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K-Popjustice Charts - June 2018 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jun 23, 2018.


What should be the fandom name of ΠOOΠΔ?

  1. Kim Jong Unnies (fans) vs Kim Jong Iljins (antis)

  2. Sistren


  4. ΦLOPΣ (pronounced as flops)

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  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    I have a feeling this edition will feature some iconic meltdowns. I'm perchedT.

    With former #1 holders, BLACKPINK, Momoland and SHINee, holding their comebacks this June, I expect a fight to death for that coveted number 1 spot.

    Anyway, welcome to the...



    1. Send me a PM that includes a ballot of 10 songs and 3/4/5 albums. Kindly rank these songs and albums too.
    2. The albums can be full length, mini album, or single album as long as it includes a minimum of three songs that are not instrumentals, remixes, intros, outros, and interludes.
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, or whatever as long as it is released by a K-Pop artist in whatever language. This means J-Pop and C-Pop releases of K-Pop artists count.
    4. The songs and albums should have been released on or before June 30, 2018.
    5. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    6. Your #1 ranked song gets 10 points and your #1 ranked album gets 5.
    7. The total points earned builds the chart.
    8. Ties are broken by # of voters, then by quality of votes received, and are left as a tie if we still can't break parity.
    9. Commentary is mandatory. Commentary is highly appreciated but not mandatory.
    10. Accept Shaman Unnie as the one true Kween of Pop.

    Deadline of ballots is on July 7, 2018, Saturday, 00:00 KST.

    PMs will be sent five days before the deadline to remind/threaten everyone to vote. Tagging sessions will happen three days and one day before the deadline. I am that thirsty for more voters. Don't @ me.

    *75 degree bow*
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    221 points

    02. Taeyeon - Something New
    158 points

    03. Momoland - BAAM
    150 points

    04. Yubin - Lady
    144 points

    05. BLACKPINK - Forever Young
    96 points

    06. A.C.E - Take Me Higher
    74 points

    07. SHINee - Our Page
    69 points

    08. BLACKPINK - See U Later
    66 points

    09. yyxy - love4eva (feat. Grimes)
    66 points

    10. DAY6 - Shoot Me
    61 points

    11. KHAN - I'm Your Girl?
    59 points

    12. Red Velvet - #Cookie Jar
    58 points

    13. SHINee - I Want You
    51 points

    14. SHINee - Good Evening
    47 points

    15. Elris - Summer Dream
    42 points

    16. Taeyeon - Circus
    42 points

    17. ONF - Complete
    38 points

    18. Taeyeon - Baram x 3
    36 points

    19. Katie - Remember
    34 points

    20. SHINee - Electric
    33 points


    21. Minseo - Is Who
    27 points

    22. Pristin V - Get It
    26 points

    23. Kim Dong Han - Sunset
    24 points

    24. NU'EST W - Dejavu
    24 points

    25. BLACKPINK - Really
    22 points



    01. BLACKPINK - Square Up
    97 points

    02. SHINee - The Story of Light
    87 points

    03. Taeyeon - Something New
    58 points

    04. Momoland - Fun to the World
    28 points

    05. DAY6 - Shoot Me: Youth Part 1
    27 points

    06. A.C.E - A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland
    27 points

    07. yyxy - beauty&thebeat
    22 points

    08. Elris - Summer Dream
    13 points

    09. MRSHLL - breathe
    13 points

    10. NU'EST W - Who, You
    10 points


    11. BoA - 私このままでいいのかな
    10 points

    12. ONF - You Complete Me
    10 points

    13. BoA - One Shot, Two Shot
    9 points

    14. fromis_9 - To.Day
    8 points

    15. (G)I-DLE - I Am
    7 points
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



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  4. & Taeyeon's upcoming Japanese single. Thank you xx
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  5. Want MESSY?
    Let anyone give any song they want a -1.
    Just one.

    Turbomessy. The mission will be cleaning up all that carnage.


    Or wait... can I already do that and just didn't know I could? That shit happens to me all the time.
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    OH AND ALSO...

    Please give me your suggestions for the fandom name of ΠOOΠΔ. I will add a poll so y'all can vote for the best.

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  7. I can't handle any more zeros for my name suggestions. I'm just not that strong. Carry on...
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    For your consideration:

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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Just like our love.
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  10. FYC

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  12. Vote for these songs on the best mini released this month.
    Let's get ACE the record for most entires in a month.
    Stan talent.
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  13. The only song released in June that deserves to be #1.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Holy fuck. That’s good.
  15. Oh my god who are these lezzie icons I love them
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  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I don't care about SHINee making #1 again, but if y'all don't vote for them at all...


  17. Just sayin'.


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