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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Slice of Life

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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 2


    Lucky I didn’t participate last month or else I legit wouldn’t have had enough to submit!

    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    Chungha - Snapping
    EXID - Me&U
    Bibi - Nabi
    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season
    CLC - Me
    Sulli - On The Moon
    Twice - Breakthrough
    Ladies’ Code - Feedback

    Red Velvet - ReVe Festival (Day 1)
    EXID - We
    Chungha - Flourishing
    Bibi - The manual for people who want to love
    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season




    (G)I-DLE — Uh-Oh
    WJSN — Let’s Dance
    WJSN — Boogie Up
    Cherry Bullet — Really Really
    fromis_9 — FUN!
    WJSN — my type
    WJSN — Sugar Pop
    CLC — ME
    Somi — BIRTHDAY
    taeyeon — VOICE


    OH MY GIRL — The Fifth Season
    WJSN — SPECIAL ALBUM <For the Summer>
    (G)I-DLE — I Am
    taeyeon — VOICE
    GFRIEND — GFRIEND The 2nd Album 'Time for us'
    Cherry Bullet — LOVE ADVENTURE
    CHUNG HA — Flourishing
    (G)I-DLE — I Made
    fromis_9 — FUN FACTORY
    Lovelyz — Lovelyz 6th Mini Album [Once upon a time]



    1. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim - The girls are gonna need all the help they can get after the reception it got on here but I swear this song is a grower! It does get better and more palatable with every listen. The last 20 seconds really EXPLODE.
    2. SF9 - RPM - I swear I wasn’t gonna vote for any men this month but these boys have gone and delivered another bop, they’re so consistent. I much prefer this to Enough. Why are these guys so slept on by the Korean GP compared to other boy groups? They deserve a hit.
    3. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up! - The Queens of B-Sides have delivered what is a hot contender for the b-side of the year, pretendstobeshocked.gif. I’m obsessed with this, if SM decided they would play it safe after RBB, then this would’ve been a perfect title track.
    4. Chungha - Snapping - This girl is the next Sunmi, mark my words.
    5. WJSN - Boogie Up
    6. Red Velvet - LP - This sounds like the Wii Shop music and I fucking love it. It’s a wonderful closing track off the mini and I love the girls harmonising in their lower registers.
    7. Chungha - Flourishing
    8. Sulli - Goblin
    9. TWICE - Breakthrough
    10. BTS - Dream Glow feat. Charli XCX

    1. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    2. SF9 - RPM
    3. Chungha - Flourishing
    4. WJSN - SPECIAL ALBUM <For The Summer>
    7. LOONA - [X X]
    8. Sulli - Goblin


    @Dangerous Maknae

    I've only listened to my top 2 but I'm voting to get that year-end gramama for you <3

    1. Sunny Side Up
    2. Fancy
    3. Snapping
    4. Breakthrough
    5. Girls Like Us
    6. Vanilla (Taeyeon)
    7. Lips on Lips
    8. Hot
    9. Kill This Love
    10. Four Seasons



    hi my dear, i hope you're feeling great today!! here's my ballot:

    1. LP - Red Velvet
    2. Suddenly - Baek Yerin
    3. Chungha - Snapping
    4. FUN! - fromis_9
    Video of the year! Buy FROMI SWEAT now!!

    5. LOVE RUMPUMPUM - fromis_9
    6. Breakthrough - TWICE
    7. SAAY - ZGZG
    8. Dear Rude - Jea
    9. WJSN - Boogie Up
    10. Sulli - Goblin

    i...haven't listened to a single album other than the fromis_9 one dddd i'll promise to come back with a more mature image next month!
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  2. Slice of Life

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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 3


    Chungha - Snapping
    WJSN - Boogie Up
    Sulli - Dorothy
    Red Velvet - Bing Bing
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    Chungha - Flourishing
    WJSN - Let’s Dance
    Sulli - Goblin
    LOONA - Butterfly


    WJSN - SPECIAL ALBUM For The Summer
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival pt 1
    Chungha - Flourishing
    Sulli - Goblin
    Yuri - The First Scene
    LOONA - XX
    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season
    Sunmi - Warning
    Wonder Girls - REBOOT
    LOONA - ++


    @Coming Century

    Here ya go! x

    1- Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    2- WJSN - Boogie Up
    3- Yesung - Pink Magic
    4- Yunho - Follow
    5- Stray Kids - Side Effects
    6- Sulli - Goblin
    7- Fromis_9 - Fun!
    8- Leo - Romanticism
    9- Somi - Birthday
    10- Ateez - Wave

    1- Sulli - Goblin
    2- Red Velvet - The Reve Festival Day 1
    3- Yunho - True Colors
    4- WJSN - For the Summer
    5- Fromis_9 - Fun Factory
    6- Stray Kids - Cle 2 Yellow Wood
    7- SF9 - RPM
    8- Leo - Muse
    9- Yesung - Pink Magic
    10- Ateez - Treasure EP 3



    That Spotify playlist you made is a FANTASTIC idea, girl!!! It definitely helped me make some other choices that I originally would have never voted for! Thank you!!


    #1: Chungha - Snapping
    - Let’s just rename this song to ‘SNATCHING’ for all the weaves lost this month. Dare I say this is her best release yet? Maybe so. QUEEN.

    #2: fromis_9 - FUN!
    - Seriously though … one of my favorites since the beginning of the month.

    #3: Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!
    - I listened to Zimbabwe-whatever for like an entire day and still couldn’t justify it as acceptable. The remainder of this album is phenomenal though. So glad they chose to promote this track as well.

    #4: Purple Beck - Crystal Ball
    - I originally was gonna stop this song because I thought it wasn’t gonna go anywhere … but then I got to the chorus and started loving this nugu bop! That name though … what even.

    #5: SAAY - ZGZG

    #6: Weki Meki - Picky Picky

    #7: KATIE - Thinkin’ Bout You
    - I mean I can’t stop thinkin’ bout this song so …

    #8: WJSN - Boogie Up
    - A cute little summer bop. Not your typical WJSN title track formula but still a decent tune!

    #9: OH MY GIRL - The Fifth Season
    - Classic OMG. What more could you ask for.

    #10: Lovelyz - Beautiful Days
    - I just HAD to vote for this again (even though it flopped on the PJ charts). Gotta support my faves.


    #1: Chungha - Flourishing
    - This girl gifted me the most amazing album for my birthday… what more could you ask for?

    #2: Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    - Sunny Side Up! and LP are complete GEMS.

    #3: Lovelyz - Once Upon A Time

    #4: KATIE - Log

    #5: TWICE - Fancy You



    Hi, hello, how are ya? Thank you fo hosting♥


    10 points: CHUNG HA - Snapping
    9 points: Taeyeon - I'm the Greatest
    8 points: Taeyeon - Blue
    7 points: Taeyeon - Four Seasons
    6 points: Taeyeon - Stay
    5 points: TWICE - HOT
    4 points: TWICE - TURN IT UP
    3 points: TWICE - GIRLS LIKE US
    2 points: LOONA - Yeolgi
    1 point: AFTERSCHOOL - Dilly Dally

    10 points: Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    9 points: CHUNG HA - Flourishing
    8 points: U-know - True Colors
    7 points: Red Velvet - Summer Magic
    6 points: TWICE - FANCY YOU


    @Love Deluxe

    1. OH MY GIRL - 다섯 번째 계절 (SSFWL)
    2. OH MY GIRL - Gravity
    3. Chung Ha - Snapping
    4. Red Velvet - 짐살라빔 (Zimzalabim)
    5. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!
    6. Sulli - 고블린 (Goblin)
    7. IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires
    8. Red Velvet - LP
    9. fromis_9 - FUN!
    10. BoA - Feedback (feat. 넉살)

    1. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    2. Chung Ha - Flourishing
    3. OH MY GIRL - The Fifth Season
    4. Sulli - Goblin
    5. fromis_9 - Fun Factory
    6. 우주소녀 - For the Summer

    Sorry for this mess of a list! Finals week sucked up all my time ddd
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 4


    I’m too busy to do commentary, sorry about that! Maybe next month unnie <3

    1. Me - CLC
    2. Bee - Rothy
    3. Who Do U Love? - Monsta X feat. French Montana
    4. Boogie Up - WJSN
    5. Feedback - BoA feat. Nucksal
    6. Oh My Summer - WJSN
    7. Oh! Oh! - BerryGood
    8. Eclipse - GOT7
    9. SAL-KI - Lim Kim
    10. Breathe - AB6IX

    1. For The Summer - WJSN
    2. Fantastic - BerryGood
    3. ‘The Reve Festival’ Day 1 - Red Velvet



    10 points: Illusion - ATEEZ
    9 points: Wave - ATEEZ
    8 points: Don't Need Your Love - HRVY x NCT DREAM
    7 points: Tonight, - JUNE
    6 points: Who Do You Love? - Monster X
    5 points: Flourshing - Chungha
    4 points: Snapping - Chungha
    3 points: Birhtday - Somi
    2 points: Side Effects - Stray Kids
    1 point: RPM - SF9

    10 points: TREASURE EP.3: ONE TO TALL - ATEEZ
    9 points: Flourishing - Chungha
    8 points: Today's - June
    7 points: Cle 2: Yellow Wood - Stray Kids
    6 points: The Manual For People Who Want To Love - BIBI
    5 points: RPM - SF9
    4 points: Honey - LAY
    3 points: Dear. N9ne - Teen Top
    2 points: ABYSS - NOIR
    1 point: Goblin - Sulli


    @Rainbow Road

    Twice - Breakthrough
    WJSN - Boogie Up
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    BTS & Charli XCX - Dream Glow
    Red Velvet - Bing Bing
    Chungha - Snapping
    Sulli - Goblin
    WJSN - Oh My Summer

    Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    WJSN - For The Summer
    Chungha - Flourishing



    Guess who isn't submitting completely last minute this month and holding up the entire thing. That's right, it's me!

    1. Breakthrough - TWICE
    "In the past, I can't really say I've loved TWICE's Japanese output. The two tracks this month completely changed that though. God, this is just a bop and a half. I'm so excited to see TWICE showing their duality. This is such a powerful track with the marching beat, the breakdown, the rap! And the goddamn visuals and choreo came through too. Damn."

    "Okay, fine. The ONCE jumped out here. Number one and two on my chart. But seriously, for the first time I really love Japanese releases from them! This one shows the happy, cute side of TWICE that I fell in love with years ago. It's so bubbly and never fails to make me smile every single time I hear it. I love the beat and melody to the verses, and the video is as sugary sweet as they come in the best kind of way. Also, the pre-chorus sends me. It's a yes from this ONCE bitch."

    3. Goblin - SULLI
    "Probably my biggest surprise of the month. The responses and comments on the forum had my interest piqued. The video is a work of art, and I really love the song as well. The chorus sounds a little Christmas-y almost and it's so joyful. It's just such a sweet little song in contrast with its visuals."

    4. FUN! - fromis_9
    "After my adoration of 'LOVE BOMB', I was disappointed when I first heard this. It's a LOT right off the bat in a similar way to the previous song but arguably it doesn't work as well as that did. However, this grew on me pretty fast. It really is quite fun once you get used to it. And it's damn earworm-y. The pre-chorus is really nice and the Ariana Grande line is cute as hell. I have a feeling this isn't going to go down very well here, so I gave it my number four in the hopes that I can help it."

    5. Boogie Up - WJSN
    "Unpopular opinion, but I liked 'Kiss Me' quite a bit. Cute summer songs always make me happy, and this one is no exception. Sure, it's not the Cosmic concept we all love from them, but it's a really cute song with such a light, summer-y vibe that just makes me wish it was summer in my corner of the world."

    6. Feedback - BoA
    "This is a little awkward considering I think I was the lowest BoA scorer in the End of Year rate. Oops? Maybe I'm just tasteless? Probably. Anyway, this is so bright and retro sounding. I didn't think much of it on first listen but I fell in love with that chorus very fast. I'm not in love with the rap verse, but it has energy to match the song so that's nice. That chorus is just so soaring and wonderful. Okay, I love this!"

    7. Snapping - Chungha
    "It's no 'Gotta Go' for me, but it's Chungha and she's just a goddamn iconic queen. The blonde is perfect, her vocals are strong as hell and both the pre-chorus and post-chorus are highlights for me. This song is another instance of me being a little underwhelmed on first listen, and falling more and more in love every time I hear it. I will say, I think I'm ready for that Chungha stan card."

    8. Side Effects - Stray Kids
    "Initially this was only getting my number 10 mostly because I hadn't actually listened to it as much as it deserves. But while listening to it to write my commentary, I just...had to move it higher. I love these boys. God, this is just really damn good. Like, I love this so much that I'm trying to resist the temptation to put it even higher on this chart. CAN FELIX PLEASE STOP MURDERING ME WITH HIS DEEP VOICE BULLSHIT?!?! Stop that! Okay, I'm going to shut up now."

    9. Zimzalabim - Red Velvet
    "What a clusterfuck. It doesn't work at all, but it also does. A part of me wanted to put this higher on my list, because I do actually really enjoy it. But something just made me want to...not. I'll keep bopping, but it's definitely not on my list of favourite Red Velvet tracks."

    10. Crystal Ball - PURPLEBECK
    "I wanted to throw these debut girls a point. This is a strong debut. It's fun, the vocals are really good, the video is cute. I kept finding this stuck in my head and I hope it doesn't flop here."



    10 points: Buenos Aires - IZ*ONE
    9 points: Clé 2: Yellow Wood - Stray Kids
    8 points: Treasure EP.3: One To All - ATEEZ
    7 points: The ReVe Festival Day 1 - Red Velvet
    6 points: For The Summer - WJSN
    5 points: RPM - SF9
    4 points: Muse - Leo
    3 points: Abyss - Noir

    10 points: Side Effects - Stray Kids
    Probably the weirdest K-Pop song of 2019 so far? It’s genuinely quite unsettling and I wouldn’t recommend listening in the dark, but this kind of creepy pop is right up my street.

    9 points: Buenos Aires - IZ*ONE
    Well, I like it.

    8 points: Wave - ATEEZ
    7 points: Dream Glow - Charli XCX and her collaborators
    6 points: Tonight, - June
    5 points: Let’s Dance - WJSN
    4 points: FUN! - fromis_9
    3 points: La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE
    2 points: Who Do U Love? - Monsta X feat. French Montana
    1 points: LP - Red Velvet
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 5

    @Cotton Park


    1. "Uh Oh" - (G)I-DLE
    Idle with a G slaps back with a ballsy single with almost no English until the very end. This makes it a little difficult for me to stiltedly sing to just the English parts as I annoy anyone within earshot throughout my day. So, it took a day for the hook to sink in at first. Then seeing them knock this little Dre-flavored slappin' West Coast funkadelatry right out of the park on the music shows drilled this slammer into my head for good. It makes me want to use even more slopping mismatched and possibly anachronistic slang. They must be the best all-round new group since... you know who.

    2. "Sunny Side Up" - Red Velvet
    My teenaged niece and nephews have finally realized that they have an eccentric uncle on Cape Cod and it's summer so here they come. I was driving them around the other night and this song came on one of the "mixed" Spotify playlists and the 16-year-old precocious drummer boy who thought he hated K-Pop mutters in the back seat, "I think I really like this. This is really good." I didn't tell him this, but it absolutely made my fucking weekend. Led Belbet wasn't the only thing he liked (I played a lot of "cool" K-Indie after that and he liked Katie, Oohyo, Yerin Baek, and Yeseo) but it broke some significant ice. We'll see if I have as much luck with my older one who's coming this weekend. He finally came out (just to me - I feel so honored, really) and just turned 18, and is off to college this fall, so we're off to P-Town on the 4th of July weekend. He idolizes Carly Rae, so yeah, he's gonna have to deal with some KPop... I mean, really... But now I know what to start off with. "Jiggum nan, Jiggum, nan..."

    3. "For The Summer" - WJSN
    I pre-cringed when I saw that my favorite humongous cosmicly themed world-class choreo group (sorry orbitches) was doing a "summer themed E.P." but this one works. This is classic disco in the best possible way, had it come out when I was a kid, it would have rocketed up the dance club charts. Yeonjung absolutely crushes the hard parts, vocally.

    4. "savanna" - OnlyOneOf
    I am that bitch from Savanna.

    5. "Boogie Up" - WJSN
    If you play this, the single, right after "For The Summer" it almost sounds like a perfect coda of the slightly superior album track. The weaving synths in the chorus are reminiscent to me of an early Daft Punk track and give the track just enough of a hint of their usual cosmic-sounding anthology.

    6. "Goblin" - Sulli
    Jesus, it's Sulli. With something you'd expect from Heejin or Chuu, a Beatle-esque little pure pop number. It wasn't what I expected from the former f(x) world-class visual, but it's grown on me so much. I wish I liked it more, but.... Jesus, it's Sulli, with a "Shadow"-like comeback. I just couldn't be more happy for her to be back.

    7. "NABI" - Bibi
    My people call it "butterfly." I love this woman to deff.

    8. "Love RUM PUM PUM" - fromis_9
    This one saved me from a little of the disappointment of the single "Fun" which I haven't warmed up to yet. This is cute and catchy and I can't wait for the dance practice video. I'm sure it will be epic.

    9. "On The Moon" - Sulli
    This might be even more magnificent than "Goblin" and right up my ambient-loving dark alley. Hauntingly reminiscent of some of my favorite Wonder Girl Yenny's solo tracks, I will be coming back to this quite often.

    10. "Bing Bing" - Red Velvet
    Just pure intensity. I love the rapid fire acoustic guitar off in the background adding a crunchy flavor to the driving bass and electric rhythm guitar. Their most intense, driving track since my Led Belbet favor "Hit That Drum." But not as good.


    1. Dear N9NE - Teen Top
    This is actually damn good, though I'm not big on the single. A couple of the album tracks could have easily been my #11. I know I'm the only one who gives a shit. "Swag" slaps so hard.

    2. Our Love Is Great - Yerin Baek

    3. 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1 - Red Velvet
    I thought it might be their best EP since "Rookie" but I don't think so. I love it, none the less. A night bounce back for Irene and the kids.

    4. dot point jump - OnlyOneOf
    Still listening to this incessantly.

    5. Goblin - Sulli

    6. The Manual For People Who Want To Love - Bibi
    Very chill and very good.

    7. We - EXID

    8. We Are Superhuman - NCT 127

    9. Far From The Madding City - Oohyo

    10. pancakes - MRSHLL & Tommy Strate



    @junglefish *BALLOT OF THE MONTH*

    ok sis im drunk but lets do this
    stray kids - side effects
    gidle - uh oh
    sf9 - rpm
    stray kids - tmt
    sf9 - round and round
    fromis - love rumpumpum
    wjsn - boogie up
    wjsn - lets dance
    twice - breaktrhoguh (im drunk!!!!!!)
    sulli - goblin

    sray kids - yellow wood
    sf9 - rpm
    berry good - fantastic
    wjsn - for the summer
    fromis - love factory

    love u x



    Sulli - On the Moon/Sailor Moon - This weirdly reminds me of The Birthday Massacre and I'm living for it.
    Sulli - Goblin
    IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires - Someone's got to like it.
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim - !!!!!!!!
    Twice - Breakthrough - I like Happy Happy too (mostly because Jeongyeon has lines in that one...) but it didn't make the list.
    Sulli - Dorothy
    Red Velvet - Bing Bing
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    IZ*ONE - Human Love
    Lana - Take The Wheel - I Had To.

    Sulli - Goblin - Sulli, the new goth icon.
    IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    Fromis_9 - Fun Factory



    1. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    2. Twice - Breakthrough
    3. Girdle - Uh Oh
    4. Sulli - Goblin
    5. Chungha - Snapping
    6. Weki Meki - Picky Picky
    7. WJSN - Oh My Summer
    8. CLC - Me
    9. WJSN - Let's Dance
    10. CLC - No

    1. Chungha - Flourishing
    2. Red Velvet - The Reve Festival Day 1
    3. WJSN - For The Summer
    4. Sulli - Goblin
    5. LOONA - [X X]
    6. Weki Meki - Lock End Lol
    7. CLC - No.1



    Hope you’re doing fine!
    My ballot:

    01. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    02. Sulli - Goblin
    03. (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh
    04. Chung Ha - Snapping
    05. Aseul- Fade Away
    06. June - Tonight,
    07. Yerin Baek - Suddenly
    08. Saay - ZGZG
    09. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!
    10. Sulli - Dorothy

    01. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    02. Sulli - Goblin
    03. Yerin Baek - Our Love Is Great
    04. Loona - XX
    05. Loona - ++
    06. Twice - Fancy You
    07. Jus2 - Focus
    08. SF9 - RPM
    09. ATEEZ - TREASURE EP. 3: One To All
    10. Chung Ha - Flourishing
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    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 6


    안녕하세요 ♡

    Top 10 Songs

    1. Sulli - Goblin

    Lemme just gush about how much I fucking love this. Serving Melanie Martinez vibes (but without being problematic…unless you count not wearing a bra and being confident in your sexuality and womanhood problematic…looking at you South Korea.). This is a beautifully elegant and warped take on the f(x) sound – simultaneously creepy yet sweet. I live for the dichotomy between the demented verses and the surprisingly uplifting chorus. The whole thing sounds like some creepy nursery rhyme. The video is incredible, unnie delivered some stunning and off kilter imagery that perfectly encapsulates the warped soundscape of the song and its lyrics. Demonic shaman Sulli can step on my neck and sacrifice me to the dark gods. Sulli is a woman uncompromising in her vision and artistic integrity and I could not be happier to have her back on the music scene.

    2. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim

    Red Velvet really are SM’s answer to serving f(x)’s experimental music to the new generation. They truly are the spiritual successors to f(x), while their releases are a lot peppier, their songs are becoming even more bizarre with each comeback. I totally understand the legitimate criticisms this song gets – there’s an element of whiplash but I absolutely love the sheer insanity of it all. While the chorus could be critiqued as being lazy and one note, it’s so addictive and already engrained into my brain. The dance break is pretty damn lit and again reminds of f(x) in the best way. There’s so much going on in the song to the point that each repeated listen is just as rewarding as the last, revealing another layer of intricacies amongst all the bombast. The middle 8 is a fleeting moment of respite and serves a brief glimpse of their Velvet side before the triumphant final round of the magical (and somewhat demonic) chorus. While this is no Red Flavour, the good sistren delivered yet another summer bop.

    3. WJSN – Boogie Up

    WJSN are renowned for their more ethereal and theatrical releases – Boogie Up is a departure from their well-established soundscape and revels in it’s carefree summery sound. The song harkens back to their Happy Moment era, which I know was a rough spot for some fans, but I absolutely adore this more joyous and camp side to them (justice for the absolute bop that is Babyface). While this isn’t revolutionary and seems like a regression of sorts (there’s no artistic growth), the song delivers on its promise to be an absolute bop and will be dominating my summer playlist.

    4. Chungha – Snapping

    While this may not be as euphoric as Rollercoaster, or breezy as Love U (or as deafening as Why Don’t You Know ddd), Snapping is such a serve and I am so impressed with the constant growth of I.O.Is most successful graduate. This is such a perfect follow up to the more serious and sultry sound Chung Ha started to explore with Gotta Go. There’s a sense that Chunga Ha has really honed her craft and has a real vision for her artistic trajectory. The video is disgustingly beautiful, and I still remain utterly bemused at how otherworldly she is, unnie is mythical levels of beautiful. While the song has a somewhat nostalgic noughties vibe, it sounds incredibly fresh. I’m so damn excited to see what she does next.

    5. Fromis_9 – FUN!

    Ok this is not Love Bomb 2.0, yes, we’re all devastated they didn’t deliver another earth-shattering emotive bop, but you can’t deny that this track is super FUN! It’s a high octane and gloriously camp megabop. That’s a crazy amount of weird production flourishes and vocal takes that it’s hard to keep track of what the actual fuck is going on, but boy is it an enjoyable sugar rush.

    6. BoA – Feedback

    Eugh this woman can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. Yet another amazing release from the queen (and future CEO) of SM. She’s a cute standalone single but I’d be happy if this is indicative of the direction for her next full release. Stunning vocals as always. While the video isn’t really up to much (give me another iconique upside down strut unnie!) the song more than makes up for it.

    7. Stray Kids – Side Effects

    What kind of demented bop is this!? Love the red herring intro fooling you into thinking this would be some dramatic ballad-esque track only to reveal itself as some aggressive wig snatching banger. That dirty synth is so damn sexual it makes my ears tickle. Kii at the chorus lyrics sounding like someone reading through the possible side effects of taking a paracetamol (ooop, it literally just clicked for me why the song is called Side Effects, I’m a dumb bitch ddd). I live for how aggressive and theatrical the production is, the screaming is mildly hilarious, but I love the drama of it all.

    8. Sulli – Dorothy

    This may be a really bizarre reference but something about the melancholic yet hopeful soundscape of this reminds me so much of Utada Hikaru’s Passion/Sanctuary. The song simultaneously makes me want to cry and smile – maybe it’s my weakened emotional state, or maybe it’s a testament to the incredible talents of Sulli. Her voice is angelic and glides across the heavenly soundscape. I love the ethereal watery vibe of the song, and when the drums come in the track elevates to something even more euphoric. The way she chants the name “Dorothy” ad nauseam almost like a mantra is bizarrely affecting and addictive. I’m so in love with this.

    9. Sulli – On The Moon

    Again, like with every other track on this EP, this is a simply stunning song. Sulli sounds so gorgeous. The track has some incredible production and evolves into something so masterful. It’s yet another heavenly track with dreamy synths and beautifully delicate vocals. When the synths come in, I get such strong Grimes vibes (Visions era). Quite possibly the most uplifting track on the EP, it makes me feel hopeful and happy. I’m just so proud of her. Now let me go cry as I listen to this on repeat.

    10. (G)I-DLE – Uh Oh!

    It pains me so much to say this, but every time (G)I-DLE has a comeback it feels like a case of diminishing returns. They started out so strong and I’m always so eager to stan everything they do but each subsequent single seems to be less impressive than the last. While I commend them for exploring their sound and developing their artistry, I’m struggling to enjoy them as much. Don’t get me wrong, I think Uh Oh! Is great, but it’s no LATATA or Hann (or even Senorita). I adore their confidence and the video serves some killer lewks (ginger Yuqi is such a fierce look, ugh I stan her so hard), but this was a bit of a miss for me.

    Top 10 Albums

    1. Sulli – Goblin

    f(x)’s Sulli releasing a cute little EP – that’s the gag of the season unnie! I honestly never expected the good sis to ever pursue a solo career after all the fuckery she’s been through, but here we are, and I’m so fucking happy for her. All three tracks are phenomenal and resonate so strongly with me. Sulli is an incredibly talented woman – her voice has never sounded so heavenly. Her vocals are achingly beautiful and emotive. I love that she wrote the lyrics for every track and had a hand in the production. This is not a typical idol release and feels bizarrely indie for an SM artist. While each track tackles a wildly different soundscape, the EP flows effortlessly. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit heartbroken but I sense an underlying sadness throughout each of the tracks – it’s hauntingly addictive. The sheer talentry on display is far too much and I need the good sis to unleash a full album on us heathens, stat.

    2. WJSN – For The Summer

    Move over Red Velvet, WJSN are the new queens of Summer. I am so shook that the Cosmic Girls outdid the bad boy obsessed Red Velvet, but here we are. This is an absolutely flawless run of campy, boptastic summer jams – the EP is bursting with such unadulterated joy and fun, it’s basically summer personified. Oh My Summer and Let’s Dance are uber mega bops and I get my absolute life. My Type is such a cute breezy track, so pure and carefree, it gives me Carly Rae Jepsen vibes in the best possible way. Sugar Pop is some Happy Moment levels of sugar rush insanity. Coincidentally, the mini is THE perfect playlist when drinking and playing Mario Kart. This is quite possibly my favourite collection they’ve ever released, the consistency and the boppery jumped out! Now give me a mojito and get me to a beach stat!

    3. Red Velvet – ReVe Festival: Day 1

    While I don’t think this is anywhere near as strong as their previous summer releases, this is still pretty immaculate. The mini is an evolution of the Summer Magic sound with more outlandish and bizarre productions choices. There’s certainly a lot more variety in sound and genre however the summer vibe is strong throughout. Zimzalabim is obviously the standout, but Sunny Side Up is fucking incredible, serving me Ko Ko Bop realness but with the classic Red Velvet twist. Bing Bing is another stunner with some propulsive production and a super addictive chorus. Our girls are clearly obsessed with dairy products (poor lactose intolerant fans can’t catch a break) – a fun and funky track. Parade sounds like a soundtrack to a Yoshi game and I absolutely stan (if a song has any production flourish that even remotely resembles a video game sound, this gaymer is sold). LP literally sounds like elevator music and is the only real dud. I’m perched to see what they deliver with parts 2 & 3.

    4. Chung Ha – Flourishing

    YAAAAATH! Chung Ha is finally living up to her enormous potential and released her first consistently solid EP (about damn time dddd). Chung Ha has never sound so assured – there sheer flex of it all. For once there’s no cocktease of an intro (justice for BB and Offset) instead you have the empowering Chica (trilingual queen) serving fierce summer realness. Young In Love is a smooth low-key retro bop and Call It Love is a surprisingly emotive balled (despite ticking off every production and vocal cliché along the way). Flourishing is the centrepiece and absolutely steals the show, what a fucking song! Ariana Grande is shook. Legit played this for a test panel of gays and they all thought “Ariana’s new song was an amazing”…they were shook when I told them it was KPOP (insert Madonna whispering: “it’s a hustle, it’s a con”). Honestly, she does a scarily accurate imitation. Just YUH! Finishing the whole thing with Snapping is a bold move and totally pays off, what a way to end a flawless run of tracks.

    5. Stray Kids – Yellow Wood

    I kinda absolutely stan this. Side Effects is amazing in all it’s aggressive glory and the rest of the mini is equally good. Kii at half the tracklist being called Mixtape, the laziness jumped out!

    6. SF9 – RPM

    I’ve come to accept that SF9 probably won’t top the immaculate Sensous mini, but this is still a really competent release.

    7. Oneus – Raise Us

    Throwing some points at my beautiful Oppas again because this is still such an enjoyable mini.

    8. Fromis_9 – Fun Factory

    Not as strong as their last release, but this is incredibly…FUN! I JUST WANT AN ALBUM FULL OF LOVE BOMBS PLEASE! Make it happen unnies.

    9. OnlyOneOf – dot point jump (kii WTF is this)

    Finally remembered to throw some points to LOONA’s brother group. The mini is nowhere near the same quality as a LOONA release, but the boys ape a very similar soundscape. Very dreamy and smooth. I know it’s not the actual line but I always get a lil’ kii at “Bitch from Savanna”.

    10. U-KNOW – True Colours

    This instantly gets points for featuring BoA on Swing (damn that bass is thiiiiiick and I love it). Follow is another sultry bop with some super seductive production. Blue Jeans is a funky lil’ jam and the rest of the mini is an enjoyable if somewhat forgettable affair.

    ♡ 감사합니다 ♡



    1) ChungHa- Snapping- This isn't the complete annihilation of the month that I hoped it would be, but it's still so good! The choreo is as good as we've come to expect, but it's the production that I really love here! I think someone on here said it's kinda early-00s sounding, and they're dead on!
    2) Red Velvet- Zimzalabim- Queens of MESS! The first listen was a true experience, and it took me at least 10 listens for the chorus not to stick out like a sore thumb. Eventually, once it all clicked together, I saw this for what it truly is: ART!
    3) Ateez- Wave- "HAKUNA MATATA YUHH!" is iconic. These boys keep delivering. Am I on the verge of a stan card. Maybe I should take a stan pamphlet to get more information on my potential new Kings of Bops.
    4) Red Velvet- Sunny Side Up- They have the best B-sides in the business, and this one is no exception. Thank god for Wonder Girls inventing reggae so we could get this.
    5) BTS feat. Charli XCX- Dream Glow- This is a fucknig JAM and if y'all haven't listened to it because of some BTS hatred, you're missing out. See also: Mikrokosmos.
    6) SAAY- ZGZG- She's just... so cool.
    7) Monsta X- Who Do You Love?- IMAGINE voting for a Monsta X track! Well guess what, Mimi. I DID. This is the best thing they've put out and all their other music has been trash. Enjoy the points while you can get them from me, boys. French Montana stays useless.
    8) TWICE- Breakthrough- This is pretty simple, but it's catchy and might actually be my favorite of their Japanese singles.
    9) Red Velvet- Milkshake- This kinda sounds like a SNSD album-track (not a compliment) but the girls elevate it into something I really grew to love!
    10) G(I)-DLE- Uh-Oh- Sorry girls, this really aint it. It's chill and smooth, but there isn't anything more to make this less of a snooze, so I'm out. The moment where all the backup dancers in the video sink down is cool tho.

    1) Red Velvet- The ReVe Festival: Day One- Every song is great, but we needed Zimzalabop to kick things off, and boy did it ever!
    2) ChungHa- Flourishing
    3) WJSN- For The Summer- I didn't really love any of the tracks enough to vote for, but the album as a whole is pretty damn solid.
    4) ATEEZ- Treasure EP3: One to All
    5) Wonder Girls- Reboot




    10 - red velvet - the reve festival
    9 - chungha - flourishing
    8 - wjsn - for the summer
    7 - f(x) - pink tape
    6 - sunmi - full moon
    5 - sunmi - warning
    4 - exid - ah yeah
    3 - f(x) - red light
    2 - heize - she's fine
    1 - heize - ///

    10 - red velvet - zimzalabim
    9 - chungha - snapping
    8 - (g)i-dle - uh oh
    7 - lana - take the wheel
    6 - sulli - goblin
    5 - chungha - flourishing
    4 - wjsn - boogie up
    3 - saay - zgzg
    2 - somi - birthday
    1 - chungha - chica



    01 - CHUNG HA - Snapping
    02 - Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    03 - (G)-IDLE - Uh-Oh
    04 - TWICE - Breakthrough
    05 - IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires
    06 - LANA - Take the Wheel
    07 - YESUNG - Pink Magic
    08 - LAY - Honey
    09 - NCT DREAM (ft. HRVY) - Don't Need Your Love
    10 - Monsta X (ft. French Montana) - WHO DO U LOVE?

    01 - Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival" Day 1
    02 - CHUNG HA - Flourishing
    03 - WJSN - For the Summer
    04 - fromis_9 - FUN FACTORY
    05 - IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires




    01. LOONA - Butterfly
    → The talentry, the choreography, the dreamy and ethereal vocals, the drop...whew! We love the (2nd) best song of the year. xoxo

    02. Chungha - Snapping
    → This is fantastic. I can't believe we've got people coming for the production on this. eye... Ya'll go listen to 'Rollercoaster' and it mixing issues kii. This is produced fantastically. She sounds pretty good on it as well, she got just the right amount of sass and attitude. It's the perfect balance. She could have gone a bit further, but the fact that it's a little bit subdued works in favor of the song. The melody is pretty strong here as well, I genuinely knew by heart how the chorus went by the end of the very first one. A great return to form for me after the fact I wasn't a big fan of 'Gotta Go'.

    03. WJSN - Oh My Summer
    → This is honestly one of the absolute best song released this year. And I feel like the production and melodies are strong enough for this to be a single. And honestly...it should have been? This or 'Lets Dance' as they're both so much superior to the actual title song...which we won't talk about! This is fantastic. Just the right amount of disco flair, a perfect summer atmosphere and just a whole lotta fun. Make it chart, juseyo!

    04. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    → The reggae influences are strong on this one, and I certainly don't mind. Sounds like the absolute perfect summer song. Breezy, sultry, laid-back yet playful. I genuinely feel like I'm on the beach when I listen to this. ALL SCRAMBLED UP!

    05. Red Velvet - Bing Bing
    → Oh this is funky as FUCK. I mean, that bassline???? Come on, new summer queens. We love an electro-pop-funk-rock anthem. Only Red Velvet, literally only Red Velvet. The harmonies on this are gorgeous, as one would expect from the girls. But God, do Wendy have one hell of a voice. She sounds fantastic on this.

    06. Red Velvet - Milkshake
    → The perfect follow-up to 'Sunny Side Up'. It keeps a little bit of the very strong summer beach vibes the former has, but it adds a little touch of Summer Carnival in there. Like...it's 7-8 P.M, you left the beach, but the sun is still going very strong, and you go up on the streets to join the Carnival, a refreshing milkshake in hands. We love bops that paints a picture! Oh and also bops about creamy blowjobs, let's be honest. xoxo

    07. Red Velvet - Parade
    → I love this little electro nugget, with again some very mild Lounge influences that somehow don't wear me off the way they do on 'LP'. Catchy, fun, velvet-like vocals, strong melodies, basically what we came to expect from Red Velvet, really.

    08. WJSN - Let's Dance
    → This is just such a huge rush of energy. I mean... That bassline. Come on. What the actual FUCK is that insane bassline??? It truly helps giving the song that really hard party / summer rave vibes they were going for. It's so freaking DIRTY, yet it compliments the sugary vibes the song also has at times. Perfect balance between cute and cool somehow.

    09. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    → This grew on me a whole lot eventually, but I still think it's insanely weaker than like at least four other albumtracks. Yes, I understand that the structure and unusual chorus lends the song the "wow" factor it needs to be a title song, but it's just...literally...inferior to the b-sides. My favorite part of the song is the bridge which is, admitedly, gorgeous. Wendy sounds absolutely fucking amazing on it.

    10. TWICE - Breakthrough
    → I think some of the elements of the production sound a little bit cheap/badly mixed in, but when we get to the chorus, I just can't help but BOP. Like, my whole fucking body moves on its own. It's just that infectuous. What a chorus, seriously.


    01. LOONA - [x x]
    02. LOONA - [+ +]
    03. Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    04. Chungha - Flourishing
    05. WJSN - For The Summer
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 7


    1. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    2. Chungha - Snapping
    3. BoA ft. Nucksal - Feedback
    4. Sulli - Goblin
    5. Twice - Breakthrough
    6. SAAY - ZGZG
    7. WJSN - Boogie Up
    8. (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh
    9. JeA ft. Cheetah - Dear.Rude
    10. Yerin Baek - Suddenly Digging Club Seoul Version

    Honorable Mentions
    June - Tonight
    Aseul - Fade Away
    Chai ft. pH-1 - Give and Take
    Twice - Happy Happy
    BIBI - Nabi
    Somi - Birthday
    Lay - Honey
    Jiselle - Better This Way
    Lana - Take The Wheel
    IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires

    1. Red Velvet: The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    2. Chungha - Flourishing
    3. Sulli - Goblin
    4. JeA - Newself
    5. WJSN - For The Summer
    6. BIBI - The Manual For People Who Want To Love
    7. Chai - Give and Take
    8. June - Today's
    9. fromis_9 - Fun Factory
    10. IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires

    Honorable Mentions
    Lay - Honey






    1. Breakthrough - Twice
    2. RPM - SF9
    3. Snapping - Chungha
    4. Who Do U Love? - Monsta X
    5. Love Loop - GOT7
    6. Zimzalabim - Red Velvet
    7. Side Effects - Stray Kids
    8. ME - CLC
    9. Chica - Chungha
    10. LOVE RUMPUMPUM - fromis_9

    1. Flourishing - Chungha
    2. RPM - SF9
    3. Goblin - Sulli
    4. The Reve Festival - Red Velvet
    5. FUN FACTORY - fromis_9

    Don't ask but I'm a Stray Kids fan now.



    Hi! This month didn't suck as much as everyone's pretending it did! x

    Stray Kids - Side Effects
    Sulli - Dorothy
    SF9 - Round and Round
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    U-KNOW - Follow
    WJSN - Let's Dance
    U-KNOW - Swing (feat. BoA)
    WJSN - Boogie Up
    Yesung - Pink Magic

    WJSN - For the Summer
    SF9 - RPM
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival Day 1
    U-KNOW - True Colors
    ATEEZ - TREASURE EP.3: One to All
    Chungha - Flourishing
    Stray Kids - Clé 2 : Yellow Wood
    ONEUS - Raise Us


    @Slice of Life

    1. NCT Dream x HRVY - Don't Need Your Love
    2. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    3. Chungha - Snapping
    4. WJSN - Boogie Up
    5. Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!
    6. JeA - Dear. Rude (feat. Cheetah)
    7. ATEEZ - Wave
    8. June - Tonight,
    9. Sulli - Goblin
    10. (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh

    1. Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    2. SF9 - RPM
    3. WJSN - For the Summer
    4. Chungha - Flourishing
    5. JeA - Newself
    6. Sulli - Goblin
    7. OnlyOneOf - dot point jump
    8. ATEEZ - Treasure EP.3 : One To All
    9. Stray Kids - Clé 2 : Yellow Wood
    10. BIBI - The Manual For People Who Want To Love
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  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 8


    This month was NOT the tea so I only really care about my top 2 charting ddd.

    10 points: RPM - SF9
    As we have come to expect, SF9 deliver a magnificent album.

    9 points: Fun Factory - fromis_9
    Why is the single so bad when they actually have good music on the release?

    8 points: Flourishing - Chung Ha
    Snapping makes for a cute fourth best single but the real gems are Chica and Flourishing.

    7 points: ReVe Festival - Red Velvet
    It's a decent album but RV usually provide much better album tracks especially if their single is going to be a CHOICE so I'm only whelmed. Bing Bing is pretty good though.

    5 points: Reboot - Wonder Girls
    4 points: NO.1 - CLC
    3 points: FANCY YOU - TWICE
    2 points: Focus - JUS2
    1 points: Verse 2 - JJP

    10 points: BREAKTHROUGH - TWICE
    Their best Japanese song to date (not counting Be as ONE). I'm so happy they're going with the double release so they can still release a sickly sweet song as well as actually some bops.

    9 points: RPM - SF9
    They have to have one of the best singles runs for a boy group PERIODT. Mamma Mia is the only low point and she's still decent.

    8 points: Dear Rude - JeA
    I have to admit it was kind of a disappointing release after waiting SO long but I'm glad that my queen is back and hopefully the entire group to come back soon.

    7 points: Who Do U Love - MONSTA X
    Ignoring the illegible gibberish that French Montana provides to the song, this is gorgeous. One of the better attempts at making a western release from a K-pop group. Kihyun and I.M. having no lines is a choice, and while Jooheon makes for a surprisingly decent singer, there's Kihyun right there sis.

    6 points: Love loop - GOT7
    Not as good as I've come to expect from their Japanese releases but it's still a Jackson-less BOP and we love those.

    5 points: ME - CLC
    That was a classic, that was a classic.

    4 points: ECLIPSE - GOT7
    That was a classic, that was a classic.

    3 points: Snapping - Chung Ha
    I guess you can say Chung Ha really

    did THAT
    with this single.

    2 points: Side Effects - Stray Kids
    They wore me down with their HUNDREDS of releases every month, I think I'm a stan now. Felix's "Ugh, mori...apeu..da" that introduces the last chorus is ICONIC.

    1 point: Chica - Chung Ha
    Wow, I know it's become kind of cliché at this point to say but this should have been the single. Snapping is nice but this is much better.



    hello~ sorry for being so late this month!!!

    01 Chungha - Snapping
    02 BoA - Feedback (feat. Nucksal)
    03 WJSN - Let's Dance
    04 (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh
    05 SAAY - ZGZG
    06 TWICE - Breakthrough
    07 JeA - Dear. Rude (feat. Cheetah)
    08 Sulli - Dorothy
    10 IZ*ONE - Buenos Aires

    01 Chungha - Flourishing
    02 WJSN - For the Summer
    03 JeA - Newself
    04 Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    05 BIBI - The Manual for people who want to love
    06 Sulli - Goblin
    08 EXID - ME&YOU
    09 Lovelyz - Once upon a time
    10 LOOΠΔ - [x x]

    thanks! ❤



    I'm here!


    SAAY - ZGZG - Shaman unnie knows she needs all the points she can get.
    Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    Girdle - Uh-Oh
    Chungha - Snapping
    Twice - Breakthrough
    Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!
    Lana - Take The Wheel
    Chungha - Flourishing
    Charli XCX + friends - Dream Glow
    Red Velvet - Bing Bing

    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival 1
    Chungha - Flourishing
    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season
    WJSN - For The Summer
    f(x) - Red Light
    Sulli - Goblin



    sorryyyyyy i didn't have time before, here are my votes :(

    1. TWICE- breakthrough
    2. Gidle - uh oh
    3. RED VELVET - Zimzalabim
    4. Chungah - Chica
    5. Red Velvet - Milshake
    6. CLC - me
    7. Chungha - snapping
    8. Red Velvet - Parade
    9. Somi - Birthday
    10. BTS & Charli xcx - dream glow

    1. Red Velvet - the ReVe festival
    2. Chungha - Flourishing
    3. Twice - Fancy u

    THE END ♥




    Snapping - Chung Ha
    Birthday - SOMI
    FUN! -fromis_9
    Outta My Head - SOMI
    Feedback - BoA
    Boogie - WJSN
    Uh-Oh - (G)-IDLE
    Pancake - MRSHLL
    NCT Dream single


    Flourishing - Chung Ha
    Fun Factory - fromis_9
    For The Summer - WJSN
    Log - Katie
    How We Live - SOLE
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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    《TEA ZONE》
    VOL. 9


    1. Zimzalabim - Red Velvet
    2. Dalla Dalla - ITZY
    3. Power Up- Red Velvet
    4. I Feel You - Wonder Girls
    5. Sunny Side Up - Red Velvet
    6. Red Flavor - Red Velvet
    7. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
    8. Something New - Taeyeon
    9. You Better Know - Red Velvet
    10. Rookie - Red Velvet

    1. The ReVe Festival: Day 1 - Red Velvet
    2. Reboot - Wonder Girls
    3. The Red Summer - Red Velvet

    I barely listened to any kpop last month dfgkjdlf



    Hope it's not too late bb...

    1) Red Velvet - Zimzalabim
    2) Chungha - Snapping
    3) (G)I-DLE - Uh-Oh
    4) Sulli - Goblin
    5) Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up
    6) Twice - Breakthrough
    7) Red Velvet - Bing Bing
    8) Red Velvet - LP
    9) Red Velvet - Milkshake
    10) Red Velvet - Parade

    1) Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    2) Sulli - Goblin
    3) Chungha - Flourishing



    1. Breakthrough - Twice
    2. Birthday - Somi
    3. Happy - Twice
    4. Zimzalabim - Red Velvet
    5. Fun - Fromis_9
    6. Outta My Head Up - Somi
    7. Snapping - Chungha
    8. Uh-Oh - (G)I-DLE
    9. Dream Glow - BTS, Charli XCX
    10. Side Effects - Stray Kids

    1. Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1
    2. fromis_9 - Fun Factory
    3. Stray Kids - Clé 2 : Yellow Wood


    @Empty Shoebox


    Uh Oh - Girdle
    Not my favourite from my girls, but I thing it's a great homage to a genre that I didn't really like.
    Snapping - Chung Ha
    Probably the best all round release this month. I'm not bowled over, but I never am, am I?
    Shine On Light - White Day
    Nugu #1. This one snuck up on me. I was listening and 'oh this is all right' but at the end I thought 'Actually, I quite like this'. Difficult to pinpoint why.
    Thirsty - Lusty
    Nugu #2. Nice little bop. Nothing special and I find it difficult to tell the members apart. They all sound so similar.
    Sunny Side Up - Red Velvet
    See @/eccentricsimply, I don't hate Red Velvet, just their singles.
    If it wasn't for the post chorus, this would have been My Number One.
    Crystal Ball - Purplebeck
    Nugu #3. Bop but the vocals...[wiggles hand]. I'm sure that @/Vixen can be more specific, but they're a bit shrill and she doesn't have the range.
    Feedback - Boa
    BoA continues to be an icon, but that man on here does his best to ruin this song.
    No One - Lee Hi feat. B.I.
    More sparing use of a man. It's tolerable, but I think that BoA unnie's song has slightly higher peaks so I placed it higher.
    Anymore - KittiB
    Nugu #4. Sounds a bit soulful to me and I like that.

    And if we were voting for best video I would give my points to Fromis, but that song is just not.
    And in the contest of 'trash lead singles from artists we like' I think Boogie Up would be my pick there.

    Flourishing - Chung Ha
    I've only listened to this once and it's 01:00 so
    For The Summer - Cosmic Girls
    I think my disdain for summer nonsense has been documented before. Not the best but not a good month.
    Fun Factory - Fromis_9
    Three songs, none of which are even B-Rank compared to their others, but I didn't listen to many new albums this month.
    Whatever the Red Velvet Release Is Called
    I literally listened to this once while driving away from Malmö. It was nice apart from track one, but I can't really remember it so I can't place it any higher.




    @Hurricane Drunk *HOT DEBUT*

    Hi, I don't know if you're still accepting entries but just in case here's mine:

    1. Red Velvet – Zimzalabim
    2. WJSN – Boogie Up
    3. WJSN – Oh My Summer
    4. CLC - ME
    5. Red Velvet – Bing Bing
    6. Chung Ha – Snapping
    7. TWICE - Breakthrough
    8. WJSN – My Type
    9. Red Velvet - Milkshake
    10. Red Velvet – Sunny Side Up!

    WJSN - For The Summer
    Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival: Day 1
    EXID - We
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  9. I hope you all realise that a description like this is basically catnip for me.
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    That is it for the June 2019 Edition of the K-Popjustice Charts! Thank you to our 45 participants (!!!) for coming through with your amazing ballots. I am extremely grateful.

    See you all again in a few days when I open the July 2019 thread.

    But before I leave y'all, lemme promo some rates hosted by our dear unnies.

    @GeiPanda unnie's T-ara Discography Rate (MY BALLOT IS COMING, I PROMISE!)
    @vague unnie's Mariah Carey Discography Rate Part 1
    @BEST FICTION unnie's Namie Amuro Discography Rate Part 3
    @Empty Shoebox unnie's Agnes Discography Rate
    @ohnostalgia unnie's July 2019 PJ Charts

    @Slice of Life
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So I was the ONLY voter for Ong?! Y’all are a bunch of fake asses.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  15. I'm just catching up but ddd at my one point to SF9 bumping them ahead of Monsta X, when me not giving them a point would have made them tie with Who Do You Love? and the latter would have had more voters.

    I.... played myself.
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