qri's barely there vocals solo is quite strong too, surprisingly.

    Chunga - Hands On Me
    Amazing single, a hot intro, a cute bop, a ballad with amazing vocals (really impressed with her voice in Cosmic Dust), and a rather good closing ballad (Week). This is quite decent. Again, TALENT.

    Nine Muses
    This is a very consistent effort. I'm impressed.

    WJSN - Happy Moment
    Some very tracks, but a lot of filler, sadly. Even though Happy has grown on me, this is not as strong as it should be.

    EXID - Eclipse
    Still amazing.


    Next up is @Vesperly who is a S.E.T stan. I don't know what a S.E.T is but you should probably introduce us to this artist/group/band/etc. At least feature them on a For Your Consideration post, cyst. Promo is everything!

    1. Nalari - S.E.T
    2. As If It's Your Last - Blackpink
    3. Love Don't Hurt - Shannon ft. Amber
    4. Fruity - Hyolyn, Kisum
    5. Camo - BoA
    6. Archangels of the Sephiroth - Stellar
    7. Twinkle - Stellar
    8. Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door
    9. Remember - Nine Muses
    10. Singing in the Rain - JinSoul

    1. Stellar into the world - Stellar
    2. The Beginning of Funk - S.E.T
    3. Muses Diary Part 2: Identity - Nine Muses


    Here to represent the Endangered Species hunties is @GeiPanda. He's one of the 7 people who gave As If It's Your Last 10 points so please attack him as well. Ok thank you.

    Here you go lovely!

    1) BlackPink - As If It's Your Last

    2) T-ara - What's My Name?

    3) Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth

    4) Nine Muses - Remember

    5) Sistar - Lonely

    6) EXID - Night Rather Than Day

    7) WSJN - Secret

    8) Brave Girls - Rollin'

    9) IU - Palette

    10) Twice - Signal

    1) T-ara - What's My Name?
    2) Stellar - Stellar Into The World
    3) Nine Muses - Identity


    I suppose I need to reveal @Slice of Life's ballot too. Beast, where's my payment? I don't do charity work, okay? This binch needs to eat. My career as an idol isn't exactly thriving. Those retweets of my crazy dancing do not pay the bills. BUT SERIOUSLY, CALL YOUR SHAMAN AHJUMMA OR SOMETHING AND PAY ME NOW. xo

    1. Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes (Prod. by Jinyoung)
    2. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    3. DAY6 - I Smile
    4. Nine Muses - Remember
    5. BoA - Camo
    6. Chungha - Why Don't You Know
    7. Hyolyn, Kisum - Fruity
    8. WJSN - Happy
    9. T-ara - What's My Name
    10. Daehyun - Shadow

    1. DAY6 - Sunrise
    2. Nine Muses - Identity
    3. Suran - Walkin'
    4. T-ara - What's My Name
    5. Chungha - Hands On Me
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